Godly Model Creator Chapter 668

669 Mysterious Base

"Then let me be the one supporting you from behind!"

This sentence was so loud that the deaf could hear it!

Li Tiantian instantly awoke.

Looking at Su Hao who was full of confidence, that seemed to have touched Li Tiantian's heartstrings. How much confidence is needed to give such assurance?

To become his supporting background that could rival the top ten families?

Such a sentence, anyone who said so would definitely be laughed at.

What kind of concept is the top ten families?

These families are forces to be reckoned with, covering almost every corner of the Federation's territory! Just pick one family out of the ten, and they would have influences rivaling Heaven that even the Federal Government would need to appease them! Anyone who dared anger the top ten families would have to receive the so-called wrath of the top ten families!

Without personally experiencing it, one can't imagine how big of a scale that would be.

Now, Su Hao, a mere student actually made such a declaration. If his words are to be spread out, one couldn't imagine how many people would laugh at his words.

However, Li Tiantian knew Su Hao is serious with his words!

And he trusted Su Hao!

How long has it been since Su Hao begin his journey in cultivation?

Only a year and a half!

In just a period of one and a half years, he had already surpassed the so-called geniuses who had been cultivating since youth, stepping over their heads like nothing! Nobody from the same batch could compete with him!

And there are still three and a half years before he graduates!

Three and a half years later, who could guess what sort of miracle Su Hao would achieve? Li Tiantian wasn't sure either, but he knew that Su Hao's determination had been triggered, and someone would have to suffer the aftermath.

"Just concentrate in cultivating your Art of Rebirth." Su Hao continued in a serious tone, "That day where you and Xiao Die can stay together will arrive, but you have to be alive."


Li Tiantian didn't have any doubts. Since Su Hao had said so, how could he not work hard? Sometimes, all he needed was a goal.

"I do have some information regarding the third part of Art of Rebirth. I plan to have a look at it."

"Go." Su Hao didn't stop him.

It's impossible to improve Li Tiantian's state in just a few words, but at least he now knew Li Tiantian has a goal and appreciates his life more.

"Tian family..."

Su Hao understood that he still couldn't confront those families.

It's still a little better in Zhanzheng College. After all, the families' influence in the school is weak, but once they step out from the school, it would be the time when true confrontations would happen.

"Seems that I can't afford to stay idle for the next three and a half years." Su Hao made a vow within his heart.

Since he had settled the matter regarding Li Tiantian, he no longer bothered to pay attention to those messy matters of the families. It's not like he could rival the families' strength with just words. At least, before that, he needs to have adequate strength to back up his words.

Three and a half years isn't far away.

Di, di~

His communication device rang.

Su Hao had a quick look at it. If he didn't guess incorrectly, it should be a notification that his trial had ended and a new mission is issued! Wan Cheng had posted the mission of searching for clues.

Looking for clues?

Su Hao shook his head. Wan Cheng had informed him that the rewards are very high this time. He definitely won't waste this chance, and the highest completion percentage would be none other than this task!

Purge Gaoyuan City!

This is the mission title and also the main purpose.

Although there was still that Ping Yang who managed to flee, Su Hao knew that this incident isn't as simple as Ping Yang's revenge or the sudden emergence of the men in black...

"Model rendering!"

Without any hesitation, Su Hao replayed the scene when the men in black appeared to investigate in a detailed manner within the model world. Any point which he had ignored or missed were carefully examined; surprisingly, Su Hao found something interesting.

When the men in black appeared, Ping Yang did not seem to be surprised.

Plus, from Ping Yang's eyes, his hatred got ignited when he saw the men in black.

Su Hao suddenly realized this fact that Ping Yang actually knew them!

Could the matter regarding Ping Yang be somewhat related to them?

Su Hao's eyes lit up. Once again, he rushed towards the mountain peak. Half an hour later, he reached the place he was at yesterday.



His analysis ability was activated completely!

The scene in the model world kept changing until the scene which happened yesterday reappeared. After Su Hao's departure, this group of men in black didn't leave but laid low.


Su Hao seemed to have thought of something.


Before Su Hao managed to respond, he already felt a force shrouding him. His sight turned dark. In an instant, he went soft and fell to the ground.

Soon a few men in black ran over from a corner, "Haha, I knew someone would come back here. Although I didn't expect that someone to be Su Hao, and he's all alone!"

"At least, there is something to take back. No matter how small the mosquito, it's still meat. Withdraw, let's go back right now!"

These men in black changed their clothes and then tied Su Hao before throwing him behind an off-road vehicle. Surprisingly, they were heading towards Gaoyuan City.

They were so daring, but precisely because of that, nobody was able to track them.

