Godly Model Creator Chapter 674

675 This Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

"You are God!"

That sentence echoed in the sky.

As for the others, they were all dumbfounded; especially those men in black. What kind of strange situation is unfolding in front of them? God? Rebirth after death? What kind of teasing is this?

Su Hao was also stunned.

No matter what, he never expected them to consider him as a god. Su Hao wanted to refute them but somehow failed to open his mouth. Looking at the fiery gazes from these youths, he felt like a deity without knowing why.

After all, only superstitious could explain such illogical events.

As if he had thought of something...

Su Hao suddenly uttered out this sentence, "God bestows you all an eternal life."


Everyone was ecstatic, "Thank you God for your grace!"

"This is insane!"

Shi Mingxuan stared at this scene with an empty gaze, "This bunch of people are crazy. Even Su Hao is following suit in their insanity! God, how could there be a God in this world? Even the strongest esper does not dare claim to be a God! Hey, Blue Dream Butterfly, don't you think our Su Hao has become crazy?"

He didn't hear a reply.

Turning his head around, Shi Mingxuan saw twinkling stars within Blue Dream Butterfly's eyes as she flew up to join Su Hao.

"Love-stuck fool!" Shi Mingxuan didn't hesitate to express his dissatisfaction.

However, when he shifted his gaze back to the sky again, looking at Su Hao and everyone on mid-air, without knowing why, an idea popped out within his mind.

"Right now, Su Hao is a God!"

As soon as such thought began to play, Shi Mingxuan was stunned. Looking at Su Hao who was still in the air, he muttered to himself, "Crazy, everyone is crazy. Even I am going insane..."

"Everyone, raise." Su Hao waved his hand, commanding them to stand up.

When Su Hao was being called God earlier, he was indeed caught off guard, but since he had figured out the current situation, he would just have to play his role well. If reality is a cruel one, he will create his own!

"Yes." Everyone respectfully raised.

Su Hao pondered about this situation. Since he has become a God, then he would have to be a proper one. When he thought of this, Su Hao began to take action.


With a hand waving motion, the whole world changed!

In the permanent model world, the originally boring world suddenly had a huge change. Su Hao is a great master of ecology derivative design. He had even participated in real building design; naturally, his work wouldn't be a bad looking one. As a result, the mountain, water, and houses had all undergone changes, forming an ecosystem!

This boring world has become vibrant!

Beautiful is the best word to describe it.

Everyone watched this scene with mouths opened so wide that it could fit a whole egg. This scene in front of them had changed their previous understanding of how the world works. When those people were calling Su Hao God, the ones on the land were still skeptical about it, but as Su Hao performed such a feat, every being watching was stunned!

Subconsciously, they thought of Su Hao's previous move.

Godlike state!

Su Hao, could he really be the reincarnation of God?

This world really has a God?

As science developed more and more, everyone knew that the existence of God is unwarranted and such belief quickly deteriorated even more. Since there is origin energy in this world, why would God exist? When one cultivates all the way and reaches the pinnacle, becoming the strongest esper, wouldn't one be able to turn over the clouds?

Could Su Hao really be a God?

Some began to question this.

As for those men in black, their legs turned weak.

"From now on, this will be your home." Su Hao said in an indifferent tone to his hundred fans. This isn't at the level of internet fans, but fanatic ones!

And they would be among the first to be the official residents of the model world!


Everyone respectfully accepted.

To create something out of nothing, this scene was enough to convince them!

Only after hearing their reply did Su Hao sigh in relief. The world in front of them isn't really big, about the size of a small village.

It is small but sufficient for these one hundred people!

All they saw was this little village. As for the scene far away or the other worlds, Su Hao used a mysterious mist to cover them.

Since he's a God, he would need to have the dignity of a god.

Even if he's just acting, he would need to act like one! Plus, in his mind, he had already made a decision. In his model world, he's God!

"This purple glow..."

Su Hao looked at the glow surrounding them. He couldn't allow this to continue. Thus, he looked at the men in black, "Who is the one who put this up? Remove it now!"

When the men in black heard it, their legs turned soft.

An older man in black trembled as he stepped forward, "Su Hao... No, God Su... I am the one who placed it, but I was just using my talent to aid the process. To control such force is out of my capability. I am just using the defensive method left by the previous world esper."

"A world esper!" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

No wonder...

He also had such a thought, how could a curse left by a domain esper be that difficult to deal with. Unexpectedly, the force originated from that world esper!

However, if it's at the scale of a world esper...

That force would be troublesome.

