Godly Model Creator Chapter 65

Gmc Chapter 65

GMC Chapter 0065 The cost of making the move

Military meritsmilitary merits!

Hes just a high school student, how could he have military merits?

As if He Qizheng didnt believe Su Haos information, he went to read the wall of text and suddenly realised that there was only one small sentence about Su Haos military merits. He must not have obtained much. Too bad, he couldnt check anything about military matters, but it was this little military merit that changed Su Haos status.

Damn it!

That idiot Sun Yaotian, he never mentioned anything about this!

If this case was handed to the army, Su Haos case would only be a minor one. The matter of Sun Yaotian contacting him might be exposed, and all the things he received as bribes might be identified. The worst case was that Sun Yaotians future would also be affected by this. From the way Sun family worked, they wouldnt leave him alive for sure!

This was trouble!

Fellow police, dont tell me you guys arent going to follow the law and take me down by force? Im so afraid oh~ As Su Hao said so, he lightly released the little lolis hand and checked inside her fingernails to see whether there were any dirty spots.

He Qizhengs mouth twitched slightly. He didnt even look one bit afraid, did he?

Im sorry. Just now I accidentally took a video. You know, with this communication device, things are getting convenient. You can easily record a 360 degree video. Su Hao grabbed one of the little lolis fingers and got the dirty spot out before blowing a sigh of relief. Next, he hit the little lolis head.


The little loli covered her head.

Causing yourself to become so dirty. After Su Hao cleaned off both of the little lolis hands, only then did he felt satisfied enough to turn his head around and look at He Qizheng. I have those friends who are eager to give a lesson to this Sun family. For example..Zhou Wang? Guess what will happen if I send this video to them?

He Qizheng looked at Su Hao coldly, What do you want?

Su Haos mouth was getting itchy. He glanced at Li Jun for a moment and moved his lips a few times but no sound was produced.

He Qizheng saw his actions and again, his whole body froze!

Su Hao smiled and held back the little lolis hand. Those few words that left He qizheng shocked were I! Want! Him! Dead!

Youre too much.

He Qizheng tightened his whole body, Absolutely not. At most, you will have monetary compensation.

Li Jun was no ordinary policeman. At such a young age, he already became the chief of the first team. He was in the right path and might even be a police chief in future! This move was something Sun family did under the nose of Chen and Zhou family. Spending countless resources to arrange such a good pawn, to the Sun family, Li Jun was a significant person.

Su Hao patted his shoulder, In a war game, everyone knows how to play. You make a move at me, and I will reply back the same. You come to play a game with me, then he who has the ability will emerge as the winner. He has hatred toward me, so taking an action toward me is pretty normal. But since he failed, he should pay the price, right?

He Qizhengs heart turned cold. He at first thought that Sun Yaotian wanting him to kill a high school student was a common thing. In this chaotic era, a few people dying occasionally wont attract attention from the public. But now, never did he expect that this single move would bring such trouble.

And this guy in front, he was so terrifying!

Murder in his eyes, was just a something normal. His whole body was filled with confidence as if whatever the situation was, he would be able to leisurely handle it and set up a grand plan step by step.

Perhaps, from the moment Shi Lei saw that Li Jun intended to make a move at him, he had already labeled Li Jun as dead man? Hurting Li Jun, occupying the interrogation room, obediently coming out from the room, all of those seemed like reckless moves. It cant be that these were all steps for the grand plan that he thought off?

This young man was no ordinary people!

Dont think too long. Su Hao kindly reminded him, This little brat is hungry. I still need to get her meal.


He Qizheng bit his teeth and forcefully uttered this word out.

Now thats the right choice. Su Hao smiled indifferently, We plan to go back now, but since the sky is dark, can you please send us to the traffic police team? After all, our car is still at their place.

Xiao Wang, send Su Hao to the traffic police team. He Qizheng said to the officer, We caught the wrong person, so we need to express some apology.

Yes! Xiao Wang nodded and brought out Su Hao and the little loli.

In the police station, after leaving only Li Jun in the interrogation room, a policeman ran to quickly report to He Qizheng, Bureau chief, Captain Lees condition is no good. He needs immediate treatment.

