Godly Model Creator Chapter 67

Gmc Chapter 67

Chapter 0067 A fatal blow from sky

Perhaps hes dead?

Su Hao pondered. Today, Teacher Yang would be returning. With her strength, coupled with the fact that she was one of the school instructors, this killer wouldnt even have a chance.

Was he really dead?

If he wasnt dead, then why has he still not take any action?

Su Hao was in a deep thought.

Hey, strange uncle. Lets go and fetch my old mum.The little loli got into the car excitedly. Today she was wearing a white princess dress and looked more like a lady now.


Su Hao nodded, driving the little loli to the airport.

But when he saw the little loli, Su Hao felt that something was different, as ifShe was more beautiful. Coupled with a gorgeous dress, her appearance seemed like a little angel. Her bright face, big eyes, and pink lips, at this moment, revealed a sparkling ray ..Hold on.Sparkling?!

Su Hao who was caught in surprise suddenly exclaimed, You used make up?!

How is it? Am I pretty?

Su Haos mouth twitched, That damn book, did you throw it away already?

I have returned it to my classmate. The little loli proudly said, But with this misss intelligence, all of the contents have been memorized. Wakakaka.

Su Hao: Dressing up like this. Be careful, your mother is going to flame you.

Ceh, that wont happen. The little loli curled her lip, I am, after all, a cute adorable girl loved by all. Only you, damn lolicon thats acting in disguise, dont dare to approach me.

Su Hao:

Not caring about this unreasonable loli, Su Hao drove cautiously. After these two days of learning, he could be considered a skillful driver. At least, when he applied what he learned from theoretical basis, his mastery was at a high rate.

However, the killer that made him feel uneasy these past two days still hadnt appeared. Why so?

Was he really dead?

No, if he was dead, then that was good. But if not? Why hadnt he made any moves still?As someone from the Piao Ling Organization, he definitely wouldnt give up the task. Thus, he would definitely attempt an assassination again.

The reason he didnt make any moves must be because he still hadnt found the right opportunity!

Knowing my strength, he couldnt find a golden opportunity, so He would make a chance for himself! Su Hao used the substitution method to analyse the killers movement. How could he create an opportunity?

An opportunity wasnt so easy to create. Su Hao always stayed alert everyday from home to school. Any suspicious movement would be detected at once. Currently, on this road, such a chance wasnt possible either. Plus, he was about to return the little loli back to Teacher Yang. The killer had no chance at all.

What separated them from meeting Teacher Yang was just this straight road.

Hold on. Airport?!

A cold flash could be seen within Su Haos eyes. The only thing he was pretty sure he would be doing these past days was to fetch Teacher Yang from airport. And this killer, if he wanted to make a move, that would be his only chance.

But in the airport, the crowd would be a total mess. To find someone in the crowd wasnt easy, not even mentioning an assassination.

Airport security personnel werent just a decoration. They were able to scan each persons identity. Such an approach would be suicidal.

Since it wasnt the airport, then this road was the only chance he had. Since Su Hao kept driving on the high speed lane, the killer didnt have any chances, unless.

Su Haos mind jumped.

Turn on the heat detector!

Received command the heat detector is starting the heat detector has started up.

Su Hao connected his communication device to the car system. Looking at the screen, nothing appeared.

In front of the car, the system didnt detect anything!

Behind, nothing was detected!

On the left, the system didnt detect anything!

On the right, nothing appeared either!

No way. Su Hao frowned. This was the only opportunity for the killer to make any moves. Unless he was really dead, where else could the killer make a move if not here?

Yeah, strange uncle, today the sun is so big yea. The little loli looked at the sky excitedly, A lot of white clouds drifting within the sky.

This girl still had the heart to play around at this time..Wait, sky?!

Su Hao was shocked. If nothing appeared in the front, back, left, and right, dont tell me that he would make a move from above..?


Su Hao scanned above too. No abnormality was observed except the super huge sun with its heat.

