Godly Model Creator Chapter 653

654 The Trial Begins


"Ahhh! It hurts, it hurts!"

"Stop! Quickly stop it!"

Lie Shou and Wang Suo couldn't see due to the white light. Although they were not caught up in this attack, they were stunned by the cries ringing in their ears.

This is Su Hao's true strength?

A move to easily subdue nine peak professional espers?!

One of Su Hao's rumors said that he killed Shi Mingxuan, a domain realm esper teacher at Zhanzheng College. At first, they thought it was just a groundless rumor, but now it doesn't seem to be impossible!


The world of white ended, leaving behind victims screaming in pain.

Su Hao looked at them calmly, "Now, can we have an actual productive conversation?"

"Yes, of course!"

They painfully struggled to stand up from their sorry state. Traces of burns could be seen all over their bodies. Su Hao's gaze swept across everyone. After making sure that no one had the will to confront him anymore, he waved his hand.


Everyone came back to reality!


The very next second, those who were acting domineering a moment ago went soft on the ground. Although their physical bodies received zero damage, their energy consumption was too much. Not to forget the serious injury within their consciousness which was clearly shown from the way they currently carried themselves in the real world. In just one clash, these bunch of students had to pay a heavy price!

This god-like state is Su Hao's trump card.

Based on the amount of energy he had accumulated, he has sufficient energy to use it a total of five times! That's more than enough to kill a domain esper! However, having to spread the effect on all nine students, the effect had faded by quite a margin. Although the effect decreased, it served its purpose.

Plus, they aren't allowed to die for the time being.

Even if they are to die, it would be under the hands of berserk beasts. He would never contaminate his hands with this matter.

"Now, do I have to give you guys an explanation?" Su Hao asked indifferently.

Everyone looked at Xue Feng with their hands trembling. Right now, Xue Feng poured bottles of high-quality drugs into his mouth like a madman to bring himself back from death's door. When he raised his head and met Su Hao's gaze, his whole body trembled in fear, and he nearly fell down again.

"Su Hao!"

Xue Feng lowered his heard and concealed the hatred within his heart while clenching both his fists. It's all Su Hao's fault for reducing him to such an embarrassing state during this Tian Long Court's trial! However, he couldn't resist because with Su Hao's temperament, killing him is something that can be done without any hesitation!

He's someone who has pride but is not a fool!

Su Hao's current strength is way beyond his imagination. When he thought of that attack earlier that made one wish to die instead of being alive, fear began to terrorize his heart.


He needed to hold it back!

Before he came here, he had already contacted his Xue family to help him complete this mission. They would soon be arriving. By then, he would definitely find Su Hao and redeem himself.

After having this plan in his heart, the rage in his heart dissipated. With a smile on his face, "No need. Your strength is formidable. We will listen to you. You're our leader."

"Really?" Su Hao's gaze swept across his face. His stare was as sharp as a knife.

"Yes!" Xue Feng didn't show any hesitation in his reply.

"Great." Su Hao revealed a smile, "Then, restore yourself back to tip-top condition. Once everyone is ready, we will start our journey!"


The moment when Su Hao finished his words, everyone sat down cross-legged and began their recovery. Lie Shou and Wang Suo were secretly speechless. This group of people still resisted. If not for Su Hao asking them to recover, no matter how serious their injuries are, they would probably still try to act tough!

Lie Shou looked at Su Hao and found it hard to describe the shock in his heart.

When he first saw Su Hao, he only thought that fate brought them together again which was why he started the conversation and didn't feel Su Hao current strength. Helping Su Hao is just something he did out of his good mood. This time, with Su Hao making his move, it had opened Lie Shou's eyes on how powerful Su Hao's true strength is! Yet he's still a freshman!

Lie Shou exchanged some eye contact with Wang Suo. Both had given up on their pride as geniuses.

In front of Su Hao, they didn't have any qualification to have arrogance and pride.


Is there anyone who is a bigger genius than Su Hao?

Su Hao sighed in relief seeing everyone recovering their strength. This God-like state can only be used five times. He dared not imagine how many resources he has to squander to recover the one he had just used. Under normal circumstances, he would leave this attack as a last resort. However, he understood a concept thoroughly.

Instead of keeping it until the end to kill one person, isn't it better to use it now!

Even if he kills someone, he could only kill one person!

But now?

A super-large scale injury had made all the students who are participating in this trial to surrender. At the very least, during this trial, they would obediently listen to Su Hao's instructions.

This is Su Hao's goal from the start.

With the knots in his heart untied, he would no longer act with hesitation and worry like before! If he wanted to become the strongest esper, he would never endure humiliation again!

After calming down, he observed the surrounding environment.

Being surrounded by mountains in every direction and covered in thick fog, most energy uses had been blocked. In fact, Su Hao's energy fluctuation didn't play much of a role here. All he could scan was a basic outline of the area. Turning his head, he glanced at the aircraft which was now totally wrecked from the crash earlier.

