Godly Model Creator Chapter 672

673 Second Time Using The Godlike State

The godlike state is Su Hao's trump card!

The killing might isn't strong, but the suffering is not something that can be described in words.

As long as they persisted through this ordeal, everything will be fine.

This was everyone's thought.

At this time, the light gradually turned weak which made them feel relieved. They knew that after this technique is done, it will be time for them to counterattack! However, Su Hao's cold voice rang out again, causing their heart to skip a beat.

"Godlike state!"

There's actually more?

How could there be another round?

These men in black went crazy!

Trump cards, anyone has their own. This is true especially when applied to those disciples from Tian Long Court. Thus, during the first round of godlike state, they were mentally prepared. However, after heavily struggling to pass through this round, there is still another one incoming?

This is crazy!

Everyone trembled, hoping that Su Hao was just uttering nonsense, but Su Hao's next two words shattered their hope.

"Water, appear!"


The ground shook, and everyone felt that the ground under their feet became unstable. Just when they were able to hold on their feet on the ground, everyone was dumbfounded as they raised their heads. Not far away from them, endless seawater was approaching them at a rapid speed. The level of seawater was still rising as they were approaching before slamming down on them.

"Tsunami..." A man in black trembled in fear, "It's a tsunami!"


Escape to where?!

During this era of origin ability, everyone's strength soared! Even so, they knew one fact, never challenge the power of mother nature! Water, wind, or even solar energy, the power of nature is endless!

Any natural energy, once it reaches a certain level, the disaster it brings is sufficient to overwhelm any esper!

And in front of them now, it was none other than a terrifying tsunami!

"Run, run, run! Quickly flee!"

"It's over for us."


The tsunami swept across them.

No matter how strong your strength is, in front of such almighty power, everything is useless! A few of them actually tried to defend against the tsunami, and as this disaster passed through, they got themselves killed!


"Just leap over the tsunami!"

Everyone made a move and were pleasantly surprised. They quickly jumped over the tsunami. As long as their jump exceeded the tsunami's height, they would survive!


They managed to survive the tsunami.

"Hahaha, we leaped over it!"

"Finally, we survived!"

The remaining men in black were happy as they watched the tsunami pass under their feet.

Su Hao smirked. If this is a real tsunami, they might actually survive, but here is a model world, it is his territory!

The only thing he had to worry about is energy!

As long as he releases energy, he would definitely hit the target!


Su Hao cut open an area. As the tsunami passed under their feet, an open gap suddenly formed in front of them. All the seawater flew into the gap and disappeared before exiting from another fissure. And that fissure happened to be on top of those men in black!


The terrifying momentum increased when the tsunami re-emerged.

What kind of force would it carry, a tsunami which appeared from the sky?

"Puff~!" Countless men in black spurted out blood.


"This is definitely an illusion!"

"Break it!"

Countless of them tried to use their illusion cracking techniques to decipher it, but they were instead greeted with the almighty power of seawater. As the water swept across them, a large number of peak professional espers died. As the tsunami subsided, only twelve people remained from the sixty-three men, three domain espers and nine peak professional espers.

Even so, a large number of them were injured! Only a few of them who have unique ability talents or have abilities related to water managed to escape unscathed.

"Hahahaha, I am still alive!"

"Hahaha, we survived it! Su Hao, if you have guts, try it again?" A man in black laughed like a mad man. Because Su Hao no longer continued attacking them, it indicated that Su Hao could no longer use the same technique. Otherwise, Su Hao would definitely use his godlike state and kill everyone. Yet, at this moment, he stopped his assault.

"Hahahaha, what kind of tricks do you have left to beat us?"

"Since you have exhausted your energy, I will let you experience what it means by domain realm!" A man in black named Xiao Dao planned to rush forward and kill Su Hao. However, what he saw was Su Hao's sarcastic expression. It was the same as the time before he used his godlike state.

What does that mean?

Could it be...


The ground shook.

Su Hao smirked. Godlike state? There is no need for that! He could only use godlike state thrice! Since he had used it twice, he planned to keep it until the very last moment.

As for those men in front?

What qualification did those injured men have to fight him?!

Indeed, when he used his godlike state, the energy consumption is huge. But so what? This is the model world, his own world!

And here...

It's not like there is only one model world!

Su Hao's mouth revealed a sudden strange smile.

Just when the men in black were clueless and wary of his next move, they suddenly saw a towering tree appear nearby. This sudden scene made them stunned.

As for that giant tree, it was shocked too. It must have never expected to be released from its prison.

Those men in black were shocked too. This is because their mouth dropped down to their knee, looking at the tree. Damn, what kind of giant tree could move?

