Godly Model Creator Chapter 68

Gmc Chapter 68

Chapter 0068 You have slept with my daughter?

Piao Ling Organization?

Yang Ziqing was obviously shocked at this. It was an organization with countless killers, strange and vicious. You wouldnt be able to catch the killer alive and no body was left when they were dead. Once in contact with the body decomposing liquid, the person would disappear into nothingness. Plus, there were cases where the liquid was used on living humans.

Piao Ling Organizationsuch ruthless moves! A killing intent flashed for a moment in Yang Ziqings eyes, Since youre working in such way, then dont blame me for being ruthless!

At this moment, Yang Ziqings whole body was full of a murderous aura. Su Haos mind turned cold. This murderous aura was even thicker than his. Teacher Yang..was she really just an ordinary high school teacher?

On the way home.

Looking at the little loli that was sleeping soundly, Yang Ziqing looked at Su Hao, Thanks.

No problem, this was my job after all. Su Hao laughed, I believe anyone who accepted this task would accomplish this.

Yang Ziqing shook her head: This isnt something simple. Besides you, nobody would be that attentive. Usually when Zixi isnt besides me, its hard to get her to sleep. But, looking at her face now, it seems that you two got along pretty well these past two days.

Well, shes well behaved. Su Hao said so while going against his will.

Pu ~ Yang Ziqing instantly laughed, Its alright. How couldnt I understand my own daughter?

Su Hao laughed it off, thinking of what Teacher Yang said just now,She usually doesnt sleep this well?

Not that. Yang Ziqing shook her head, Its just that she would look at who the person was. Only when with those whom she trusts would she be able to sleep well. Otherwise, she wouldnt sleep the whole night and only take a nap at school, because at school her safety was pretty much guaranteed.

Su Hao:

Is that so?

But it seemed like every night, once the little loli was in her bed, she would be dreaming until the next morning. After all, children get tired easily and were able to sleep well easily. However, since Teacher Yang had said so, he felt something wasnt right.

So she trusts you. Yang Ziqing smiled as she looked at his expression, Dont judge her young age. Her sense is even better than mine sometimes. When theres a sign of trouble surrounding her, shell react.

That smart? Su Hao exclaimed. Never had he thought that this little loli had such a feature.

Of course. Yang Ziqing laughed, How did you find out about the Piao Ling Organizations killer?

That time, I saw a flash from the rearview mirror Su Hao recalled back to the moment when Yang Ziqing suddenly broke his train thought, That flashcould it be

Yang Ziqing touched the pocket of the little loli. An ultra small flashlight was brought out. It was as small as an ordinary key, just that on its body there were several switches, representing different grades of light.


Su Haos mind was blown!

He was also wondering, with the skills of Piao Ling Organization, how could the killers reveal themselves? With an invisible car, how foolish were they to give out their position with a flash of light?

Never had he thought that the one who warned him at that time was the little loli herself! Obviously, the little loli noticed the approaching danger and she alerted Su Hao with her flashlight.

Moreover, when they were on the way to airport, when he was wary and clueless of the killers next step, the little loli reminded him, the sun in the sky, the floating white clouds..


From beginning to end, it was the little loli who reminded him!

Su Hao was shocked, If she noticed, then why didnt she tell me?

Would you believe then? Yang Ziqing asked.

Su Hao didnt know how to reply. True enough, if there was a cute little loli informing you that there was a killer nearby, would you believe it? A kids word?

Su Hao thought for a moment. If it was any other, he wouldnt believe it, but this little loli..

I would believe it! Su Hao confidently nodded, Better be safe than never. If Zixi does warn me, Id definitely check it.

Yang Ziqing laughed, That must be the reason Zixi trusts you.


Su Hao murmured to himself. When he recalled, he noticed one problem. The little loli was never afraid of anything! Not even once!

Whether it was at home or at the police station, although the little loli seemed to act heartless, she was never afraid. In the interrogation room, when he was making his move, she was able to act independently and locked the room from the inside, causing the policemen outside to not be able to enter. This proved that she had a sharp intuition.

