Godly Model Creator Chapter 662

663 Reborn


With a loud bang, countless scenes flashed. As memories entered with an influx, Su Hao's eyes showed shock. Before he managed to see anything, he was forcefully ejected out.

"This brat..." Su Hao sighed.

Too bad, he wasn't able to see what Li Tiantian wanted. The automatic defensive mechanism of a grade S esper is stronger than he expected. Su Hao only managed to have a quick peek before getting rejected.

"I guess I will have to ask Li Tiantian." Su Hao shook his head.


Everyone took a quick breather. A few moments later, Li Tiantian regained his consciousness and saw this scene in front of him. His whole person couldn't process what he saw with his own eyes. This Ping Yang who fought with him earlier was now lying on the ground like a dead dog. As for Su Hao and the others, they were sitting cross-legged, cultivating.

"What happened?"

After the crowd explained it, Li Tiantian couldn't help but bitterly laugh.

He felt dizzy, absorbing the explanation.

He decided to try his best, gambling with his own lifespan, yet, just like that, Su Hao tricked the hell out of everyone to achieve victory? This feeling... it's really ridiculous.

"So, our mission is completed?" Xue Feng suddenly asked this question.


Everyone was shocked for a second and suddenly realized. True, Ping Yang is the main culprit of this entire incident. Since he got himself arrested, this mission is obviously completed.

However, why is there this feeling that something is wrong?

Tian Long Court's trial just ended like that? Didn't the legendary rumor say that the mortality rate of Tian Long Court's trial is extremely high? Not even a single one of them died. In fact, they got to improve their strength instead!

"Perhaps it's because we followed Su Hao's lead." Lie Shou sighed.

Everyone thought about it carefully. Isn't that the case?

This mission, is it really that simple? During their journey, dangers were lurking from all four sides. If not for Su Hao leading them, they would have died many times by now. They were very clear of their characters. They would never yield to anyone. If it's an ordinary mission, they would have parted ways from the start.

If they were to encounter an emperor beast on the way, they couldn't even imagine their death!

Not to forget, when they were confronting Ping Yang, it was literally Su Hao soloing this final boss. They all contributed nothing in the last battle. If so...

It seemed like this mission was completed by Su Hao alone.

With this thought, the students couldn't help but smile bitterly. At first, they thought that their strength is formidable, but in the end, they ended up being giant leechers that contributed nothing.

This didn't look like a team mission at all!

This sounds more like Su Hao carried them all the way through!

After Xue Feng realized this, he could only hatefully clench his fists.

He owed Su Hao another favor.

At first, he planned to wait for his second uncle to arrive and then ask him to help Su Hao once. However, he never expected that his supporters didn't even keep up with them and they had already completed the mission.

Ridiculous, lamentable.

Everyone went silent, and they didn't know what to think of at this moment.

If Su Hao is to know their thoughts, he would be rolling on the floor laughing until his stomach felt pain. In this mission, he was the one who didn't contribute much. Excluding his hard work, confronting Ping Yang, he didn't actually spend much effort on the previous battles. No, if scheming to kill their supporters is considered hard work...

Everyone had their own rest to restore their strength.

On the other side of the mountain, Su Hao looked at Li Tiantian, "What is the secret that you wanted?"

"Suppressing the side effects." Li Tiantian took a deep breath, "Although we're both grade S espers, what Ping Yang and me use aren't the same. If I can get his parts, fusing them into my parts, perhaps I could get rid of the side effects once and for all."

"I see!" Su Hao nodded and woke Ping Yang up.

"Sss~" Ping Yang painfully licked his lips, "Hey, hey, hey, be more considerate with your actions."

"The thing he wants." Su Hao pointed at Li Tiantian.

"No." Ping Yang said bluntly, "I want a truly upright battle!"

"Be good, stop sulking." Su Hao calmly continued, "I thought you promised that you would give it up once I won?"

"You still have the guts to say this?!" Ping Yang became furious, "From the start to the end, everything was an illusion. You actually faked a battle. If I knew you had this trick under your sleeve, even if you beat me to death, I won't be fooled and could easily kill you in minutes."

"You don't want to recognize your defeat?" Su Hao glanced at him, squinting his eyes, "Isn't an illusion a power too? A mental battle isn't considered a power?"


"Ping Yang, don't overdo it. You are really not giving it?" Su Hao looked at him with a grin.

"Never!" Ping Yang was very determined with his decision and did not give an inch for a consideration.

"Fine." Su Hao nodded, "Then, I can only resort to bringing you into the illusion. You're now sealed. Hmmm... let me think for a bit. You should be well aware of the illusion. What you are afraid of the most will probably appear. Can the current you get through the same incident again?"

Ping Yang's body trembled, "Kill me!"

"I know you're not afraid of death." Su Hao smiled sinisterly, "In this world, there are many things which are more terrifying than death itself. Do you want to experience it once for yourself?"

Ping Yang was terrified.

