Godly Model Creator Chapter 652

653 Unmatched

"Leave them to you?"

Lie Shou and Wang Shuo were stunned.

They knew that Su Hao's strength is not bad, but at most he would be at a level similar to them. The ones opposing them now are a total of nine peak professional espers!

Su Hao actually planned to versus nine people by himself?

They must have heard incorrectly.

They both felt that it is absurd, but before they managed to respond, Su Hao made his move.

"Universe Creator!"


Streams of light appeared, blinding everyone's eyesight. Before anyone could react, they already felt the sky deform and a change in the surrounding area. Su Hao just stood at his original spot indifferently, turning up his nose at everyone.

"This is..."

Everyone's alert mode rose to the max.

"I heard you're training in the illusion department. Seems that this is your illusion, huh?" In contrast, one student was able to identify this clearly and sneered, "To be able to create an illusion of such scale, it's indeed formidable. However, trying to beat us all with this mere illusion? You're too naive!"

"Really?" Su Hao laughed it off without any explanation.


That student continued his ridicule, "Yes, just a mere illusion. The might of an illusion is powerful and overwhelming, but the fact that it's an illusion remains unchanged. In front of a truly powerful esper, it's hopeless. Allow me to break this illusion and open your eyes on what a truly strong esper is."

"Clear Heart Arts!"


A pool of clear water appeared. As the student emptied it into the sky, the water spread like ripples and instantly covered the surrounding area.


As the water went pass them.

The student's expression looked blank, "This... how could this be? Clear Heart Arts combined with my ability talent, any kind of illusion would be ineffective. Your illusion..."

"Let me try then!"

Yet another student stood up and wished to break this illusion. However, the end result was the same. No matter how strong your anti-illusion origin technique is, it has zero effect in front of Su Hao!

Su Hao just casually looked at their clown acts.

Why couldn't they break it?

Because this isn't an illusion but a model world! If they could really use their anti-illusion origin technique to break this model world, that's illogical!

However, he had no need to tell them this.

After everyone made their attempts, Su Hao finally opened his mouth, "You guys and I have no hatred against each other. In fact, we're supposed to cooperate to complete this mission. As of the matter earlier, just forget about it. If you all agree, we can still proceed to this mission."

They looked at each other in dismay.

This strange situation in front of them had left them in fear, and they no longer dared to act recklessly. As for that student who stood up and mocked Su Hao earlier, he became furious, "What a joke! I, Xue Feng, after stepping into the peak professional realm has never experienced such humiliation from someone. You, a mere freshman actually dares to be this arrogant?!"

"So what if your illusion can't be broken?" Xue Feng's anger had reached his limit, "I just have to resort to using energy and forcefully breaking your illusion!"

With these words out, Lie Shou's face showed a hint of change.

An illusion isn't something that can't be countered.

If one fails to use origin techniques to break it, then there is still one route left which is the most practical and versatile method brute force! Utilizing one's absolute advantage and forcefully breaking the illusion with origin energy! Changing this illusion showdown into a battle of energy!

The simplest requirement for this brute force method is that one's energy capacity needs to exceed the opponent's energy capacity!

Xue Feng has entered the peak professional realm for over a year. As for Su Hao, he just recently broke through into the level nine professional realm. In terms of energy capacity, naturally one need not say much about it!

"Su Hao!" Lie Shou gave a reminder, "Don't confront him. If you can't hold on, it's just a battle in the real world! With us three to confront them, there is nothing to be afraid of."

"Can't hold on?" Su Hao smirked, "He's not qualified!"

"Then, let's try and see!"

With a firm foothold, the energy within Xue Feng's body began to show itself at an insane rate. The terrifying, violent energy erupted from within him and headed towards Su Hao like a small stream. Even so, the dense concentration stunned everyone.

"It's actually as concentrated as a stream!"

"No wonder Xue Feng is that confident!"

"Su Hao is about to be in deep trouble..."

Everyone's eyes were clear and soon able to conclude the result. They're all peak professional espers, and each specialized in their own strength. However, in terms of energy capacity, nobody dared to say they surpassed Xue Feng. To be able to concentrate his energy into a stream, this is enough to show that Xue Feng's energy is extremely pure.

"Su Hao, if you can't just take a step back." Lie Shou tried to advise.

"Retreat?" Su Hao laughed it off, "Rest assured, Senior Lie Shou. This Xue Feng is not qualified to force me into doing so!"

After finishing his words, Su Hao looked at Xue Feng and took huge leaps forward. He actually charged at the oncoming stream of energy, "Xue Feng, you think you can forcefully break this illusion, right?"

"I will let you crack it until you are satisfied!"


Su Hao took a step forward.

A crack suddenly emerged within the sky, and endless energy flew out from the gap like a river!

Xue Feng just had a glance at it, and his face turned white.

"Like a river, how is this possible?"

Xue Feng looked at the endless energy in disbelief, "Professional realm, how could someone in the professional realm have this much energy?!"

"No, it's your illusion. It must be an illusion!" Xue Feng concluded while enraged.

