Godly Model Creator Chapter 661

662 Scammed To Death

"With you alone?"

Ping Yang controlled his mind, forming numerous space fragments around him which then progressed into fissures which emitted white light from within. Those were space cracks under his control.

"Space, huh?" Su Hao muttered in a low voice.




Xinghe Arrow flew out from his hand. While one could hear the whistling sound of the arrow traveling in the air, there was no trace of it. However, Ping Yang just calmly raised his finger, pointing towards it, and a blank photo fell from the sky. Xinghe Arrow actually entered the photo, turning into the scenery portrayed by the photo.

"What a powerful attack." Ping Yang took out a small clip and hung the photo on the rope.

"Space seal!" Su Hao quickly reacted.

This attack is pretty similar to his circular world but at a much more horrifying degree! After all, his circular world is limited by its capacity.

But for Ping Yang, his space seal is infinite.

Each photo is a sealed space!

Each space is sealed with a powerful attack or berserk beast. This is the most powerful skill of space control, the abnormal grade S ability talent!

Su Hao raised his head, noticing the strings full of photos.

"Now, are you still confident?" Ping Yang continued, "There are ten photos of king-level beasts, 36 top origin techniques coming from peak professional espers and 12 from domain espers. If I am to unseal all of them at once, do you think you can stop them with your strength as a peak professional esper?"

"How do you know if we don't try?"

Without showing any signs of concern, Su Hao said indifferently, "Also, how sure are you that they will all listen to you?"

"What?" Ping Yang was stunned.

"Universe Creator!" Su Hao waved his hand, and his action formed a flashing light ray.

"What trick is this?" Ping Yang was wary of this action.

Countless energy fluctuation appeared around them. As for the fog which covered the sky within the mountain range were all blown away by the winds. This mountain range experienced a drastic change, and this fog barrier eventually disappeared without a trace.

And then, it ended.

"Just like that?" Ping Yang was stunned.

He couldn't comprehend. Su Hao so-called origin technique is just to create a gust?

"This mysterious fog is gone. The energy shield also vanished. Now, every scene here is exposed to the public. Do you think that the Federation won't be paying attention to this? If a world esper is to take action, you think you can hide?" Su Hao revealed his intention.

Ping Yang's expression turned serious.

Observing his surrounding, he noticed that not only did the fog vanish but also the energy shield. Every obstacle had disappeared. The long period of effort he spent in order to prevent a world esper from disrupting his plan just turned into nothing with a wave of Su Hao's hand.

Everyone was also at a loss.

Especially Xue Feng, he just stared at Su Hao blankly. Since when did this punk become this powerful?

If he could dispel this mysterious power, why did he not do so earlier? Yet, he only waited until now? Numerous strong espers were helpless in front of this power, yet Su Hao could solve it with just a single action? One has to note that even a world esper is helpless but to give in to this power.


Ping Yang caught empty space, and a photo appeared within his hand, "Here, not only do I have ordinary photos. Have a look at the scenery captured in this photo."

Su Hao had a quick glance, and it was a beautiful landscape photo with clouds covering the sky like a fairyland.


Ping Yang tore the photo on his hand.

Endless power rushed out from the photo.


The photo burst and the terrifying power disappeared without doing anything.

"This..." Ping Yang was stunned.

The surrounding people were dumbfounded too.

The might of Ping Yang's photos are so strong that everyone knew that they weren't any ordinary ones. Those were sealed space! However, before Ping Yang even managed to unseal the space, it got crushed by Su Hao!

"I'm not your opponent." Su Hao calmly said, "Your sealing ability far exceeds my expectation, but as long as you're not allowed to use it, what can you use to fight against me?"

Su Hao' tone was flat, but it made one have shivers run down their spine.

"Just one photo is enough." Ping Yang quickly grasped another photo and tore it. The power within the photo was unsealed, but Su Hao turned it into a void.


The photo vanished.


With a flick of a finger, countless photos attached to the ropes flew towards him. The space energy contained within Ping Yang's hands fluctuated, covering the entire photo collection.


With a finger, the photos were instantly destroyed!


Debris fell to the ground.

What was left behind was just useless papers.

"I have already said. In front of me, you can't use its power." With a prideful expression, Su Hao stared at Ping Yang coldly, "Where is the item that Li Tiantian wants?"

"You think you have won just like that?"

The energy emitted from within Ping Yang's body surged, "The reason I am using a space seal is because I'm too lazy to use my own power! You really thought that you have won?"


Space energy flashed.

Ping Yang floated in the air. His whole body was now releasing a thick, horrifying aura that it made Xue Feng and the others feel suffocated as they could hardly breathe.

Lan Tingxu locked his eyebrows. With a sway from his right hand, space energy shrouded everyone to protect them.

