Godly Model Creator Chapter 679

680 To Capture

"This is..."


"Su Hao actually trapped all the beasts in his illusion?"

"This is too terrifying! There are fifty king-level beasts! If every beast is to attack at once, how could any illusion withstand them?"

"Not sure. However, Su Hao's illusion seemed to be different."

Everyone looked at each other.


Forcing a berserk beast, which attempted to cross their defensive line, to retreat, Wang Suo looked grave, "We don't need to kill them or else we wouldn't last long! Save your energy as much as possible. Since Su Hao can face fifty beasts by himself, we must not fall at this stage. Keep persisting!"

Wang Suo resolutely gave words of encouragement.

The fire in everyone's heart ignited, and their actions were more serious than before.

At the same time, on Su Hao's side, all the king-level beasts had been brought into Kingdom of Heaven. The fifty berserk beasts landed.

"Fellow brothers, come out and receive our guests!"

Everyone in Kingdom of Heaven was dispatched.

Shi Mingxuan and Blue Dream Butterfly excitedly rushed over!

After having to repeat the training life daily, whenever Su Hao brings someone in here, it would be their method of entertainment. Every time they see someone new, they would get excited. However, this time, the number of beasts entered here was a bit on the higher side.


Everyone in Kingdom of Heaven was dispatched.


After his men joined the action, Su Hao inspected from the side and was stunned for a second because, among those men, the men in black were engaged in the battle too!

"What happened?" Su Hao was clueless about this situation.

"Utilization of trash men." Shi Mingxuan continued in a playful tone, "No matter what they are still domain espers. Even without their domains, their strength isn't half bad. If they were punished to death, wouldn't that be a waste? So, I provided them with a way to reduce their crimes by fighting any enemies that appear in here."

"This is also possible?" Su Hao wiped off his beads of sweat.

"At first, it was not possible." Shi Mingxuan played it down, "However, when they were in prison, after my fruitful negotiation with them and rewarding them with a nice meal, they finally agreed."

"You managed to do so?" Su Hao rolled his eyes. He still remembered that Shi Mingxuan was just an ordinary teacher. In fact, the first time they met, Shi Mingxuan's domain was only half-baked.

"Well, I am sure you are well aware that before this world model turned into Kingdom of Heaven, it was extremely boring." Shi Mingxuan shrugged his shoulder, "Thus, after spending a long time here, I have even mastered things I am not good at."

"..." Su Hao grabbed his forehead speechless.

However, after hearing this from Shi Mingxuan did Su Hao inspect Kingdom of Heaven's strength for the first time. These 100 people who were previously captured, they are all professional espers! As for the men in black, there are a total of 60 peak professional espers! Not to forget those three men engaging in battle right now are domain espers!

Shi Mingxuan and Blue Dream Butterfly weren't counted...

With these men, it is more than enough to kill these beasts!

"What a great surprise." Su Hao coldly smiled, "If this is the case, then accompany these beasts! Surround and subdue them to be used as your mounts."

"A king-level beast as a mount?"

Everyone was motivated.


Three domain espers!

Sixty peak professional espers!

One hundred professional espers with a variety of levels!

Plus, even Shi Mingxuan and Blue Dream Butterfly joined the fun, this battle was unexpectedly smooth.

Five minutes, in merely five minutes, all the beasts were brutally beaten.

The scale of these men's ferocity even gave Su Hao goosebumps. Isn't it just a mount? Is there a need to be this crazy?

Obviously, Su Hao didn't think that because of the confrontation between humans and beasts, as well as restrictions from the Federation's rules, while in Federation's territory, everyone can forget about having a beast as a mount!

Even if there are mounts, their strength would be limited to the specialized realm.

But now?


These are not ordinary beasts, but ones with wisdom. To have such a mount is unimaginable!

How could they not be excited?

"Thank you, Lord."

The burly man led the crowd to tie up these beasts which had been beaten blue and black. They planned to slowly tame these beasts in the future. As for the men in black, they could only watch while gulping their saliva.

They understood their current position and standing. For Su Hao, not killing them is already giving them enough face.

If they wished to clear their bad deeds, they could only continue to achieve meritorious deeds!

The burly man began leading the people to take these beasts away, but a problem quickly arose. They had a total of one hundred people, but only fifty beasts in their grasp. It's not enough for everyone!

There is no way to distribute a beast to everyone!

If Ping Yang, who was currently fighting outside heard these words, he would probably vomit blood out of anger!

He had been working with all his might for several years before managing to accumulate these beasts for his revenge. In the end, these beasts ended up being captured by Su Hao to be used as pets...

Is there anything more ironic than this?

"There is no need to worry." Su Hao casually waved his hand, "More will come."

With these words of his, everyone's eyes lit up. Even the men in black were looking at Su Hao with a hopeful expression. Although they are in a lower position, if more beasts are captured, it might not necessarily be that they wouldn't have a portion of the pie.


Su Hao's figure disappeared again.

In front of the city gate, the fight was still ongoing!

