Godly Model Creator Chapter 660

661 Time And Space Vortex

Grade S ability talents are unique.

Any ordinary ability talent would have more than one user, but for a Grade S ability talent, there would always be one sole user and a second user would never appear in the universe again.

"What is your ability talent?" Ping Yang asked.

"Time." Li Tiantian replied without hiding anything.

Grade S represent the top. Time is naturally one of the top ones. When Li Tiantian mentioned time, it indicates that he wasn't referring to something like prediction, future, or past. What he meant is the perfect state of time. And the top ability talent involving time is none other than his!

Time control!

"Great." Ping Yang's eyes emitted a strong intent, "My ability talent is space, space control!"


With two powerful auras clashing against each other, time and space around them distorted.



Both intertwined in mid-air.

Spectating this from far away, only shock filled Lan Tingxu's heart.

This is the very reason why his job is to kill all espers with grade S ability talents. This is because grade S talents are too powerful and out of this world. Once a matured grade S talent broke out, the power produced would be beyond anyone's imagination! The most terrifying part is the side effects they suffered.

They couldn't control themselves.

As for this Ping Yang in front of him, at first, Lan Tingxu was still clueless of the chaos in Gaoyuan City, but when he saw Ping Yang's hatred and his grade S ability talent, everything was crystal clear now.

He must have brought troubles to his loved ones.

Now after being able to control his grade S ability talent, he came back to seek revenge.


Two powerful energies entangled amongst each other in the air.

As both time and space distorted, they condensed into a huge blue vortex like a vast ocean of stars. In fact, Lan Tingxu did not dare approach it.

The whirlpool rotated over the peak of the mountain, emitting its brilliance.

How strong are grade S talents?

Ping Yang is currently in the domain realm while Li Tiantian still remained in the professional realm. However, now when they both decided to use their full strength, the huge gap between professional and domain realm had turned small.

This is all thanks to their original stats already being high to begin with.

For two of the strongest ability talents to clash within this mountain range, the after effect from the clash affected the surroundings, causing the trees to change. Some trees ended up growing taller, some withered in an instant, and the others got caught into the space rift.

This is definitely a battle which will shock anyone.

Lan Tingxu could no longer follow the battle. The only thing he could see was every time the sphere flickered, time and space would distort and affect the surrounding area with its horrifying power.

"Li Tiantian..."

Lan Tingxu was extremely nervous that he couldn't sit still, "You better come out alive."


The vortex suddenly trembled.

Lan Tingxu's mind went into alert mode. All he saw was these two opposing forces suddenly explode, blasting Li Tiantian's figure out.

He was full of white hairs!

"Puff~" Li Tiantian spurted out a mouthful of blood. Seeing this, Lan Tingxu quickly went to support him, "Tian Tian, how are you? Are you fine?"

"You lost." Ping Yang was suspended in the air, showing no signs of celebration.

Li Tiantian raised his head to look at him. Ping Yang did utilize his talent to the max, but only about one-tenth of his hair had turned white, mixing in between black hairs which made it less obvious.

"How could this be?" Li Tiantian was stunned.

The might Ping Yang used was no less than his, but the life reduction Ping Yang suffered from was reduced to a minimal amount. In fact, it actually didn't affect him much!

This is absolutely impossible!

For the first time, Li Tiantian was stunned speechless.

What is going on with this Ping Yang? By utilizing this much power, it only had such little impact on his life? Suddenly, Li Tiantian's eyes were filled with fanatic determination.


This must be Ping Yang's secret for inhibiting the side effects!

"I must get it!" Li Tiantian struggled hard before managing to get on his feet again.

The strange energy was condensed within his hand again. It was as if he was planning to make another attempt. At this crucial moment, a series of footstep could be heard, waking up those three men at the peak of the mountain.

Someone was coming!

Ping Yang's eyes emitted strong murderous intent as he stared at the entrance of the peak mountain. At this time, several black shadows flashed. It was Su Hao and the team he led.

"Li Tiantian, stop it!" Su Hao's facial expression changed slightly, and he immediately shouted.

As for what had happened here, he was able to witness it clearly via Synchronous Playback. Li Tiantian was now in a state of being half dead and could leave for the next world at any moment. How could he allow Li Tiantian to seek trouble?

"I can't afford to do so." Li Tiantian shook his head and raised his shaking hand, "I already said this before. I must get it!"

Everyone present had a shiver down their spine, watching his determination.

While they were awed with Li Tiantian's determination, Li Tiantian raised his finger, pointing at Ping Yang, "The battle is only starting. I want..."


The crowd was at a loss.

Those who saw the scene in front revealed an absurd look. This is because they unknowingly noticed that Su Hao appeared behind Li Tiantian and didn't hesitate to knock him unconscious.


