Godly Model Creator Chapter 676

677 Opportunity To Breakthrough

The light ray vanished and allowed everyone to be accustomed to the current situation. Art of Rebirth, Su Hao didn't actually possess the true strength of granting someone rebirth, but with the upgrade of the visual effect, it did give people that feeling.


Guess it's a needed improvement, Shi Mingxuan secretly said this in his heart. At this time, he didn't have the energy to keep cursing. Are these people retarded? Of course not! First, they were saved by Su Hao under such desperate circumstances. Second, Su Hao did have the capability, so they're willing to push Su Hao into the position of God!

Whether he's a God or not previously...

He is now!

"If this is to continue developing..." Shi Mingxuan's heart was slightly shaken with shock, "There will be one day where the Federation, no, the whole world to be precise, its logic will all be overwritten by Su Hao!"

As he was thinking about it, a strange aura suddenly soared to the sky. Shi Mingxuan suddenly raised his head to have a look, and he couldn't help but be horrified again. Su Hao actually broke through at this moment!

"I am starting to have a headache."

"Is he going to step into the domain realm?"

Shi Mingxuan was dumbfounded. How long was it since Su Hao stepped into the professional realm? How long was it since he became a peak professional esper? He has hit the requirement to take a step further so soon?


Waves after waves of a strong aura ascended!

Su Hao sat cross-legged. While being bathed by this endless energy, the surrounding energy descended from the sky, channeling into Su Hao's body before flooding the entire Kingdom of Heaven and transforming the newly formed Kingdom of Heaven.

Broke through!

Even Su Hao never thought that he would actually break through at this moment!

In fact, when one thought of it clearly, the route of the professional realm is about talent! Su Hao had managed to achieve his mastery in illusion to the extreme, comprehended Universe Creator, introduced changes to his model world and drastically improved his overall strength! What about now? With Art of Rebirth being perfectly created, creating Kingdom of Heaven and even the addition of one hundred lives living here!

These are huge changes!

The first time Su Hao had such a great scale of changes, Su Hao stepped into level nine coming from a level one professional esper. After cultivating for ten years in the Little Dark Room, he was able to temper himself and then reached the peak. Now, with other changes, Su Hao was about to step into the domain realm!


Yet another wave of aura descended!

Su Hao sat cross-legged and didn't move. Yet, his heart couldn't remain calm.

To break through into the domain realm, this is the dream of countless people. Once one steps into the domain realm, it would be a huge step to be one of the top espers in this world!

This is probably an achievement which many might not be able to experience in their lifetime!


Tian Long Court emphasizes on polishing one's potential, but once one achieves enlightenment and experiences a natural breakthrough, it indicates that one's strength has reached perfection and it has entered the stage where it's necessary to advance.

This is an opportunity which is hard to obtain!

Nobody would pass up such a chance!


Countless waves of aura formed.

Within the sea of consciousness, Kingdom of Heaven is like a giant planet. It became more and more solid as it was being imbued with endless aura. Su Hao used every bit of his strength on this place and actually didn't use even a fraction of the strength to breakthrough!

"Breakthrough, huh?" Su Hao asked himself silently.

He knew that once Kingdom of Heaven is stable and the upgrade is completed, his breakthrough into the domain realm will officially begin. By then, his talents would be destroyed and reformed his domain, and his strength would once again surge!

"Domain... domain..." Su Hao squeezed his fists.

Is it the right time to break through?

Has he really completed his path in virtualization?

Su Hao is now a God. He can break through at any time, but to breakthrough like this, is it truly beneficial for him?


Kingdom of Heaven was just established a while ago.

His mastery in virtualization is not complete yet. How could he move to the domain realm? Su Hao had once deduced that his chance to step into the domain realm would be at the time when he's able to achieve model materialization and is definitely not now! Only when model materialization is achieved will his maximum potential be truly achieved.

Only then would Su Hao have the chance to be the strongest esper.

The professional realm is a special route! Even Senior Wan Cheng who has such strength is still suppressing himself. Could Su Hao want to be weaker than Wan Cheng?

His true potential is far from being displayed!


Space trembled.

Terrifying aura went up to the sky. This time, not only within Kingdom of Heaven, even in the real world, the aura was spreading outwards as Su Hao acted as the center point.

Domain realm, the real breakthrough is about to begin!


Su Hao clenched both hands and shook his head, looking at the sky. The next wave of the domineering aura is about to arrive; however, he made a decision in his heart, "Domain realm, break for me!"


Su Hao's aura suddenly burst out.

This was something which nobody would imagine. Shi Mingxuan, who was still in shock, watched Su Hao experiencing rapid breakthroughs suddenly saw this scene. He was a bit confused at first, but he was quickly dumbfounded because he witnessed Su Hao used every bit of his strength to resist the incoming force!

That's right, resist!

A breakthrough which everyone dreams off, he is actually trying to resist it!

"Insane, this world is crazy..." Shi Mingxuan muttered to himself.

