Godly Model Creator Chapter 658

659 Shortcoming In Iq

A level one domain esper!

After the many encounters with domain espers, Su Hao could immediately identify their strength. Since the effect of color-changing grass had vanished, sooner or later, their movement would attract attention from the others.

"Prepare for battle!" Su Hao didn't hesitate to give the order.


The students were already used to obeying his commands and quickly entered their best fighting state. When the enemy entered their field of vision, everyone's face turned a bit strange.

Because this time they could clearly see.

It's not a berserk beast...

But a human!

Plus, this man seemed to be from the Xue family!


Xue Feng was stunned for a bit at first but soon became overjoyed. His family is finally here! With several domain espers with him, he no longer has to fear Su Hao anymore.

"Junior, I'm here." Senior Xue said in an indifferent tone.

With the way he carries himself, he was full of arrogance and pride. As a true domain realm, facing this group of peak professional espers, he certainly has the qualification to do so.

"Hahaha." Xue Feng laughed out loud and stood out from the crowd. Looking at Su Hao, he gnashed his teeth, "Su Hao, you love to be arrogant, right? Now, apologize to me, and I might spare your life, or else..."

Xue Feng started to threaten.

It was just that he quickly noticed the pitiful look coming from Su Hao's eyes. Such gaze deeply hurt his fragile heart, "Su Hao, on what qualification do you have to look at me like this! I..."

Xue Feng suddenly thought of something.

Because at this time, he also noticed the strange look from other students. He obviously recognized such look which is used for a retard.

"You guys..."

Xue Feng calmly turned his back and looked at his arrogant senior while asking with a bitter expression, "Senior, I thought there are supposed to be three men? What about the others? My second uncle?"

"The other two?"

Senior Xue still maintained his composure like before, "This mountain range is too huge, so we had to split up. I think we will be meeting them soon."


Xue Feng's face instantly turned pale, "Then, you're alone right now?"

"Of course." Senior Xue saw Xue Feng's expression, thinking that he was worried about the trial and tried to comfort him, "Rest assured. Even if I'm alone, I can still make you easily pass the trial!"

Xue Feng's face became even whiter.

Pass your head!

Who cares of the trial!

The current problem is Su Hao, do you get it?

Looking for him separately... During their journey, how many emperor beasts have they killed? Comparing those beasts to humans, which one of them didn't possess the strength of a domain esper? If all three of them were here, he could naturally act as he wishes, but there is only one here currently... He dared not even imagine his death!'

"Anyway, you don't have to worry about the mission. Just leave that to me."

Senior Xue proudly declared it and then threw the backpack on his back on the ground. Looking at Su Hao and the others indifferently, he instructed, "You guys have quite a good fortune. To be able to be with my junior, it's an honor. Help me carry these things, and during the trial, I will help you guys pass."

Su Hao and the others: "..."

They looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

Is this brat someone with such character or born without a brain? It has been quite some time, but how did he still not realize the atmosphere here is weird? To be able to live to this age is definitely not an easy task.

God knows how!

For them to have this thought, they really had wronged this Senior Xue.

Whether it is the domain realm or professional realm, they are both like gutters. Under normal circumstances, no matter how strong you are as a professional esper, when you face against a domain esper, you have no way to fight back. This is what total suppression is all about! Peak professional esper? Half-domain esper? For a domain esper, is there any difference?

After being in this world for a long time...

Senior Xue had seen many so-called half-domain espers. Many them are still stuck at the bottleneck. Thus, when he saw Su Hao and the others, Senior Xue subconsciously carried himself with the style of a domain esper.

However, he had ignored a fact.

The ones in front of him aren't any ordinary peak professional esper, but a group of talented students who are squeezing out every bit of their potential! Even though they are only students right now, the so-called bottleneck is just a joke to them. Their only purpose for joining Tian Long Court is to bring out all of their potential!

To become the strongest esper!

"Is this man a retard?" A student couldn't help but finally break the silence.

"I think so too..."

"Those from the Xue family, they can't all be like this, right? And here I thought those from the top ten families are very formidable. Look at this senior, so what if he's from the top ten families?"

"His IQ must be low."

Everyone had their part in ridiculing this senior.

Xue Feng could only embarrassingly look down.

Tian Long Court's trial assessment involves many aspects. The reason the others are allowed to help secretly is because the so-called domain espers are just a tiny bit stronger than those students participating in the trial. Otherwise, Tian Long Court would have eliminated those trying to cheat long ago!

Moreover, with today's situation in the mountain range, forget about global espers, the whole city would collapse if several level five domain espers made a move. This is why the ones who are truly strong couldn't help even if they wished to!

Due to the high death rate in Tian Long Court's trials, it closes its eye to such secretive support, but if these backups think that they could cross the line, it would be a huge mistake! Anyone who has participated in the trial before never had such ideas.


