Godly Model Creator Chapter 670

671 The Truth

The Truth!

"So this is your objective?"

Zhang Yating looked at them indifferently, "Trying to fuse human and beast? No wonder the beast that attacked me that day looked strange. Seems that Master was right. You really think that I will be trapped that easily by you trashes?"


Zhang Yating's wrist made a flick, and surprisingly the bracelet was forcefully shattered. Under keen observation, Su Hao noticed that under the bracelet, there was a thin, transparent layer of energy to offset the bracelet's ability. At that time, the moment when Zhang Yating made her move, the layer expanded, causing the bracelet to explode.


Zhang Yating's aura erupted!

Su Hao had a quick glance and was deep in shock. This power... It's actually not any weaker than Wan Cheng. At just 16 years old, Zhang Yating was definitely deserved to be the proudful daughter under heaven! Ordinary students could only start to integrate with origin energy, but she had already reached this stage.

"Damn!" Su Hao couldn't help but bitterly smile.

At first, he thought he was already getting closer, but when compared with Zhang Yating, he was extremely weak! When she was only 16 years old, she had far surpassed him!

Indeed, she's worthy to be the number one disciple in the Zhang family.

Ambush her?

This is more like Zhang Yating voluntarily entered the tiger's den! She was like Su Hao; they weren't captured, the reason they came here was to find out the truth!

"Today nobody here is allowed to leave here alive!" Zhang Yating's eyes were filled with dense killing intent. As powerful energy condensed within her hands, a terrifying aura instantly erupted and shrouded the entire laboratory!


The entire laboratory got destroyed in the blink of an eye!

What terrifying strength!

Su Hao exclaimed in shock. Just like Senior Wan Cheng, she could evenly fight with any general domain esper. Even with everyone here joining hands, they still couldn't qualify to be her foe.

Triggering an existence which shouldn't be provoked, you get what you deserved!

The laboratory was soon turned into a sea of fire. However, Su Hao had zero sympathy for them. Thus, he only continued to watch Zhang Yating annihilate everyone.

"Hold on..." Su Hao quickly realized something was wrong.

What he saw wasn't something which happened now, but six years ago! And Su Hao was understood that Zhang Yating's operation eventually ended up as a failure!

But now...

With a sigh, the experimenter stood in front of Zhang Yating. His appearance was still not possible to be identified. All Su Hao saw was his action of blocking her, and a sudden force suppressed Zhang Yating.


There was zero suspense.

Zhang Yating was blasted away.

However, a genius is always a genius. Even Su Hao had countless cards to be utilized during crucial moments. How could Zhang Yating have nothing up her sleeve? In an instant, a sun rose from her body. The bright light forced everyone to shut their eyes. Such a golden opportunity, yet she chose not to flee.


Zhang Yating's figure turned blurry as she appeared in front of the man. Before he managed to respond, the power of illusion was activated, destroying the energy used to defend his body.


Her blurry figure turned clear. When she saw the man clearly, Zhang Yating's face was stunned. This was the very first time he saw her emotions go out of control.


Before she managed to finish her words...

That man made a move. A more terrifying aura erupted, causing the whole space to be distorted and everything in the model world collapsed.

"This is bad."

Su Hao's face had a huge change. It was too late for him to stop it now.

With a loud bang, the temporary model collapsed. Just a simple rendering, but Su Hao already felt like he was against nature, against the entire world!


A mouthful of blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth.

Su Hao wiped it clean, but the shock contained in his eyes couldn't be suppressed. His Backtrack had been interrupted. This was the very first that without any confrontation, just a rendering and the model world couldn't bear it and collapsed. Such feeling, he had experienced it once.

It was during the first time he did Backtrack.

The aim...

Su Tiancheng!

"A world esper!"

Su Hao gritted his teeth as he uttered one word at a time. Only a world esper has the capability to make him feel like he is facing the world. No wonder Zhang Yating lost even when she was so prepared. The enemy she encountered turned out to be a world esper!

"No wonder..."

Su Hao felt he was powerless.

A world esper, so this is the power of a world esper?

Forget about a direct confrontation, he nearly suffered a serious injury just by looking at a world esper! If it was a full-scale deduction, Su Hao couldn't imagine how he would die!

Since a world esper had appeared, without having to look any further, Su Hao already knew what happened.

Zhang Yating failed in her confrontation and got captured. Her soul was separated and fused into a blue dream butterfly and became an unconscious butterfly.

Even when the truth was revealed, Su Hao didn't feel happy at all.

Anyone who knew that the final boss is a world esper wouldn't be happy either. To be able to summon the might equivalent to the world's force, even if the man isn't a world esper, he should, at the very least, be half a step into the realm.

Such a character is definitely not someone Su Hao could confront.

That man, who is he?

