Godly Model Creator Chapter 665

666 The Might Of A Domain Esper

"Take it easy."

"This matter, I believe the school will give you guys a satisfied explanation. Now, what you all need to do is peacefully cultivate and wait for the next instructions from Tian Long Court."

A middle-aged man from the Xue family said, "Whether this mission can be continued or not will depend on Tian Long Court."

"I'm afraid it won't be that simple."

A supporter from another family shook his head, "You think Tian Long Court will act on this little thing? Don't forget that in the history of Tian Long Court's trial, it's not even rare for a team to be wiped out! Isn't it precisely because of this that we, supporters secretly act behind the scenes?"

"I guess we can just wait." That middle-aged man replied, "However, before this, there is something we need to clarify. Guys, from this trial, who is the most outstanding one?"


Subconsciously, everyone looked at Su Hao.

Obviously, it's no one else but him!

Just now when they heard how the trial went, everyone already had a name in their mind. Besides the captain, Su Hao, who else dared to step up?

From everyone's description, it was clear that Su Hao was the only one who contributed the most.

"Too much limelight." The middle-aged man sneered, "Young man who doesn't know how to restrain oneself and be low-key, one can't imagine how he is going to die."

"What are you trying to do!"

That man's facial expression showed hints of change.

The middle-aged man then said in an interesting tone, "Don't you think such a person is a talent? If we recruit him and help Xue Feng..."

"How can we do that?!" That person wasn't really assured with such an idea, "Behind Su Hao, there is a world esper!"

"What about the world esper?" The middle-aged man smirked, "You really think that the world esper will take action for him? Excluding that one time when the senior showed himself, who else saw him before? Everything is just the crowd's imagination. Besides that, it's not like I want him to die. I just need him to be obedient. Hehe."

"No, he's..."

Before that man finished his words, the middle-aged man already stepped forward, shouting, "Su Hao!"


The loud roar caught everyone in surprise. As everyone shifted their attention to the source, they happened to saw a tall and sturdy middle-aged man approaching Su Hao one step at a time.

"What is he trying to do?"

"Not sure, he seems to be from the Xue family..."

"Xue family? Hehe, I heard that they had two domain espers die in the mountain range."

"Shhh, lower your voice."

Everyone discussed amongst themselves. Almost all the gossip of the Xue family had been exposed, yet they dared not speak anymore. For that man to look for Su Hao now, without a doubt, he should be trying to collect the debts.

"Who are you?" Su Hao raised his head without any fear.

After the trial, the energy within his body had been improving by quite a margin. Now, his current capacity already reached the standard of a peak world esper. As for his strength, the gap from a domain realm is just separated by a single line!

Thus, even if a strong domain esper tries to find trouble with him, he has nothing to fear!

"Xue Sheng from the Xue family!" Xue Sheng stared at Su Hao coldly, "Using your identity you dared to bully my Xue family's disciple in the mountain range. Now, I can't spare you."

"It's not like this, senior!" Xue Feng quickly tried to explain.

However, not a word fell into Xue Sheng's ears. For Su Hao to get all the limelight, even though there is no score or ranking in the trial, the higher-ups are watching this. He must never allow anyone to take Xue Feng's spotlight.

"Su Hao, why are you still not pleading guilty to the Xue family?" Xue Sheng's aura was very domineering.

"Stop dreaming!" Su Hao decisively refused.

He knew that Xue Sheng is trying to create trouble out of nothing, but he couldn't act soft. Otherwise, the others might try to follow in his footsteps. "At such an age and only managing to step into the domain realm, what's there to be proud of? Although I, Su Hao, am not one who nitpicks, I will never be afraid of anyone!"

"Great." Xue Sheng grinned. What he wanted was Su Hao's disagreement.

"Since you wish to die, then I will fulfill your request." Xue Sheng laughed evilly. His aura as a domain esper suddenly erupted, charging towards Su Hao. With his strength, against a little professional esper, isn't it just a matter of snapping his finger?

Su Hao's eyes flashed a cold glint.

"Prepare for battle!"


Subconsciously, a group of students stood in front of Su Hao. Li Tiantian just happened to replace Xue Feng's position. With twelve students' aura blending together, it didn't pale in comparison to Xue Sheng.


The strong aura from both sides dispersed.

Xue Sheng's face suddenly turned ugly. These students actually helped Su Hao make a move? Those supporters also had their eyes wide opened. Each of them yelled at their own student, "What are you guys doing there? Quickly come back!"

The students looked at each other and gritted their teeth, pretending they did not hear them.

Su Hao had saved them numerous times in the mountain range that they had lost count. To ask these prideful students to turn around and abandon their teammates is definitely not possible.

"Great." Xue Sheng was amazed at their reaction.

"Senior, Su Hao had helped me many times." Xue Feng anxiously tried to prevent this matter from escalating any further.

