Godly Model Creator Chapter 682

683 Absolute Strength


As the energy vanished, Ping Yang's figure disappeared. What appeared was a berserk beast with a sinister look and blue light emitting from its body.

"This is..."

Wan Cheng and the others contracted their pupils.

"Just as I predicted." Su Hao explained in a frustrated and disappointed look, "A few years ago, the secret base had been doing this experiment. Although there was this previous turmoil, somehow one of their experiments succeeded accidentally and it was Ping Yang!"

"That experiment!"

Everyone's expression changed slightly.

Especially those who had heard of this incident before, they had even a higher tendency to bear repressed anger. Ping Yang was the survivor who managed to escape successfully from that base, but no one imagined that he was also a successful product!

"That damn experiment, there was actually a successful case?" One man couldn't help asking.

"The so-called success..."

Everyone shifted their gaze back to the beast in front of them. This child named Ping Yang had disappeared without a trace, leaving behind this beast with a sinister look!


Ping Yang observed everyone's gaze. With his claw slammed down, the land trembled, forming fissures which spread to the surroundings. The so-called geniuses present began to pale in fright.

Such a phenomenon is too terrifying!


Looking at the ants in front of him, Ping Yang swiped his claws down without any mercy. This time, the target was everyone in front of him!


Wan Cheng just uttered out a single word before rushing forward.


With a loud bang, a sword appeared coming from Wan Cheng, followed by everyone releasing their respective defensive origin techniques. However, even with the combined effort, when Ping Yang's claws hit their defensive layer, everyone was stunned.



The heavy pressure was too much to bear!

By only utilizing his brute strength, he was able to suppress everyone! When the two forces clashed against each other, all the students and the domain espers were instantly forced to retreat.

He's too much for them to handle!

So this is Ping Yang's true power?


Just a swipe of his claw and many suffered injuries!

Everyone went silent!

The scene seemed peaceful.

The moment when Ping Yang transformed into his beast form, with a simple claw strike, the battle had instantly turned into his favor. What strength was that?!

To block him?

How could they?

In front of absolute power, any effort is hopeless!

Yes, the beast Ping Yang transformed into is still an emperor-level beast, but even there are differences between emperor-level beasts. Just like a level one domain esper and a peak domain esper, the differences are huge!

"That experiment could actually enhance one's strength to such a degree?"

Everyone smiled bitterly.

In front of such strength, every bit of their strength is incomparable. However, if Ping Yang has such capability, why didn't he use it earlier?

"So this is the case."

Su Hao's eyes lit up upon his realization.

This was coming from Li Tiantian's doubts. Why didn't Ping Yang seemed to be affected when using a grade S talent? Now, he had solved the riddle!

Berserk beast!

What is the side effect of using a grade S talent that one fears the most?


Then how long is the lifespan of a beast?

It is definitely longer than a human's by an unknown amount! Who would have thought that this experiment of merging a human with a beast would finally be achieved by Ping Yang?



Ping Yang took two steps forward.

As the ground tremored, everyone subconsciously retreated! Only Wan Cheng stood at the same spot, showing no signs of retreat. However, he was powerless to stop Ping Yang.

After all, he is still a professional esper!

"I want to destroy Gaoyuan City, and nobody can stop me!" Ping Yang made a thunderous roar. With his domineering aura and momentum, everyone was crushed. There were some who couldn't withstand it and vomited blood. Even Su Hao could feel the terrifying pressure pressing down on him.

The strength gap was too huge.

Su Hao was well aware that it wasn't only the strength of Ping Yang's beast form but also the grade S talent. Unlike Li Tiantian who was always wary about using his ability, such restriction is neglected in Ping Yang's case. Now, Ping Yang unlocked the full potential of his grade S talent.


With another thundering roar, the city wall collapsed.


Ping Yang sealed the surrounding space, trapping everyone. He didn't kill anyone but placed them at a nearby spot. With a sinister voice, he voiced out, "I will let you all witness how I destroy Gaoyuan City!"


Ping Yang took a huge step forward.

Everyone was dejected. In the end, the battle still ended up like this!

Wan Cheng was defeated. As for others, they were even more helpless. After Ping Yang turned into a beast, he became so powerful that it brought them endless despair. No one could stop him!

"Could it be... we can only watch helplessly as he destroys Gaoyuan City?" Lie Shou said dejectedly.

Everyone was silent.

No one wished to witness such a scene, but who could stop him?

"Wan Cheng?"

Everyone looked at him subconsciously.

Wan Cheng clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, but even he couldn't move, no matter how he struggled. By now, everyone realized that Wan Cheng had received special treatment from Ping Yang, forcing him to be unable to make any rescue attempts.