Desire appeared in his mind, but Su Hao did not dare view that scene again. He had no doubt that the moment when the world esper's aura erupted, it would block his attempt!

"I can't see..." Su Hao shook his head.

That man's appearance, only Zhang Yating was able to see him clearly. At this time, Su Hao thought of the seven mysterious seals within Zhang Yating's sea of consciousness.

He was roughly able to guess a few points.

Because Zhang Yating had seen the man's appearance, he had to destroy Zhang Yating, but since she was a valuable candidate for the experiment, he set up a seal. Once there was a sign that she would recover her memories, the seal would be activated, destroying everything.

To be resurrected after death, it should be an opportunity to regain her memory.

"Is this your story?"

Su Hao had a deep sigh from the bottom of his heart. Right now, there was no longer any suspense. Without a doubt, Zhang Yating is Blue Dream Butterfly.

It seems that I have to find a suitable time to tell her the truth. Perhaps she would regain her memory.

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Although the matter regarding Blue Dream Butterfly had been settled, it did not affect the current operation because the main event was none other than Ping Yang's matter! Su Hao once again activated Backtrack on this room and observed Ping Yang.

Zhang Yating went out and never came back.

Not long later, Ping Yang and the other girl was brought out. At the corner of the laboratory, there was a glass container with a young blue dream butterfly.

Under the container, a label was attached, "Zhang Yating, half-finished product."

"You guys!"

Ping Yang went mad. His grade S ability broke out, but it only made that man even more excited, "Surprisingly, it's the legendary grade S ability talent. No wonder, his potential is endless. Perhaps besides Zhang Yating, there would be an additional half-finished product."

As for the result, there was no suspense.

Even with Zhang Yating's strength who was fully prepared, she was easily subdued. What could Ping Yang achieve here? This time, Backtrack didn't collapse because that man was able to hide his ability extremely well. To deal with Ping Yang, he didn't have to resort to using his world realm's strength. Soon, these mice were pinned to the platform.

"Brats, I am just going to give you more strength." That man smiled sinisterly.

"Begin the fusion!"

A berserk beast was fused with Ping Yang. His consciousness was removed, and a mysterious fluid was injected into the beast. They had done these countless time,s but nobody expected it to succeed when doing this on Blue Dream Butterfly.

As for this time, it failed!


The power began to surge.

During the confusion, the man exclaimed, "The dose is wrong!"

Obviously the dose would be wrong!

Ping Yang had transferred all the nutrient fluid which was supposedly given to his girlfriend to himself instead. How could the dosage be right? This kind of experiment, at any minute, mistakes could happen. Every bottle of the drug was administered under strict supervision. Who would have thought that Ping Yang would use his space control ability to transfer the fluid to him instead?

That day was the most shocking event.

Somehow, when a grade S talent merged with this fluid combined with Ping Yang's consciousness being incorporated into a beast's body, an uncontrollable power broke out!

The strong power surged all the way up to heaven!

Su Hao's observation nearly got affected, but one could see that Ping Yang's outbreak did not affect the world esper. However, it was comparable to the scene when a beast break through catches the attention of the Federation.

Su Hao remembered the news told by Li Tiantian two days ago.

Six years ago, there was a beast in Gaoyuan City which broke through into king-level.The Federal Guardians were then dispatched to cleanse Gaoyuan City!

"Six years ago.. it was this day." Su Hao looked at Ping Yang who was unable to control his strength.

So, it turned out that there was no beast involved. The so-called breakthrough of a king-level beast was actually Ping Yang!

With a loud roar, all the beasts affected by Ping Yang went insane, and each one of the beasts raged.

This is the side effect of a grade S ability talent!

Once it erupted, even a world esper is helpless!


All the berserk beasts began to go wild.

Whether it was those that had already integrated or not, each one of them screamed. In this Gaoyuan City which isn't huge, it's impossible to be hidden away.

And what bad luck, as the Federal Guardians happened to be in Gaoyuan City at that time!


As unknown aura broke out and after numerous beasts went berserk, the Federal Guardians only took a few seconds to arrive.

"Damn it."

That world esper had a huge change in his expression.

Those Federal Guardians are only half-step domain espers. Such existences, he could easily slap them to death in minutes. However, he dared not to because once he made a move, that would expose his scheme!

Once it was exposed, so what if he's a world esper?

He would be facing the entire Federation!


The world esper was truly terrified this time.

Ping Yang went crazy.

The base devolved into chaos as the beasts rampaged. In the distance, the aura of the Federal Guardians got closer and closer. As for the model rendering, it became blurrier and blurrier.

Too many auras were involved, making it hard to render any further.

Vaguely, Su Hao was able to see the little girl who came with Ping Yang was trampled to death by a beast and the container which stored Blue Dream Butterfly got knocked down. A butterfly then flew out from within while still being confused.


The model world crashed.

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