This Senior Xue, it's his first time coming to this place.


Senior Xue thought that he had misheard. Since when did these professional espers dare to be arrogant in front of him, a domain esper? He quickly recovered and acted like a cat with its tail stepped on, "What did you little bastards say?!"

His words changed everyone's gaze to a cold glare.

Xue Feng wanted to say something to defend his senior. However, looking at everyone's expression, he quickly shrank back. If those three men are here together, they would be able to defeat these students.

But since there is only one domain esper, he couldn't act as he wishes!

This idiot senior...

Xue Feng cursed within his heart and could only wish him luck.

"Indeed geniuses of one's family. What arrogance you guys have."

Senior Xue stared at everyone coldly and then sneered, "I haven't seen a professional esper being this arrogant for such a long time. You think that with your families, you can ignore absolute strength? No matter what, this world always cares about strength first and foremost! Only the strong will be respected. Here, your identity is no more than a fart!"

"Oh?" Su Hao looked at him like an interesting object, "Then, this senior, how are you going to deal with us?"

"Dispose of you all?"

Senior Xue sneered, "Obediently listen to me, and I will help you all during the trial. If you don't obey, presumably how high the death rate is during this trial, you guys should know very well... Hehe."

"Is this how the ten families behave?" Su Hao looked at Xue Feng with a smile, "This is really such a surprise. To go against so many families at once, the Xue family has such capability?"

Everyone present revealed their dense murderous intent.

Xue Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He knew that Su Hao is deliberately trying to make everyone oppose the Xue family! Realizing this, Xue Feng quickly rushed to say a few words, "Not this, the Xue family..."

"So what if it's true?"

Senior Xue interrupted his words and stared at Su Hao coldly, "The strength of the top ten families, is that something you can understand? If you agree, then carry the bag! Otherwise, I don't mind letting you all die today with no place to be buried. If each one of you dies, which family will know about this incident?"

While talking...

Senior Xue's aura as a domain esper erupted, suppressing everyone. What an aggressive action he was resorting to. Not only that, he didn't forget to give pointers to Xue Feng, "Junior, don't forget what our clan head said. The Xue family will never yield to others. We are not required to explain our actions to other people!"

Finishing his words, Senior Xue was very proud of himself.

Xue Feng wished to cry, but no tears came out.

F*ck you!

The clan head did mention such words, but you have to look at who is the opponent, right?

Of course you have to act stronger in front of those who are weaker, but in front of someone stronger, aren't such actions just digging your own grave? The clan head is very strong, but in front of those world espers, he would still be polite. Why do you keep insisting that those stronger than you have to carry the backpack? Aren't you courting death?!

Xue Feng nearly went insane.

The joy of meeting his senior had long vanished. He felt that for this senior to come here and support him is simply a huge mistake. How could one be this ignorant?

"This doesn't make sense at all." Lie Shou shook his head.

"What?" It was rare for someone as quiet as Wang Suo to be curious.

"One who can cultivate all the way to the domain realm shouldn't be this idiotic." Lie Shou said confused, and his words rang in everyone's ears.

"This is understandable." Su Hao explained like a professor, "Think about it. When you were in kindergarten, were there several idiots in your class?"


"When you went to primary school, were there still idiots in your class?"


"When you were in high school, did you noticed that there are some retards in your class?"


"When you went to college, isn't the same thing happening?"


"Now do you understand?"

Su Hao sighed, "After graduation, you will notice that there are many idiots in our society. IQ has nothing to do with strength. You must never look down on the survival rate of such species. No matter which realm you are at, they will always be there."

"So that's how it works." Lie Shou suddenly understood, causing the surrounding students to burst into laughter.

At this moment, Senior Xue seemed to finally realize that all this time, the one these students had been mocking... turned out to be himself?!

These bunch of professional espers actually dared to be this ridiculous in front of a domain esper?

This is something which he had never come across during his cultivation career!

"You're all courting death!" Senior Xue laughed out loud, subduing his anger, "Since you all wish to die, then I will fulfill it."

As for Su Hao, he just smirked mysteriously and ignored this senior. Instead, he looked at Xue Feng, "As fellow students of Zhanzheng College, I'll give you a chance."

My choice?

Xue Feng bitterly smiled. Under such a situation, does he have a choice?

How could he accompany this retarded senior to death?

"I'm sorry, senior." Xue Feng gritted his teeth and joined the team without hesitation. He stood behind Su Hao, and the team of twelve is complete again. With them opposing Senior Xue, this senior was dumbfounded.

"What happened?"

Senior Xue finally realized something was amiss. Unfortunately, after Xue Feng was brought back to the team, Su Hao was too lazy to utter any nonsense with this retard and immediately issued his order.

"Get rid of him!"

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