Godly Model Creator Chapter 659

660 Go Uncle Lan

"Get rid of him!"

With Su Hao's command, everyone made their move just like usual.

The battle proceeded with zero suspense. Since they are already used to fighting domain espers, this Senior Xue is only so-so.

Finally, Senior Xue noticed that something was amiss.

He also knew the mistake he had committed!

Too bad...

It was too late.

With Su Hao's team trapping him, a strong existence in the Federation was easily suppressed that there wasn't even an opportunity to escape.


"What do you think now?" Su Hao looked at Xue Feng, calmly asked.

Xue Feng smiled bitterly.

What is his thought?

Could he still think of something?

This senior which is supposed to be his backup eventually ended up dying under his own hands in order to ensure his survival. Plus, after Su Hao tortured him many times, he hated Su Hao more than ever. Whether it is in term of strength or schemes, Su Hao's performance made him fearful.

"What do you think you are doing talking nonsense with him?" Lie Shou suddenly threw out this question.

Xue Feng trembled.

True, since everyone could easily get rid of his senior, that means he too could be killed at any time. With the threat from his senior, it's more than enough of a reason to kill him. However, nothing like that happened. Su Hao kept uttering nonsense with his senior until after he defected back to the team.

"Could it be..." Xue Feng stared blankly.

"Good luck, mate." Lie Shou patted his shoulder and no longer said anything.

Xue Feng's face turned blue and red alternately. Looking at Su Hao, who was standing nearby, his face revealed a complicated look while clenching his fists.

Su Hao was trying to save him!

"Since you gave me a chance, I will give you one too." Xue Feng secretly said.

When his second uncle and the other domain esper meets us, I won't make them take any action against you. At that time, we will owe each other nothing.

With this thought, Xue Feng felt better in his heart.

However, he is probably still clueless that those two strong espers in his heart which included his second uncle already died under his own hands too!

"Get ready. We will continue our journey."

After clearing the aftermath, Su Hao directed everyone to leave.

Turning his head back, he noticed Xue Feng's mood seemed to change for the better.

He couldn't help but think of some evil plans. If he is to tell Xue Feng now that he is the one who personally killed his three supporters, will he vomit blood? However, seeing that Xue Feng no longer have any intention to resist Su Hao, Su Hao could only regretfully give up this tempting idea.

Yet another domain esper died.

This mountain range could no longer stop the momentum of Su Hao's team. In fact, there weren't many enemies to begin with. From his analysis, only that Fire Lion Beast was the true foe.

"Set off!"

Su Hao calmly commanded.

This 12-man squad once again traveled further into the depths of the mountain. Their journey was smooth all the way. The route they were taking now led to the highest mountain. As they were about to reach the peak, they stumbled upon an enemy. It was a king-level beast, and it came from the beast's territory just like before!


Su Hao didn't show any hesitation.

A mere king-level beast is nothing in front of this 12 man squad. As the team was about to kill it, Su Hao suddenly thought of something.

"One moment."


The team stopped their offense, leaving behind the seriously wounded king-level beast.

Su Hao stepped forward and put his hand on the beast's head, activating Backtrack. Emptiness, all he saw was nothing. There was no memory.

"Damn it, a beast's brain is indeed different from mankind..."

It seems that his idea of trying to look back into its memory failed and had to be abandoned.

Putting down his hand, Su Hao shifted his attention to the 2D map. About one kilometer away, several red dots were wandering around. Su Hao suddenly revealed a smirk.

"Let's go. There must be something interesting at the top of the mountain."

"Hike the mountain!"


Hearing this, everyone entered the mountain.


At the mountain's peak; the air was as fresh and free from any pollution. There wasn't any evil looking beings, just a young man with a handsome appearance working hard to hang photos.

Between two ends, one could see a string of ropes hanging.

From left to right, countless photos were hanging on top of them with a simple clip. Inexplicably, such scene gave one a fresh feeling. All sort of strange occurrences were recorded in these photos, from items to sceneries, from beasts to humans, they were all highly artistic and beautiful.

From the first glance, one could see these are masterpieces of a professional photographer!

"Hmm... this should be placed here."

The young man hung a photo again, revealing a hint of gratification on his face, "Project completed. This scenery is simply one of a kind in this world."


A soft sound alerted the young man. His right hand trembled, but the movement soon stopped. As the sound from the behind him became clearer, he turned his head and pretended to be shocked, "You... who are you guys?"

"Us?" A cold voice answered.

Li Tiantian raised his head, looking at the young man in front of him. Finally, he found their target. He and Lan Tingxu had been eating so many hardships, avoiding all the berserk beasts before finally founding him.

"Or should we be the ones asking you that?"