He Qizheng sighed and had a look at Li Jun before his face turned cold, Whats the need to be anxious? As the chief of the first police team, he even dared to conspire with the Piao Ling Organization and frame a student! This police officer doesnt deserve any treatment! Dismiss Li Juns from his duties and check his account!

The police officers in the police station were all dumbfounded. What situation was this?

Captain Li Jun was, after all, one of the bureau chiefs most important lackeys. Plus, with the fact that he had some relation with the Sun family, he had slowly climbed up to his current position. Why was he suddenly abandoned like that?

The officers that were trying to figure out the reason began investigating Li Juns account. Bureau chief, in Li Juns account, there are several transactions for which the source is unable to be detected.

Sure enough!

He Qizheng acted furious and increased his tone, Hold him down! This scum should be eradicate at once! He wasted all my trust on him!

Several policemen quickly went and got the unconscious Li Jun up, Bureau chief, treatment.


Sadness could be seen in He Qizheng, No matter what, hes still one of my men. Although hes involved in corruption, he still needs to be treated before being sent off to prison.


The police ordered Li Jun to be given priority for treatment in the hospital.

Half an hour later, due to heavy injury, Li Jun was dead. Due to the dismissal from his duty and criminal record, he could only blame himself for the injury on his body. Even all the tiny traces left in police system were erased.

At this point, Su Hao had already brought the little loli back home.

Having to face so many events in one day, the little loli was so tired that she went straight to sleep when she got home.

Su Hao carried her into her bed and covered her with her quilt. Only then did he return back to living room. He felt that he need to sort out all the events that happened today.

Sun Yaotian..youre finally not able to hold yourself back.

Su Hao leaned against the sofa; his mind were moving like electricity.

The hatred between them was already long ago tied into a knot. Sun Yaotian could make a move at him at any time. Of course, if Su Hao had the opportunity, he naturally wouldnt hesitate to do so either.

There was no doubt, but this time..Sun Yaotians timing was a bit too precise!

When he calculated the time, from the moment he and the little loli encountered the killers, until the reaching police station, how long was it? Half an hour? In such a short period of time, Sun Yaotian who was far away in the natural selection class had already received the news and started making a move?

It was impossible to be that fast!

Then the only possibility would be that Sun Yaotian had long ago paid attention to his movement and perhaps.from the moment he accepted his task?

Su Haos mind moved.


This was the first time he had accepted a task since he entered natural selection class and it was also the first time he left the natural selection class. With his influence in the school, naturally he would be noticed when he left the school compound.

Then..Sun Yaotian must have sent a person to monitor him and see whether there were any opportunities to disrupt his task?

That must be it!

Su Haos eyes brightened. In such a short period of time, he understood Sun Yaotians plan.

Destroying his task! The Sun family had already instructed Sun Yaotian to not make any moves toward Su Hao. That was why Sun Yaotian decided to disrupt his task, making him unable to get any task points.

With Su Haos current strength, to improving further wasnt an easy task.

If task points were even more difficult to obtain, then he would have a hard time improving his origin ability. Not to mention Zhanzheng College, it would be hard to get admitted to even those main universities.

And this was Sun Yaotians main goal.

It was that the appearance of the Piao Ling Organization that made him think this was the chance to eradicate Su Hao! That was why such a framing occurred to Su Hao.

Interesting, Sun Yaotian. You care so much about me. Su Hao casually said with a touch of coldness within his eyes.

This was yet another clash between Su Hao and Sun Yaotian.

Sun Yaotian, of course, was free to make any move. After all, their relationship wasnt the lovey dovey kind. However, since he made a move, he naturally had to pay the price for failure.

And this time, the price that Sun Yaotian needed to pay was Li Juns life!

This was a warning from Su Hao.

The relation between Sun Yaotian and Li Jun wasnt ordinary, even Su Hao could see that. But, so what?

Its because their relationship wasnt ordinary that he want his life. If they were just a nobody, he wouldnt even have the time to bother him!

You want to make a move, I will accompany you along! Just that, your first move already involved a life. Are you ready to accept the consequences for your next move, Sun Yaotian?

This was getting interesting. When Su Hao no longer had to worry about the strength of the Sun family, whatever Sun Yaotian was going to do, Su Hao would repay him back one hundred times!

The game had only just begun! [ED: On the next episode of Game of Thrones]