Godly Model Creator Chapter 678

679 Starting Battle In A Bold Fashion


Two waves of boundless aura spread to the surrounding, shaking the entire Gaoyuan City. Countless people raised their head, watching the movement which would destroy the land at any moment. For ordinary people who couldn't cultivate or even professional espers and weaker, this was simply the highest calamity! After all, this is the life in origin ability era.

This is the cruelty of reality.

If you're not strong, you can't control your own destiny. You can only give your own future to others! Now, a confrontation between humans and beasts was unfolding!

This was destined to be a massive scale battle that would be passed down in history.


The aura from the berserk beasts began to wane!

With Wan Cheng as the lead, the aura coming from humans surged. It instantly suppressed this army of beasts without any suspense. Wan Cheng is too strong! Previously, before Su Hao enrolled in the school, Wan Cheng already possessed the strength to kill Emperor Flame Tiger in minutes. What about the current him?

"Roar~!" A loud shout echoed, originating from the roar of a berserk beast.

When humanity just gained a glimmer of an advantage, another powerful aura broke out, coming towards their direction! In this mid-air battle, the aura's target was none other than Wan Cheng.


Yet another clash between two auras!

The clouds in the sky had long dispersed from the clash, leaving behind a clear sky above Gaoyuan City!

It's a tie!

"It's Ping Yang."

Su Hao's look was ugly. When he first captured Ping Yang before, he didn't allow Ping Yang's photos to play a role, thinking that it would be sufficient to contain Ping Yang.

Never did he expect...

Oh well, after all, how could a domain esper with a grade S talent be defeated that easily?

Su Hao could only bitterly smile.

When everyone reached the front gate of Gaoyuan City, they found that Ping Yang was glaring at them with countless berserk beasts. As for the city guards, they had long wet their pants.

The energy ray had been adjusted to the target, yet nobody dared to press the launch button!

This is too much!

Unless they could eliminate all the beasts at once, doing so would only irritate them more. Not to forget, whether this energy ray is effective against those king-level and emperor-level beast is still an unknown. On the other side, Ping Yang proudly sat on the top of a berserk beast.

He didn't need to take the initiative.

He knew who his actual opponents are. He knew that if he defeated Wan Cheng, Su Hao, and their company, Gaoyuan City would be turned into a desolate land.

"Ping Yang, how dare you to be this bold!" Wan Cheng screamed at the top of his lungs, "Leading berserk beasts to destroy a human city, don't you think you have played enough? If you only want the men in black, then I may be able to help you."

"Seems that you all already know."

Ping Yang coldly smirked as his face turned into an evil-looking, "There is no need for that. So what if I kill the men in black? Won't it be better to make this dirty city to vanish from earth? Hahaha!"

Ping Yang laughed out loud, revealing his mad aura.

Now, this is the current him!

A few days ago, when he was at the peak mountain, the unexpected stumble upon a fellow esper with a grade S talent and Su Hao's sudden familiar aura seemed to have brought him back to the past, the time when he was still young, that naive side of his.

However, there is only the current side of Ping Yang remaining!

"Die!" Ping Yang said as he made a flicking action.

Numerous photos dropped down from the air. Each picture had an origin technique sealed inside it. With a wave from Ping Yang, they erupted in mid-air.


Light distorted.

Raging flames rose.

Cold ice descended.


The sky instantly turned colorful. This is the unique ability of space seal. It can temporarily seal other people's origin techniques and then turn them into his weapons. In just one second, dozens of different origin techniques appeared and headed towards the crowd.


"Sky Slash!" Wan Cheng slashed with his sword, destroying all the incoming origin techniques, "Ping Yang, your opponent is me! Let me see how strong a so-called grade S talent is!"

"Storm of Waves!"


Waves after waves appeared, the same trick Wan Cheng used to kill Emperor Flame Tiger reappeared. It was actually stronger and more overwhelming than the previous one!

"Then I will accompany you in this game." Ping Yang smirked, and with a large hand action, he shouted, "Rise!"


The beasts began to move!

Su Hao began to be more alert. Everyone knew that Wan Cheng intercepted Ping Yang but those powerful berserk beasts, only they could stop their march!

Ten emperor-level beasts!

One hundred king-level beasts!

Nobody could guess how that damn Ping Yang obtained so many powerful berserk beasts without them being affected by suppression of geographical disadvantages.

"Why are they not being affected by the suppression?" Lie Shou's facial expression changed slightly, "In the Federation's territory, there has never been an emperor-level beast. The beasts in the mountain range could be considered as a local breakthrough but these..."

"They were probably brought away by Ping Yang." Su Hao quickly figured out this, "Seal the beasts which were breaking through, bring them to the beast domain to finish their breakthrough into the emperor-level and then seal them again. The so-called suppression is completely useless in this case."

Only now did everyone realize this possibility.

It was just that everyone was assuming an ugly look. Those beasts have been suppressed in the human domain for many years. Once they step into the beast domain, naturally the sudden boost would ease their breakthrough! Being able to break through into an emperor-level beast in a short period is obviously natural.

