Godly Model Creator Chapter 680

681 Total Oppression

Su Hao facepalmed, speechless.

Damn you Shi Mingxuan! As a domain esper, you actually went and snatched something from a group of juniors. What thick face he has... Su Hao turned his head and happened to see Shi Mingxuan easily conquering a beast and riding it around the village.

This shameless bastard...

Su Hao truly despised him. Then, he suddenly thought of something. With a smile, he looked at the burly man, "No rush, later I will give you a surprise."

After finishing his words, Su Hao vanished.

In front of the city gate, he had returned!

Su Hao used Dark Moon without hesitation, killing all the beasts! Severing the beasts' only link with reality! It felt like a long period of time had passed while in Kingdom of Heaven, but only a few minutes passed in the real world.

Su Hao looked up.

In the air, two powerful auras were confronting with each other. In fact, Su Hao couldn't even see the two people's figures. However, he knew without a doubt that Wan Cheng had been dragged into Ping Yang's domain. Ping Yang's talent is space control; thus his domain would be filled with all sorts of spatial distortions that normal people wouldn't be able to sense.

The only thing that made one realize it was a heated battle between them was the endless wave of aura being released.

This was the confrontation between two elite geniuses.

Su Hao shifted his gaze to the battle in front of him. However, when he glanced at it, Su Hao was stunned.

They were still being suppressed!

Ten domain espers plus eleven peak professional espers were overwhelmed by ten emperor-level beasts. After Su Hao had a closer observation, he could only smile bitterly. The gap was too huge!

Each beast was covered with some sort of strange aura which is their domain. In this case of two against one, humans could only resort to defending themselves.

"These are definitely not ordinary beasts."

Su Hao had a quick glance. Not every beast was innately powerful. For so many powerful ones to gather in one place, Ping Yang must have spent a lot of effort to find them. Each beast here is very rare and hard to find.

"Hehe." Su Hao smiled sinisterly.

So what if he's strong? Now all the rewards will belong to Su Hao.

Su Hao quietly went over there and found that Lie Shou and a domain esper were confronting a beast which looked like a lion. It was madly roaring, forcing those two back. Su Hao's eyes lit up. When the lion forced them to take more steps backward...

He made a move.

"Universe Creator!"


The lion's consciousness was taken away. Meanwhile, its body which was preparing to roar suddenly turned soft. Su Hao quickly charged forward, pushing Lie Shou and the domain esper away. After leaving behind a sentence, he hurriedly returned to Kingdom of Heaven, "Don't touch it or else the stimulus will awaken it."


Su Hao sat cross-legged and didn't move, leaving behind the confused domain esper and Lie Shou, "This... What's happening?"

The beast didn't move, and neither did Su Hao. A strange aura shrouded both of them, isolating Lie Shou and the domain esper outside.

"Illusion barrier!"

Lie Shou instantly recognized it with a glance, "When he uses his illusion, it would be the moment when he's the strongest. In fact, he might be able to get rid of the beast. Big Brother Lie Feng, quickly recover your energy."

"What you mean by he might be able to?" That domain esper named Lie Feng smirked, "You trust him this much? He's just a mere peak professional esper. Now, it's our best chance to make a move!"

"This lion has entered his illusion. As long as I attack it now, it will definitely die from eating my attack. As long as I use my best origin technique, it would definitely suffer serious damage even if it's not dead!" Lie Feng excitedly said.

"You can't!" Lie Shou quickly vetoed, "Su Hao already mentioned that if we attack it, it will awaken! Su Hao will be able to kill it in the illusion without us having to make a move."

"Humph, I don't believe him." Lie Feng sneered, "Since the beast is trapped in the illusion, now is the best chance!"

"You can't!" Lie Shou continued in a serious tone, "Even if it's now in an illusion, Su Hao is the one who is making it dazed. We have fought it for so long and were beaten badly. In fact, there is no chance of winning. The moment when Su Hao arrived, we instantly gained the upper hand. How could you still not figure it out yet?"

"Humph, that's because two men became three men!" Lie Feng was being direct, watching Lie Shou trying to block him, he roared furiously, "Get lost! If we don't kill it now, when the beast kills Su Hao and awakens later, it will be too late!"

Lie Shou didn't say anything but stood firmly in front of the illusion barrier.

"Damn it! Who exactly is your brother here?" Lie Feng's face was extremely ugly, "Humph, since you want to guard him, then keep guarding him. I want to see what kind of miracle he can make!"

Lie Shou bitterly smiled.

How could it turn out like this?

After all, Su Hao and them were here to help!

These people were actually still thinking of gaining credits. Is it by killing an enemy with domain esper's strength that one's points will skyrocket?

