Godly Model Creator Chapter 654

655 Floating Like Dream

What is the mission issued by Tian Long Court?

Destroy all the berserk beasts!

To say that it is a difficult task is true. To label it as something easy makes sense too.

Now with Su Hao as the leader of the team with no internal conflict, for a team of 12 peak professional espers joining hands together, killing two or three king-level beasts is definitely not much of an issue.

This Tian Long Court's mission suddenly became easy.

Just kill any berserk beast they stumble upon!

Then, the mission would be over.

Deep in their heart, everyone realized that their current state is the most ideal.

Although Su Hao had left many feeling irritated, they had to submit to Su Hao's absolute strength. In addition, they're here to kill beasts. If they kept creating disharmony within the team, perhaps they would end up dead. Those who participated in this mission are all leaders in the school. Nobody would be such a fool.

Plus, each one of them had their own little scheme in their heart.

Literally everyone present has a powerful force to back them up from behind. Although the external forces aren't allowed to intervene on the surface, who could actually supervise this from head to toe? As long as the men from their family joined them, they no longer had to bother with Su Hao.

However, what they didn't know was Su Hao had discovered their little scheme.

"Let's start now!"

After avoiding a wave of men from a family, Su Hao led everyone to continue their journey. This group of students walked towards the depths of the mountain. Along the way, they would rest for a bit before continuing.

"Something isn't right." Su Hao's expression looked grave.

Along the way, the number of strong espers that came across their path was too many! Plus, everyone is in the domain realm. Why today out of all the days, the whole bunch of them came here at once?! What're they trying to do? Su Hao glanced at Xue Feng quietly while pondering.

"Yeah, it's too quiet." Lie Shou continued, "This has always been a mountain range full of berserk beasts. The number of beasts under king-level is unknown. How could it be that we still haven't seen any? It's too strange."


Su Hao rolled his eyes. That's not what he meant.

"We can't go on like this."

Su Hao's gaze swept around as he tried to create an energy fluctuation to scan the surrounding.

Within this dense fog, even if the effective range of model analysis has been greatly reduced, the current limit is only within the radius of one kilometer. For Su Hao, that was sufficient.

Within this range of one kilometer, a few red dots were blinking on the map. Su Hao felt that the current situation wasn't great. If it's only once or twice, that's fine. However, if this kept going, the others would definitely notice something fishy.

"Topography construction!"


Su Hao's energy fluctuation spread like a ripple. This time, he is not only going to create a map, but he is also using the fluctuation to create a complete terrain model within his mind. Every grass, every tree...

Soon Su Hao's eyes lit up. Not far away, among the hidden spot in a certain mountain, a row of emerald green little grass was swaying around.

"Color-changing grass."

Su Hao fell into deep thought.

Color-changing grass, it's a kind of rare herb which only appears in mountains where energy is abundant. It's generally used as an ingredient to create illusion drugs. The reason is simple, due to its lackluster effect. The only effect it has is its ability to change color! Because of this, color-changing grass carries a strong confusion effect.

Coupled with illusions, this color-changing grass would show its true potential.

However, because color-changing grass is extremely rare, the average person wouldn't know about its existence. Only pharmacists who are well versed in the field know about it. In fact, most staffs from the illusion department don't know this, let alone these bunch of students school.

Thus, Su Hao was very confident that they wouldn't recognize it.

"Go! Three hundred meters ahead!"

"Berserk beasts detected!"

When everyone heard this, they became excited.

Berserk beasts?

Since entering this mountain range, they couldn't even find a beast's shadow!

For the first time after a while, their spirit skyrocketed.

Upon seeing this, Su Hao just casually smiled. Berserk beasts would always surround a high-grade herb. A herb which is highly beneficial to humans is also beneficial to the berserk beasts. In front of this color-changing grass, there was indeed a berserk beast who is a step away from stepping into the king-level.

Too bad...

It was just getting close.


With this group of students taking action...

This berserk beast couldn't even scream and ended up killed by the joint attack. The final attack from Su Hao's Xinghe Arrow sealed its death.

Lie Shou looked at Su Hao in confusion.

This beast is obviously not that strong. With Xue Feng and the others, it couldn't even cope with them. Why did Su Hao still waste his energy for this?

"Itchy hands."

Su Hao just laughed it off. Well, about one kilometer away, a few domain espers were roaming around. If there was too much of action, it might have attracted them.

The beast was now dead.

Su Hao stepped forward and grabbed all the color-changing grass at a corner and distributed one each, "Everyone, smear this thing to your body."


Everyone stared at Su Hao with a blank expression.

This grass... can it be smeared on one's body?

"You guys can't be thinking of going on like this?" Su Hao looked at them for a second, "With our current speed, I can't imagine how long would it take for us to complete this mission. We need to speed it up now."