"It's over..."

Everyone trembled as they watched Ping Yang approach Gaoyuan City unwillingly. That is a whole city with millions of lives!

Unknowingly, a desperate atmosphere began to fill the air.

"Is there really no way out of this?"

Su Hao looked at Ping Yang's figure and took a deep breath. His mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. As they flowed through, his mind finally settled upon an idea.


"The chances for success is too low."

"But perhaps I can give it a try."

Su Hao gritted his teeth, "There is no other way. I will give it my all!"


His consciousness entered the Kingdom of Heaven. A few breaths later, he returned. Su Hao looked at Ping Yang who was in the distance and didn't hesitate to make a move.

"Universe Creator!"


Ping Yang's figure halted.

A powerful aura rushed forward, engulfing both Su Hao and Ping Yang. They suddenly stood still while surrounded by this strange aura.

Everyone was stunned.

"This is..."

"Ping Yang actually got dragged into the illusion created by Su Hao?!"

"This mad man!"

Everyone was frightened by the sudden change of events. That was a domain esper who is stronger than Su Hao! There is no need for any illusion deciphering techniques. As long as the foe exerts his full power, Su Hao's illusion will be destroyed without fail!

"He's too crazy!"

"Is he trying to delay for time? So what if he is able to do so? Will someone be coming to help us?"

Everyone felt desperate. Looking at Su Hao and Ping Yang's figure, they bore no hope. Only Wan Cheng and Lie Shou's eyes were emitting a hint of strange light.

Su Hao is always able to reverse the situation, creating a miracle. This time around, perhaps he could emulate the same feat again.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, the people who were busy taming their respective beast suddenly felt the sky trembling and instantly understood another powerful beast was sent here.

"Emperor-level beast?"

Before the beast even appeared, powerful aura already began to fill the area.

"What a strong aura." Shi Mingxuan was overjoyed, "Such beast is qualified to be my mount."

As for the burly man, he could only look at Shi Mingxuan with disdain.


The beast appeared. Shi Mingxuan was the first one who rushed forward. As for the others, they could only sigh. This bastard is going to snatch the beast away again.


No one would have imagined that in just a moment...


Shi Mingxuan was blasted away at an even faster speed than when he rushed over, landing on the ground pitifully and forming a huge pit. The crowd became dumbfounded and what followed suit was their laughter.

"Teacher Shi, what a grand way for you to return.'"

"Yes, yes. Be careful, or you will be conquered by the beast instead."


"Shut up." Shi Mingxuan struggled to stand up, but his face quickly turned grave, "Stop laughing already. Just now, I used all of my strength, yet this bastard suffered no harm. This time, it's the real deal!"


Everyone opened their eyes wide.


The beast landed.

Its powerful aura instantly swept across everyone, "Su Hao, you are still planning to trap me in your illusion? Last time, I used a substitute to play with you. You really thought that your illusion would be effective on me?"


Su Hao appeared from mid-air, "You really think that this here is an illusion?"


Ping Yang's eyes revealed a hint of interest. As his aura spread, the shock could be seen within his face. He was instantly amazed at his finding, "This place feels like... the previous one. The power of space... Last time, it was because of this factor that I lost. Interesting, this is not an illusion, but more like space itself."

"Of course, we are not in an illusion." Su Hao continued nonchalantly, "I don't care if you want to kill the men in black, but a massacre is overstepping the limit. It's time for you to stop being stubborn."

"Stop? What a joke!" Ping Yang was angered by his words, "Can you imagine how I passed my days all these years? Can you understand my suffering? Every day, I eagerly waited for this day! Being dead is better than alive! Hehe, how could any of you understand that feeling?"

"Gaoyuan City must be destroyed!" In Ping Yang's eyes, his killing intent kept increasing, "Only by destroying it that I will never go back to those days! Only by destroying the city will I be able to forgive myself."

"Only thenwill I not suffer like this!" Ping Yang's expression was complicated.

Six years of suffering!

He personally caused the death of his loved ones, who could understand the suffering in his heart? Every day, he wished to die and was mad at himself. If not for his desire for vengeance supporting him, he would have died by now.

"Otherwise... you kill me!" Ping Yang stared at Su Hao, "As long as you kill me, everything will be over. I won't even blame you as long as you can do so!"

Ping Yang's look seemed painful.

Su Hao sighed in his heart.

"You, do you have such strength?" Ping Yang looked at Su Hao coldly, "If not, then just obediently watch me destroy Gaoyuan City!"


The sky shook.

The might of Ping Yang finally erupted. With his grade S talent, once this erupts at full capacity, the entire Kingdom of Heaven will definitely collapse.

There won't be any suspense!

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