Godly Model Creator Chapter 651

652 Airplane Crash



The aircraft was shaking.

Everyone couldn't help but panic in fear. The aircraft is preinstalled with an energy shield, and one could cultivate within it. Even for a domain esper to cultivate would be fine too. Exactly what kind of strength that could affect the aircraft to this scale?

At this moment, nobody would be thinking about it because the aircraft is now on the verge of collapsing!

Those glimmers of light that appeared suddenly around Su Hao blinded everyone's sight. They were too bright! Without having to think, the students automatically concluded that those lights must be the source interfering with the aircraft.

"Stop him!"

Everyone soon made their decision.

Only by interrupting Su Hao could they have some hope or else everyone would die!

After all, they are currently an unknown amount of kilometers above land!


Many students instantly charged at Su Hao.

At this moment Su Hao opened his eyes. Two golden beams of light flashed within his eyes. Those dazzling light beams looked like they were emitted from Su Hao's eyes, stunning everyone.

This momentum...

"Stop for me. I will owe you all a favor!"

Su Hao continued to sit cross-legged and no longer showed any signs of movement.

Since the enlightenment had reached the critical point, he couldn't be distracted and could only resort to seeking help. However, even when he was doing so, the way he acted was still very domineering and confident!

This is coming from strong confidence!

He trusted that those who are as strong as him would naturally understand his feelings.

Just as Su Hao predicted, he just finished speaking, and Lie Shou didn't hesitate to step in front of Su Hao and block any incoming attacks.

They were in the middle of a conversation before this happened. Naturally, he knew Su Hao's state the best. Forget about Su Hao's leaps and bounds of improvement in a year, never would he have expected that at a time like this, Su Hao would enter into the state of enlightenment with just some of his words.

What kind of understanding is this?

What kind of talent does he have?

Lie Shou is one who is very decisive, and he quickly made his choice.


Endless fire emerged.

Purple light flashed from Lie Shou's right hand, and it looked extremely intimidating. With his whole arm engulfed in fire, the flaming intensity increased as his arm moved forward; engulfing all the incoming attacks from the other students.


Everyone's attacks were blocked successfully!

With one punch!

He subdued all the attacks at once!

Everyone was stunned. What a strong and powerful right hand! A hand of raging flame is just an ordinary grade A ability talent, but under Lie Shou's utilization, it was fascinating. The most interesting fact is that this Lie Shou isn't any extremely famous character in Zhanzheng College as he's considered an unknown one.

"What a good hand of raging flame! However, you wish to kill everyone? If this aircraft has an accident, nobody can escape death. What will you get for helping him?" Someone shouted in rage.

Lie Shou just looked at Su Hao calmly.

Su Hao couldn't open his mouth. With an idea popping up in his mind, he manipulated the surrounding sound waves to simulated a voice, "I have my own means that will ensure everyone's safety."

"Sound wave vibration?" One student exclaimed.

This isn't categorized under an origin technique but just manipulation of energy itself!

To be able to manipulate energy to simulate a voice, at the very least, it implies that Su Hao's mastery of energy cultivation had reached the peak!

"Just an insignificant accomplishment." One student wasn't happy with that, "I don't care what kind of vibration you can control. You said that you have your means and we should believe you? This aircraft is vigorously shaking as we speak. If we don't stop you now, what do we do with the incoming danger?"

"Stop saying any nonsense with him! I don't believe that with Lie Shou alone, he could stop us all!"


After they finished venting their anger, they stepped back to create some distance before initiating another round of attacks.

Lie Shou defended again, but this time, everyone used their best moves. Although Lie Shou's strength is just slightly higher than the others, how could he successfully block them this time?

In an instant, Lie Shou's defense broke, and the joint attacks from the students headed straight to Su Hao.

At this moment, Su Ha continued to sit cross-legged without any signs of movement.


With a loud bang, everyone was stunned and looked ahead.

In front of Su Hao, energy in the shape of a straight ruler flickered, disintegrating every incoming attack. At the center, a disc rotated that absorbed all the energy before releasing it back in the opposite direction.

"This is..."

"Eight Trigrams Map!" A student recognized it.

As they had a closer look by focusing all their energy into their eyes, isn't the thing in front of them an extremely large Eight Trigrams Map? Since when did Su Hao learn this attack?

"No, it's not Su Hao!"

"It's a lock!"

"This is Eight Trigrams Lock! Wang Suo's famous origin technique. He is actually intervening with us!"

Everyone shifted their attention to a corner of the aircraft.

At this moment, Wang Suo casually stood up and pointed forward with his right hand, manipulating Eight Trigrams Lock which is in the air. The seemingly peaceful aura was still around his body, yet everyone was in high alert.

Wang Suo!

He's the culprit!

"Damn it!"

Everyone's facial expression changed.

Forget about this Lie Shou; now with an additional Wang Suo, who is strong without having to emphasize his achievements, it's going to be more difficult from this moment onwards. After all, their job is to defend Su Hao and not attack.

The aircraft kept swaying around in mid-air.

