Godly Model Creator Chapter 667

668 Let Me Be Your Supporter

A new mission was issued.

All the students proceeded to investigate the clues and even used the resources from their family as they were determined to find the truth in Gaoyuan City. In an instant, the whole city turned upside down, changing the usual atmosphere into a strange one. Among the students, only Su Hao was still resting in the city since he understood that this matter is not to be rushed.

Plus, the mission itself is a small matter. He still had one huge problem to solve!

"You want to go back?"

Su Hao looked at Li Tiantian with a hint of surprise. These two had not seen each other for quite some time now. At first, he thought they would be reunited, but he never expected that before the matter is solved, Li Tiantian planned to leave.

"I have some matters to finish." Li Tiantian replied.

"If you try to request Senior Wan Cheng, you can definitely participate in the mission with us. Although you didn't sign up for the trial, the fact that you did contribute to this matter remains unchanged." Su Hao said after thinking for a moment.

"I am not interested in Tian Long Court." Li Tiantian shook his head, clearly indicating his lackluster interest.

Su Hao sighed helplessly.

Tian Long Court?

It's indeed not attractive for Li Tiantian.

One needs to know their purpose for living!

For Li Tiantian, the only color in his world, the only motivation which would allow him to continue surviving, it should be none other than that Xiao Die.

Observing Li Tiantian in detail through Synchronous Playback, Su Hao could feel that his state was very poor. Whether it is his aura or mental state, they were both at a critical point which could collapse at any moment. If not because of his recent breakthrough which improved his strength, he would have had a mental breakdown by now.

When Su Hao's relationship with Chen Yiran was just blooming, wasn't he like that too?

He could still recall the feeling even today.

It was as if being dead is better than alive.

This feeling was like...

If he is to lose her, the whole world would have fallen into an apocalypse. This kind of thing, nobody could help them but themselves. Only when both parties had thought about it properly and figured it out, would they be able to get out from this despair.

"What do you think of this matter?" Su Hao increased his tone for a bit.

Previously, that Bai Xiaosheng which he met was very proud of himself! The confidence that came from Bai Xiaosheng who was famous for being a genius! Even with a standard as a level five professional esper, he wasn't afraid of anyone! However, since the encounter with Xiao Die, that string which he kept upholding had broke.

He had now reached the peak of the professional realm...

However, what's the use?

Specialized realm, professional realm, these things aren't something which Li Tiantian cares about. The only thing he cares about is the feeling which he kept hidden in the depth of his heart for years.

"Damn those f*cking emotions!" Su Hao couldn't help but curse.

Li Tiantian's state really made him worry quite a bit. Especially when he reached the peak mountain; if Su Hao didn't manage to rush there on time, Li Tiantian might have died!

A grade S esper with the ability to control time!

Could he really die that easily?

Of course not!

However, that fact is only true if Li Tiantian didn't turn into a dead living man. When Li Tiantian's lifespan is consumed, it's still possible to get it back, but if his heart dies too, then he will literally be a living zombie.

'Is it really worth it?'

Su Hao didn't ask this question out loud.

He knew the answer. When he was in high school, if someone was to ask him this question, is it worth it for Chen Yiran? He would not hesitate to reply with a 'yes'!

Because only he understood what his heart desired.

"Then what is your plan?"

When his words came out from his mouth, it changed into this question instead.

"Not sure."

His eyes showed hints of being lost. Even if he is to confront a domain esper, he will do so! Even if he is to die, he isn't afraid at all! What is there to be afraid of? Death isn't something to fear.

Death isn't as painful as one thought it to be.

However, when it involves Xiao Die, he was clueless. Is it for himself or Xiao Die? What about Xiao Die's thought? His problem regarding his lifespan, the special grade S ability talent, Xiao Die's goals, the accidental encounter between them...


Li Tiantian clenched his right hand so hard that it paled enough were one could almost see the blood vessels under his skin.

Su Hao pondered for a bit and then looked at Li Tiantian, "As long as you voice out, we can just snatch her away. What are you afraid of?"

Li Tiantian went silent for a moment before uttered out two words, "Tian family."

Su Hao's pupils contracted.

Yes, Tian family, the uncontested number one family in the Federation! Xiao Die is Tian Zi's fiancee. With this identity, nobody dared to act without thinking of the consequences.

It was just that Su Hao and the others were an exception!

"You're not afraid of death, yet you're afraid of the Tian family?" Su Hao didn't understand.

"Of course I'm not." Li Tiantian clenched his fists, "I only have me alone in my family. What's there to be afraid of? However, Xiao Die and Uncle Lan... they are the ones who still have other family members!"