No matter what, this is still a battle!

To reduce a battle of life and death into this drama is very sad indeed!

Lie Shou clenched his fists and looked at Su Hao who was inside the illusion barrier. Su Hao, can you really get rid of this emperor-level beast?


In Kingdom of Heaven, the people in Kingdom of Heaven were busy trying to tame their own beast. As for the burly man, he could only watch them with the eyes of beggars. Out of nowhere, he noticed that the sky was undergoing changes, shaking abruptly. Another berserk beast fell, and his eyes instantly lit up. He quickly rushed forward in ecstasy, but when the burly man was just getting close.


He was flying with a kick.


A roar echoed in the entire Kingdom of Heaven.

Everyone looked over in that direction. At this moment, the burly man finally understood what Su Hao meant earlier. Emperor-level beast, he actually planned to make such a beast into a mount!

"I am stupid!" Shi Mingxuan was stunned.

Looking at the beast roaring in front of them and then shift his gaze at the king-level beasts which was shivering underneath its aura, he suddenly felt that his standard had dropped by many grades.


If I knew there would be an emperor-level beast, why would I get so impatient?

"Charge, charge, charge!"

"It's mine!"

Everyone's eyes turned red as they charged forward.

The beast, which was satisfied with its earlier action, suddenly felt something change around it. Before it managed to react, it saw a group of people rushing towards it, scaring the hell out of it.

What is this place?

Who are they?

The beast roared, yet it clearly saw at least four domain espers within the men, charging at it! This isn't something its current strength, as an emperor-level beast, can deal with.

After reaching the emperor-level, it already considered itself intelligent. Although this beast wasn't that intelligent, at least it knew what is dangerous!


The beast quickly ran away, but how could it escape from these fanatic men with bloodshot eyes?


Before managed to run over one hundred meters, this beast already got itself beaten into a pulp. Even Su Hao was stunned watching this scene. After all, it's an emperor-level beast!

Too bad...

It had to face numerous domain espers at once.

If not for the barrier trapping the towering tree, it would have rushed here. Just like that, Su Hao watched this scene of an emperor-level beast being beaten and painfully screaming, and Shi Mingxuan's excitement echoing within Kingdom of Heaven.

This scene really made Su Hao have cold sweat.

Two minutes!

Zero suspense!

This emperor-level beast fell on its legs!

Compared to the previous fifty king-level beasts, this was even faster! However, that burly man quickly went to Su Hao again with a wronged look.

"Lord, is there any more beasts?"

"Huh?" Su Hao wiped off his sweat, "I thought I just captured an emperor-level beast?"

"Teacher Shi Mingxuan snatched it away..." The burly man answered in a pitiful tone.

Su Hao, "..."

Raising his head, he saw Shi Mingxuan riding on that beast, working hard to tame it. Su Hao no longer had any energy to retort. Old man, even if you want meat, can't you leave others some soup? You just snatched one beast away earlier, and after realizing a better one arrived, you went and snatched it again...

"Every man has face." Su Hao sighed, "But this man has no face, and he's better dead."


"Rest assured." Su Hao waved his hand with confidence, "There a few more coming, just get ready to welcome them."

"Thanking Lord for your grace!"


Back in the real world, Lie Shou and Lie Feng were still clashing with words, "My little brother, you still don't want to step aside? If you insist on doing so, then don't blame me later."

"Little brother?" Lie Shou sneered, "Stop trying to use our relations. We are separated by many generations of cousins. The clan head sent you here to aid me, not to gain profit."

"Hehe, the mission to support you is already completed the moment you joined Tian Long Court." Lie Feng smirked, "As for the current mission, it's issued by Wan Cheng under the Federation's name. By killing one emperor-level beast, the Federation will definitely reward me well."

"After I kill this beast, we split half among ourselves, what do you say?"

Greed could be seen within Lie Feng's eyes.

"What a joke." Lie Shou coldly stared at him, "You have lived long enough. I believe you know how strong Su Hao is. Can you cope with him later? Could it be that you have forgotten those three domain espers' bodies?"

"Those three were merely level one domain espers. Stop comparing them with me!"

Lie Feng smirked, "Little brother, you want to stop me, but you seemed to have forgotten that you're not my opponent! If not for me giving face to the family's head..."

"Get lost!"


A flame suddenly appeared. Lie Shou would have never thought that Lie Feng actually made his move. In an instant, Lie Shou quickly activated his defensive origin technique. However, the flame went passed him, rushing towards the beast.

"How dare you!"

Lie Shou didn't forget Su Hao's explanation. He immediately rushed forward, but his speed wasn't enough to match the flame's.

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