Godly Model Creator Chapter 657

658 Fire Lion Beas

Some adjustments were made.

Su Hao led the crowd to continue their journey.

Since they already experienced it once, their joint attack is now more proficient and the effect became more effective. Plus, excluding the bad luck of stumbling upon those strong espers from the Xue family, the domain espers from other families weren't that domineering.

Under Su Hao's deliberate twist, more and more battles of randomness broke out!

Humans versus beasts.

Without any reason, they fought the moment their eyes met!

Just like that, those sent by the families to support these students were all killed. In fact, many of those domain espers died in such a bad way; especially when they saw their family members who were revealed at crucial moments.

Although their lives weren't sacrificed in vain.

After several battles, these students were filled with dense killing intent which was tempered via countless life and death experiences.

In their current state, even if Su Hao didn't reveal their identity, these 12 students have the strength to challenge an ordinary early stage domain esper!

"There are too many beasts here!"

Another beast got itself killed. Lie Shou locked his brows slightly. They only traveled for a short distance but already met at least ten emperor beasts and that domain aura coming from the beasts is not something they could dismiss.

"Yeah, it feels like they're endless." Another student cursed.

Their mission is to eliminate all the beasts. Thus, when they met a beast, they couldn't hide or run, but fight it head-on. It was just that...

This mountain range actually has this many beasts?

Is this some RPG game?

Farming experience?

Unlimited respawn?

"Don't be anxious. There shouldn't be a lot of them." Su Hao maintained his composure.

From their view, they seemed to be moving forward, but the truth was they had been taking a detour over and over again on the same mountain. Right now, the effect of the color-changing grass gradually disappeared and everyone returned to their normal state. Most of those domain espers which were sent to support the students had already been eliminated.

Now, the real mission will truly begin!


Su Hao closed his eyes to readjust his mind.

With energy fluctuation spreading to the surroundings, this time, he only aimed in one direction. There, within the depth of the mountain, a beast covered in flames had been roaring all day long.

King-level beast!

Su Hao's eyes lit up. The true target is finally here.

"Let's go!"

Su Hao gave his order, leading everyone into the mountain's depth.


Federation Strategy Department.

Many staff members were busy analyzing the aura transmitted from Gaoyuan City. However, when more news arrived especially several ones that carried significant weight, everyone's face turned a bit ugly.

A certain domain esper was dead.

A certain domain esper vanished.


One after another, the news carried the same tone!

Domain realm!

Each one of them, which one isn't strong?

But now?


One death after another!

Their deaths made the ones hearing the news shiver. Since when has the Federation suffered such losses? When such news reached their ears, the higher-ups of the Federation were furious.


"I want a clear explanation of this!"

"I want to know what kind of beast actually dare to create havoc in the Federation's territory!"

For domain espers to die indicated their foe this time is at least an emperor beast! Even during the previous beast tide in Jianghe City, emperor beasts did not dare invade personally because they knew their strength would be greatly suppressed upon entering the human territory. However, what if the beast is a local?

This is the very purpose of the existence of a Federal Guardian!


Kill any berserk beast that reaches the king-level realm!

Because the beasts that breakthrough within the human territory won't have its strength suppressed!

Once these beasts reach the emperor or even divine realm... for the human race, they are huge disasters. Thus any king-level beast would be killed before it manages to break through. The Federal Guardians have existed for many years, and there has never been a king-level beast that escaped!

But now...

Nearly a dozen of domain espers' death seemed to indicate something.

"What else have you discovered?"

"It is said that there are traces of corpse decomposing drug at the scene. Perhaps Piao Ling Organization is involved too."

"Piao Ling Organization... Humph, such a small assassin organization, even if it is given more guts, would it dare try to flip the sky? I heard that the material of corpse decomposing drug comes from the bodily fluid of an engulfer beast. Could it be this time, an emperor realm engulfer beast has appeared? Investigate! I want a detailed investigation!"

"Yes, sir!"

The strategy department was in a total mess.

At this moment, someone finally realized that this mission, they seemed to have handed it over to Tian Long Court, and Tian Long Court decided to make this a trial mission for the students.

"Head, Tian Long Court..."

"We are only responsible for the mission submission. As for what happened to the mission, it's Tian Long Court's problem. Even if it turns into a mess, it won't be the Strategy Department's responsibility. As for the students, may the God of Fortune smile on them."


Tian Long Court...

It was as quiet as ever.

The number of people in Tian Long Court isn't huge. Most of them were still outside, completing their mission, or cultivating in peace. This beautiful garden view is not destined to be appreciated by many.

As for today, an urgent order had attracted the attention of several students who were peacefully cultivating.