Su Hao instantly understood his meaning.

He could only bitterly smile.

They're young and proudful. Naturally, they won't care about this so-called number one family in the Federation. At most, they would just end up dead. What's there to be afraid of? However, even if they don't care, that doesn't mean that other people are like them.

After all, this is still the Federation's territory!

In the ordinary people's eyes, what is the Tian family? An existence which is almost equal to the government! Just a single word from the Tian family and every single friend and relative of Lan Tingxu would perish overnight.

This is the capability of the Tian family!

Even if Li Tiantian didn't consider it, he still had to consider Xiao Die. This is the very reason why Li Tiantian was entangled. On what qualifications did he have to bring happiness to Xiao Die?

Genius? In this era, this world is never lacking geniuses!

Grade S talent? That thing only brings disaster!

"Tian family." Su Hao's expression was a little grave.

He had confronted the Tian family many times, but this was his very first time that he was able to see the majesty of this huge family.

After all, this is Zhanzheng College which is beyond the control of the Federal Government. Although every one of the top ten families had their own force in the school since it is not their home base.

The top ten families had influence over different parts of the Federation.

Each family had absolute control over their territory.

Perhaps they might not have much authority here, but once they stepped out of Zhanzheng College, they would let those who look down on the top ten families enjoy some first-hand experience of what it means by local tyranny. The top ten families are above any other force, and the ranked first Tian family are absolutely dominant!

Su Hao suddenly had this thought in his mind.

What are the differences between these top ten families with those kings and emperors in history? The Federal Government is here to lead the world. They might still be fine in the school, but once they start their journey in the real world, nobody could rival this force!

This is the terrifying part of the top ten families.

Su Hao muttered to himself.

Inexplicably, Su Hao suddenly felt fortunate during his time in this small Jianghe City, when facing against the Sun family which had total control of the city, his master, Zhang Zhongtian, was willing to stand behind him and protect his family. Also, Chen Yiran was willing to experience hardship to fight for her love.

Both parties need to step up or else the relationship couldn't proceed any further!

Just like Li Tiantian's current situation, what he faced is the number one force in the Federation, Tian family!

And this isn't the most worrisome thing.

Xiao Die wasn't as determined as Chen Yiran.

She could have feelings for Li Tiantian, but when she faced this situation, she didn't hesitate to seal off her heart and chose to forget this feeling.

The more Li Tiantian tried to get close, the more regressive Xiao Die would be.

This is nothing but a set of parallel lines which are destined to never meet.

In this case, the best solution would be to make a decisive move and give up in order for Li Tiantian to be reborn and free himself from this suffering.

However, could he?

Su Hao looked at his mental state.

This fragile string, if it collapses, a disaster would definitely arise.

After all, onlookers would always be able to see the wide picture.

Xiao Die who had been trying to avoid Li Tiantian thought it might be the best for him, but how would she know that she had instead become Li Tiantian's obsession?

Su Hao shook his head. He never expected that the situation would eventually develop this way.

The power of a family!

Even in Zhanzheng College, those powers could still have some influence. What happens when they step into society? Who could resist against such forces?

In this era of origin ability, only the strong are respected.

As for individual strength, if one is strong enough, he could even subvert the whole world!

However, that is only in theory. Since when was the route to becoming the strongest esper an easy one? Thus, in the Federation, the element which really affected everyone is still... power!

The power of the Federation...

The power of a family...

The power of an association...

After leaving the school, if one truly wishes to survive in this world, without someone to support from behind, how could one survive?

"Power..." Su Hao unconsciously squeezed his hands.

No wonder he had always been the target from all sorts of forces. No wonder all the forces are so daring to confront him. The reason is very simple, he had nobody to support him from behind!

He had no strong background!

Previously, the world esper who gave him a hand was indeed powerful!

However, is that his background?

Even he doesn't believe it. How could other people believe it? Even when there are those who are afraid of touching him, there would also be some people who wish to test the water. It's fine if Su Hao wins, but if he loses and is injured from the confrontation and the world esper doesn't show himself...

Su Hao would go back to square one!

For the first time ever, Su Hao had a deep understanding of power.

No wonder many people desire to fight for power. Only when one has absolute advantage can he get what he wishes for. Isn't that the reason why Fatty Zhang decided to challenge his position as a disciple?

"I guess you just have to concentrate in cultivation." Su Hao advised Li Tiantian.

"Only when you're alive do you still have a chance. So what if we don't have a strong background? We are our biggest background! Who cares about the domain and world realms? When I graduate from Zhanzheng College, I will have the power to control my own destiny."

"You want a strong background, right?"

"Then let me be the one supporting you from behind!"

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