"Seems that we can only walk back." Lie Shou bitterly smiled.

"Why must we walk back?" Su Hao laughed, "Our objective is to investigate the mountains surrounding Gaoyuan City. Since we have already arrived, there is no need to go to Gaoyuan City."

"We will start from this mountain!"

Far away, many students who were still cultivating had their concentration falter for a bit upon hearing Su Hao's words. Su Hao's gaze swept across them. He just casually smirked. Go back? Go back to get help from your big family? When those several domain espers join the scene, won't he be flattened to death?

The crash was an accident, but for him, the benefits clearly outweighed the disadvantages.

To meet these students' families?

Let them wait!

In Gaoyuan City, several family members were indeed waiting for their arrival.

These people were all domain espers and extremely strong. It was just that their current expressions weren't looking great with the frowns all over their faces. They felt that something was amiss. The time for them to meet had exceeded two hours, but there was still no sign of any incoming aircraft.

"Contact them and see."


It was just that everyone's face turned somewhat ugly soon.

They failed to contact the airplane...

They couldn't contact the students!

Even the aircraft itself couldn't be contacted!

"Something must have happened!"

This was the first reaction coming from everyone.

Looking at each other, they realized the other families and the officials from the Federation also failed to be contacted.

This indicated that something had happened to everyone!

"This isn't right. Even if a mishap has occurred, how could it be impossible to contact them?" Someone said doubtfully.

Even if something had happened, the aircraft would still be contactable.

"There is only one place near Gaoyuan City where one can't be contacted!" A middle-aged man calmly analyzed. Looking at the mountains in front of them, "They should be within these nearby mountains. They must have been ahead of themselves and entered the mountains."

"Then, does that mean they might be fine?"

Everyone sighed in relief.

"No matter what, let's enter and see."

The middle-aged man glanced at everyone for a second, "This time, the mission is a group mission. We have no conflict of interests, so I don't see the need to create any unnecessary disputes. Otherwise, no matter which family you're from, that won't be doing you any good."

Everyone looked at each other in agreement.

"Come, let's enter!"



As their figures vanished, these strong domain espers also entered the mountain range.

Family powers, the Federation, peak professional espers, domain espers, king-level berserk beasts, and unknown espers; this small mountain range of Gaoyuan City hid too many secrets.

Three days later.

"Follow me!" Su Hao led the team of students, hiking a mountain.

The blowing wind was biting cold.

These men had been traveling in this condition.

In just three days, everyone had lost their motivation. If not for the sufficient amount of food on the aircraft, they would have starved to death by now. Even so, this continuous journey had made them weary. Not to forget, there were some who were still recovering from their injuries.

Three days ago, when everyone just started their journey, they could already sense the aura coming from berserk beasts. This was why they were rushing in this direction. However, they didn't expect the path of this mountain to be this tiring.

"Su Hao, can we take a break for a bit?" Xue Feng said while gritting his teeth.

He was the one who suffered injury the most. In such a short period of time, he couldn't recover completely. All he could do was continue the journey while carrying his injury, but to continue walking for three days straight is his limit.

"Just hold on for a bit. We will arrive soon." Su Hao just casually replied. The others could only bitterly smile while Xue Feng's hatred was released with his fists clenched.

If Su Hao didn't rest, they did not dare do so. With Su Hao's current strength, killing them is something as easy as ABC.

They could only continue following Su Hao.

It was just that after a few steps ahead, Su Hao revealed an astonishing look and then abruptly stopped his feet on the spot before strangely walked back in the opposite direction, "Look at you guys, I think it's better to rest for a bit. We will walk back three hundred meters. That place earlier that we passed by looks good for us to rest."


Everyone was brimming in ecstasy.


Everyone happily walked back three hundred meters and rested in that area, restoring their energy. Lie Shou and Wang Suo looked at Su Hao with a strange gaze, "Why are we resting? We should keep these guys to be in their exhausted state; otherwise, when they recover, no one can imagine what scheme they will plan next."

"No worries. Let them recover for a bit." Su Hao smirked, "They won't be having any opportunities to play any tricks."

Having said that, Su Hao's eyes were strangely fixated on the distance. That was the spot they stopped before taking a detour. At this moment, two middle-aged men passed by.

"Haven't found Xue Feng?"


"Damn it. I hope nothing happened to him. After all, Xue Feng is the clan head's favorite disciple. If I knew this, I would have allowed him to participate in this Tian Long Court's trial. After entering this mountain range for three full days, we still ended up with nothing! Even the other families didn't find anyone!"

"Don't panic. We will definitely find him."

"Hopefully, let's go!"

After looking around, they left the scene.

They didn't notice that on the other side of the route, at a spot where the fog was so dense that it was well hidden, Su Hao was quietly influencing them to leave. The funny part was the ones behind him now were those disciples they had been searching for all day long!