Godly Model Creator Chapter 673

674 You Are God

This is true sorrow!

They knew their fate but were powerless to resist.

They were geniuses but only on the condition that they were alive. Now, they are just trash! Since their ability to use origin energy has been removed, they couldn't even choose to die!

As Su Hao entered the room, everyone looked at him with an empty gaze, hoping that he wouldn't pay attention to them because everyone knew that once someone is selected, they would prefer death instead of living! Even though they knew such a day would be coming, they couldn't help but instinctively try to escape the torment as long as they could.

"Kill me!"

"Kill me, please!"

One person suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs with both knees on the ground, begging Su Hao as tears started to fall, "Kill me! How I wish to die in a confrontation with berserk beasts, or even on a battlefield! I don't want to be an empty, soulless body. Please, I beg you..."

Su Hao raised his head and sighed while glancing at the others. Who in this room didn't have such thoughts?

However, they dared not voice out. Defying the orders of the men in black would only ensure a worse death. Plus, those men in black never really cared about their lives.

"Why do you dare to step forward?" Su Hao looked at this man begging in front of him.

He, a man with a huge physique, was kneeling down desperately in front of Su Hao with tears falling.

"I... I don't know."

That burly man was stunned. He had prepared himself to be severely punished, but he never thought he would be asked such a question.

"Because I am not wearing black clothes." Su Hao said in an indifferent tone.

Such words stunned everyone.

Not wearing black clothes...

What does that mean?

After being captured for so long, they lost their ability to think.

"Follow me."

Su Hao glanced at them for a second, before turning around to leave. Everyone's heart trembled. Was such an act really necessary? However, they couldn't resist and could only follow Su Hao from behind one step at a time. However, when Su Hao led them to the door and entered the main hall, they were all stunned.

What appeared in front of them was a bloody red sea!



A sea of corpses of the men in black was on the ground.

They were all dead bodies!

They were all stunned by this scene, and it took a full minute before they recovered. Their eyes revealed their disbelief. This... Could this be...

"Could it be that you killed them all?" That burly man couldn't help but ask.

His tone was still revealed his disbelief.

Su Hao nodded slightly, and that man instantly burst into tears. His expression kept alternating between laughter and sorrow. As for the others, they went crazy trying to figure out what had happened here.

"You all are free now." Su Hao calmly uttered out these five words.


This sentence woke everyone up.

"We're free..."


"They are all dead?"

While laughing and crying, in fact, in the midst of his mess, some even rushed to the dead bodies to vent their suffering. After spending roughly half an hour, they finally stopped. As for Su Hao, he just watched them silently from the side.

These people they had suffered too much.

Su Hao waved his hand and found the key to unlock their bracelet, "Okay, since this incident has ended, you can all go back now."

"We can't go back..."

"What?" Su Hao turned around and looked at them for a second.

"We can't go back..." That burly man revealed a bitter facial expression, "Do you know why we didn't attempt to run? Do you know why we couldn't even kill ourselves? Because our bodies can't leave here! Due to some domain esper's ability talent, our bodies are linked to the main hall."

"We can't leave! We won't be able to do so forever!"

"Once we leave this hall, only death awaits us!"

Su Hao opened his mouth but didn't know what to say. In this era of origin ability, there are all sorts of strange abilities, and this was his very first time hearing about such a strange ability talent.

A unique talent that once it has taken effect, nothing could reverse it.

If these people still had strength left, perhaps they could resist; however, in their current state, they had lost all desire to live! The reason they are currently still alive is probably thanks to the so-called excellent genes in their body...

"Then what do you all want to do now?" Su Hao asked.

"I want to die."

"Me too..."

"Although I am still pure, if I am to live in such a state, what's the point?" A girl sobbed, "I do not wish to be bound to this building any longer."

"Me too!"

"I don't want my family to see me in such a state!"

"Perhaps in their heart, I am already dead. If so, then let me die in peace... What's the point of giving them another blow?"

The only answer he got was that they wished to die!

Su Hao took a deep breath. His heart felt heavy. He didn't have any relations with them, but now he wasn't feeling comfortable, and that's the reality of the situation.

This is much worse than anything!

"I respect your choice!" Su Hao nodded.

"I'm sorry. If there is a next life, whether I am a cow or horse, I will repay you." A girl said these words to Su Hao.