He had been diligently cultivating all these years before managing to reach this stage of energy as dense as a stream to prepare for his future breakthrough into the domain realm. How long has it been since Su Hao stepped into Zhanzheng College? If someone used an ability talent as aid, one's strength might be able to advance by leaps and bounds. However, for energy, there is no other option but to cultivate it one step at a time!

How could this be real?

"You are trying to fool me with a fake?" Xue Feng sneered, "You think I will be fooled? Today, I will let you see the so-called illusion of yours, in front of my absolute advantage, how fragile it is!"


The two powerful energies collided, creating a loud explosion. Everyone couldn't help but subconsciously tremble. However, when they shifted their attention back to the scene again, they were all dumbfounded!

The so-called stream of energy by Xue Feng was nothing but a joke in front of this horrifying river of energy. In an instant, it vanished without a trace, offering zero resistance. A tiny bit portion of the energy river got eradicated, but what remained bombarded Xue Feng.

"Puff~" Xue Feng spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Everyone was shocked by this. Xue Feng actually lost in the previous confrontation? And it ended without any suspense. Could it be this river of energy from Su Hao is actually legit? A professional esper having the energy capacity equivalent to someone at the peak domain realm? They felt that their view of this world had been turned upside down!

"Bunch of retards."

Su Hao casually directed the energy back to him. If Xue Feng truly used his real ability to fight, perhaps the battle might have been difficult, but trying to compete in energy capacity?

Courting death!

Since the start of his journey in the cultivation world, Su Hao's energy capacity has never been any weaker than those from the same batch as him! The batch he is implying here isn't about those at level one, level two, or level nine, but the entire realm!

In the whole professional realm, he's second to none in energy capacity!

Even not many domain espers could compete with him. Only those who have reached the peak of the domain realm might have the possibility of surpassing Su Hao! This is Su Hao's absolute confidence.

The moment when Xue Feng decided to confront him with energy, Xue Feng actually declared his loss officially instead.

"I think you all can stop trying to be offensive anymore." Su Hao said it in a flat tone. His meaning was very obvious. As long as they stop their foolish actions, they could still remain as allies; otherwise, don't blame him for not being reserved.

"Humph, stop your acting."

Xue Feng wiped off the bloodstain on his mouth and smirked, "If you want to fight then come. Daddy isn't afraid of you. So what if you have lots of energy, with our numbers, do you think we will be afraid of you alone?"

"Stop saying any nonsense with him. Come, let's all charge at him!"


The rest of the students were slightly hesitant from the way they acted.

They had zero hatred toward Su Hao. Why must they become cannon fodder for nothing?

"Hehe, scared?" Xue Feng looked at them with disdain, "You all need to think this clearly. I'm from the Xue family. Haven't you heard of the rumor? He's someone who can kill others without any hesitation. The reason he's trying to reason with us because he has no confidence. Otherwise... how could you all still be alive right now?"

"If you guys don't kill him now, later when we go back to school, perhaps you guys are the one who will ascend to your next life!"

Xue Feng smiled sinisterly, "You all better think this again before deciding."

Everyone had a change in expression.

With this threat coming from Su Hao and Xue Feng, after hesitating for a moment, they eventually decided to take part in this battle. After all, they had heard all sorts of rumors regarding Su Hao.

"Sorry, Su Hao!"

"I can't help it."

They took a deep breath and began to initiate their attacks.

Xue Feng laughed loudly and followed along, "Haha, so what if I can't forcefully break it? Then, I just need to use absolute strength to kill you!"

"I will witness how a level nine professional esper can be this arrogant!"

With Xue Feng's mad laughter echoing, Lie Shou and Wang Suo's expressions turned grave. With eight peak professional espers joining hands with Xue Feng, Su Hao is in trouble!

Without being aware of it, Lie Shou's right hand changed into a flame, entering a battle-ready state. As for Wang Suo, on top of his palm, a small yellow Eight Trigrams Map was rotating slowly.

"In the end, you guys still ended up making a move." Su Hao glanced at the crowd and sighed. One could see his disappointment. This tone of his actually made one feel an inexplicable tingling sensation on their scalp.

What does he mean by that?

"Stop pretending to be a ghost scaring people!"

Xue Feng seemed to not bother with that. With all sorts of incoming attacks in the air, the sky was dyed in red.

This is an illusion of Su Hao. As long as Su Hao is defeated, this illusion would naturally disintegrate!

At least, that was what they thought.

Su Hao calmly extended his right hand and pointed in front of him.

"I command--"

"Light is a must!"


A dazzling white light appeared out of nowhere and instantly blinded everyone. Those who couldn't close their eyes in time felt endless burning and sore pains in their eyes.

Their next reaction was decisive, and everyone activated their best defensive means. It was just that... this is a model world!

This is Su Hao's world!

A world of endless white!

Is this really something that can be solved by just closing their eyes?

In an instant, the white light penetrated through their skin, entering into the deepest parts of their soul!

Since the previous battle, Su Hao showed the might of this move. Under such strong light stimulation, everyone had lost their sense of color. Countless screams could be heard. As for Xue Feng, he received a special treatment prepared by Su Hao, bleeding heavily the very next second; reduced to a pitiful state.

Under the almighty God, nobody could match him!

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