Godly Model Creator Chapter 650

651 Enlightenment

"Let's go!"

Su Hao took huge steps and left.

As for the others, they hesitated for a moment before eventually leaving too.

Since the situation had progressed to this stage, what other choice did they have? Could they try complaining to the higher-ups? Which higher up can they complain to? Their only higher up is Sun Yaohui!

Could they challenge Sun Yaohui's authority?

Can't you see those three students still lying down on the ground?!

Due to the school rules, Sun Yaohui can't make a move on them, but if one dares show any resistance to Sun Yaohui, nobody can imagine what kind of death you will experience!


A fighter aircraft silently arrived and landed, waiting for them outside the front door. After everyone went up the aircraft, it left. Tian Long Court's disciple trial officially began.

"They left."

Sun Yaohui just looked at the leaving shadow in silence, "I wonder how many people would be able to return this time."

"Which batch of Tian Long Court's trial isn't like this?" A girl's figure appeared beside Sun Yaohui, "You still have the mood to care about other people? Your talent isn't like Chen Yifeng. Although the accumulation phase is easy, trying to exceed the threshold to enter the domain realm is extremely difficult. Aren't you worried?"


A haze appeared within Sun Yaohui's eyes for a second as he muttered to himself, "What's there to worry about. This is the origin ability era after all..."


A green light flashed.

Some mysterious dark green liquid was tumbling within his hands.

"The game is just getting started!"

"Who cares about Chen Yifeng? One day, I will crush him completely!"


In the aircraft.

Su Hao and the 11 other students were reading their mission.

This is their very first group mission. There is only one goal, killing every berserk beast in Gaoyuan City. Once this mission is completed, everyone would automatically become Tian Long Court's disciples.

As for the condition...

One needs to be alive!

Although they have their mission, they were clueless regarding what to do next. Usually, they would only take part in individual missions or join a team which already has a strong esper to lead them. They have not been in this current situation before with 12 students with equivalent strength staring at each other like retards.

"We need a leader."

A student stepped forward and revealed his powerful aura, "Everyone has their own opinion, but without a leader, we will just be like headless chickens randomly running around. If you all don't mind, let me be the temporary leader."

"On what qualifications do you have to become our leader?"

Another student stood up, "With your mere strength, you still have the face to call yourself a leader?"


Another student joined the debate.

Soon, these few students began to exchange heated words among themselves, influencing others to join too. Since they can't make any attacks in the aircraft, they could only start a serious discussion on this issue of who should be their leader.


Su Hao sighed. This scene, he already predicted this would happen.

This Tian Long Court's trial isn't as simple as claiming the head of berserk beasts. If there is only one king-level beast, then everyone just needs to charge forward and it would suffer total defeat!

After all, king-level berserk beasts are equivalent to the peak of the professional realm!

Among the twelve students present here, excluding Su Hao who is a level nine professional esper, which one of them isn't at the peak of the professional realm? Even though the berserk beast might have the advantage in its physical body, to be attacked by twelve espers simultaneously, only death awaits it! However, the requirement for this to happen is that these twelve students can work together.

Su Hao looked at these clowns who were still quarreling amongst themselves and felt helpless.

Mankind's inferiority...

"What do you think of this mission?" Lie Shou looked at Su Hao and asked.


Su Hao muttered, "As of the situation in Gaoyuan City, I have done some research of it earlier. Some details are not included in the mission statement. The entire city is now disconnected from us, and there will definitely not be only one king-level beast there. Plus, the biggest problem is..."

"What?" Lie Shou was impatient to know his opinion.

"What if it's not a berserk beast?"

Su Hao suggested a scenario which doesn't have a high probability of occurring, "If it's really just a random beast which just broke through recently, naturally that won't be an issue, but what if it's not just a berserk beast? Years ago, Gaoyuan City was cleared of king-level beasts so there shouldn't be any king-level beast appearing there now. Not to forget some secrets about the city..."

"This matter of Gaoyuan City is definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface!" Su Hao's expression was a little grave.

Some words aren't supposed to be revealed, but the clues in the Zhang family did point to this city. With the sudden attack of berserk beasts in Gaoyuan City, it seemed to have given him some hints...

"I also have an uneasy feeling about this."

Lie Shou agreed with Su Hao's opinion, "However, this is what Tian Long Court's mission is about! After all, the trial always has a high mortality rate. If the mission given is simple, then that would be abnormal."


"After all, we are people who struggle to survive in the middle of life and death."

Lie Shou calmly continued. It was just that his gaze on Su Hao was a bit strange, "From my observation, you are not someone with a gloomy character. Why do you emit some sort of bitter and deep hatred vibe?"

"Bitter and harboring deep hatred?" Su Hao was stunned by that description.

