Godly Model Creator Chapter 656

657 Killing Domain Espers

Xue Feng!

Lie Shou!

Wang Suo!


When their faces were exposed, these two domain espers realized something. No wonder these twelve men were this powerful. However, why would the students attack them?

Could it be fake? An illusion?


It's real!

Both didn't have time to consider much. When they saw Xue Feng and the others, they already forcefully subdued their domains. If they continued their offense, this batch of geniuses would all be killed by them. If an investigation is done, both won't be able to keep their lives.


The power which they had circulated was instantly retracted.

However, since when could power be retracted as one wishes?

The power which had already been released, to control it is definitely not possible. Looking at each other, they could only forcefully direct their power to collide with each other.


The violent explosion covered both of them, injuring their bodies. In an instant, these two domain espers suffered serious injuries.


A mouthful of blood was sprayed to the ground.

Both took several steps back and wanted to say something, but then saw the incoming joint attack which was coming from Xue Feng and the others.

"Damn it!"

"They can't see us!"

Both of them smiled bitterly.

They had long guessed it, but could only resort to this!

If they didn't do so, these students would all die! When they return, even one hundred of them won't be able to keep their lives intact. Now, they could only use the strength in their body to defend against the attacks.


A hint of the domain realm's power was emitted.

Energy interweaved in the air thanks to the collision between the peak professional espers and domain espers! With bright light blooming and eventually followed by a loud bang before turning into countless little white light dots, disappearing into thin air.

Everyone was forced to take several steps back. As for those two domain espers, they vomited blood even more.

"We... won?"

Everyone looked at both their hands in disbelief.

They clearly saw the retreat from these two beasts with their own eyes. The same attacks were not working before this, but after Su Hao's intervention, they actually managed to resist these two domain espers!

Su Hao, how strong is he exactly?

Fear began to linger within their heart.


A loud roar interrupted their thought.

These two beasts screamed in madness, roaring at the crowd. The students just coldly stared at them. At this time, Xue Feng revealed a strange look. Without knowing why, these two beasts seemed familiar to him that aura... "They seem to bare no harm."

Xue Feng suddenly threw a sentence out of random, "If we don't attack, I think they won't make a move."

Everyone had a clearer look.

Sure enough, these two beasts just stayed in place, roaring but didn't initiate any attacks.

Could it be...

They are surrendering?

Everyone became excited.

If they're able to make emperor beasts surrender, even thinking of it made them feel proud. Thinking of this, they became fanatical. As for Xue Feng, he was even more excited that his body trembled.

Su Hao's quick wit made him concentrate more on controlling Floating Like Dream.

"Xue Feng, it's us!"

"I'm your second uncle, Xue Feng!"

These two domain espers shouted anxiously, but too bad, their effort would end up in vain.

What rang in everyone's ears is nothing but roaring.


Xue Feng looked at them and wanted to say something, but then a sharp arrow suddenly split the air, bursting through.


Dazzling light flashed through.

Xue Feng went furious, "Su Hao, how dare you!"


Xinghe Arrow exploded, releasing bright glare. In front of their eyes, these two emperor beasts were easily killed by Su Hao!

"Su Hao, you!"

Xue Feng could no longer contain his anger, "You dare to destroy my good deeds? These two beasts were very scared after being beaten by us. Obviously, they wished to surrender, yet you actually killed them?"

"Bunch of retards."

Su Hao coldly glared at him for a second, "Among the twelve of us here, the only one who could suppress them is me alone. Right now, they're surrendering but what if the suppression is lifted later? Do you think my Floating Like Dream can last that long? Should I keep wasting my energy for you to subdue the beasts?"

"Master Xue, you have such a thick face!"

Xue Feng was lost for words.

Only now did he realize this.

Yes, the reason they could defeat these emperor beasts was all thanks to Su Hao's help. Otherwise, they may have been killed by the beasts now. He and Su Hao aren't really on the same side. For Su Hao to create an opportunity for him is definitely impossible! Even though he would try to subdue them, it is easier to talk about accomplishing it than actually succeeding.

Even when he knew this, Xue Feng still labored some grievances in his heart. Emperor beasts... they were beasts which somehow made him feel some familiarity.

Looking at Xue Feng's dissatisfaction, Su Hao just sneered.

Still thinking of trying to tame emperor beasts?

This idiot, if he knew that these two so-called beasts were actually strong espers sent by his family to support him and he was the one who severely injured them, leading to their deaths, could he take it?

"Then, at least we need to collect the harvest."

Xue Feng gritted his teeth, "Materials dropped from emperor beasts, which one of them isn't a treasure?!"


Su Hao smiled slightly and slipped into Floating Like Dream. With two drops of corpse decomposing drug, these two domain espers' bodies disappeared without a trace. In their eyes, the so-called beasts naturally vanished.

