Godly Model Creator Chapter 671

672 Fight


Back to reality.

This time, there wasn't an injury. It was just that the rendering scene collapsed. However, Su Hao was able to digest the information he obtained earlier. So, this was the truth behind the incident that year!

The escape of a world esper...

The side effect of a grade S ability talent's outbreak...

The cleansing from the Federal Government...

Who would have thought so many things happened in just one day? No wonder when the government heard that something had happened in Gaoyuan City, they felt that something was amiss. It was just that everyone's attention was placed on Ping Yang, and nobody tried to link this with the previous incident.

As for Su Hao's infiltration, it was completely unexpected.

Nobody would have imagined that after the government's cleansing, the ones responsible for everything would stay at the same spot and conduct the same immoral activities again!

The most dangerous place is the safest one.

Nobody would suspect a thing.

"This incident is finally revealed." Su Hao muttered to himself, "Then, it's about the time for this incident in Gaoyuan City to end."

After understanding what happened that year all the way to its roots, Su Hao bore no fear. He knew that the world esper wouldn't reveal himself anymore!

He does not dare take such risk!

"No world esper... with the current situation in Gaoyuan City, I don't think there is any room for an extremely strong domain esper. Otherwise, their activities would be discovered. Does that mean the ones remaining here are only level one and level two domain espers?" After Su Hao linked everything together, he laughed.


An energy fluctuation spread out, and Su Hao scanned the entire building. On the 2D map, there was a row of insignificant small red dots and only a few scattered bigger red dots which indicated level one domain espers.

"Not even a level two domain esper!" Su Hao smirked.

It seems that this base is far from being on the same level as before. Just a few domain espers who recently stepped into domain realm to put up a front, they actually dared to act this aggressively?

Su Hao had a closer look at those red dots.

Three level one domain espers and a total of sixty peak professional espers!

Even though this base is weak, it's still not something he could deal with now. However, trying to lock him up here with such strength is a mere dream. "I will just wait for the opportunity and inform Wan Cheng to destroy them."

Su Hao made a decision in his heart.

Opening his communication device, just as he predicted, there was no signal here. Obviously, the base had a build in function to disable any communication. Otherwise, the men in black will never leave his device intact.

Just as Su Hao was looking around planning to find a way to escape...


The door sounded; those men actually came back.

"So this is Su Hao?"

"En... Boss mentioned that he wants him. Hehe, seems that there will be a good show to enjoy."

A man in black carried Su Hao on his shoulder and left. Su Hao closed his eyes, pretending to be unconscious. However, his facial expression wasn't looking great. Something is amiss. From the scenes he saw, it would require a minimum of one to two months before one is able to withstand their experiment. Why was he wanted the moment he just got captured?

Suppressing the doubts within his heart, Su Hao continued to pretend.

Restraining his energy fluctuation, Su Hao just pretended that he found nothing until he was brought into someplace. All sort of moaning voices rang in his eardrums, causing Su Hao to wrinkle his eyebrows.

These voices, it can't be a laboratory!

Could it be...

A murderous intent shot out from Su Hao's eyes. As the energy fluctuation quietly scanned around to get a clear picture of the surrounding, Su Hao was completely stunned when everything was clear in his eyes.

These men, they deserved death!!!

"Make this brat wake up to enjoy..."

A wretched voice rang. However, before they managed to open their mouth, Su Hao's both eyes were like electric, he opened them up in an instant to look at his surrounding.

Even when he had witnessed it through Synchronous Playback, he still couldn't believe it!

What exactly had he seen?

In just one glance, it was enough to make Su Hao rage!

This isn't a laboratory but a huge warehouse! There is nothing here but berserk beasts and humans! With ropes dividing them, one human and beast formed a pair, under the crowd, they were actually mating! Each human and beast had already been drugged!

What Su Hao saw were bodies with no consciousness.

Men and women were no exception!

"You guys! Deserved death!"

Su Hao couldn't help but tremble. It was his uncontrollable anger. He already got triggered by the human trials, but now these men had opened his eyes on what is the bottom line!

There is no bottom line!

"Hehe, I have already said how could you be captured that easily. Turned out to be just an act."

The head reacted quickly, "Hehe, since you're here, don't think of leaving. We will let you enjoy yourself."


Even the way Su Hao spoke was strained, fearing that he would accidentally kill them. They must be killed, but he still had questions that need clarifying.

"Human fusion experiment, why did it turn into this?" Su Hao coldly asked.

That man just looked at him with smiling eyes. He really wished to kill Su Hao now, but after hearing all sorts of rumors about Su Hao's strength, he dared not take such risks. As he allowed Su Hao to speak, he silently pressed a button.

"Fusion experiment?"

