Godly Model Creator Chapter 663

664 Secretive Ambush

"He broke through."

Lan Tingxu watched this scene with a hint of gratification within his eyes. He didn't know how Li Tiantian would suppress his grade S ability, but if the side effects could be suppressed, would he live like an ordinary person?

If so, perhaps he and Xiao Die...

"Return!" Li Tiantian gave a loud shout.

The power returned to his body, and Li Tiantian's aura returned to normal. As he examined his condition, his eyes flashed in joy, "My hair returned to black!"


His hair went back to black!

He had never bothered with the professional or domain realm. All he cared about is turning his hair black again which indicates that he could live longer.


Light flashed by.

Li Tiantian used an energy barrier to divide the peak mountain, separating the others. Then he went to Su Hao' side. Everyone saw his action and, out of politeness, decided to retreat. Even Lan Tingxu walked away too. Even when Li Tiantian believes him, he knew that there are certain things he best not know.

Inside the barrier, only three people remained.

"How is it?" Su Hao smiled.

"Energetic." Li Tiantian laughed out loud. In fact, he had forgotten when was the last time he laughed. Soon after laughing, Li Tiantian continued, "This thing is called Reborn. This is something researched by a grade S esper. There are six pieces in total, and we both had a piece."

"Oh?" Su Hao revealed a curious look.

"After combining my part and Ping Yang's, not only is my ability talent becoming more powerful, the lifespan I lost has returned too. If I can get all six pieces in my hands..." Hope could be seen in Li Tiantian's eyes.

"Perhaps, I could keep living!"

"Living long enough to be old."

This sentence, even Su Hao couldn't help but be emotionally moved.

The side effects of grade S talents, if they could really be lifted... This world would have a huge impact! What happened to the creator? It can't be that he's dead after a mere 20 years? Or perhaps, he didn't persist to the end?

"Not sure." Li Tiantian shook his head, "I have too little information about it."

"En." Su Hao nodded, "Then just go collect the remaining pieces and keep living!"

"En." Li Tiantian replied with excitement.

Only by experiencing despair and total darkness that one will know how valuable hope is!

However, Li Tiantian still had some doubts. Looking at Ping Yang, "After my own research, I noticed that even with your current piece, you couldn't be this strong. You should have been dead by now."

"Oh?" Su Hao's eyes lit up, "Could it be you have another piece?"

"You think they are like cabbages?" Ping Yang continued in an annoyed tone, "There is no third piece! The reason I can keep living is because of my physical conditions. As for the others, I'm unable to help even if I want to."

"You mentioned that you don't have much time to live. Then, can't you do more good deeds?" Su Hao stared at him.

Ping Yang smirked and no longer said anything.

"Forget about Reborn. Let's talk about this matter of destroying Gaoyuan City. If you can give me a reasonable explanation, I might not bring you back."

"Huh?" One could clearly see the astonished look of Ping Yang, "To help a wanted criminal like me, aren't you afraid of being labeled as wanted?"

"Hehe, well it's not like this is the first time." Su Hao shrugged it off, "Come back to your topic. This is what I can do. If you don't say anything, I can't help you."

"No need." Ping Yang shook his head as his eyes emitted a chill, "I will personally get my own things back."


Su Hao respected his choice. Looking at the photos, he went to gather them all, causing Ping Yang's mouth to twitch slightly.

Su Hao just looked at his reaction without adding any word.

Even if he had quite a good impression of Ping Yang, he still wouldn't hand these photos back. Once they fall into Ping Yang's hands, the danger would be too much to handle!

After all, Ping Yang had been tricked once.

To do so for the second time might not be that easy.

After collecting the photos, Su Hao looked at everyone, "Everyone, it's time to go back."


Everyone was in high spirits.

Since they had completed the trial, once they return, they would officially become Tian Long Court's disciples. Of course, they were excited! Plus, this time, they suffered zero casualties while completing this mission. Even thinking of this made them feel happy.

"Time to descend." Su Hao gave the order and led everyone to leave the mountain.

Gaoyuan City.

Countless powerful espers had arrived. The matters in the mountain range had shocked many that no one dared to enter now. With no more than ten domain espers died, what could they contribute even if they entered?

Unless a powerful esper comes!

"Everyone, I have received the news. They will be out soon."

Out of nowhere, such a shocking piece of news suddenly appeared.


Everyone turned their head towards the source of the voice, "Where did you get the news?"

"There is a disciple from our family who used his ability talent to transmit this news that they had completed Tian Long Court's trial. The one responsible for this has been captured, and they're now rushing down the mountain!" The man proudly announced.

"Haha, they're still alive!"

"They actually managed to pass the trial!"