Li Tiantian fell to the ground.

Patting off the dust on his hand, Su Hao calmly said, "This guy could barely stand up yet he wished to continue the battle."

Then, Su Hao continued, "Uncle Lan, drag him away."

"Fine!" Lan Tingxu sighed and subconsciously went to take him away. It's great not letting this stupid brat, Li Tiantian, desperately bet with his life. However, he quickly realized that something is wrong. Damn it...


Daddy is not a pet!


Why is there an 'again'?

Lan Tingxu dragged Li Tiantian out from the battle scene and entered into deep thought.

After Su Hao ensured his arrangements are made, he looked at Ping Yang. As for Ping Yang himself, he was also looking at Su Hao with great interest. He was very curious about Su Hao's identity, and there was even some hint of doubts within his eyes.

"Do we know each other?" Ping Yang asked such a strange sentence. The expression on his face was also weird. Su Hao was afraid with how he acted and took a step back, "I am not into men."

Ping Yang's face instantly turned black.

As for the team, the members were all dumbstruck. They thought Su Hao was about to make a move, but he actually threw in this sentence!

"I want what Li Tiantian wants!"

"Do you have the qualification?"

Ping Yang was annoyed by that. The reason he agreed to fight Li Tiantian was because of Li Tiantian's pride and his reason as a fellow grade S esper. As for Su Hao? A student who is nowhere as strong as him, what kind of trick can this student do?

"How do you know if we don't try?" Su Hao grinned evilly, "Li Tiantian is my friend. Since he could no longer continue the fight, I will take over! I will get anything he wants!"

Ping Yang was speechless at Su Hao's arrogance.

Well, no matter how ridiculous it is, one's arrogance is still worthy of some respect. However, before he had time to be touched by their friendship, he already saw Su Hao pointing at him and shouted, "Everyone, charge!"


Su Hao and his team once again engaged in a battle.


After regaining his composure, Ping Yang couldn't help but cursed, "You're courting death!"


Eight Trigrams Lock appeared.

Wang Suo's origin technique suppressed the whole mountain. Condensing the surrounding aura, it headed straight towards Ping Yang. His strength as a peak professional esper broke out in an instant.


Lie Shou sat cross-legged.

With a gap torn between the clouds, a powerful red flame appeared out from the crack, dying the sky red.


A huge meteorite descended from the sky!

That fiery flame seemed to have brought Su Hao back to the past, but this time, the meteorite was much stronger than the one from the past!

As for the rest, they also used their most powerful techniques.

Nobody dared to look down on Ping Yang and immediately resorted to their killing moves.

After many battles with domain espers, they were already used to coordinating quickly. Only by doing so could they surpass the strength of a domain esper!



Countless attacks flashed.

Ping Yang lifted the camera from his body. Aiming at the students, he took a quick picture of them. Just like that, a photo appeared.

However, in just mere seconds, the photo shattered!

All the photos got destroyed by the students!

This is the true strength of their joint effort. With their strength, they could struggle and set themselves free from the photo.

This was the very first time he had failed to take a photo of professional espers.

"This power..." Ping Yang's face turned grave.

Even though he thought that he was strong, after receiving attacks from them, he could still feel the pressure. Each one of these students possessed strength which rivals a domain esper!

"To be able to force me to this stage, you guys are qualified to be proud." Ping Yang muttered to himself. Storing his camera, he looked at everyone. As the energy within his body condensed, the power of space control once again revealed itself.



Everyone turned immobile.

The entire space in the peak mountain turned still in an instant. The most terrifying part is that their heart actually stopped beating too, yet their thoughts were still working fine.

Space control!

What kind of magical ability is that?


Everyone crazily manipulated their energy to maintain their only lifeline, but after exhausting their energy, they still couldn't escape from being sealed completely! In just a few seconds, almost everyone was sealed within the space after using up all their energy.


Ping Yang gently flicked his finger, and everyone's legs went soft before falling to the ground.

Energy exhaustion!

Physical exhaustion!

They could no longer provide any value in the battle.

Ping Yang looked at Su Hao casually, "Numbers are ineffective against me."

"I never planned to use a numbers advantage." Su Hao grinned.

He was the only one of the twelve who still stood. When the energy within his body was nearly exhausted, two permanent models were shattered, instantly restoring his condition.

"Space control is only so-so." Su Hao moved his body for a bit, and it was very clear that one could see Ping Yang's pupil contracting.

It was very obvious that Ping Yang was very nervous now. What kind of joke is this?! A powerful origin technique which cost him much of his lifespan, everyone else already fell to the ground, but this Su Hao was still safe and sound!

"Hehe, since you're done, it's my turn now." Su Hao's gaze turned somewhat cold, "I have already mentioned that I will get what my friend wants! Now you better take it out!"

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