As long as these two managed to defend this ten square meters of space, who would be able to succeed?

"This daddy doesn't believe!"


The students charged forward again in anger.

It was just that this time, with the appearance of raging flame and Eight Trigrams Lock, when both worked together, all incoming attacks became weak and nobody could slip through this zone.



The aircraft shook even more aggressively.

Right now, it was as if it could no longer bear and began to move left and right randomly. Everyone in the aircraft had a huge change in their face.

At this moment, Su Ha continued to sit cross-legged without any signs of movement.


The cracks around him were faintly visible. The golden light emitted from within gradually turned dim.

In an instant, the scene returned to normal.

Su Hao's mind was still overwhelmed. However, this time, the sky in his mind no longer has any haze obscuring it. What remained is an endless clear sky!

"What a pity..."

Su Hao somehow had some regret.

Having faith in oneself, he had comprehended it!

However, that sudden uninvited breakthrough chance is so important to him. The golden light was just about to materialize in reality! It was just that during the most critical moment, it went back which made Su Hao regretful.

His own strength is after all still far away from it.

That sudden breakthrough attempt...

It's none other than materialization!

After such a long time, Su Hao once again touched the edge of materialization, but due to his lack of understanding in his own ability talent, he failed.

"It can't be helped. There is always the next time."

Su Hao's spirit was very uplifted.

This time around, it's much better than the previous one. As long as he continued to work hard, this threshold would be lowered and lowered until he could surpass it!

From this enlightenment, Su Hao gained a great confidence boost.

An unshaken resolve and absolute confidence in himself!


The aircraft trembled even harder than ever.

One could now see clearly of the situation outside the windows. Right now, they were on the way down, crashing onto a mountain which is not far away from them, they had a clear view of a city surrounded by mountains.

Gaoyuan City!

They had reached their destination!

It was just that the way they arrived... is too unique!

"This time, we're in hot oil!"

"With over 10,000 meters above the ground!"

"Damn Su Hao..."

Everyone cursed, expressing their feeling of discontent.

With how high the aircraft currently is, even one with one hundred lives wouldn't escape death crashing into the mountain from their current height. Never would they have imagined dying before the mission even started.

To die like this, what a ridiculous ending!

"Haha." Su Hao casually smiled.

Model analysis!



A powerful energy fluctuation instantly spread to the surroundings. Every detail of the surrounding grass and trees within the mountains were all constructed within Su Hao's model world. At the same time, Su Hao used his hacking ability to invade the aircraft's control system and began to control the crash landing.

The aircraft kept plummeting!

At first, the driver was getting ready to activate the escape mode so that he can give some chance for everyone to survive, but he suddenly found out that all of his commands could no longer be registered. The aircraft directly glided to a mountain, and he could only watch helplessly.



The aircraft collided with a mountain peak and turned to one side, causing that side to be directly destroyed. With a loud explosion, it produced a momentum strong enough for the aircraft to continue moving on one side.

Due to the momentum, the aircraft is heading to the mountain beside it.

Coincidently, the gliding motion of the aircraft and the degree of its crash just happened to match the slope of this mountain. As it directly crashed into it, countless large trees were destroyed along the way, acting as shock absorbers. This caused the aircraft's speed to reduce significantly before finally halting.

The aircraft finally landed successfully.

At this time, everyone's soul returned to their physical body. Looking at their surrounding, they actually landed in the middle of a forest.

"We survived?"

"Hahaha, how lucky am I!"

"Scared me to death. Damn it, that f*cker Su Hao..."

After they were pleasantly surprised, they regained their composure.

To them, this disaster shouldn't have occurred!

Before any battles begin, just because of Su Hao's silly behavior of attempting a breakthrough made everyone experience a scare of a lifetime. This is simply intolerable!

"Su Hao, shouldn't you give an explanation to us?" Someone said in a sinister tone.

"Yes, humph. I thought you said earlier that you have your method to save us?"

Another student joined in dissatisfaction, "Where are your methods?"

"Bunch of retards."

Su Hao just sneered at them, "If not for you bunch of retards making moves in the aircraft, the flying capability of the aircraft wouldn't have been reduced to this state. If not because of me, you really think that the aircraft would have landed safely in such a coincident situation?"

Everyone turned speechless.

"Just now when we took action, some of us indeed didn't hold back, but trying to shift the blame to us instead, aren't you too naive?" A student smirked, "As for how the aircraft landed, you said it's your deed, then we must believe it? Then, I will say it's my deed!"

"Whether it's your deed or not, since you interfered with the aircraft's operation, you have to pay the price!"


Those students quickly stood together on one side.

Just now while in the aircraft, they might still have some lingering fear but now that the aircraft is already destroyed, what else is there to fear?

Su Hao and two other people on his side, no matter how strong they are, how could they resist such a disadvantage in numbers?

"Take them down!"

Everyone attacked without any hesitation.

Lie Shou and Wang Suo were about to attack, but Su Hao waved his hands to stop them. His lips revealed a smile while looking at those incoming students charging at him.

"Leave them to me."

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