Godly Model Creator Chapter 666

667 Instant Kill

"Tian Long Court?"

Xue Sheng turned around in a stiff manner. After noticing it was just a student, he quietly sighed in relief. Just a peak professional esper, it's still fine...

If it is a teacher from Tian Long Court, then he won't even dare to fart.

However, after knowing the fact that it was just a student, he was somewhat triggered by the fear he had earlier. Just a mere disciple from Tian Long Court, yet he dares to tease me like that?

"Wan Cheng?" Xue Sheng wanted to redeem his self-esteem, "Who asked you to come?"

"The school." Wan Cheng's tone was still as dull as ever, "To investigate the matter regarding the trial."


Xue Sheng turned up his nose. It seemed like he considered that Wan Cheng isn't as strong as he thought earlier. Then, he suddenly reverted to his usual tone, "This student named Su Hao has provoked me. It won't be a problem for me to teach him a lesson right?"

"You can." Wan Cheng nodded.

Xue Sheng revealed an ecstatic look. However, before he had the time to finish digesting this feeling, he heard Wan Cheng add a few extra words, "As long as you have the capability."

"What?" Xue Sheng thought that he had misheard.

"Beat me, and you can do as you wish." Wan Cheng still maintained his flat tone, "If you lose, then get lost."


Everyone around took in a mouthful of cold air.

Who is that he is talking to?!

Xue Sheng is none other than a real domain powerhouse! He's not like those defective domain espers, but just like Tian Long Court's disciples, a true genius. During his prime, he could also skip realms and defeat domain espers while in the peak professional realm!

Wan Cheng actually dared to challenge him?

"Great." Xue Sheng's anger kept accumulating, "Seems that the young ones nowadays keep getting more and more arrogant."

Wan Cheng just casually gave a smile.

"Step back."

Su Hao and Li Tiantian led the students to retreat, far away from those two. As for everyone who kept emphasizing how strong Xue Sheng is...


Su Hao looked at the map without uttering a word.

That red dot...

What a huge size it is!

He's on a different scale than any primary domain esper that Su Hao had met. Such strength while only at the peak of the professional realm? How strong is Wan Cheng's potential? If Senior Wan Cheng reaches the day when he exhausts all of his potential, what kind of strength would he possess?

The thought of it excited Su Hao.

It's not a big deal for a peak professional esper to kill a level one domain esper. After all, Tian Long Court's disciples have a big advantage over ordinary espers. However, what if one could compete against all the levels?

Level two, three, four domain realm...

At that point, how strong would this peak professional realm esper become?

It would reach another extreme!

If one kept persisting under such extreme conditions before completing the final breakthrough, the strength gained would far exceed everyone's imagination!

One day, I will reach such a step!

Su Hao secretly said in his heart before looking at the scene in front of him.

The atmosphere was tense as the battle might break out at any moment. However, Su Hao didn't bother much with this. The current Wan Cheng is actually much stronger than the last time they met. Nobody but him knew the fact that Wan Cheng could easily kill an emperor beast, Emperor Flame Tiger and now...



Xue Sheng made his move.

The moment he took action, he actually utilized his full strength. Obviously, he still looked down on Wan Cheng, but against this disciple sent by Tian Long Court, he still resorted to using his full strength.

The domain wasn't big.

But with Xue Sheng acting as the center, the radius of ten meters seemed to have turned into a huge sphere. Compared to the mini domain used against Su Hao, it was many times stronger!

"What a shameless man!"

Those domain espers who saw this secretly cursed.

Xue Sheng looked arrogant, but he was very vicious to resort to such a move. If he is to confront a domain esper, such a move would be useless! After all, both would have their own domains. In the end, it would be a confrontation between two domains, where maintaining the domain would not be worth it.

But now he used such move.

It was self-evident that this is clearly a case of bullying one who has not reached the domain realm yet! So what if one is a peak professional esper?

Once the domain is out, one couldn't escape from being suppressed!

One loud explosion echoed.

The mighty domain approached Wan Cheng. Su Hao stared at this scene. After all, this is a clash between two strong espers, and he might be able to learn some things.


The domain was approaching.

Facing such a huge domain, Wan Cheng's figure seemed small and insignificant. In fact, he didn't even react to it. Seeing this scene, everyone sighed.

It's too quick!

So fast that it must be impossible for Wan Cheng to react; this is the strength of a domain esper!

Everyone sighed.

It was just that before one managed to blink their eye, Wan Cheng moved. Just like before, he was as calm as ever without any flashy moves. When the domain approached him, only a sword appeared in his hand.

Then, Wan Cheng slashed it down.


Cold light flashed.

Time seemed to pause at this moment. Wan Cheng's slash did not seem to do anything. The domain was still continuing its trajectory. However, Su Hao, who was watching the scene all this time through Synchronized Playback, suddenly had his eyes lit up because he just witnessed an incredible scene.

"It turned out to be..."


A scene which shocked everyone appeared.

When the huge domain passed Wan Cheng, it split into two halves. As for Wan Cheng, he just stood there casually.

Everyone's face turned pale as if they had seen a ghost!