That burly man with teary eyes kept kneeling down; after a few moments, everyone followed suit!

Su Hao knew what they were doing.

They were ashamed of themselves!

They were ashamed that they couldn't repay their debt!

They were ashamed that after Su Hao saved them, they wished to die instead. They wanted to keep living, but not like this. Thus, death is their only option!

Su Hao took a deep breath. After glancing at them for one last time, he left.


Su Hao took a huge step forward, exiting the scene.

Behind him, he could hear them kowtowing to him. Soon, a loud bang could be heard. As the main hall faltered, it collapsed!


Su Hao suddenly turned back. No matter what, he would have never thought they would choose such a way to end their life. Since the hall is bound to them, if the hall is ruined They would be ruined too!


A mysterious force suddenly appeared!

The collapse of the hall was enough to make them suffer heavy injuries, but when this force arrived, it wished to take their life away. Su Hao clearly saw a purplish aura enveloping them!

That was the force of a curse!

It was the aura, coming from that domain esper!

"Are they going to die?" Su Hao felt some heaviness in his heart.

These people, they really planned to leave this world like this?

To choose such a way?

Inexplicably, Su Hao didn't feel happy with this course of action. He could see the desperation within their eyes, but there was no way to help them. He isn't a world esper!

This is the harsh reality...

Su Hao squeezed his fists.


The talent's momentum was approaching!

That faint purplish aura covered them. Even when the hall had collapsed, even when they were all hurt, this aura insisted on blowing away their last chance of survival.


In the middle of this, Su Hao seemed to be able to see them waving him goodbye as if they were saying to repay his kindness if there is a next life.

"Damn it!" Su Hao suddenly raised his head, "I can't let them go just like that!"

If he really let them go like this, he would regret it for life!

"No matter what, I have to give it a try." Su Hao gritted his teeth. With his aura as a peak professional esper broke out, he made his aura envelop everyone.

"Universe Creator!"


The crowd vanished, Su Hao had brought everyone into his model world. While he did take away their consciousness, that purplish aura was also included!


Su Hao directly entered his model world.

This time, in the model world, Shi Mingxuan just finished interrogating those men in black. His anger escalated to the max that he wished to smash them into corpses. At this time, he finally understood Su Hao's rage.

If it were him, his means would be even worse than Su Hao's!

"Damn it!" Shi Mingxuan stared at those men, "Since you are here, don't dream of having a good day. From now on, let this daddy mess around with you guys."

As he finished his words, the sky suddenly shook.

A dazzling purple ray descended from the sky with a hundred people within it! This scene stunned everyone in the model world.

What is happening?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

However, this was the appetizer.

Just when those people were about to land, a cold voice suddenly echoed in the sky.


Then, they saw those one hundred people halt in the air! The purplish light surrounding them looked mysterious.

"What happened?"

Everyone was puzzled.

Especially those men in black, they were even more dumbfounded. Have they ever seen such a situation? In fact, they still didn't know where they are currently located!

Shi Mingxuan abruptly stood up.

Being different from those men, he clearly knew that that purple light is coming from a domain esper!


Su Hao appeared from a space crack. He must never let this power deposit itself on the land. Otherwise, that power might sweep the entire model world apart.

"Which domain esper is the one who put such a curse on you guys?" Su Hao asked them.

Everyone stared at Su Hao. This is unbelievable! They were about to step into their next life, but the next second, they had entered a new world! Not only that, but they also saw those men in black who are supposedly dead, being trapped in prison.

How could this be?

They had personally ruined their body!

As they subconsciously moved around, they discovered they were in a translucent state, suspending in the air.


"You are God, aren't you?!" That burly man trembled and looked at Su Hao in shock, "Only God is able to bring us back from the dead and in such a perfect way."


Su Hao was stunned by that description.

What kind of joke is this!

These people are all geniuses, and they believe such a thing?

However, Su Hao decided not to say anything. He knew that they had suffered for a long time, and all they could resort to was seeking God to save them! At this moment, not only did Su Hao get rid of their hatred, but also perfectly reincarnate them.

In their eyes, Su Hao is their God!

"To be reborn after death, in my eyes, you are my God." That burly man abruptly knelt down, kowtowing.


Everyone knelt and proclaimed, "In our eyes, you are our God!"

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