You dont have to think too much about it. Sometimes, her alertness is even better than mine, let alone yours. Yang Ziqing smiled as she looked at her sleeping daughter, This child, she has followed me when I roam around. She has seen many things and also experienced them. Seems that Ive made her suffer.

Su Hao was silent.

In the end, what kind of experience had she gone through that could make a thirteen year old little loli remain calm? Killings, explosions, all the events these few days were all thrilling, yet she was able to keep calm all the time.

Was it due to her absolute trust in him, or an indifferent feeling on life and death?

Su Hao wasnt clear.

Looking at this sleeping little loli, he suddenly had a heartache.

When he sent the little loli back home and wished farewell to Teacher Yang, Su Hao was ready to go back. However, the little loli suddenly grabbed him.

Youre awake? Su Hao looked at that sleepy face on the little loli.

Strange uncle, why not you leave tomorrow instead? The little loli looked at Su Hao with her big, moist eyes.

Su Hao bitterly smiled and looked at Yang Ziqing.

Yang Ziqing laughed: Once you leave, itll be hard to predict when you two will meet again. Better appreciate the opportunity and accompany her more.

Su Hao looked at the little loli, thinking of her numerous warnings, Alright then!


The little loli suddenly got excited. Her sleepy and confused state seemed to disappear. Su Hao bitterly smiled; he had been cheated again.

Yang Ziqing prepared their meal. Having the honor to enjoy Teacher Yangs cooking skills, he had to admit that.the little loli was right. If compared, his cooking was really hard to swallow.

At night, Su Hao was in a dilemma on where to sleep. Teacher Yang looked at him indifferently, My house only has two rooms. My room or Zixis room, which one are you going to choose?

Su Hao:

Can I choose the living rooms sofa? Su Hao weakly replied.

So many things happened today, she must be very sad. After all, shes just thirteen years old.

With an emotional tone, she continued, Such a small child, and yet she has no father to accompany her. She..

Alright then. Su Hao also felt sorry about this, Ill go accompany her then.

Then Ill have to trouble you. Yang Ziqing said, Remember to cover her with quilt when shes asleep.

After that, Yang Ziqing went straight back to her room. Su Hao suddenly regained his sense and reacted..

Damn it!

Ive been cheated yet again!

This mother and daughter are exactly the same, dont you think so?!

Always cheating the same person, is that fun? Is that interesting? Su Hao didnt ask, because he knew Yang Ziqing wouldnt hesitate to tell him that its interesting

Walking into the little lolis room, Su Hao didnt feel anything as it had been his routine to throw the little loli on her bed these two days. It was just that this time, he himself voluntarily entered.

The little lolis mental state was stable. There was no effect on her at all from the events that happened today.

However, Su Hao gave her a good talk for not informing him about the danger. The little loli curled her lip, You, as an adult, still want to haggle with a child?

Well, this time shes a child..

Accompanying the little loli, they chatted for a long time before lying on the bed to sleep.

The next morning.

Su Hao opened his eyes and saw the little loli, wearing a thin pyjamas, lying on his body. Her still under developed chest was sticking on him. Plus, she kept moving her hips unconsciously.

Hey brat, get up. If you still shake around, Ill kick you out! Su Hao snappily said. Noticing that the little loli was still not awake, only then did he helplessly get her off him, before getting up from bed.

After placing the little lolis quilt down, Su Hao went to the living room. Yang Ziqing had already prepared breakfast for them.

Ar, youre awake?

En. Teacher Yang is so early. Su Hao laughed.

Yea, but be honest to me. What do you think about my beloved daughter? Yang Ziqing smiled as she looked at Su Hao.

Zixi? Very beautiful. In high school, shell be among the top beauties. Su Hao replied bluntly.

Then.what do you think about these two days being together with her? Yang Ziqings eyes went narrow.

Only then did Su Hao notice. A burst of horror was felt in his mind. Damn, it couldnt be. Teacher Yang still hadnt given up on selling her daugher?

Hmmphh hmmphhh, after enjoying your meal and wiping your mouth, you already want to leave? Yang Ziqing looked at him coldly, Su Hao, after all, last night you slept with my daughter!

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