Both sides looked at each other for a moment.

Then, the giant tree became very excited. When it was in its prison, such days were very sullen. When it finally saw these men in black, it rushed forward and revealed its aura rivaling a domain esper.


An inexplicable battle broke out.

The men in black were speechless.

Isn't this an illusion?

However, when the aura of the domain realm erupted from the tree, everyone knew that this wasn't an illusion. This is definitely not an illusion. Since when could an illusion summon strength equivalent to a domain esper when the user is not one?

"We join our strength and kill it!"

These few domain espers said in a hurry. However, as their sentence ended, they felt another incoming force approaching them. Similarly, it was also a strength equivalent to the domain realm!

"Hahaha, I, Shi Mingxuan, arrives!"

Hearty laughter rang in their ears. Shi Mingxuan joined the battle too. After tempering himself for over a decade, he revealed his true power!


An absolute suppression!

How could three injured domain espers compete with Shi Mingxuan and the giant tree? As for the nine peak professional espers, they had to deal with their own opponents, Blue Dream Butterfly and Su Hao.

"Weee~!" Blue Dream Butterfly excitedly rushed out.

Su Hao only looked at her speechlessly.

Su Hao just witnessed the might of the queen, Zhang Yating; now when he saw Blue Dream Butterfly's childish behavior, she was so cute that she had a sweet aura around her!

Suppressed again!

The same level of suppression!

Blue Dream Butterfly had been learning how to control her domain power from Shi Mingxuan. Although she wasn't that well versed in it yet, how could those men in black resist her?

The battle didn't have any suspense.

After one minute, everyone wasn't aware of their life as they had completely lost consciousness!

"Haha, now this is the right move. Su Hao, bring more people here next time to practice with us." Shi Mingxuan happily said. It was very obvious that he enjoyed the fight earlier.

"Hold on." Su Hao no longer added any words. His body flashed and disappeared from the spot.

In the real world, Su Hao opened his eyes.

He only acted on those men in black and the humans who wished for death. As for the other professional espers, he didn't touch them because there was no need to waste his godlike state on them!


"Strength to Uplift Mountain!"

"Matchless Aura!"

The murderous aura which was condensed in the model world just a second ago erupted.


Those humans and beasts which were being influenced by drug got destroyed instantly. Since Su Hao had eliminated their consciousness, there was no use leaving behind an empty body. Unfortunately, those men in black who had fainted couldn't escape and got their body crushed to pieces too.

This move alone made the remaining men in black panic.

What did they just witness?

Just a casual move from Su Hao and every strong esper in this base turned into pieces. Isn't this many times stronger than the so-called God? What kind of strength is that?


There was zero hesitation.

Since the experts in the base are not even qualified as Su Hao's opponents, won't they just die for nothing if they charge at Su Hao?

Too bad, Su Hao won't give them the opportunity to flee.


With Xinghe Arrow, anyone who tried to escape was pierced to death. After ten seconds, only a bloody scene was left behind!


Everyone died!

With over two hundred men in black, the weakest is a professional esper and the strongest is in the domain realm, and the remainders were those humans and beasts which were controlled with a drug.

Now, everyone died.

Su Hao stood at the same spot. His gaze was as cold as ever without showing any mercy.

This was his very first time being involved in a killing spree. However, he had no regrets. After all, some people deserved to be killed!

As he sat cross-legged, Su Hao began to recover his energy.

As his mind moved, his consciousness re-entered the model world.

"What happened?" Shi Mingxuan asked curiously.

"Just destroying these men's bodies!" Su Hao said in an indifferent tone. Shi Mingxuan was stunned, his face turned pale. That was nearly a thousand people in total, yet Su Hao just said that without batting his eyes.

Since when he did have such huge murderous intent?

Su Hao glanced at Shi Mingxuan and knew what he was thinking. Su Hao just sighed and looked at Blue Dream Butterfly. That cute, huge eyes of hers, Su Hao didn't know how to break the news.

With her current state, what could be done if she knew about it?

"Wake those men up." Su Hao pointed at those men who had passed out on the ground. With a wave, he took them into the permanent model, confining them.

The temporary model world, even though it's easy to build, any changes within the world would consume energy. As for the permanent model world, he only needs to build it once. Thus, it would be better to imprison them for life here.

Su Hao didn't explain and just left a sentence, "Just ask them why I am this angry."

After finishing his words, Su Hao left again. He still had matters to deal with.

After leaving the hall, he went to the room next door. There were a total of one hundred people inside!

These people, they are the so-called geniuses. However, they were now stallions waiting to be abused. Men and women were no exception. The men in black had trained them to be very obedient; that when needed, a shot of drug would bring them into the abyss.

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