Godly Model Creator Chapter 675

676 God's Demeanor

God's Demeanor

Su Hao is currently considering whether to increase the number of residents in Kingdom of Heaven.

After Su Hao suggested it, that burly man praised his Lord's intelligence and then contributed several suggestions.

After listening to the suggestions, Su Hao rolled his eyes.

Forget about the suggestions, the burly man frankly voiced out that Universe Creator is not suitable for bringing people here. If it is used on his own men, it might backfire. When they were previously about to dissipate from the world and got dragged into the model world, their souls actually suffered some injuries.

"Oh?" Su Hao's eyes shone.

Different from others, these one hundred people truly experienced near death before reaching here. Thus, their feedback is definitely valuable in improving Universe Creator.

"Soul damage?" Su Hao suddenly showed interest.

"Yes, Lord." The burly man continued, "If there is still a body left, then the damage would be negligible. However, we no longer have our bodies, only our souls remain. In such a state, the damage would be fatal. Plus, if we're to replace ourselves with ordinary people..."

Su Hao understood what he was trying to convey.


They're all espers. After having many breakthroughs, their soul would become stronger. However, what if it is an ordinary human? If Su Hao uses Universe Creator on one, he's afraid that that human will end up dead. Well, if he's to consider this in detail, no matter how weak Universe Creator is, it's still a six-star origin technique!

To use a six-star technique on an ordinary human?

How could it be harmless?!

Even a tiny bit of contact would be sufficient to cause instant death.

Having this thought, Su Hao was a little afraid. He always had this mindset that Universe Creator was harmless. Never did he expect that it's only applicable to espers. Luckily, he hasn't used it on ordinary people; otherwise, if he had accidentally killed a few innocent people...

Su Hao smiled bitterly, "You have any ideas?"

"Lord." That burly man continued, "Although we were captives and no longer have our cultivation now, the reason we became their targets is precisely because of our talent! We, one hundred people, are still outstanding in the talent department."

"Utilizing illusions to guide the conscious, we can give it a try." The burly man calmly said.

"Alright." Su Hao waved his hand, allowing them to discuss further amongst themselves.

The burly man left. At first, Su Hao thought that it would take a few months to study this further, but he did not expect that burly man to return in just a few moments.

"Lord, we're done." That man was very excited.

"So quick?"

"Lord, we just come up with something based on our experience of Universe Creator. It's similar to Universe Creator, but it won't damage the soul. However, the limitation is only being able to use it on someone who is about to exhaust their life."

"A life which is about to be exhausted..."

Su Hao's eyes revealed a different color. The so-called life exhaustion is none other than a man who is about to die! Lifeforce represents a person's aura. Su Hao's 2D map is built based on one's lifeforce. If someone is about to die, their lifeforce would diminish!

From a peak state all the way to a weakened state!

"Well..." Su Hao fell into deep thought.

In other words, this is another version of Universe Creator. The effect had been improved so that it wouldn't cause any harm, but the limitation is also greatly increased as it could only be applied to those who are on the verge of dying.

After the burly man reported the result of their discussion to Su Hao, Su Hao analyzed further and found out that this is a new version of Universe Creator, and it's actually could no longer be categorized as a similar origin technique.

It's literally a new origin technique!

"Let's just consider it as a new origin technique then." Su Hao smiled, "Everyone, since this origin technique is based on the improvement suggested by everyone, I will give you all the right to name it."

The burly man pondered for a moment before looking back at the crowd. A moment later, he came back to Su Hao with a resolute look, "Lord, since this origin technique is to increase the number of residents in Kingdom of Heaven and to be used on those who are about to die, why not we call it Art of Rebirth?"

"Art of Rebirth?" Su Hao laughed, "Alright, then we will choose this name."

Heaven and rebirth, this burly man, he's planning to bring this cult of Su Hao to what kind of depth? As for Su Hao, since he already had the determination, his heart obviously wouldn't be possessing any regrets or negative thoughts.

Reincarnation and rebirth.

How cool is that!

What's so great about God?

Daddy will be God himself!


"A new origin technique is born!"


Light flashed, and lots of new information popped out.

"Comprehending new origin technique... Card condition met... Self-created card activated... Card analyzed... Technique requirement analyzed... Technique requirement met... Card being simulated... Card being established... Self-created card successfully created!"


"Card establishment complete!"


"Card information is shown below!"


Name: Unknown

Rate: Six stars

Description: A new origin technique derived from Universe Creator, before one dies, his consciousness can be separated and placed in Kingdom of Heaven.

