Godly Model Creator Chapter 664

665 Destroying Mountains To Intercept


Everyone widened their eyes.

Ping Yang's unexpected charge forward and death had stunned everyone, but when the blank photo fell, the crowd felt a sting.

It's a fake...

Ping Yang actually turned out to be a fake?

They had been dealing with a photo all this time?

"Just as I predicted." Su Hao sighed, "Indeed worthy of being a grade S esper."

He already knew all along that this matter wouldn't be this simple. At this moment, everyone was fighting with these men in black without knowing the details. However, Su Hao knew that Ping Yang probably lured these men here! Leading the enemies here, he then had the chance to quietly slip away. He wished to watch in safety while the others are fighting against each other before reaping the rewards when both parties exhausted themselves!

"Retreat!" Su Hao made a quick decision, "Return to Gaoyuan City!"

"Let's go!"

Everyone blasted their own origin techniques, forcing the men in black to take a few steps back in order to create some space in between them before immediately fleeing! Without having Ping Yang to slow them down, they were now more mobile. With Eight Trigrams Lock, Wang Suo blocked the route to trap them.

"Boss, the opponents are too strong. Why not..."

The men in black were communicating with each other.

Fifty people couldn't beat fourteen people!

Obviously, the capability of Su Hao and his team far exceeded their imagination.

"We can't! Since they're already alerted, there won't be such a good opportunity next time. These 13 geniuses, if we could capture them..."



With all sorts of attacks being used, the defensive measures left by Su Hao and the others were destroyed. Then, an insane pursuit began to unfold. This time, the men in black were determined to end up victorious!



The battle within the mountain range escalated into a chase. However, no matter how hard everyone fled, the men in black would always stay hot on their heels. In fact, the distance between them was gradually reducing every second.

"We can't keep going on like this..." Su Hao muttered as he looked back.

Considering both sides' strength, if this proceeds into a full-scale battle, they won't be afraid of the men, but the final result would definitely end up with losses on both sides or even death!

This is definitely not something that Su Hao wished to see.

At least before leaving Gaoyuan City, this small team is an absolute strength under his command, and his only card to counter a domain esper. No mistakes are allowed! Plus, if they're to continue their escape to Gaoyuan City, he still couldn't predict what they would face later on.

He needed strength!

"I need to think of a solution." Su Hao fell into deep thought.


Su Hao, who was running away, suddenly halted.


Everyone subconsciously looked over his side.

"You all go first. I will stop them." Su Hao calmly commanded.

"No, they have a total of fifty peak professional espers. How can you stop them by yourself?" Lie Shou instantly rejected this idea. This isn't something to joke about. One versus fifty peak professional espers?

Even a domain esper can't afford to be this arrogant!

"I also disagree." Wang Suo voiced out, "We have no reason to fear them. At worst, we will just fight to the death!"

"Fight to the death?" Su Hao smirked, "Gambling our lives to exchange for their deaths? Not worth it at all! Rest assured, I just have to stop them. It's not like I'm going to risk my life."

"No worry, I will catch up with you guys soon."

"But..." Xue Feng couldn't help but voice out too.

"There are no buts!" Su Hao instantly interrupted him, "I'm the captain of this team. So, leave now! I will catch up with you all soon."

Everyone went silent.

Xue Feng looked at Su Hao with a weird expression before finally opening his mouth, "Fine, if something happens to you, I swear that I will kill all those men!"

"Damn you, can't you say something nice?!" Su Hao waved his hand.


They no longer hesitated and left.

Only now did Su Hao nod in satisfaction. Although these students had their own pride and temper, in the end, because their lives have been smooth, they became naive, unlike Sun Yaohui and Su Hao who climbed up from the bottom.

Su Hao would never attempt any meaningless move, especially when his own life is on the line.

Turning his head, he noticed that those men in black had already caught up. Su Hao observed them from far away. With Xinghe Arrow out, he released it.


A blue arrow flashed through, and one man nearly got hit by the arrow as he charged over. After intercepting the arrow, they increased their speed even more to counterattack!

Did those students give up?


"Only one remained."

The men in black had a closer look at the situation and instantly turned mad. One person, the students actually left one student behind just to intercept them. What insanity is required to resort to such a method?!

"Damn it!"

As they thought about it, yet another arrow approached them!



Arrow by arrow, it disrupted their rhythm.

"What a joke, with just one student, they actually plan to stop us?"

One of the men in black coldly laughed, "We go from the side!"


A few men in black suddenly shifted their direction. However, no one expected that at this moment, another arrow was shot. It wasn't aimed at them, but the mountain range next to them.