"Yup, isn't your current state is like so? To be honest, if not for me meeting you in the past, I wouldn't even be trying to start a conversation with you." Lie Shou continued, "Although you have improved your strength and your temperament is stable, somehow, you give off a different vibe."

"How is it different?" Su Hao frowned. He didn't realize anything of that.

"Let me think for a second."

Lie Shou pondered for a bit and then summarized his thoughts, "The former you made me feel that you were someone with a strong and positive self-confidence, but now you are not even close to a living being! This is the vibe which your body make others believe. Although your current aura is formidable, it has this kind of gloomy feel to it."

"How do I describe it? Hmm, burst of negative energy." Lie Shou finally gave it a name.

"Burst of negative energy..." Su Hao wiped of his beads of sweat.

Just when he was about to refute, he swallowed his words.

He suddenly noticed that what Lie Shou said is right. He seemed to have lost that past feeling of strategizing. Right now, every matter always seemed to be complex, and he would stay anxious all the time. The strong self-confidence he had at the beginning, where did it go?

In the past...

He was just an ordinary student. With only 5 points, he believed that he could keep marching forward with effort and hard work. As long as he works hard, he can do it. His will was extremely pure and powerful!

Even when he's facing those stronger than him, he knew no fear!

However, the current him?

He became stronger than before.

The peak of the professional esper, that's something he never thought of achieving in the past, but now the self-confidence in his heart had disappeared without him realizing. Every day, he would live in fear.


Is this still the same Su Hao?

So unknowingly, his confidence and enthusiasm had disappeared? Is it because he met too many strong espers, or due to him receiving too many blow mentality?

In Zhanzheng College, he would always become the target of assassinations!

Thanks to that, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds, but the self-confidence in his heart had completely vanished. What's the point of being alive without self-esteem or a dream?

What is my goal?

Su Hao blankly stared at empty space.

In his impression, there is this young man at the park near the school. Even though he's weak, he's proud of himself and believes that one day, he would become the strongest esper!

I want to become the strongest esper!

This sentence, Su Hao had lost count of how many times he repeated it...

But then?

Su Hao worked hard for this goal!

However, Su Hao had forgotten his goal. He began to improve for the sake of improvement, working hard for the purpose of working hard and didn't know why was he doing all of this.

How to cultivate?

How to improve?

Professional realm!

Domain realm!

World realm!

Each step is very difficult, let alone becoming the strongest esper.

He... can he really achieve his dream?

The thoughts in Su Hao's mind were moving like electricity. In the end, he understood. Why has he lost his faith?

Because he began to doubt himself.

When you begin to doubt yourself, how could you succeed?



What is comprehension?

Comprehension is the element that powers one's heart!

If you don't believe in yourself, it's like adding a heavy chain to your goals; you won't be able to succeed anymore. Then how could you progress under such conditions?

Thus, he was at a loss.

His negative energy kept increasing every second!

And these are something which Su Hao failed to notice.

Because he doubted himself, Su Hao was desperate to find every possible way to improve his strength. Whether he truly lost or not, his actions made him doubt himself even more. It was like a strange, vicious circle as the knot in his heart entangled even more.

When this thought appeared in his mind, Su Hao had a cold sweat.

This kind of state might not pose any problems now, but in the future, Su Hao might truly become a demon who would resort to any method in order to improve his strength.

It might even escalate to the point that due to the shackles in his heart if he couldn't break through, he would end up going berserk. The dark bosses in movies are without a doubt the best representation of the future Su Hao.

"True, my previous self..." Su Hao muttered to himself.

The confidence during his high school began to find its way back. These days, due to the constant crises, he would always be planning in advance, fearing that certain incidents might happen and affect his progress, but how could he be sure that those are not a necessity during his route in cultivation?

Constant training...

Even if he becomes the strongest esper, could he still be the same Su Hao?

In order to become the so-called strongest esper, sacrificing oneself would eventually turn him into what kind of person? By doing so, the negative energy might be too much to bear!

"What I want to walk on is my own road!"

"Even if I am to die while on this road to become the strongest esper..."

"I still want to become my own self!"


Su Hao's mind was experiencing a state of turbulence as if an earthquake with a tsunami arrived. The endless darkness was penetrated by the light ray of a rising sun that suddenly appeared in the sky. Eventually, the darkness vanished.

In the aircraft, the crowd was still contemplating who should be their leader. Inexplicably, a strange aura spread to the surroundings which shocked them and made them turn around.

They saw Su Hao sit cross-legged as ripples of auras kept forming.

In an instant, cracks began to form in the air, and glimmers of light leaked out from the gaps. It was so bright that they struggled to open their eyes.

"This is..."


The aircraft began to sway around violently, and everyone turned pale. "This doesn't seem good! Su Hao's cultivation has interfered with the aircraft."

"Quick, stop him!"

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