Godly Model Creator Chapter 681

682 Ping Yang's Secret


Both eyes of Lie Feng shone. Just when his flame was about to reach the beast, he saw a white light flash.

Suddenly, the beast was split into two!

It died immediately!

As for the flame, it quickly passed through the gap between the beast, landing behind it and forming a giant pothole.

"This is..."

Both of them were at a daze. Before they reacted, Su Hao already returned. Light flashed within both of his eyes. If he did not wake up in time after using the dark moon, Lie Feng probably would have killed this beast. In fact, Su Hao didn't even contribute that much. What triggered him was...


They are currently in the middle of a battle!

How many people are risking their lives out there?

To seek out one's own interest is not wrong, but if it disrupts other people's plans, it would be unacceptable. Plus, if he was really interrupted earlier, the beast's consciousness will likely return to its body. By then, all his hard work would be meaningless!

"Damn it!" Su Hao stared at Lie Feng with strong killing intent.

"I knew it! That beast no longer had any strength. Even without your attack, I could still easily kill it." Lie Feng smirked, "You as a peak professional esper actually dare to confront an emperor-level beast. You must have noticed it was weak and tried to gain the benefits of finishing it off yourself."

"Moron." Su Hao glanced at him for a second and was too lazy to bother with him, "After the battle ends, I will find you to calculate this debt."

"Kid, how dare you to be this arrogant..."

Lie Feng was thinking of giving Su Hao a lesson, but Su Hao just gave him a stare, playing it down, "If you want to make a move, do it now. After all, I am now a disciple of Tian Long Court. Also, regarding what you did earlier, I will report it to Senior Wan Cheng later."

Lie Feng's hands trembled upon hearing this.

Disciple of Tian Long Court... Yes, how could he forget these students had officially joined Tian Long Court a few days ago?! Darn it, Lie Feng secretly cursed in his heart. Watching Su Hao leave, he hesitated for a while and ended up not taking any action. That scene of Wan Cheng massacring Xue Sheng two days ago was still deeply imprinted in his heart.

"Little rabbit, I will calculate this debt with you later."

"Daddy doesn't believe that Wan Cheng will be able to protect you forever."

Lie Feng gritted his teeth as he continued to curse in his heart.

Lie Shou could only shake his head helplessly, looking at Lie Feng's appearance. No wonder after how many years he had contributed to the family, Lie Feng still couldn't manage to land himself a core position. For just some small profit, he actually resorted to such means?! Did he really think that the others were blind?

After all, a mud wall will never stand tall!

As this thought flashed past his mind, Lie Shou quickly followed Su Hao to help the others.

The fall of one emperor-level beast had caught the others' attention. Finally, they could have a sigh of relief. Su Hao quickly located a beast and headed straight for it. Directing the two espers who were confronting the beast to retreat, he once again used his Universe Creator to drag the beast's consciousness into his world.

One loud explosion echoed.

Su Hao and the beast were both still.

Those two men who confronted the beast earlier were stunned. After fighting it for so long, they were aware of how strong this beast is. How could he easily control the pace of this battle with just a single move? When Lie Shou explained that the beast was trapped in an illusion and they're not to be disturbed, these two immediately went to help another pair.

"Sure enough, there are all sorts of people in this world." Lie Shou sighed.

However, this time, Su Hao didn't make him wait for a long time.

Two minutes later, Su Hao returned from his world and easily killed this beast. Once again, his action caught the attention of everyone on the battlefield.

This is too quick and easy!

In just five minutes, he actually managed to destroy two beasts?

With a wave, one beast would fall. Everyone could clearly see this with their eyes. To be able to kill these beasts that easily, there is only one possibility. While in the illusion, Su Hao forced the foe's consciousness into a pitiful state that even basic resistance is not possible.

"What strength is that?!"

"If he is given time, he could be another Wan Cheng!"

"The times are indeed different."

All the domain espers present could only bitterly smile.

However, nobody refused Su Hao's aid.

Two minutes, one beast fell. There is literally no delay. These emperor-level beasts were just like helpless rabbits waiting to be hunted by Hunter Su Hao.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Hao took down all the remaining emperor-level beasts.

No suspense!

"We won?" A domain esper said at a loss.

"I think so." Another domain esper replied, uncertain with what he just witnessed.

They risked their lives in this battle, and they almost got wiped out by these beasts. Yet, Su Hao just casually waved his hand and sent the beast to its death one at a time.

Everyone was horrified.

Having seen this, they couldn't help but admit that Su Hao, this disciple of Tian Long Court, is extremely strong! In fact, he could even skip realms and challenge domain espers!


When Su Hao returned again, there was no longer any enemy beasts left!

Every beast is now dead!

"Done." Su Hao took a sigh.

Excluding Ping Yang, all the enemies that attempted to invade Gaoyuan City were all brought into Kingdom of Heaven. In the others' eyes, it should be that Su Hao massacred all the beasts! It seemed easy, but God knows how much energy he had to consume to achieve this feat. How could an emperor-level beast be that easy to drag into Kingdom of Heaven?