"Those few of you, go to Gaoyuan City and examine those students who are in the trial now. Those who qualified, bring them back. As for the ones who failed, let their luck decide their fate."


Everyone got themselves ready for this trip.


An aircraft landed, and Tian Long Court's disciples were dispatched.

Not only Tian Long Court felt something was amiss; many major forces also sent a team of strong espers to investigate Gaoyuan City. Somewhere in Gaoyuan City, countless men in black appeared from thin air, silently observing the present situation. On their black outfit, one could clearly see a green leaf patterned logo.

This ordinary city had now instantly turned into a land of expedition, each organization with their own interests.

Within the mountain range, Su Hao led the team forward and if he didn't guess incorrectly, soon they would meet this beast covered in flames emitting thick killing intent.

"Previously, from the report, this should be the one responsible for raiding Gaoyuan City."

One student whispered, "There is an image of this beast on the secret illustration given by my family but also another unknown beast beside it which can't be identified."



The beast in flames noticed Su Hao and his team. Turning its body around, they finally met its eyes.

"WTF, it can speak?" Lie Shou was stunned.

"King-level beasts already possess wisdom. To be able to master the human language is not a strange thing." Su Hao calmly said, "As a king-level beast, why aren't you staying in the beast's territory but remaining here in the Federation? Shouldn't you give some explanation?"

Su Hao's eyes were cold as he tried to get words out from the beast.

When the other students heard this, they were shocked, "What does he mean by that?"

"How do you know I am not a beast from here?" The beast in flames cautiously looked at Su Hao and roared with its might.

"Not a beast from here?" Everyone was in high alert.

Only now did they understand Su Hao's words. This king-level beast didn't breakthrough here but came from the beast's territory. This beast actually managed to arrive here from over there?

No wonder there are so many beasts here!

This is a huge problem!

The equator has always been a barrier between human beings and berserk beasts. The foes actually managed to invade in such a scale and surprisingly, the emperor beasts' strength weren't suppressed. Could it be that the beasts discovered some sort of space channel? Once the beasts are able to enter human's territory without the restriction, the world would be in chaos!

Su Hao looked at the beast in front of him coldly, "Fire Lion Beast, under the suppression, it's impossible to reach king-level realm."

"Not to mention, if a Fire Lion Beast breaks through, a phenomenon of flame spreading over a radius of hundreds of miles will occur. Trying to prevent that from being noticed by strong espers is naturally a mere dream. Since you're now a king-level beast, the only explanation is that you had your breakthrough in the beast's territory. As for the other details, why do not you explain?"

Su Hao took a huge step forward.

Whenever a word came out from his mouth, his aura would rise.

"I'm afraid you don't have the qualification to create a space channel yet." Su Hao's eyes scanned across Fire Lion Beast and the mountain behind the beast.

"The mountain range here is endless. However, the only route to the peak of the mountain is here. For you to block the path here, there must be something up there."

Fire Lion Beast gave a loud roar, forming waves of strong wind, "Master has once said that mankind has lots of geniuses. At first, I was doubtful of his words, but I now believe them."

Everyone was in high alert.

Su Hao was right!

This Fire Lion Beast really originated from the beast's territory!

Not only that, the mountain above, there seems to be some secret hidden? Could it be the beasts managed to invade here is because of something up there?

"Master has ordered me to kill any intruders!"

Fire Lion Beast showed its sinister expression, "Just mere peak professional espers, yet you wish to pass me?"

It also has a master...

Su Hao looked at the mountain. Could it be the owner of this beast is up there now?

To be able to tame such a powerful lion beast as a mount indicates that his strength is not something to be underestimated!

"Go!" Su Hao pointed at the Fire Lion Beast, and everyone made their move.

Along the way, how many emperor beasts had they killed? Just a mere king-level beast, what is there to fear?


Flames surged up the sky.

Dying the sky red, Fire Lion Beast was now surrounded by a sea of fire with faint purplish flames flickering on its limbs which left a deep impression on the students.

However, no matter how strong it is, it's still a king-level beast!

With its thick fur, it could even ignore any ordinary attacks which didn't utilize origin techniques. It's extremely proudful of itself. Too bad, in front of these students who had experienced the might of domain espers, its strength wasn't even worthy to be put under their eyes.


Countless afterimages appeared.

Wang Suo suddenly made a seal. The others who had familiarized with his moves used compatible origin techniques to aid him. The same tricks, they had lost count of how many times they had used them. A king-level beast didn't even require them to use their full strength.

With a cry, the Fire Lion Beast was killed on the spot.

"Clean up and be prepared..."

Su Hao calmly gave his order. He didn't say anything else, but on his 2D map, a huge red dot was rapidly approaching.

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