How could it be from aboveHuh?

Su Hao had a closer look. Besides that huge red dot representing the sun, there was a tiny little red dot besides the sun. Small, but still visible.

Moreover, as time passed by, that red dot gradually became larger.

The killer, he was here!

The foe wanted to die together!

If the high-speed stealth car clashed with his car, both cars would fly to the ground on Earth, and death was a near certainty!

Su Hao slowed down his car. The foe apparently noticed the idea Su Hao had. Since his whereabout had been revealed, there was no need to hide anymore. At the back of the killers car, a burst of blue light ray could be seen.

Origin ability acceleration!


A pair of brightly illuminating rays ejected out from behind the invisible car. As of now, the car revealed itself and its speed surged, travelling in a straight line and abruptly dashing to Su Haos car.

At this point, Su Hao controlled his car to descend in a straight line. Clearly, such impact from the foes car was beyond his surprise. Stealth vehicles usually had their acceleration removed in order to maintain stealth mode. Clearly the foes car had been modified.

Being attacked from top, it was actually pretty much impossible to evade anymore!

Especially with the current acceleration from the foes car, no matter whether Su Hao drove his car forward, backward or even descended, he would still be hit directly! Just by comparing the speed, Su Haos car couldnt be compared with the foe.

In such an accelerated state, without even reaching 3 seconds, Su Hao had already been caught up to!

So, this was what the killer thought to ensure a successful assassination!


Whats that!

Seems like a car. Oh shit, the other car is going to get hit!

By this time, the blue light ray from the burst of origin ability had attracted the attention of the nearby crowd. They couldnt even help themselves to ignore that dazzling blue.

Everyone was horrified at noticing that the sudden attack was directed at one of the cars on the road. At this speed, the car was doomed to get hit!


Its definitely a murder!

Many people were having such ideas in their minds and quickly got out from the range of the two cars. This was no joke. The scale of this impact would surely affect many nearby vehicles.

Damn it!

Su Haos throat was a bit dry. Biting his teeth, a fiery flame appeared in his heart. You think only you dare to hit?!

Thus, within the sky, under the watch of the curious crowd, Su Haos car suddenly reversed. His speed was at the maximum, heading towards the stealth car from behind.

You wanna hit, come then! Lets see whos afraid of who!


Two vehicles collided with each other at high speed, and the effect was like a dazzling firework. Such a scene attracted the full attention from everyone nearby. Within a certain range of the vehicle explosion, dozens of car pieces scattered around.


A figure suddenly landed on the land. The dull sound was coupled with crack marks and two deep footprints imprinted on the land.

Su Hao, carrying the little loli, admired the beautiful fireworks on the sky.

Beautiful right?

En. The little loli quietly nodded.

Su Hao rubbed the head of little loli. He was secretly relieved that this had finally ended

With the death of the third killer, this time all the members involved in the assassination had been completely obliterated.

Due to the connection between his communication device and the car system, Su Hao could easily control the car with his communication device.

When the foe was accelerating and heading towards his car, in such a crisis Su Hao carried the little loli and jumped off. From about 10 metres above ground, they just jumped like it was nothing. At the same time, he controlled the car to reverse at a high speed! All this was for the collision to happen further from them. If not, with the debris from explosion, they might not even have been able to escape unscathed.

A perfect firework!

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Then, carrying the little loli, they headed towards the airport.

A plane slowly landed from the sky.

As Yang Ziqing walked down, she saw Su Hao holding the little loli, waiting for her arrival.

Mama! The little loli ran towards Yang Ziqing and hugged her.

Alright. Yang Ziqing carried her up, Seems like during these two days you two were able to get along. Did Brother Su Hao take care of you well?

Hee hee. The little loli secretly smiled.

Yang Ziqing helplessly shook her head and looked at Su Hao, You must have had a hard time these few days.

Its nothing.

Su Hao helped carried Teacher Yangs luggage and followed them. At the same time, he began to tell the events that happened these past few days.