They were all dumbstruck!

What did they just witness?!

Xue Sheng's domain actually got... slashed in half? Watching the domain which passed Wan Cheng dissipate, everyone kept silent in fear.

It's true.

Xue Sheng's domain actually got destroyed!

"How is this possible?" Xue Sheng muttered to himself, "Domain... that is a fully powered domain... it's not a half-ass domain. He is just in the stage of tempering his energy. How could he destroy the domain? No, it must be a fake. A fake!"

Xue Sheng hastily summoned another domain.

However, with Wan Cheng's action, the energy gradually dissipated into thin air in just a few seconds!

"My domain!" Xue Sheng crazily tried to summon his domain again, but there weren't any signs of movement anymore.

His domain was gone!

"You... it's you..." Xue Sheng suddenly pointed at Wan Cheng in madness, "You destroyed my domain which I have cultivated for over ten years! I must kill you!"


A cold light flashed.

Xue Sheng's forehead had an additional red dot. Then, he fell to the ground dead. Xue Sheng, who had lost his domain, was helpless in front of Wan Cheng.

If one is to notice, everyone hurriedly looked down.

Nobody dared to look at such a scene.

It's too scary!

Domain, it's a domain! Crippling the domain first before killing the user, is this the strength of Tian Long Court? No wonder those from the top ten families insisted on sending their men into it.

It's too domineering!

Wan Cheng leisurely glanced around and nodded slightly when he saw Su Hao before shifting his gaze towards everyone, "Tian Long Court has never cared about what happened during the trials, but the results. However, it doesn't matter that Tian Long Court is not aware of the things happening behind the scenes. This time, you all have stepped over the boundary."


Everyone had cold sweat all over their body without daring to refute him.

"Su Hao, how's the situation of the mission?" Wan Cheng looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao organized his thought and quickly summarized the incidents that happened in the mountain range.

"So it turned out to be like that." Wan Cheng pondered for a bit, "The difficulty of this mission is beyond the original expectation. Now, I declare that everyone who managed to survive has completed the trial mission successfully!"


"This is great!"

Everyone at the scene was happy with such an announcement.

At first, when Ping Yang escaped, they thought that they had failed, but they never expected Wan Cheng to send such huge gift to everyone. Doesn't that mean that everyone can now join Tian Long Court?

Su Hao didn't respond because he knew the matter regarding Gaoyuan City wouldn't end like this.

"Now, everyone is a disciple of Tian Long Court."

"Because this matter is urgent, I won't go back to the school and give my report for now. Here, I will release your first mission which is to solve the crisis in Gaoyuan City! This time, you all should be aware of the enemy! Everyone is free to act as they wish and find a solution. Task points will be given out based on your contribution to the mission's completion."

"Task points!"

Everyone's eyes lit up.

Almost every place would have a similar points distribution which is based on contribution. One could then exchange the points for something precious.

"There is no need to defeat the enemy. Even finding the enemy's location and clues are sufficient. If you have relevant information, you can exchange it for task points. The task points awarded will be based on the time and importance. The sooner you get a clue, the more important the clue is and the higher the reward you will enjoy."

"Now, the mission officially begin!" As Wan Cheng finished his announcement, everyone dispersed.

As for the supporters sent from each family, they were relieved and slipped away silently.

This isn't a joke, Zhanzheng College might not care about this, but they need to have a self-conscious. Otherwise, the very next second, they would be the ones killed!

"Task points, huh..." Su Hao sighed.

Looking at Lie Shou and Wang Suo who were very eager to find the clues, he knew how strong the temptation to increase one's strength is! He didn't blame them for being this eager. After all, the men in black and Ping Yang just left not long ago. If they're to follow the trail now, it might be possible that some clues were left behind.

They might not be opponents to each other, but Wan Cheng is!

As long as one finds the clue, rewards would be given.

"These bunch of students." Su Hao shook his head helplessly. He wasn't in a hurry.

The men in black and Ping Yang were able to hide for many years without being noticed. If it is so easy to find their trail, then that would be strange. Not to mention, Ping Yang's strength...

"You have made great progress." Wan Cheng revealed a smile as he looked at Su Hao.

Previously in the mission, Su Hao gave him quite a good impression. He had never thought that in just such a short period of time, Su Hao could reach peak professional realm while maintaining the foundation's solidity.

"Many thanks for senior taking action." Su Hao was well aware of the fact that Wan Cheng killed Xue Sheng was probably because of him.

"It's fine. It's just one clown." Wan Cheng waved his hand, showing that he didn't mind of that. Instead, he continued in a flat tone, "Forgot to inform you. This mission, the school values it a lot. The points awarded won't be small."

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

This matter regarding Gaoyuan City is definitely not simple.

"Go, just don't be too rash." Wan Cheng threw in advice.

"Yes." Su Hao stepped down.

In front of him is brilliant glory with rich task points as a reward. For Wan Cheng to personally come here, is it really just to announce to them about the trial? Inexplicably, the matter of beast cleaning a few years ago and Zhang Yating's matter had once again appeared in Su Hao's heart. Perhaps... this is an opportunity!

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