Godly Model Creator Chapter 655

656 Su Hao The Deceiver


The battle broke out.

These students and two berserk beasts were in the middle of a chaotic group fight. As for Su Hao, he stood nearby to manipulate Floating Like Dream, suppressing the enemies' strength so that they could not escape from this chaos! These two beasts attempted to leave the effective range of Floating Like Dream several times, but sadly, Su Hao would always be there to prevent that from happening which allowed his teammates to produce their maximum combat strength.

"Finish this quickly! I can't hold on much longer!"

Su Hao had beads of sweat all over his face, showing signs of being on the verge of collapsing.

Everyone subconsciously stepped up their pace. Although quite a number of them were not satisfied with Su Hao, in front of them were two king-level beasts and not to forget they are now in Tian Long Court's trial, nobody dared to try and play with schemes.

Even Su Hao had already used all his might, how could they not?

"Blood Spirit Technique!"

"Fragment Distortion!"

With a series of war cries, everyone erupted with their best attacks.

A variety of strong, magical ability talents were aimed at these two berserk beasts. With overwhelming strength, they instantly forced the enemies to lose momentum and retreat. Even Xue Feng didn't reserve any strength. Looking at this scene, a smile appeared on the corners of Su Hao's mouth.

Floating Like Dream.

A distorting illusion.

Its only role is to distort the surrounding space, creating an illusion. Via Floating Like Dream, as for what they wished to see through their eyes, that would have to depend on what Su Hao wants to show!

Su Hao's own understanding of illusions had reached the extreme, but his own talent was too incompatible that it was hopeless trying to create a powerful illusion. However, that didn't mean Blue Dream Butterfly doesn't have the capability! This little brat is always by his side, acting as an origin model that is ready to be used when needed.

Her ability talent reached the standard.

With this problem of incompatible solved, coupled with Su Hao's understanding of illusions, how many among the students could compete with him?

On the outside, he did not seem to be able to hold any longer, but the truth is that Su Hao didn't consume much energy.

Just a single Floating Like Dream and he managed to trap everyone within his palm.

Furthermore, if these guys are to be informed of the truth that Su Hao was just toying around with them, changing the identity of these two domain espers from the Xue family into berserk beasts, they would definitely spurt out blood from anger.



From the latest confrontation, the domain espers from the Xue family were actually forced to take a few steps back.

Eleven geniuses!

Each one of them is a peak professional esper and possess strength which could surpass their realm. Although these two domain espers are powerful, without utilizing a domain, trying to defeat those geniuses is just a dream!

"What guts!"

The domain espers from the Xue family raged. At first, when they noticed this group consisted of humans, they thought it was from another family. However, they were not expecting to be attacked without any warnings. Not to mention, the very first move from them was already a killing move!

From the looks of it, the opponents were seriously trying to kill them!

"Final warning. Tell me your name otherwise don't blame us for being unreserved." The Xue family's domain espers stared at them with a cold gaze, but no response was given.

"Fine, fine, fine!" They laughed out loud, "No matter which family you're from, for daring to attack my Xue family today, we will let you experience death without a burial site!"

These domain espers from the Xue family are really pitiful.

They were still clueless of the fact that no matter what threat they gave to the opponents, under the effect of Floating Like Dream, all their words would be translated by Su Hao into a simple word.


In the middle of this chaos, Xue Feng stared deadly at these two berserk beasts in front of him. Unknowingly, these two somehow brought him a familiar feeling, and when the beasts roared, a sense of a crisis began to tingle. Subconsciously, Xue Feng felt incoming danger.

"They are about to enter madness. Everyone, be careful!"


A wave of horrifying aura suddenly surged.

Literally at the same time, everyone had a change of color on their face, "This is... a domain! Beast domains! Darn, these aren't king-level beasts anymore but emperor beasts!"



There is only one line differentiating these, two but each represented a totally different strength!

King-level beasts are equivalent to peak professional espers. With the presence of geniuses, trying to challenge higher realms is pretty common. Even if the students were alone, at the very least, they could retreat safely if the situation doesn't proceed as expected. Thus, earlier, when they were facing these two beasts, they didn't have the slightest bit of fear.

However, facing against emperor beasts is a totally different concept.

They are equivalent to domain espers, which surpassed them by an entire realm!

As soon as the domain is activated, everyone was nearly blown away. The powerful momentum they gained just a moment ago was instantly turned into nothing under the defense of the domain.

"Damn it!"

"Tian Long Court's mission is indeed a fraud!"

Everyone's heart was beating rapidly.

Before the mission, they had the thought that how could a bunch of king-level beasts force the mission to be in a group and how could the death rate be that high?

Now, it seems that...

They had looked down on Tian Long Court's ruthlessness!

Emperor beasts, and of two them! The moment they let their guard down, everyone might end up dead in the blink of an eye!


The moment this idea popped up in their heads, they instantly dismissed it.

This isn't a joke. They are a bunch of peak professional espers, and they want to try running away from domain espers? It's absolutely impossible. In the end, they would end up getting killed one by one! Instead of running away, it would be more ideal to join forces and fight for their lives! So what if their opponents are in the domain realm? It's not like they had never experienced it before!