Ping Yang and Wan Cheng were confronting each other in the air. Even when one is a level one domain esper while the latter is a peak professional esper, the strength shown by both had already exceeded level three domain espers!

This was a battle which had surpassed many levels!

Both were evenly matched. As for the emperor level beasts which were being confronted by ten domain espers, they were currently in an extremely dire situation.

The skin of beasts is thick; this is an obvious fact.

When both sides clashed in close quarters, the strength of one's body is a factor that would greatly influence victory and defeat. In just a few minutes, the beasts already enjoyed an absolute advantage.


A domain esper was blasted away.

He couldn't hold on much longer!

However, there was nobody to help him. Even the other nine domain espers weren't in a great spot either. If this continues, nobody will escape the fate of being killed by the beasts.

"What about the students?" He subconsciously looked away and suddenly smiled bitterly.

It's the end...

It's true, how could he count on the students?

Su Hao is confronting fifty beasts alone. Whether he is alive or not is unknown! As for the other eleven students, they are facing fifty beasts. Their battle didn't look great either. One could already see the wounds and scars on their bodies. It was just that each one of them was gritting their teeth and insisting on continuing.

"It's over for us."

His heart skipped a beat.

Even knowing that this battle wouldn't be a great one, he never expected it to be this bad! From Ping Yang to emperor-level beasts to king-level beast, these three battlefields, neither one of their sides were gaining advantages!

"I have never imagined that I would die here..." He smiled bitterly.


An additional blood mark appeared on his body.

"I can't hold on any longer."

Followed by a sigh, he saw no hope in winning this battle. The strength exerted from his hands were getting weaker as the battle continued.

"I guess this is it..."

"If I lose, so be it."

His eyesight was getting blurry. He couldn't persist any longer, and his heart was about to give up. At this very moment, a soft sound rang in his ears, causing him to awaken. It was such a faint sound, but as he kept listening to it, it felt like the peaceful sound of nature!

As he subconsciously raised his head, he was completely stunned.


Energy fluctuated, and Su Hao returned from his illusion.

Looking at the dozens of beasts in front of him, Su Hao smirked. With a wave of his hand, an origin technique was released, "Dark Moon!"

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer; Su Hao directly used the first part of the attack.


A dark moon emerged, traversing in a beautiful trajectory in the air, slashing every beast in its path. All the beasts were killed in an instant!

After losing consciousness, those bodies were merely shells!

As long as the shells are destroyed, the consciousness of these beasts would have no place to return to, and could only remain in Kingdom of Heaven forever!

And it was such a coincidence.

When the domain esper had another look, he happened to witness this scene, scaring him until his jaw dropped.

One strike to kill fifty king-level beasts?

Are you teasing me?

Looking at Su Hao, who easily killed fifty king-level beasts like cutting vegetables, the hand of this esper suddenly shook...

Who is the one that is supposedly a domain esper?


After Su Hao finished his job, he had a quick glance around the battlefield to assess the situation. It seemed that it wasn't optimistic. Looking at Lie Shou, Wang Suo, and the others struggling, he rushed over to their side without any hesitation.

"Leave them to me."


Lie Shou and the others were busy engaging in this fierce battle. Suddenly, their pace was caught off guard by these words. When they turned around to look at the speaker, all they saw was a sea of bodies.

Every student was dumbstruck by this.

How many minutes was it since the battle began?

Now, these beasts are all dead?

This is absurd!

"Don't waste time. Your family's seniors aren't in great shape." Su Hao calmly pointed out. Only then did they realize that their family's domain espers were in a pinch, being brutally dominated by the emperor-level beasts.

"These beasts, just leave them to me. Go help your seniors deal with the emperor-level beasts. Remember, just aid them from the sidelines. Don't accidentally get caught in the main fight." Su Hao quickly gave his instructions.


Everyone looked at each other and immediately left this line of defense for the other battlefield. As for these fifty beasts which no longer had anyone to interrupt them, they happily charged forward.

Su Hao just stared at them coldly.


Universe Creator!


The scene changed.

"Your mounts are here. Fellow brothers, let's go!"

"Our Lord is so formidable!"

Su Hao who had just come in suddenly had his face turn black.

Damn you!

When he turned his head around to have a look, he saw those mounts, no, he meant the powerful berserk beasts, being besieged by several men. No matter how powerful those beasts are, they failed to show their full potential and eventually got suppressed by the men.

A few minutes later, all the beasts were beaten up.

Yet another fifty beasts joined Kingdom of Heaven. A smile could be seen within Su Hao's eyes. With these beasts joining, the strength of Kingdom of Heaven would rise again.

However, just when the battle ended, the burly man came forward to complain.

"Lord, is there any more beast?" The burly man asked in a pitiful tone.

"Huh, I thought there is already one hundred of them?" Su Hao was curious.

"But... but Sir Shi Mingxuan snatched one away. So we only have ninety-nine beasts here. After we finished distributing them, I am left without one." The burly man said as he felt wronged.

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