One loud explosion echoed.

The mountain range had a quake.

A stream of powerful energy burst out from between the mountain range, but too bad the thick clouds were covering the top. They couldn't feel anything at all until shadows appeared in the air that they then realized something is wrong.

"This is bad news!"


The unstable mountain range collapsed just like that.

Unfortunately, these fifty men in black suffered heavy injuries from the aftermath. They struggled to get out from the boulders, staring at Su Hao in rage.

"The effect is pretty good."

Su Hao was looking quite happy with the result.

After all, this is the mountain range which could shield energy with the thick fog, making it the best cover! With the aid of model analysis, Su Hao could easily toy around with them.

However, it was such a pity.

After all, peak professional espers possess corresponding strength. Even if the mountain range collapsed at such a rapid speed, they still managed to react and resort to using their most effective defense. To kill them all at once is impossible.

"See you all next time." Su Hao glanced at them for the last time before quietly leaving.

Leaving behind those men in black who were brimming with anger, just as Su Hao left the scene, a few of them actually managed to climb up without any injury!

"Humph, he didn't get fooled!" A man said in a regretful tone.

"He was able to climb all the way to the top from the bottom. He's not like those geniuses from the big families where they are kept sheltered. This little brat, his schemes aren't simple at all."

"Humph, I don't care whether he's a cunning one or not. The higher-ups want them all! We need to grab every student from this batch!"

"Then should we continue chasing them?"

"Forget it; their support is already here. We can only opt to wait for the next opportunity."

They looked at each other and no longer said anything.


Not long after Su Hao left, he met his team. They didn't travel far. Obviously, they were waiting for Su Hao to rejoin them.

"If you were not back any later, they would have rushed back already." Li Tiantian said annoyed.

He had absolute confidence in Su Hao's strength which is why he wasn't worried at all. For Su Hao to dare do that, indicated that Su Hao was pretty sure his plan would succeed. After all, how many people had Su Hao schemed against before?

However, Li Tiantian struggled to keep these students in check. In their eyes, Su Hao is a fellow student who is strong, affectionate, loyal, reliable, and takes care of them without any prejudice. He's literally like the honor student of Zhanzheng College.

"Mother Su, I pass them back to you." Li Tiantian patted his shoulder.

"Mother..." Su Hao wiped off his beads of sweat.

Lan Tingxu who was standing at a distance away nodded in silence. Obviously, there are two kinds of students. One of them would be students like Lie Shou and Wang Suo who are mentally stable. As for the other kind, they are those who are easily influenced. They have less experience, and their emotions are easily provoked. However, this also means that they're easy to be convinced.

At first, they were dissatisfied with Su Hao. Then, through Su Hao's total suppression and subsequent battles together, they subconsciously regarded Su Hao as their captain. Although the fact that Su Hao is a freshman still remains true.

Su Hao didn't utter any nonsense with them. Although the men in black no longer chased them, they still had to go back quickly and report what they experienced to the school.

"Is Ping Yang dead?" Lie Shou asked with some doubts.

"No." Su Hao shook his head, "Since when can a grade S esper be easily defeated? The one killed by the man in black is just a photo puppet."

"Photo puppet..."

Everyone digested this term.

"Then what about our mission?"

Everyone's heart was wary.

Su Hao bitterly smiled and then sighed, "How could it be that easy to accomplish? Not only the problem regarding Ping Yang, did you guys noticed that the whole atmosphere in Gaoyuan City isn't good? It seems that our mission happened to be during a bad time."

They were all not willing.

The mission they had completed was gone just like that?

"Let's return and see what the school says." Su Hao instructed them.

When they entered the mountain range, each step was full of hidden danger, but it was surprisingly smooth when they left. Any ordinary beast did not dare approach them which is why they were able to leave the mountain range easily.

"They came back..."

In the distance, those supporters who had been waiting there for so long saw them come out and were happy at this occurrence.

"It's good to be back safely. What about the mission?" Someone asked in a joyful tone.

Every student bitterly smiled and could only answer truthfully.

It was still fine when they didn't describe their experience, but once they did, it shocked everyone. Domain realm, grade S ability talent, emperor beasts, each event was enough to surprise the supporters.


Emperor beasts actually appeared, and the number wasn't small?

The one who was responsible is actually a young man around 20 years old, a domain esper with a grade S ability talent?

If not for every student's confirmation, they would have thought they were listening to some fairy tales! Since when did emperor beasts grow like mushrooms?

It seemed that this matter was getting worse.

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