"Forward, we must never retreat!"

Both of Lie Shou's hands were brimming in fiery red as his whole body was shrouded in an endless blaze.

"There is only a slim line between life and death!"

Wang Suo's whole body was as solid as a boulder, and his eyes glowed with a strong light.

"I had a battle with a domain esper before. Although I lost, there is nothing to be afraid of!"

Everyone stepped forward.

Even Xue Feng grit his teeth and stepped up, "Daddy still has some unfinished business. You two are just mere domain espers, and yet you wish to stop me?"

"Great." Su Hao smirked, "Then, march forward!"


Under Floating Like Dream, Su Hao made another move. Dark Moon Dream Destroyer which utilized powerful illusion was able to produce its best effect within Floating Like Dream.


Both domain espers were stunned for a moment.

However, it was only for a duration less than 0.1 seconds.


It was sufficient.

"Die for me!"

Countless origin techniques hit them.

Within this mountain range, even when it was full of dense, thick fog, the scene was dyed in red for a long time, indicating that those were all desperate blows from the students!

They were all killing moves from the students!

Facing two strong domain espers, everyone did not dare hold back.

Even Su Hao who saw this was a little afraid. If he didn't activate his God-like state while confronting them, he didn't have any confidence to block these attacks.

It's too powerful!

Under Floating Like Dream.

Looking at the incoming attacks from the group, these two domain espers just casually smirked. To be able to produce such might while being a peak professional esper is indeed good.


Trying to kill them, domain espers?

This is simply laughable!

Once their domains were activated, who could fight against them?

For a professional esper wanting to defeat a domain esper, the difficulty is at least ten times more difficult than any level skip challenge!

"Time to end this."

One of them raised his hand, expanding his domain to the surroundings in an instant.

With the momentum coming from the domain erupting, it blended with the scene in an instant, and all the incoming attacks dispersed. This is simply too easy to be done.


All the attacks were annihilated.

The students turned pale.

"Something isn't right!" Xue Feng shouted, "This is definitely not an ordinary emperor beast. I have seen a berserk beast which just broke through into the emperor realm before. It shouldn't be this strong."


Everyone's mind tightened, "Doesn't the information mentioned that the beasts only recently broke through?"

However, the moment when these words were uttered, they soon realized. The information stated that they would be confronting beasts which had just advanced into the king-level realm, but since the realm itself is inaccurate, how could the recent breakthrough be true?


A total scam!

Their faces paled. Could it be they would end up buried here today?

A recently broke through emperor beast and an old-timer is definitely a different concept. The one who just broke through would require a few years of tempering before being able to establish their own domain. As for the old-timer, its domain would be perfect, indestructible, and extremely domineering!

From their clash earlier, they could already clearly see this fact.

With just a flip of a hand.


All the attacks vanished.

What's there to fight anymore?

And this is coming from one beast alone. What if both of them decided to attack at once?

Lingering fear shivered down their spine.

Su Hao's face revealed a look of worry. It was as if he was ready to make a decision. Gritting his teeth, he finally voiced out, "Keep up the same offensive intensity like before. This time, I will use a powerful illusion to distract them! But remember, we only have one chance. You guys must grasp it!"

Su Hao's facial expression looked very painful as if he had to make a huge sacrifice.

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. Recalling the strength displayed by Su Hao when he attacked them, they instantly understood his intention. Could it be... Su Hao is about to resort to using the powerful attack again?

"All right!"

Everyone replied.

"Then we fight!"

Su Hao took a huge stride forward with momentum rising rapidly from within his body!

The other students looked at each other for a second and nodded in determination. Gritting their teeth, another round of powerful origin techniques was generated in their hands. In front of this crisis, nobody dared to play any tricks.

They knew that this was their final chance!

If Su Hao fails, everyone here would have to die.


There was one who spurted out a mouthful of blood. He actually used a forbidden technique!

When the others saw this, their determination rose even higher. With countless energy gathering in one place, it was as if a horrifying attack is about to erupt the next second. Eleven powerful origin techniques blended in the air, smashing towards those two beasts like a sharp sword!

Su Hao took a deep breath and circulated the energy around him.

Extreme radiance began to shine.

At this critical moment, he took a step forward.

"What a joke!"

"You really think I am some mushroom by the roadside?"

One of the domain espers roared in anger. During normal days, which professional esper won't be paying respect when meeting a domain esper; let alone, a senior domain esper like him. These professional espers in front of him are indeed stronger than his imagination, but it's delusional trying to defeat him with such strength!

"Since you all are courting death, then don't blame me for being ruthless."


Both looked at each other before attacking at the same time.

Their aura of the domain realm erupted again. However, they saw a figure pointing at them. Under the influence of Floating Like Dream, in an instant, several faces in front of them turned clear. Both of them were suddenly stunned, showing an expression of horror.

"This is bad news!"

"It's Little Xue Feng. Quickly take back our power!"

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