However, what they didn't realize was when the car started to move, Su Hao already opened his eyes. Well, how could he miss those big red dots on the map?

"Sure enough, there is a problem."

"Seems that their goal isn't just me, but every student in the trial."

Su Hao fell into deep thought.

Perhaps, previously, Zhang Yating also went missing like this?

"Things are getting more and more interesting." Su Hao smirked.

He wanted to know the current situation in Gaoyuan City and the motive of these men.

The off-road car leisurely moved and unexpectedly, the security system of the city failed to work. These men just carried Su Hao and entered without any hindrance. Once they reached the other side of Gaoyuan City, they headed towards a remote suburban region.

"At the suburban region?" Su Hao pondered.

As if he had thought of something, his right hand twitched as he whispered, "Backtrack!"


The model world changed again.

Su Hao wished to know since he was captured like that, is there anyone else? No matter who else got caught, they would definitely pass this route.

The model world kept accelerating.

Su Hao just stared at the ever-changing model world without missing any detail.

Sure enough.

A week ago, a few people were captured in such a way. Su Hao observed carefully, and they were not anyone he recognized. This time, Su Hao accelerated the speed.

One year, two years...

Numerous people were captured and carried through here. Men and women were no exception with all sort of people. As for the details, they weren't clear because after all, the time had been separated for quite some time now.

The time was still flowing.

Su Hao just quietly looked at it, but his eyes turned wide suddenly. A girl appeared in the scene within the model world. Although the image was vague and not clear, he could still recognize the outline.

Zhang Yating!

Just as he guessed, it was her!

She actually got caught!

Su Hao felt that this is unbelievable. Is this trying to tell him that the most dazzling genius of Zhang family got kidnapped by a small organization? Moreover, what was even more mind-blowing is that after the incident, the Zhang family didn't realize or even find a clue!


This was the only thought Su Hao had now.

It's too absurd!

After all, they are one of the top ten families! What kind of force is this that it could escape the Zhang family's investigation? What actually happened six years ago?

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Looking at the model world, Zhang Yating was still in a coma with her body stained in blood. Obviously, she got defeated after a fierce battle.

Su Hao silently noted the timeline.

As long as he kept this stored, he would be able to revisit the scene when Zhang Yating passed here six years ago. Then, Su Hao kept tracing back. He still had a guess which needed to be verified.

One day, two days...


The scene changed.

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat; just as he guessed!

Six months before Zhang Yating was captured, a young man also got himself captured like that.

It was none other than Ping Yang!

Su Hao's eyes shone. Zhang Yating got herself captured here. Ping Yang was also the same. Those disciples undergoing the trial were also victims of this organization. From every victim, there was only one thing in common.


They are all geniuses!

It was needless to say about Zhang Yating, the unmatched number one disciple in the Zhang family. As for Ping Yang? His horrifying grade S talent which must have manifested when he was young. As for those who are qualified to participate in Tian Long Court's trial, it was needless to say. This organization actually sent all sort of geniuses from every corner of the Federation into this place.

"Something seems to be amiss." Su Hao pondered.

The mysterious organization...

Kidnapping geniuses...

Are they trying to cultivate people?

No, definitely not!

Su Hao shook his head. Zhang Yating who managed to escape from death, Ping Yang who returned for revenge, this organization is definitely not as simple as trying to cultivate geniuses.

Just as he thought of this


With a crude sound, the car halted.

Su Hao observed the situation in the model world. When they arrived at the destination, both Zhang Yating and Ping Yang were carried away. Su Hao closed his eyes and pretended to be in a coma.


The trunk was opened.

Su Hao was dragged out by someone.

"Aiyo, you guys actually managed to bring one back? I thought your mission had failed."

"Of course. Hehe, at first, we're just trying to see if there are any strong ones from the ones supporting the students, but we never expected that this Su Hao actually came back to investigate. This is really funny. These students were so desperate for points that they acted individually. Well, this isn't the first time anyway."

"What, Su Hao?"

It was very clear that someone exclaimed nearby.

"Hehe, you're right. It's that genius on television! Ranked first in the college entrance exam. Looks like this time the head will reward us greatly."

"What a big harvest you got."

"Yeah, Xiao San is very lucky."


"Has he regained consciousness? I heard that he's extremely strong. If he wakes up, we will be in trouble. Did you forget the incident a few years back?"

"He won't. Rest assured. After all, this is a drug which is purchased from the secret channel. Even a domain esper can't resist it. It's sufficient to put him in a coma for a whole month!"

"One month, great! Just inject nutrients into his body once a week. Don't let him starve to death. This time, we will have big credit."

"Don't worry."

After that, Su Hao was carried inside. Although he couldn't speak, Su Hao had finished analyzing the general situation around him.

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