Godly Model Creator Chapter 669

670 The Hidden Story

He did not dare use Synchronous Playback.

After all, he was being carried on a shoulder. Once he tries to his energy, he might be detected by someone with a unique ability which would get him into trouble. He is here to investigate for clues, not deliver himself to death's door.

Su Hao lost track of time while they walked and carried him.


Su Hao was thrown onto a bed, then these men left. A few moments later, a loud sound echoed.


That was the sound of a metal gate closing.

They left?

Su Hao began to make a move.


As Synchronous Playback was activated, the surrounding scene appeared in his view once more. After ensuring those men had left, Su Hao opened his eyes. However, even when he was psychologically prepared, Su Hao was still shocked by what he saw.

It was a huge, spacious room.

Just like a hospital, countless white beds were lying around, and each bed had a person lying on them unconscious. Everyone's wrist has a bracelet and an infusion bottle to deliver nutrient fluid.

Su Hao's scalp experienced some tingling.

It's strange when one person is involved, but when hundreds of people are in such a state, it's too terrifying! Exactly which force is it that has such a big and daring ambition?

"Damn it!"


Su Hao instantly skipped into the timeline six years ago.

The scene when Zhang Yating was still in a coma was actually the same as the current one. At that time, the security in this room wasn't as strict as now, but the scene of everyone being connected to the nutrient fluid was the same.


Su Hao took a deep breath.

Now that he had arrived at the right place, he could now track down the roots. He knew that it was now the time to unveil what happened six years ago.

"Time accelerate!"



The scene in the model world changed again.

To render the past, the condition was to be at the spot he wished to know more about. After all, Su Hao wasn't one with a time talent. To reveal the past, he had to physically be at the location, which is the very reason he sneaked in here. When the time was accelerated, it was as if Su Hao toggled the fast forward button.

What happened six years ago was quickly shown in front of his eyes.

Zhang Yating, Ping Yang, and many others were locked up here. Su Hao even guessed that there must be more than one of these rooms here.

One month

Everyone was thrown into this room.

They were all transfused with this nutrient fluid for a full month. When they regained their consciousness, they realized that there was an additional bracelet on their wrist.

It's only use was to seal one's energy!

This bracelet has the ability to seal every method of using origin energy, turning an esper into an ordinary human being. There is only one place that produces this item. It's none other than the Federation itself! Based on the regulation, this bracelet will never ever be abused by any unofficial forces.

"Is the Federation a part of this?"

This thought appeared in Su Hao's mind, but he quickly discarded it.

If the Federation is really involved in this, they won't be this silly that when a problem arose, they would actually send people to investigate it.

"Who could it be if it's not the Federation?"

Su Hao just silently observed the scene because, at that time, Zhang Yating regained her consciousness.

"Who are you?" Zhang Yating woke up. There weren't any signs of fear. Instead, she asked a man in black. Her strong aura even forced the man to take a step back.

"Huh... so fierce." The man in black laughed, "Without any energy, you're still this prideful?"

Zhang Yating glanced at the bracelet on her wrist, "So it's this. Then, I am now imprisoned by you guys? I am a disciple of the Zhang family's head. Aren't you all afraid of the Zhang family's revenge?"

"Zhang family?" The man in black was stunned for a bit. Then, it was as if he had heard something funny, he pointed at Zhang Yating, "If you're a disciple of the Zhang family's head, then I am his son. You are so funny."

Su Hao locked his brows slightly.

What kind of reaction is this coming from this man in black...

The ones caught here are all geniuses from all kinds of families from small to big.

What's so funny if Zhang Yating is from the Zhang family?

"What do you mean by that?"

Zhang Yating's brows wrinkled for a bit. These people didn't capture her because of her identity? After sacrificing two domain espers before successfully capturing her, they actually didn't know her identity?

"You don't have to know." The man in black smiled as he looked at Zhang Yating's well-developed body with a perverted gaze, "Hmm, indeed you're able to bring one excitement but what a pity..."

The man in black looked at the hanging bottle next to them in regret.

"Come here, change a new one for her."

After that, another man in black arrived, replacing the infusion bottle with a new one and sneered, "After the fluid transfusion is finished, do move around for better digestion. However, if you have any other ideas... Hehe, what the base is never lacking is the means to deal with all of you that you will prefer to die than be alive."


This is a word which caught Su Hao's attention.

This is a base?

Zhang Yating didn't say anything. When she was stripped of her ability to use energy, she knew it was futile to resist. Thus, she sat back on her bed and continued the infusion.