Although he couldn't defeat Ping Yang, even when his space ability talent is totally suppressed, he is still a true esper with a grade A space talent! In addition, his mastery of space is way above the others excluding Ping Yang.

"Without a photo, I can still easily crush you!" Ping Yang ridiculed Su Hao with arrogance from his gaze. This is the pride coming from one with a grade S ability talent. Only they are qualified to be this prideful.

"Aren't you afraid to die early?" Su Hao smirked, "You think your mastery of space is second to none?"


Su Hao spread his arms and the mysterious energy of space fluctuated within his palms just like ripples of water, "You think you're the only one with the ability to control space?"

"How could you..." Ping Yang was stunned.

Just this action of Su Hao had proved that his mastery of space control is far above Ping Yang.

How could this be?

Is this an illusion?

Ping Yang seemed to have thought of something. Trying to sense his surroundings, yet he could detect the power of space. This is definitely not something an illusion could create. This place isn't an illusion!

Ping Yang was still pondering this.

Unfortunately, Su Hao didn't give him the chance to continue doing so. Noticing that he was revealing a hint of confusion, Su Hao didn't hesitate to throw a mocking question, "Space ability talent, grade S, is it really that powerful?"

"I'll open your eyes today!"

"The so-called pride of yours is just a joke in front of me!"

"I will let you experience what real space power is. God says..."

"Origin Light!"



In an instant, Ping Yang strongly felt an incoming crisis in his heart. As the extremely hot light was getting closer, he madly summoned every bit of energy from his body to resist it.


Space energy and the white light collided.

The sky tore, while mountains collapsed.

Everything around them seemed to distort, suffering the aftermath from these two powers confronting each other.

Since when did he become this strong?

Could it be...

When a thought popped up in his mind, Ping Yang's eyes lit up.

"I have been tricked!"

"No wonder Su Hao is so strong!"

"This is not the real world!"

However, just when this thought flashed through his mind, he already lost his consciousness.


The cracks within space kept spreading to a larger scale.

A moment later, Su Hao dragged Ping Yang out like a dead dog.

The surrounding people were all dumbstruck.

"He won?"

A professional esper against a domain esper!

And one with a grade S talent. How could he win?

Moreover, the strength which Su Hao displayed earlier, destroying the foe's photos in mere seconds, what ability is that? Some sort of origin technique which could give someone chills all the way to their spine?

When they raised their head, their face suddenly turned black.

The photos were still there!


Lie Shou seemed to get the gist of the situation, "The moment when he activated Universe Creator, you have already brought everyone into your illusion, but the illusion is similar to reality. Thus, one won't be able to notice it. Not even Ping Yang. Like that everyone got tricked."

"In the end, he still got careless."

Lie Shou felt that it's ridiculous with how the situation unfolded.

Su Hao used a high-level illusion, coupled with that extremely strong ability and tricked Ping Yang into his scam.

This child...

He's too naive.

When the crowd heard this explanation, they finally understood!

If it's just like what was explained, then they could digest it. However, being able to suppress a domain esper like this indicated that Su Hao's current illusion mastery had reached the peak!

Everyone thought so.

However, only Lan Tingxu's eyes revealed a bit of doubt. This does not seem right. That space energy didn't make sense at all. This is because an illusion will never have any presence of space energy. Even he is well aware of this fact, let alone an esper with a grade S talent. That move of Su Hao, is it really as simple as an illusion?

Of course not.

Since when could a model world be compared with illusions?

As for how he won, only Su Hao knew.

Note that he said he won and not scammed. During Ping Yang and Li Tiantian's battle, Li Tiantian had all his hairs turn white. As for Ping Yang, he wasn't in great shape either. His consumption was definitely not small! During his fight against Su Hao, he tried his best to conserve his energy.

Until Su Hao destroyed all his photos, which forced Ping Yang to use his strength again, it was at that time he had to face Su Hao's god-like state.

How could Ping Yang stop him in such a state?

Su Hao naturally knew Lan Tingxu had some doubts, but he didn't have to explain anything.

"Come, come here." Su Hao didn't let them think any further, "Wang Suo, come over here. Seal this brat."

"Got it." Wang Suo's eyes lit up.

For a professional esper to seal a domain esper, under normal circumstances, that wouldn't be possible. However, if he is knocked out and unable to resist...


Wang Suo left with beads of sweat on his forehead, "Indeed a domain esper. It's so difficult to seal him."

"How long can it last?" Su Hao asked.

"One month at most." Wang Suo shook his head uncertain, "After all, he's a domain esper. The seal will automatically unlock beyond that duration."

"One month?"

Su Hao pondered. He understood the special circumstances of Li Tiantian and Ping Yang. This seal's effect will be greatly reduced if used on them. To be able to seal them for a week is already good enough.

However, for Su Hao, it's sufficient.

"Backtrack!" Su Hao quietly pressed on Ping Yang's forehead.

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