"Me?" The young man scratched his head and awkwardly answered, "My name is Ping Yang. I am a journalist."

"Journalist?" Lan Tingxu was stunned. From the way Ping Yang acted, he didn't sense any crisis. Looking at the photos around, this young man didn't seem to be capable of acting behind the scenes.

"Could it be we have found the wrong one?" Lan Tingxu was doubtful.

"There will never be a mistake." Li Tiantian stared at the young man. His expression was a bit absent-minded, "Ping Yang, right? Stop pretending. I come here for you after all. Don't you feel it?"

"What are you all talking about?" Ping Yang still maintained his awkward look.

Li Tiantian smirked.

"Uncle Lan, go!"

"All right!" Lan Tingxu subconsciously moved and noticed something is wrong... Damn you! This daddy isn't your pet dog! What's with this 'Uncle Lan, go!'

Lan Tingxu was so annoyed, but since he already attacked, he could only vent out his anger on Ping Yang.


Layers of space were cut down.

At the moment when he was about to reach Ping Yang, this young man's eyes turned cold. A blank photo appeared, blocking the attack for him.

Lan Tingxu's space disruption actually got absorbed by the photo!

Followed by Ping Yang's hand movement, the terrifying space disruption was deflected. Lan Tingxu's rushing action could not be stopped on time, and he was killed on the spot.

"Just as I predicted." Li Tiantian assumed a thoughtful expression.

"How could you notice me?" Ping Yang pushed his glasses. With his ordinary appearance and ordinary aura, even a world esper won't be able to detect him!

"Why I can do so?" Li Tiantian smiled, "Because I sense common aura from your body."


Ping Yang's pupil shrunk. His face finally had a change, "Could it be you..."


Li Tiantian raised his hand, and endless light ray flashed.


Time and space turned static. It seemed that they had returned to the beginning when these three just met. Ping Yang turned around and looked at Li Tiantian in a shocking expression, "You... Who are you guys?"

"Federation Special Operation Team!"

Li Tiantian voiced out first with thick murderous intent. Lan Tingxu was stunned. To declare such a name to a young man whom they have never seen before, what's he doing?

"In the end, you all managed to find me!" Ping Yang no longer acted and coldly smirked, "Just a mere mid-level professional esper and one half-step domain esper, you think it's enough to deal with me? Ridiculous!"

Lan Tingxu was caught by surprise and dumbfounded, "You're someone with a grade S ability talent?"

"Stop pretending when you already know of this fact." Ping Yang laughed out loud, "Aren't you here because of my ability talent?"

"One moment." Li Tiantian stopped him, "I have a question. If you answer it correctly, we will not take action against you. What about that?"

Ping Yang was obviously shocked by the sudden proposal.

"Say! A grade S talent, how did you control it?"

Li Tiantian spelled it out clearly, causing Ping Yang's face to turn a bit ugly, "Humph, after knowing how I control it and then kill me afterward, huh? You think I am that retarded?"

"I will definitely find out your weakness!"

Li Tiantian smirked, "Uncle Lan, go!"

"All right!" Lan Tingxu made his move and then remembered something is wrong... This again! Damn you! This daddy isn't your pet dog! Wait a moment... Why did I use the word 'again?'


Another photo appeared.

Lan Tingxu was killed.

There was zero suspense.

"His strength has reached the domain realm." Li Tiantian silently recorded the finding in his heart.


Everything returned back to the start.



Having lost count of how many times, Li Tiantian's white hairs on his head grew more and more before he finally found a clue. Before taking any action, he secretly passed a message to Lan Tingxu on how to approach this.

Lan Tingxu suddenly erupted his aura.

For a short duration, the battle with Ping Yang actually turned into a stalemate!

At this moment, Ping Yang forcefully increased his aura to repel Lan Tingxu. Within the chaotic battle, Li Tiantian finally saw what he wanted to see.

A white hair!


Time reverted back.

Li Tiantian once again stepped forward but didn't say anything. Looking at Ping Yang, he just sighed, "By suppressing the side effect, can it really last long?"


Ping Yang's face turned into a wild expression, "Who are you?"

"I want your secret!" Li Tiantian's face was firm and resolute.

"Then you better beat me."

Ping Yang noticed the white hairs on Li Tiantian's head and seemed to understand what was going on. His domain aura suddenly erupted, and Lan Tingxu was forced to take a few steps back. His face instantly turned grave.

Domain realm!

And the worst part is his talent is grade S!

"Tiantian..." Lan Tingxu was ready to panic.

"Uncle Lan, this is my battle." Li Tiantian calmly said, "The reason I followed you is because of this battle. This is my chance, and I have to grasp it!"

"This is my only hope!"

"This battle..."

"I'm only allowed to win!"

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