Universe Creator; its consumption is too great.

The reason it seemed easy was because these beasts are basically strong physically, but not great in mental strength. Having unlocked their wisdom not long ago, how could they resist Su Hao's Universe Creator?

Level two domain espers; that should be his current limit.

Su Hao made an estimation.

Universe Creator, to him, its role was only to change the battlefield. Too bad, everyone here thought that they would face Su Hao one on one, but in reality he wasn't alone!

Standing up leisurely, Su Hao took a glance at those domain espers without any fear in his eyes.

When he first returned to Gaoyuan City, he was powerless in confronting Xue Sheng. However now, if he is to encounter a domain esper like Xue Sheng, Su Hao was very confident that he would be victorious. This is the absolute confidence coming from the recent boost in strength!

The establishment of Kingdom of Heaven!

His breakthrough in strength!

The addition of the berserk beasts!


Su Hao's current strength, even he wasn't sure how many times has it multiplied!

"It's about time to end..." Su Hao raised his head.

In the air, one could only hear the intense sounds from the clashes, indicating the battle was getting more and more intense. Obviously, this battle between Ping Yang and Wan Cheng had escalated to the final stage!

"Su Hao."

Those domain espers came over to his side with blood stains all over their clothes.


The students also joined the group. Only Lie Feng was standing distantly with a pale expression. Biting his teeth, he did not dare approach the group. Just a moment ago, he was happily mocking Su Hao. Never would he imagine that Su Hao is actually this strong. He might be stupid, but not brain dead.

With Su Hao's strength, if he wishes to kill Lie Feng, won't that be too easy? Watching the crowd gather, Lie Feng hesitated for a moment before joining them.

Biting his teeth, he steeled himself and said, "Su Hao, I..."

"Forget about it."

Su Hao looked at the bloodstains on his body, "Today's battle, you did contribute. However, that situation, I never want to see it again."

Lie Feng looked at Su Hao's uncaring attitude and went sullen. So, he didn't even bother with this. However, inexplicably, his heart felt relieved.

After all...

That scene of Su Hao taking the lives of berserk beasts like a grim reaper was still fresh in his mind.


Lie Shou knew that Su Hao was giving him some face. Otherwise, based on Su Hao's personality and current strength, Lie Feng would have disappeared long ago.


The sudden quake in the air surprised everyone. Auras originating from two different sources became stronger and stronger, indicating the conclusion was about to appear.


The cracks within space kept growing.

A figure was bombarded out from the space. When everyone had a careful look, they were instantly happy. Ping Yang! The one who got flew out turned out to be Ping Yang!


The sealed space shattered.

Wan Cheng came out from in an awe-inspiring manner, stunning everyone. This battle had already been decided! However, Wan Cheng's strength still shocked them.

He's too terrifying!

What kind of strength does Ping Yang have?

A domain esper with a grade S talent is never weak! As for Wan Cheng? He's just a peak professional esper. He's still a disciple of Tian Long Court, yet the strength he displayed was out of this world.

"I never thought Tian Long Court would have someone like you." Ping Yang slowly stood up.

"You still have the strength to continue?" Wan Cheng was obviously surprised. The difficulty of this battle had far exceeded his expectations. Even though he was able to achieve victory, it was still a close one. After that fight, his energy reserves literally emptied out, yet Ping Yang still stood up!

Ping Yang ignored him and looked around.

The land was full of beast carcasses.

From king-level beasts to emperor-level beasts, each of them became corpses! His years of hard work had turned into nothing! As his gaze swept across the battlefield, his eyes stopped on the only man here who he still couldn't see through, Su Hao.

"Seems that I have still underestimated you." Ping Yang calmly said, but from the way he carried himself, it seemed that he still has some surprises left.

"Just stop it here." Wan Cheng looked at him, "The Federation will deal with your matter especially."

"Special?" Ping Yang smirked, "I will use my own means to deal with it."


"I have experienced many battles which is much worse than this one." Ping Yang raised his head, revealing his grin, "However, each time, the last one standing is me."


Wan Cheng's pupils constricted, "All the beasts which you sealed have been destroyed, and you suffered serious injury from me. How much strength can you still use?"

"Hehe." Ping Yang's facial expression looked a little weird, "Soon, you will know."


Energy surged.

Endless energy circulated around Ping Yang. When Wan Cheng saw this, his eyes revealed a confused look, "Something is wrong. There isn't much energy left in him. To use waste his remaining energy like this. What's his goal?"

Even the others were cluelessly watching this scene.

Ping Yang's last sentence made them feel uneasy. The final struggle of a domain esper with a grade S talent is not something one could imagine, but what's with this scene in front of him?

"What's he doing?"

"Not sure, could it be a killer move?"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Right now, Su Hao looked at this scene but seemed to have thought of something, "Ping Yang... Grade S talent... Li Tiantian... Blue Dream Butterfly... Experiment... Could it be..."

Su Hao's face abruptly changed, "Quickly evade!"

A loud shout subconsciously caused them to take a few steps back. With doubts in their hearts, before they managed to respond, all they heard was a loud, horrifying scream.


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