"Su Hao, you!"

Xue Feng's body trembled in anger.

"Let's leave. More berserk beasts are coming!"

Su Hao ignored him and looked at a distance away. He instantly ordered them, "Leave this place at once. With your current state, you guys still wish to fight with the beasts?"

After finishing his words, Su Hao instantly left.


Everyone quickly followed from behind.

A few moments later, a domain esper passed by.

Noticing the water stains on the ground, he was instantly stunned, "Two puddles of water stains... Auras of the domain realm... this is corpse decomposing drug! Damn it, Piao Ling Organization, those bastards finally made a move? If so, those disciples who are undergoing the trial now are in danger!"

"I need to inform the higher-ups as soon as possible."

This domain esper left in a hurry.

To be able to defeat two domain espers, this enemy's strength is beyond everyone's imagination. He needs to report this as swiftly as possible. The chaos in Gaoyuan City, perhaps it's about to begin. However, he didn't know the truth behind this was exactly the opposite of what he guessed.


"Why do you destroy the material?"

After Su Hao and the team found a quiet spot, Xue Feng together with several other students questioned him again. Su Hao was too lazy to bother with him, but noticing the doubtful eyes from others, he knew that he had to give an explanation even when there is an option to ignore them.

No matter how ridiculous his reason is.

"The aura from emperor beast would lead to the pursuit of other beasts."

Su Hao looked at Xue Feng calmly, "The body of an emperor beast is indeed a treasure. Since you know, naturally other berserk beasts would know of this fact. If you try to take the material away for them, then just wait to be chased. Plus, what is our mission? Don't forget which one is to be emphasized."

At the end of the day, Su Hao's tone was full of warning and reminder.

Everyone turned speechless.

"Then, doesn't that mean our mission is complete?"

One student was so excited.

As for the others, they began to realize this fact too,

Their mission is to clear the beasts around Gaoyuan City. Their original mission only stated of king-level beasts, but they ended up killing emperor beasts instead!

If this is the case, doesn't that mean their mission has been accomplished?

For this Gaoyuan City to have two emperor beasts appearing at once, that should be the limit.


Su Hao shook his head lightly, "The reason I urge you all to leave immediately is because I sensed auras from other strong existences. If I am not guessing incorrectly..."

"They should be at least the emperor realm!"

Lie Shou's face wasn't looking great either, "I also felt it."

Everyone's face turned ugly.

Emperor beast...

Since when such beasts became like mushrooms, growing wildly?

Under normal circumstances, in the Federation's territory, the emergence of a king-level beast is already something incredible, but now for three emperor beasts to appear at once!

"This situation isn't right. Why don't we report it to the school?" Someone voiced out a suggestion.

"Of course we can." Wang Suo replied, "However, based on the trial's regulation, once we contact the school, it will be considered as automatically giving up the assessment."

"Giving up..."

Everyone went silent.

Why were they working so hard all this time for? If they give up now then won't their effort be wasted?

"Rest assured."

Su Hao smiled indifferently, "Since we can defeat two emperor beasts at once, why can't we defeat the remaining one? So what if it's extremely hard? Only hard missions will be challenging, allowing one to sharpen oneself. As long as we unite, who cares about an emperor beast?"

Everyone was shocked.

Who cares about an emperor beast?

What a domineering declaration!

Listening to this, everyone had their blood boiling and hated that they couldn't fight the beast right now. True, since they had beaten two beasts before, what is there for them to be afraid?

Like what Su Hao said; the more powerful the foe is, they could sharpen themselves more!

"Everyone go get some rest and prepare for the next battle." Su Hao coldly gave his order.

"All right!"

They replied without any hint of hesitation.

Only Xue Feng sat alone in a spot not far away with a pale expression for a while, clenching his fists before loosening them. One could not guess what was he thinking now.

"Never expected you to possess such strength."

Lie Shou sighed, "During the start of our trial, to be able to defeat nine of them by yourself is already an incredible feat. Now, even when facing against emperor beasts, you could still reduce them to such a state!"

He clearly saw that after Su Hao mysteriously pointed his finger, the aura coming from the two beasts instantly weakened greatly. Not only that, the terrifying domain power was eliminated, the beasts even suffered heavy injuries!

One finger to subdue two emperor beasts!

How powerful is that?

If not for him meeting Su Hao before in Jianghe City, he would have thought Su Hao is a disciple of a world esper powerhouse. Such strength is literally out of this world!

So, without realizing when, Su Hao had long walked in front of him!

"Just so-so."

Su Hao somehow felt bad of this.

In fact, in this battle, he didn't use much of his strength. He was just there, directing them from behind the scenes, but in everyone's eyes, Su Hao is the strongest!

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