Then, he quickly handed over the secret technique to Li Tiantian.

"Just like that? He decided to give in just like that?" Li Tiantian was speechless.

"Of course." Su Hao shrugged his shoulder, "It's not a big deal to begin with."

"But..." Li Tiantian felt ashamed.

Could it be that he had misunderstood? From his impression, this kind of thing should be a matter of life and death. All sort of killings and hardships need to be overcome before obtaining the secret. From the start, he already prepared himself to face death.

This is simply illogical.

Li Tiantian shook his head, looking at Su Hao and Ping Yang. He still couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss.

"Forget about it." Li Tiantian shook his head. With determination, he turned around to cultivate.

As he left...

Ping Yang looked at Su Hao, asking yet another question, "Do we really not know each other?"

Su Hao's eyebrows twitched, "Nope."

"Oh." Ping Yang no longer added any more words.

Su Hao glanced at him strangely, "You have asked the same question twice. Do I look like some friend of yours?"

"Not that." Ping Yang shook his head, "I noticed a familiar aura from your body. It brings me a feeling of closeness."

"F*ck." Su Hao's face changed and looked at him with wary, "You can't be..."

Ping Yang's face instantly turned black.

Damn you!

What is this bastard thinking? Do I look like that kind of person?

Ping Yang turned his head away, ignoring everyone.

"Uh, sulking again." Su Hao sighed, "Young man, you're the villain boss, a domain esper. Can't you stop being greedy, trying to destroy the world?"

"None of your business." Ping Yang glanced at Su Hao, "Also, stop calling me a young man. I am older than you."

Su Hao: "..."

What is with his tone, trying to act strong when he is weak? Ping Yang is indeed older than Su Hao, but it can't be too much right? On the outside, one would have guessed that he Is a middle school student. Even though he deliberately spent the effort to make himself more mature, Su Hao could see through his naive, childishness with a glance.

What a strange feeling...

Without knowing why, Su Hao inexplicably thought of Blue Dream Butterfly. Isn't this little brat the same too? Obviously, her actual age isn't small, but her mental age is still like a child.

Speaking of this, Su Hao suddenly recalled Zhang Yating's whereabouts.

Even after stepping in Gaoyuan City, he still couldn't find a trace of her... What actually happened in the past? This turmoil in Gaoyuan City somehow gave him this anticlimactic feeling.

What exactly is wrong here?

"What are you thinking of?" Ping Yang strangely looked at Su Hao's every changing expression.


Su Hao shook his head before regaining his composure, "Hey, big boss. Aren't you going to explain why you're doing this kind of thing? Now, the entire Gaoyuan City is turned upside down that even domain espers dare not approach here. Millions of citizens in Gaoyuan City might just vanish at any moment."

"They deserve death!" Ping Yang went silent; one could see the hatred contained within his eyes.

"I know." Su Hao didn't refute him, "So tell me why they deserve death?"

"It's not the time yet." Ping Yang shook his head.

"Not the time yet?" Su Hao smiled, "Sigh, you have been captured by us. If you don't tell me now, I can only send you to the Federation. At that time, you might not even have the chance to speak. They won't care about your motive or resentment at all. All they care about is your act of destroying and creating havoc."

"Then... let it be buried with me." Ping Yang stood up, went to a corner, sat cross-legged and no longer said anything. Obviously, he didn't wish to talk about this anymore.

"What a taciturn person." Su Hao shook his head. He had some doubts in his heart. One with such a prideful young heart, why would such a person wish to destroy Gaoyuan City?

What had happened in the past?

When Su Hao was backtracking earlier, all he saw was endless flames and the figure of a girl with bruises all over her body...

"Are you seeking revenge for her?" Su Hao pondered.

Isn't the very reason he tried hard to cultivate is to prevent such incident from happening to his family?

Taking a deep breath, Su Hao no longer tried to think about it.

Su Hao sat cross-legged and began to restore his energy. At the peak mountain, everyone was concentrating on cultivating. After a few hours, a strong aura awakened everyone.


The aura went up to the sky, sweeping away the fog surrounding the mountain.

"This is..."

Su Hao was the first one to respond.

"Li Tiantian!"

Su Hao's eyes lit up. Sure enough, the powerful aura was gathering around Li Tiantian. As if time was reversing, his white hairs began to turn black at a rapid pace. When the aura faded away, Li Tiantian's hair had turned completely black!


As time and space twisted, what changed wasn't only his hair.

Li Tiantian's strength began climbing at an incredible rate too, a level upon level. In the blink of an eye, he had reached the peak professional realm!

His powerful aura from the breakthrough suppressed everyone.

"What a powerful aura." Xue Feng and the others sucked in a mouthful of air.

They admired Su Hao because they knew Su Hao's might. As for this guy named Li Tiantian, just when he reached the peak professional realm, he already suppressed everyone!

What kind of amazing talent is this?!

Grade S, it's really this terrifying?

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