"Rise." Su Hao pointed to the sky.

The entire Kingdom of Heaven appeared, confronting the incoming force! Within the world model, Kingdom of Heaven is like a giant sphere, confronting the aura emerging from the sky!


The sky and earth shook.

Kingdom of Heaven was now experiencing chaos.

However, under such a force, Kingdom of Heaven became more and more solid! The aura which had been absorbed was used to solidify this place even more!

"Break!" Su Hao shouted a word.

Kingdom of Heaven quaked, and the defenses around didn't show any hole. That horrifying aura slowly retreated, gradually turning weaker and eventually into nothingness. Su Hao sat cross-legged while being surrounded by a touch of golden brilliance. It was as if he is a God!

As for those fanatic believers in Kingdom of Heaven, their eyes were filled with nothing but reverence.

This is their God!

Gaoyuan City.

Disciples of Tian Long Court were busy searching for clues which might be left behind. Their families even sent aid to help in exploring the mountain range. As for Wan Cheng, he was still cultivating within the city. Everything seemed to have reverted to normal peaceful times, but nobody would have thought that a terrifying aura would suddenly appear.


The aura spread over a huge area that it caught many people's attention.


"Such a strong aura!"

"Is the beast finally appearing?"

Everyone looked towards the suburban region of Gaoyuan City. Even though they were far away from there, they could still feel it, but everyone quickly reacted.

"This is... this is a breakthrough!"

"Someone is breaking through! It's an opportunity to step into the domain realm!"

"Perhaps it might not be a human. Possibly a breakthrough of a king-level beast into the emperor level!"

"Let's go. We need to have a look!"

In an instant, it was unknown how many auras took off, heading towards the same direction.

Whether it is Wan Cheng or the strong espers from the various families, at this moment, everyone quickly rushed to somewhere within the suburban region. With such speed, a few moments later, everyone arrived at the scene.

However, when they were at the door, everyone was stunned.


This turned out to be a base?

As for those who knew what happened previously here, they felt even more uneasy. This base literally almost destroyed the entire Gaoyuan City, and the same base reappeared!

"Open!" Wan Cheng didn't hesitate.

With a sword, the door was sliced open.

"Go, enter and have a look."

Under Wan Cheng's leadership, with his identity as a professional esper, he actually directed so many domain espers. Everyone glanced at each other before following along.

What's there to be afraid of?

There is a Tian Long Court's disciple on their side!

Plus, there is no world esper here. What's there to be wary of?

Moreover, even if it's a beast, even if it's strong, it's just a newbie stepping into the emperor level. What's there to be afraid of? With so many domain espers on their side, it would be crushed in under a minute.


Everyone followed.

However, even though they were psychologically prepared, when they stepped into the base, everyone was dumbfounded as they stood there motionless.

What did they just witness?

Inside this hall, there was still a strong bloody smell. When they first entered, many were almost choked to death by the odor. As they looked around, they felt even more like fainting.


What's happening here?


There is blood everywhere!


Corpses are everywhere!

When they had a closer look, they saw more than one hundred bodies!

"Over a hundred?" Wan Cheng muttered to himself. Looking at the ruins in front of them, he suddenly thought of something. Gathering a strong aura within his hand, he sent the stones flying. Under the ruins, the real situation was exposed to everyone's eyes, causing many to tremble.

Hundreds of people!


It's actually more than a thousand!

"This is insane!"

"Exactly what happened here?"

"What about the earlier aura?"

After a while, those present managed to regain their senses and managed to suppress the panic in their heart.

At this moment, wave by wave of aura reached them. Within the ruins, layers of illusion were stripped away, revealing a vague figure.

The figure was sitting cross-legged without showing any signs of movement.

"This is..."

"Who is this?"

"Seems to be Su Hao."

"Could it be he's breaking through?"

"Absolutely not! Have a look yourself. His aura is still at the peak of the professional realm. If he is the one who breakthrough earlier, he would have now step[ed into the domain realm."


"Then why is he here? Could it be because he's the first one here, he has obtained some benefits?" Someone voiced out.

"Very likely!"

Greed suppressed fear. If it was really because of a king-level beast failing its breakthrough and Su Hao managed to kill it when it was weak, they would definitely regret it.

"Su Hao, what have you seen?" Someone stepped forward to ask. It was a level two domain esper.

"Yes, you're the first one here. What benefits have you obtained?"

Everyone began to ask.

Wan Cheng just looked at this scene with his usual poker face. However, there was a hint of irony in his mouth. He didn't voice out. Since they noticed that Wan Cheng didn't mind them, they became even more aggressive.

At this moment, Su Hao opened his eyes.


With just a glare!

Nobody dared to voice out again!

What did they just witness?


Endless blood!

Within Su Hao's eyes, his strong murderous intent seemed to have condensed into a world of blood, nearly drowning everyone!

Some of them on the weaker side nearly fainted immediately!


How many people did he kill?!

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