In a duration of half a month; infusion, walking, and occasionally consuming other drugs, her life was so repetitive that it was terrifying. However, Zhang Yating didn't show any impatience but was so cooperative as if she had lost hope. However, Su Hao knew that she was waiting for a chance! This half a month was quickly fast-forwarded by Su Hao in ten seconds.

It was on this day that two more victims arrived; Ping Yang and an unknown girl who was around fifteen years old.

Unlike Zhang Yating, these two were still naive at heart and acted like kids. After waking up, they yelled and were stunned by the scene in front of them. After being strongly suppressed by the men in black, they shut their mouths out of fear. Both held each other hands and curled up in a corner, comforting each other while weeping.

"Holding hands?"

Su Hao looked at those two and sighed.

Ping Yang's revenge...

Is it for this girl?

In an instant, Su Hao was able to link everything. For a fifteen-year-old boy to be kidnapped to such a place, how could he understand his current situation? Thus, he could only struggle like a mad man while being confused. Only by holding this girl's hands was he able to comfort himself.

Soon, someone changed the nutrient fluid for them.

The boy and girl were still holding each other's hand, and the man in black was too lazy to bother with them.

However, who would have imagined that when both of them held each other's hands, the liquid which was supposed to be infused into the girl was all transferred to the boy.

The girl was safe and sound, but the boy had obtained two times the nutrient!

Space control, grade S ability talent, even the bracelet is unable to suppress all of his ability. The creator of the bracelet must not have expected this to happen.

"He's smart." Su Hao analyzed, "But at this place..."

Su Hao shook his head and continued to observe.

The bed of these three were near each other. Soon, they met. When the men in black came to seek trouble again, Zhang Yating would force them to retreat.

After all, if Zhang Yating is to die, their mission would be over.

Just like that, Zhang Yating assumed the role of an older sister. As one who is mature, she easily gained the trust from the other two. As they became more familiar with each other during their crisis, their relation was close enough to rival any blood-related brother and sister.

Su Hao sped up the time again.

Every few days, someone would be dragged out and never came back. Right now, Su Hao could roughly guess what happened.

"Damn it, could it be they..."

Su Hao wasn't looking great.


Human experiments!

He had seen countless experimental data. Naturally, he was able to guess based on its nature. These men in black actually captured those geniuses as white mice!

"What daring ambition."

"What kind of experiment were they doing that it required so many geniuses? Such a huge project, how is Gaoyuan City able to keep this from being leaked?"

Su Hao thought for a moment and couldn't get an answer.

"Hold on." Su Hao accelerated the timeline again.

One month quickly passed. The interesting part to note is that some people were still clueless that their death was approaching and still had the thought that they were just kidnapped and someone will save them out sooner or later. Some already gave up in despair and what Su Hao could never imagine was some actually gathered their own gang and began to bully the others.

As long as nobody died, the men in black wouldn't care.

"Humanity..." Su Hao sighed.

Time quickly passed. The room had countless people replaced. Soon, it was Zhang Yating's turn, and she was led out.

"I can't see any further."

Su Hao hesitated for a moment. He is afraid that there is a peak domain esper or a world esper hiding in this base. If he is discovered, he couldn't imagine his death which is why he kept waiting.

"F*ck it, let's go!"


An energy fluctuation swept around.

Su Hao carefully followed Zhang Yating's route. In the model world, new scenes were rendered. Only after watching did Su Hao sigh in relief. He didn't get discovered.

Zhang Yating was taken into a laboratory.

Although he was prepared for this, when he saw it, Su Hao couldn't help but be shaken. Uncontrollable anger erupted within his heart.

In the laboratory, dozens of people were bound to a platform; the most terrifying part was that there was a berserk beast next to each platform.

Human trial!

It's the fusion of a human and a beast!

These damn people were actually attempting to do such a devastating experiment. Su Hao had a quick glance and saw a humanoid wolf beast struggling in pain.

"Sigh, another failure. It's still not reliable through body stitching. Even if the beast's body is to merge with a human's, it still won't work. Seems that we can only rely on the geniuses." A man exclaimed. Too bad, his face couldn't be seen.

Zhang Yating was sent in. That man's eyes lit up, "Illusion ability talent with amazing potential, not bad, not bad."

"It's going to happen soon!"

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. However, he felt that something was wrong with Zhang Yating. She was too calm. Even if her character is always like this, it's impossible to maintain such composure when facing such things!

Could it be...

Su Hao continued to watch.

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