Limitation: Can only be used on someone who is on the verge of dying.

Requirement: Basic illusion (Extreme peak), advanced illusion (Extreme peak), Universe Creator



Such sounds echoed within Su Hao's mind. As he had a look inside his mind, a new card flashed. Art of Rebirth's effect is totally different from Universe Creator's, and it ended up as an entirely different origin technique. It was just that it's a little fascinating when Su Hao saw it.

Six stars!

Art of Rebirth is still a six-star card?

This is so frustrating!

Universe Creator is a seven-star card. Why did the rate drop after a better modification? After a more detailed look, Su Hao had to admit that this Art of Rebirth is really not strong enough. The reason this origin technique is rated six stars is due to the fact that it has a huge restriction, one that could only be used on someone who is about to die.

"Six stars then." Su Hao no longer thought much about it.

It was just that, he quickly noticed that this card wasn't gray which indicated that it could still be improved!

"It can be improved?" Su Hao's excitement returned. Could it be that after improving, the limitation can be removed? If this is true, then this would be a huge jackpot. Forget about six stars, it could even qualify as an eight-star card!

"Let's start." Su Hao directly diverted his energy into this card.


At first, Su Hao thought that it would take some time to finish the progress, but he didn't expect the card to be upgraded in an instant.

"Finished?" Su Hao was a bit confused with the current situation.

This is too quick!

He clearly remembered the last time he upgraded Illusion Reality he had to use many months. Now, it was done in an instant?

Hard work and harvest is generally proportional to each other.

After all, this isn't a game!

The so-called energy supplement is Su Hao's usage of energy to speed up the process using thousands of computers to deduce the origin technique!

To only use such little amount of energy...

Soon, Su Hao had a bad feeling about it. Damn, it can't be...


The card glowed.

Su Hao had a closer look and was instantly stunned. Sure enough, the instant upgrade did provide a slight change...

Art of Rebirth is now added with a visual effect.

Su Hao: "..."

Su Hao felt dizzy and nearly fainted. Visual effect, visual effect... What does Art of Rebirth need a visual effect for?!

This is so infuriating!


The burly man noticed that Su Hao's expression wasn't looking great and asked in a careful tone.

"Nothing." Su Hao waved his hand. Let's see what this visual effect upgrade has to offer. Su Hao looked at the burly man with great interest, "Come and have a try."

"Yes." The burly man respectfully replied.

"Art of Rebirth!" Su Hao pointed at him.


Cracks were forming within the sky.

Numerous gorgeous light beams descended from the sky and fell straight to the location Su Hao pointed at. Dazzling white halos flickered while pale white scriptures flashed in the surroundings. They formed a helix ring-like structure, rotating at a slow pace. One could vaguely see a pair of wings within this phenomenon.

That pair of wings spread out.

As it spread out, its translucent void form could be seen. Then, numerous dazzling white crystals began to appear. This scene actually made one feel like celebrating. It didn't last long, and the light beams quickly traveled back to the sky, bringing the burly man's consciousness along, gradually disappearing into the horizon.

"WTF!" This scene dumbfounded Shi Mingxuan.

"Wow! So beautiful!" Blue Dream Butterfly was also dumbfounded.


The men in black were all dazed. Today, they had seen too many new things! From Su Hao's magical instant creation to this current scene, their view of this world had been refreshed so many times that they had lost count.

"What? Ascended to the sky?" Su Hao was speechless.

The computer's deduction is based on his subconscious mind. Looking at the visual effect, Su Hao couldn't help to feel doubtful that his subconscious mind did have the potential to be God.

Su Hao wondered if under his handsome appearance, could there be the potential to be God hidden?


In Kingdom of Heaven, the world suddenly had a huge change with signs of cracking all over. Light rays flashed as fragments of light slowly fell.

Everyone was surprised to see the burly man's figure gradually appear. He actually got taken into a trip by Art of Rebirth and then returned here. However, Su Hao knew that if this is used in reality, he would be able to bring one who is about to die into his own world. This is without a doubt truly God's magic!

Even if it's only a six-star card, it's still powerful!

Su Hao's eyes shone.

He knew that although he had given such a wonderful name to this place, in the end, it's still not a real world.

What is a world?


When there are no laws, nothing will be established.

Without laws, there won't be a world.

Only when laws are born in this world will everything here automatically proceed at its pace; prospering and giving birth to new life. At that time, Kingdom of Heaven will truly become a real world!

"There will be such a day!" Su Hao looked at the huge village in front with a prideful expression!

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