Everyone's spirits were uplifted.

"The students who participated in this trial are all geniuses in cultivation, but they're still a mess in the outside world. I am always afraid that they won't be able to organize themselves. Never would I expect them to succeed without the family's support." One man sighed in relief.

Everyone agreed with his statement.

After all, humans have limited time. When one spends 90% of their time cultivating, how could you expect him to be good at socializing? Not to forget, with their current strength, their pride would be so thick that they would carry themselves in an arrogant manner.

This is also one of the main reasons they were sent to support the students.

"Let's go to the city gate and have a look."

They left and rushed to the mountain range. At the same time, Su Hao and the others were just traveling down the mountain with the highest peak.

"You really don't wish to tell me?" Su Hao asked.

He always had this feeling that the reason behind Ping Yang's destruction of Gaoyuan City won't be as simple as it might look like.

"I won't say a single word. Just kill me."

The way Ping Yang looked now was as if he is fearless of death.

"Just let the school handle him." Lie Shou said to Su Hao, "Since the mission is completed, the other matters aren't related to us anymore. I believe once he steps into prison, what needs to be mentioned will naturally come out from his mouth."

"Prison..." Su Hao sighed, "It's the place where one's anus will bloom."

"You guys!" Ping Yang's hand trembled. His eyes suddenly widened. What is this place where one's anus bloom?

"So, do you want to reconsider?" Su Hao looked at him with a grin.

Not far away, Wang Suo observed this scene in cold sweats. He couldn't help but ask Li Tiantian who was next to him, "Why are they insisting on digging up the truth? Once the mission is completed and we get to join Tian Long Court, isn't that already enough?"

"Something is wrong with this mission." Li Tiantian shook his head; his face wasn't looking great either.

"Oh?" Wang Suo entered into deep thought.

Something is wrong?

Indeed, it's too strange. Something that caused such havoc in the entire Gaoyuan City just ended like this? An incident where the Federation was helpless and the world espers weren't willing to intervene just found its conclusion in such a way? This isn't an ordinary conclusion but more like a joke.

"You all really want me to say it?" Ping Yang suddenly voiced out.

"What do you think?" Su Hao casually smiled.

"I'll say it." Ping Yang nodded, "However before I do so, aren't we supposed to get rid of the enemies?"


Su Hao squinted and had a quick glance at the 2D map. There was zero red dot on the map. What lie is he trying to make? Just as he was thinking this, he saw a row of dense red dots popping up on the map without any signs.

"Prepare for battle!" Su Hao instantly alerted them.


Everyone quickly moved and surrounded Ping Yang in a circle. Their surrounding quietness made them more alert.

Although they still couldn't see the enemies, they still couldn't help to feel the incoming crisis!

Su Hao who was still looking at the 2D map clearly saw the red dots approaching them.

"Your men?" Su Hao glanced at Ping Yang.

"Nope." Ping Yang shook his head, "I'm acting alone."

"Then this will be interesting." Su Hao closed his eyes unconsciously.


A crisp sound rang.

Numerous men in black appeared, trapping everyone. Su Hao raised his head to inspect each one of them. Apparently, they all possess the strength of the peak professional realm, a total of fifty men! Above their black clothes, there is an emerald green leaf logo.

It was such a contrast.

After everyone had a look at the uninvited guests, they were stunned. How is it possible to have fifty peak professional espers at once? Moreover, to dispatch such a number of strong espers, besides the top ten families, which faction has such capability?

"Who are you guys?" Su Hao asked coldly.


Several men from the opposition looked at each other for a second and charged Su Hao's group without any hesitation, turning into black shadows with the intention to kill everyone.


Numerous green meshes intertwined with each other and fell from the sky. These men in black were actually planning to trap everyone!

The scene proceeded with exchanges of origin techniques as everyone started to resist.

The number advantage clearly belonged to the men in black.

Compared to Su Hao and his team, it is almost a four-on-one battle!

However, even so, the students weren't going to stay down without giving a fight. After killing everything in their way during this trip, how would they be scared of a few peak professional espers?


Li Tiantian's eyes suddenly lit up, "Their goal isn't Ping Yang but us!"


Everyone was shocked by that.

"Not only that, they intend to capture everyone here alive." Li Tiantian suddenly smirked.

"Capture us alive?"

Everyone couldn't comprehend it. They didn't have any hatred against each other, yet these men randomly tried to kidnap them. So, this mission really has something amiss? Su Hao looked around using Synchronous Playback, and he took note of the strange expression shown by Ping Yang.


Ping Yang suddenly rushed out. Those who were engaging in battle were unable to stop him. All they saw was Ping Yang being slain by a man in black.

In the air

A blank photo fell.

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