And the most terrifying thing is...

Ping Yang had mastered this technique!

This indicated that if they didn't remove Ping Yang, there would always be an unlimited army of beasts in his hands. This is a threat which cannot be ignored.

"We can only fight!"

Everyone was in a daze, watching the beasts in front of them, as they clenched their fists. Wan Cheng has the confidence but what about them? They just joined Tian Long Court, but never had the luxury of time to cultivate and temper themselves!

Those are emperor-level beasts!

Literally equivalent to a domain esper!

"Just leave them to us."

The strong espers from each family stepped forward. After all, they're true domain espers. Facing against emperor-level beasts, they didn't have fear. Excluding those from the Xue family, the number on their side was no less than ten.


Ten men charged forward to intercept the ten beasts!



All sort of sounds could be heard on this battlefield. As both sides clashed against each other, the aftermath from the clash caused the surrounding boulders to collapse. Even the wall protecting Gaoyuan City began to falter, prompting the guards to flee in fear.


Su Hao took a long breath and looked at the fellow students around him, "Next, it's time for our debut!"

Everyone's facial expression was solemn.

Ping Yang and the emperor-level beasts were able to be stopped, leaving behind those king-level beasts. When compared to those emperor-level beasts, they didn't pale in comparison. After all, it was a total of one hundred beasts! One hundred king-level beasts with strength equivalent to a peak professional esper.


The beasts charged forward in a tide.

Without waiting for Su Hao and the others to attack, the berserk beasts initiated the battle.


Quite a number of these students were panicking.

These beasts are too strong!

After all, they are only peak professional espers. If they are to face one head, two, or even three beasts, they have the confidence to emerge victoriously but...

Ten beasts at once?

They might not even have the chance to escape alive!

"If we can't win, then only death awaits us!" Su Hao coldly said. Raising his head slightly, he looked at the incoming beasts from afar, "One man five beasts, you don't have to kill them. All you have to do is defend. Can you persist?"

"Five beasts?"

Everyone trembled.

They're confident facing three king-level beasts! This is the confidence coming from Tian Long Court's disciples. Even when facing three opponents with similar strength, they had no fear! If they're to face five beasts at once, they definitely couldn't hold on, but if it's just blocking...

"I can try." Wang Suo licked his dry lips, "Everyone is fighting with their lives on stake. If I can't even intercept five beasts, then I won't have the face to meet anyone."

"Me too." Lie Shou's hands were covered in flames, "Five beasts, no problem!"

"I will also give it a try!"

Everyone's spirit was uplifted.

"Great." Su Hao smirked, "You guys, go and stop the beasts on the left. If you can't handle five beasts, then reduce it to four. As for the remaining fifty beasts on the right..."

Su Hao grinned, "Leave them to me!"

Everyone trembled in shock.

Even though they were mentally prepared, when they actually heard Su Hao saying so himself, they still couldn't control the shock in their heart, after all, the enemies they're facing are king-level beasts...

One against fifty?

Even so, nobody doubted Su Hao's strength.

The reason was straightforward. Those three domain espers lying on the mysterious base is the best evidence. Su Hao's strength is without a doubt far ahead of theirs!

When they first came to Gaoyuan City, they had experienced it once.

And now...

With the addition of Wang Suo and Lie Shou on their side!

Su Hao alone was able to withstand eleven of them. Even though they were well aware of the fact that Su Hao is mighty, everyone's heart still couldn't help to be stimulated. For eleven men to intercept fifty berserk beasts, if they couldn't do it, then wouldn't they become the butt of a joke?

"No problem!" Wang Suo answered on the spot.

"Great." Su Hao's eyes squinted for a second, "Then, let's go!"


Xinghe Arrow was shot out!

This blue arrow passed through the beast wave without hurting any beast. Its role was only to divide the beasts!

One half on the left and the other half on the right, fifty each.


The beasts bravely charged towards them. Being shrouded by strong killing intents, Wang Suo, Lie Shou, and their party made a move. All sorts of origin techniques were used as they attempted to stop the incoming beasts. Fifty beasts, none of which were able to break through these eleven men's defenses!

"Great if there are no problems."

Su Hao glanced at them for a second and then sighed in relief. Only then did he divert his attention to his side of fifty beasts. Su Hao still didn't have the strength to face fifty beasts at once. Just by experiencing his godlike state once, these students had too high of an evaluation on him. However, one needs to take note that Su Hao was never alone!

"Let's change the battlefield." Su Hao stood in front of the fifty berserk beasts, "Universe Creator!"


A wave of unexpected aura swept across the surroundings!

Su Hao and the beasts were all standing still as the strange aura covered them!

Zero movement!

Those who saw this scene were stunned.

Su Hao has a terrifying mastery in illusion and also possesses a strong illusion technique. These facts were well known to everyone, but never would they have imagined him to use it on fifty king-level beasts at once!

What a domineering move this is!

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