"Get lost!" Xue Sheng roared furiously, "This is no longer a matter of you alone but the Xue family's reputation! A mere student dares to ignore my Xue family!"

"You guys want to help Su Hao? Then I will let you help! Xue Sheng screamed in anger. The moment when his berserk, wild aura swept across them, everyone literally got suppressed hard.


Sky and earth shook.

The whole sky went dark.

Within a radius of one hundred meters, a terrifying momentum enveloped everyone. With Xue Sheng acting as the center, it shrouded everyone. They tried to block it, but could still feel the overwhelming pressure.

"Puff~" Many people vomited blood.


Xue Sheng smirked with pride, "You think I am some defective product? You think I am like those who struggled at the peak professional realm and were left with no choice but to resort to being defective?"

"Today, I will let you all witness what is a real domain esper!"

"Suppress them!"


That terrifying aura continued to exert pressure!

Everyone was greatly affected that they couldn't move!

This far exceeds those domain espers that they met in the mountain range. The domain displayed by this Xue Sheng is a legit domain! A complete and terrifying domain.


Countless people kept tasting blood within their mouth.

Under such a huge force, Su Hao and his team became very small in comparison. With twelve of them joining hands, the effect wouldn't be this insignificant, but they couldn't link their attacks at all now.

This isn't the mountain range!

Those that were killed by Su Hao, most of them were stunned when they discovered the one confronting them were their own men at the crucial moment, but this Xue Sheng didn't care about this, and there is no Floating Like Dream to aid Su Hao. Not to mention, Xue Sheng's own strength itself is much stronger than the previous domain espers that they faced!


Su Hao clenched his fists.

Under such horrifying pressure which came from the sky above, it forced him to be unable to move. This is Xue Sheng's lesson to him.

With domain's might, it easily suppressed twelve geniuses!

"Xue Sheng!" Su Hao coldly smirked.

You think you can suppress me like this?

You think this is enough to make me give up?

Since you want to fight, then don't blame me for being unreserved!

Su Hao's eyes revealed a faint radiance. As the energy within his body turned excited, he intended to utilize the remaining energy, which is enough to support him three more times.

However, Su Hao who just raised his hand suddenly halted.

Because at this critical moment, he saw a huge red dot on the map, an extremely huge size...

Far bigger than this Xue Sheng!

"Who is this?" Su Hao was stunned.

"Idiot, while confronting me, you still dare to be absent-minded?" Xue Sheng smirked, "I really don't get it. How could Tian Long Court allow a person like you to participate in the trial? Without support from the big families, so what if such a student is lucky enough to survive up to this stage? Luck is just a part of the journey and will never accompany you all the way. For example, now."


The might of a domain esper gathered.

It condensed into a shape of a sphere in front of Xue Sheng.


As the sphere rotated, the momentum exuded was terrifying. This is the result of a domain esper's energy condensation. It's like a mini version of a domain itself. Xue Sheng actually planned to use it as a means of attack.

"Little brat, go to hell and regret your actions!" Xue Sheng smiled and slammed it down with his right hand.



This is an absolute suppression!

Everyone had their heart skipped a beat. What horrifying suppression coming from a domain!

No matter how strong Su Hao is, as a peak professional esper, in front of a real domain esper, he offered no resistance and was extremely weak in comparison!

So this is the true power of a domain esper from the Xue family?

Everyone's liver trembled.

"What a pity, this Su Hao..."

"No matter what, he's a genius who has a world esper as his backing. Too bad."

"It's not like the Xue family doesn't have one. You think that world esper would actually confront the Xue family for a dead man? After all, this is a confrontation between younger generations."

Those present watched this scene in astonishment.

However, they didn't realize that within the domain, Su Hao just looked at Xue Sheng calmly without any signs of fear. His gaze was filled with nothing but an endless mocking intent.

"Ridiculing me?" Xue Sheng was stunned for a bit.

He didn't know how many people he had killed, but he had never come across such an expression. Before one dies, to have such a gaze of mockery, what does that mean?

Xue Sheng's heart had a loud beat for a second.


At the same time, Xue Sheng felt a chill all over his body. An indescribable dangerous aura which made him not dare to move.

The sphere within his hand was only a few centimeters away from Su Hao. As long as he moved it a bit, it would come into contact with Su Hao.

But now...

He didn't dare move at all!

Su Hao was still as calm as ever, while Xue Sheng was still maintaining the same posture.

This is because he had a hunch.

As long as he made a single move, all the momentum within this one hundred meter domain instantly condense into one point and slam into his body as quick as lightning!

This is his sixth sense.

A terrifying feeling.

"Who?" Xue Sheng calmly asked.

He actually didn't even notice that his voice trembled a bit. Not far away from him, a thin figure appeared in a casual manner. Then, a cold voice rang in everyone's ears.

"Wan Cheng from Tian Long Court."

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