That man continued in a prideful tone, "So what if it's a fusion experiment? After so many years, in the end, everything ended up as a failure. There is not even one successful case. In the end, even the government discovered it. The new project we're experimenting now is the hybrid of mankind and beasts to break the genetic barrier and give birth to new species!"

"Fusion of mankind and beasts, don't you get excited just by thinking of it?"

"Haha, you know what it means? This represents the coming of a new era! Mankind's ability talent, once it integrates with the berserk beasts, what kind of strength will it bring?"

"Can you imagine?"

"This is a revolution, mankind's first step to conquer the berserk beasts. When an army of this new species emerges, they will be able to ignore the existence of the equatorial ring completely and enter the beasts' domain!"

"By then, mankind will truly be invincible!"

"And I will leave behind a great feat which will last centuries!"

That man was getting more excited as he continued, "Haha, genetic isolation is never possible, but with the existence of origin energy, anything is possible! An army of new species that is enough to overwhelm the entire Federation, now that's what a true origin ability era is all about!"

Su Hao just watched him indifferently, as if he was watching a madman.

There are many people who are willing to do anything for science. He had seen many times of such mad scientists; however, he currently saw one crazy biologist!

"You really think so?" Su Hao sneered, "Then why don't you try it on yourself and contribute to mankind?

That man's passionate speech paused for a moment as he looked in the distance. That scene of a man being abused by a berserk beast made him tremble, "You understand nothing of our project!"


The door opened.

A group of people rushed in. Peak professional espers, a total of 60 and the other two domain espers entered as well!

With three domain espers, sixty peak professional espers, and also a team of staffs, Su Hao only placed importance on the ones who could threaten him are the peak, which is the professional espers and onwards!


Noticing that his men had arrived, that man laughed wildly, "Idiot, a top student in college entrance exam is still stupid. Didn't you ever consider why am I saying all this nonsense with you? Because this daddy is calling people here! So what if Tian Long Court is very strong? So what if you could skip a realm and challenge? Daddy will use a numbers advantage to suffocate you to death!"

"Hahaha, go!"

One loud explosion echoed.

Everyone surrounded Su Hao in a circle. As for that man, his eyes couldn't conceal the sinister look as his face turned wretched. He was really eager to know what kind of species will be born from Su Hao's genes. Looking at Su Hao, who is now at the center of the encirclement, he could literally imagine Su Hao's pale face, begging for mercy.

However, in his eyes, the current Su Hao just casually smirked, "You're still as arrogant as before even when death is approaching."

That man suddenly burst into laughter, "So what if you're a Tian Long Court's disciple? Today, I will capture you and make you wish you are died instead of being alive!"

Su Hao just calmly looked at him. Looking around, he saw those bunch of fools joining the main group, encircling him until no newcomer entered.

"Finally... everyone is here." Su Hao muttered to himself.


The surrounding men thought that they had misheard him. What did Su Hao say just now?

Everyone is here, what does he mean by that?

"You guys are inhumane. Today, I will kill you bunch of ignorant fools!" Su Hao's eyes were very terrifying. His gaze made one feel like he's looking at a group of dead men.

Everyone looked at each other. They couldn't help feeling fear.

What kind of gaze is that?

It's too scary!

"Don't be afraid of him. He's alone and only a professional esper. We have so many men on our side, what's there to be afraid of? Have you guys forgotten the fact that two days ago, we defeated twelve of them?"


As they recalled this, their confidence returned.

Even with twelve men joining hands, they were still defeated by this team of fifty men. Now with three domain espers and sixty peak professional espers, why did they need to fear anything?

"Trying to act mysterious and scare us, huh? Everyone, charge!"

They coldly grumped and charged at him.

At this moment, Su Hao just casually stood at the same spot with a look of grief within his eyes, "Universe Creator!"


A dense and strong aura shrouded everyone. Not only those three domain espers and sixty professional espers but also...

Those humans who had literally lost their soul and the berserk beasts!


Everyone came into a new world.


This was the first reaction coming from everyone.

"You all deserve death!"

"No matter how many times you guys are killed, it won't be enough to redeem your sins!"

"Today's death is just the start! I will let you experience something that will make you prefer death instead of survival!"

"Origin Light!"

Earth and Heaven turned white. One could only hear Su Hao's cold voice resonating in everyone's eardrums, and those humans who wished to die instead of being alive were instantly killed!

Before their death, one could still see the relief within their eyes.

Finally, I'm dead...

The white light which covered their body is just killing intent, but those that were specifically taken care of by Su Hao weren't that lucky. The white light penetrated all the way into their souls, taking them to a ride which allowed them to experience the so-called being dead is better than being alive.

The strength produced wasn't that strong. The power of Su Hao's godlike state is indeed strong, but after having to divide it within numerous heads, they could only suffer heavy injuries.

The men in black screamed in madness. They knew that such a move is impossible to be used twice in a row! They had to persist and pass through this torture!

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