"Is this effective?"

They felt confused by this sudden request.

This little herb, what could it do?

"Let me try."

Lie Shou utilized his energy to crush this color-changing grass before applying it on his clothes. Suddenly, he felt some strange energy surrounding him. Curious, he quickly smeared it all over his body from head to toe. When he finished smearing his head, he noticed everyone was looking at him in shock.

"What happened?" Lie Shou looked at himself, "Seems there is no change."

"Your aura." Su Hao's face revealed a smile. The effect of color-changing grass is just as what is described in the book. An emerald green aura now surrounded Lie Shou. His whole self seemed to have integrated with the surrounding and hard to be spotted.

"Great stuff!"

Everyone's eyes lit up, and they began to follow suit.

Soon, twelve of them smeared themselves and turned hazy. Even when one isn't far away, one could only see a dense group of faint green aura.

Whether it's a man or ghost, it's literally impossible to differentiate.

"This thing is actually this effective?" Lie Shou exclaimed.

"There is a time limit." Su Hao explained, "As time passes, the effect of this color-changing grass will gradually turn weaker and eventually its effect will be gone."

"So that's how it works."

They finally understood.

"With its effect, we can now increase our speed without having to worry about our auras being exposed. However, once you encounter a beast, you need to try your hardest." Su Hao's eyes suddenly turned cold, "After all, this is Tian Long Court's trial. If I notice anyone who is trying to create havoc..."

"We absolutely won't!"

"If there is one doing so, we will personally eliminate him."

"Yes, rest assured!"

Everyone quickly responded.

If it is during other circumstances, they might really sabotage each other, but in front of this mission, whoever dares to make a mess is just making enemies out of everyone else!

Subconsciously, everyone's eyes were shifting towards Xue Feng.


Xue Feng just snorted and didn't say anything.

"Okay, let's continue then."

Su Hao's mouth revealed a strange smile, "Color-changing grass also serves to attract berserk beasts. If I am not wrong, soon, a beast will present itself..."

"Our mission is about to start for real now!"




Afterimages flashed.

In the distance, two men from the Xue family were looking for traces. Suddenly, they noticed a strange energy turbulence from far away. It had a nature of being unpredictable but powerful, second only to them.

"Something is coming!"

Both became alert as they raised their heads. In the distance, they saw a bunch of faint green lights. The aura emitted was very unpredictable, floating around like a dream, "What's that!"

Over at Su Hao's side, Su Hao was leading everyone.

At this moment, Su Hao clearly sensed that in his 2D map, two huge red dots were rapidly approaching them.

Someone is coming!

Two domain espers!

Su Hao's eyes lit up. If it was before, the moment he saw these men from the big families, Su Hao would definitely lead them to dodge the men without a doubt but now...

"Berserk beasts are coming!"

A smile flashed on Su Hao's face. Once again, he alerted his team.

Everyone was on high alert.

However, it was Su Hao who led them to kill a beast. By now, they could already guess that Su Hao has some ability that could detect how far a beast is within this fog.

"Be careful. Don't try to save anything. The opponents are extremely strong!" Su Hao's face looked ugly, "Two beasts, both are probably at the king-level!"

Hearing this, they were all stunned.

King-level... two at once! Isn't this their mission? Their luck was actually this good? They just arrived, and they already met these beasts?

"They're here!" Su Hao looked to the front, "I will make a move first, trapping them on the spot. Then, you guys quickly make a move and kill them as soon as possible!"


Everyone nodded in agreement.


In mid-air, the fog was cleared.

Two gray shadows gradually turned clear. Su Hao's eyes flashed coldly. Without any hesitation, he attacked. His very first move was already a powerful illusion!

"Little brat, let me borrow your talent for a bit!"


High degree illusion!

Floating Like Dream!

Endless brilliance was centered around these two shadows. Within a radius of ten meters, it was instantly affected by Su Hao's illusion. These two domain espers from the Xue family suddenly roared in anger. They had not even made a move, and this group of unknown people who are acting like some ghosts actually made the first move, "Courting death!"

With a loud scream, the land shook.

Too bad, after being affected by Floating Like Dream, the shout turned into a roar. As for their body, they had become an existence which doesn't look like a human or even a ghost, but some sort of strange beast.


As Su Hao retreated, the others no longer hesitated.

At this moment, all of them rushed into the zone of Floating Like Dream and released their strongest attacks — twelve super genius peak professional espers versus two domain espers from the Xue family.

A battle which shouldn't have occurred suddenly broke out!

A series of roars echoed.

Acting behind the scene, Su Hao kept activating Floating Like Dream while maintaining his poker face.

Everyone only knew the fact that Floating Like A Dream is used to trap the enemies, but they were clueless regarding its biggest function, which is to create fake appearances!