"We're fine. Inside here, the force won't be able to affect us." That burly man voiced out.

Indeed, the model world is separated from the outside world, and the curse naturally wouldn't be able to access them. However, Su Hao knew that under such influence, they would still need to suffer. If it were merely one or two days, that would still be fine; but for a long period of time, he was wary that the trouble awaiting them would be too much to handle!

Moreover, what if his model world becomes connected to the outside world in the future?

Even if it's just a random collision, these people will die!

"I can't take such risks!" Su Hao immediately made a decision. Looking at the purplish glow, he pondered for a moment. In the end, he decided to take action. Isn't it just striping it off?

It should be an easy task!



Su Hao's move caused the world to shake.

Well, this was an effect created by Su Hao. After all, he is a God now.



All sorts of force appeared, causing everyone to kneel down in fear.

A few moments later, the purplish glow vanished; Su Hao actually stripped it away. Right now, even Shi Mingxuan was dumbfounded.

"Damn, that's not some random trash, but the force from a world esper!" Shi Mingxuan's eyes opened wide, "This kid can even compete with a world esper. To be able to eliminate the force of a world esper means he currently has the means to counter the power of a world esper!"

"Go down, from now on, this is your home." Su Hao waved his hand, and the force that was holding them in the air vanished. They landed directly in the village. After landing, they took a few steps. This feeling...

It's true.

The hundred people were so delighted that they literally cried in happiness.

When they were tortured previously, how could they even dream of the happiness they are experiencing today?

"Don't be excited. Just live here well." Su Hao calmly commanded.

There is a price to pay for his action!

Against a world esper, how could he have the strength to do so. Glancing inside his body, within the circular world, a lump of purplish energy kept circulating!

He did not dare touch it!

He knew that its power could easily destroy one Su Hao's worlds!

Thus, Su Hao could only make it travel in the circular world non-stop. Of course, since it's now in his hand, it could still serve as a killing move!

Su Hao would definitely make good use out of it.

"Yes." That burly man respectfully asked, "Lord, is there a name for this place?"

"Name?" Su Hao pondered. Should he tell this man this place is a permanent world model?


It's too low class!

That would destroy his reputation as a God.

What should this be named then?

Su Hao couldn't think of anything. In the end, he casually waved his hand, "Nope, it's just a name. Since you all are the first one here, you can name it yourselves."

Hearing such words from Su Hao, they were very excited, "Thank you, Lord!"

Soon, they were discussed amongst themselves.

Su Hao wasn't concerned about it. After all, this is just a model world. Even if they come up with a strange name, so what?

It's not like this would affect his strength!

Soon, the burly man came back, "Lord, we have selected a name."

"En, then what will this place be called?" Su Hao asked curiously.

That burly man replied in a serious expression, "Kingdom of Heaven!"


Shi Mingxuan sprayed out the rice in his mouth.


These people... these people actually planned to make this place a world of God? Kingdom of Heaven? Can't you all be a little more reserved?

To be frank, not only Shi Mingxuan, even Su Hao was stunned.

However, as he thought about it further, as a God, if he got scared by his fans, that would be losing face. This, he just maintained his poker face.

Just name it Kingdom of Heaven then!

What's there to be afraid of?

After much consideration, Su Hao decided to accept this name.

Kingdom of Heaven, this isn't a casual name. These people were given a second chance from death by Su Hao. This is why such a name was chosen.

Is Su Hao a God?

Not in the real world!

But he is in this world model!

"Alright, from now on, this place will be called Kingdom of Heaven."

With the identity and name all set up, Su Hao is now truly the real God here! Su Hao was now wondering whether he should get more residents for this permanent world model... no, he meant Kingdom of Heaven in the future. He would not dare touch those who are still alive, but those who are about to die should be fine.

Kingdom of Heaven would be Su Hao's strength!

As long as he kept polishing this place, the power here would be unmatched. In the future, this Kingdom of Heaven would be Su Hao's biggest trump card.

And to keep polishing Kingdom of Heaven, numbers would be the key!

"En, numbers..."

Su Hao went into deep thought. It seems that he has to discuss for a bit with that burly man. After all, this concept of God came from that burly man. He's definitely the best spokesperson for God Su Hao!

As for why?

Think about it, during a battle, when you could clearly kill an enemy, instead of destroying him for good, you pull his consciousness away into Kingdom of Heaven via Universe Creator and turning the enemy into a resident here.

Many do wonder after one dies, is there really an afterlife?

Is there really a soul?

Now, you can confidently say to him, yes!

Have a look here; this is the Kingdom of Heaven!

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