Godly Model Creator Chapter 683

684 Zhang Yatings Return


Ping Yang pointed towards the sky.


Power gathered into one area and was about to erupt as waves of aura swept across the surroundings. At this crucial moment, a sweet and pleasing voice rang in his ears.

"Ping Yang?"

Ping Yang trembled as if he was struck by lightning. He just stood there motionless, "This voice..."

Ping Yang quickly turned around. A figure in blue quietly stood there quietly watching him. The figure emitted a familiar aura that instantly made him shed tears.

"Sister Yating... Is that you?"

"It's me." Zhang Yating looked at him calmly just like the times during their timethe base, cool and elegant, "All these years, how have you been?"

"Not well."

The beastly figure gradually shrank, turning back into Ping Yang's human form. Tears began to roll from his eyes as he looked at Zhang Yating, "Sister, I missed you. All the time, I have always been thinking of everyone. It's me who killed everyone. If I didn't try to act smart..."

"Sorry, I'm so sorry!"

Ping Yang knelt down in front of Zhang Yating, weeping in suffering.

Su Hao's eyes became a bit red. Through Backtrack, he had seen too much. He saw extremely clearly how Ping Yang passed his days in the past six years. To be tormented by such sorrow and pain, every day felt like hell, yet Ping Yang had to keep pushing himself to live!


His mental state collapsed the moment he saw Zhang Yating which proved how much pain and suffering he had been storing within his heart.

He cried...

It's probably his first time crying in six years.

The Ping Yang during that year was still a child! Without being able to communicate with other people for six years, having to struggle between beasts and humans for six years, how could his current mindset not remain as a child's?

"Sometimes, it's better to cry it out." Su Hao muttered to himself, watching this scene.

"I don't blame you." Zhang Yating shook her head, "What you did was right."

"Sister..." Ping Yang continued to sob silently.

Everyone became silent.

After a long time, Ping Yang no longer let any tears shed, "Sister, how are you during these years?"

"I'm fine." Zhang Yating's eyes swept across Su Hao, "There is someone taking care of me. I am doing fine."

"That's great then. Now, I can be relieved." Ping Yang muttered to himself, "You're doing well. She should be doing great too over on the other side. Since you are doing fine, I can rest assured."

Wiping his tears, Ping Yang slowly stood up, "Sister, thanks for forgiving me."

Zhang Yating hadn't even opened her mouth yet when Ping Yang already turned around and gave a bitter smile to Su Hao, "Thank you, Su Hao."

"Huh?" Su Hao felt strange. Why did he thank me?

"Although I know this is fake, even though this is an illusion, I am still satisfied." One could see the endless suffering within Ping Yang's eyes, "I wish to tell myself this is true, but I can't do so. I know everything here is fake. If I didn't have such strength, how great would that be."

"Then I would be able to take your illusion for granted. Continuing to be trapped in this illusion, and sleeping forever!"

Ping Yang murmured, "Too bad my reasoning tells me that everything here is an illusion. Sister Yating is dead. She's dead too. It's me who caused their death..."

Su Hao: "..."

"I won't kill you." Ping Yang revealed a determined look, "But I will definitely destroy Gaoyuan City! Even if this will be a huge sin to commit, even if it's at the cost of my life!"

After Ping Yang finished his words, he decided to leave.


Su Hao was stunned for a second and suddenly threw out a question, "Who told you that this is an illusion?"

Ping Yang's figure halted for a moment, "I know this is not an illusion. I don't know what kind of place this is, but I have never forgotten the fact that you are a top master from the illusion department. Even if I can't see through it, I know it's an illusion. Plus, even if Sister Yating is still alive, how could she be here?"

"Even if she's still alive, how could she maintain the same look after all these years?"

"There are too many loopholes. Your illusion's degree of realism is indeed 100%, but the charm and other aspects can't be improved. Thus, you can never conceal these vulnerabilities." Ping Yang explained nonchalantly.

Su Hao: "..."



Su Hao was speechless. If it was really an illusion, then that's fine; however, the person in front of him was indeed Zhang Yating. It was just that...

"Hey, hey, hey, don't come over here."

Su Hao raised his head and felt startled. Ping Yang just finished his words and took a step closer to Zhang Yating to have a closer look. To one's surprise, this Zhang Yating was shocked at this moment and took a step back, looking at him warily, "I, I tell you. Don't you try to come over here."

"Huh?" Ping Yang was stunned, looking at this lively girl in front, "It's not an illusion?"

"You're the illusion!"

"Your whole family is an illusion!"

The girl thought that she had uttered out the worst threatening words and then with her small steps, she hid behind Su Hao, making him dumbfounded.

Little brat, if you're acting, you have to act till the last scene.

How could you stop it halfway?

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

This was the plan he came up with. By letting Blue Dream Butterfly act as Zhang Yating and persuade Ping Yang to return to the right path. Although he never expected that Ping Yang didn't fall for the bait from the start. In fact, he even considered it as an illusion...

"What happened?" Ping Yang was completely confused.

Energy swept across Blue Dream Butterfly's body, and he confirmed that the one in front isn't an illusion! This girl, she turned out to be a real existence.

"This..." Ping Yang didn't know what to say.

Six years, even he had been growing up. How could Zhang Yating still look the same as before? This girl, could she be Zhang Yating's little sister?

With such thought, Ping Yang looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao asked, "Have you seen my information?"

"Yes." Ping Yang nodded. After the confrontation at the mountain peak, he deliberately returned to do some research on Su Hao.

"Then did you notice that from my information, there is always a blue dream butterfly accompanying me?" Su Hao calmly continued his questioning.

"Blue Dream Butterfly..." Ping Yang pondered for a second, "I think I saw it."

He just did some rough research, but from the information, before Su Hao entered the college, there seemed to be a blue dream butterfly which was powerful. However, it vanished without an explanation.

"What are you trying to say?" Ping Yang couldn't understand.

"You turned into a beast. Now, do you still remember six years ago, at that time in the laboratory, what form Zhang Yating had turned into?" Su Hao continued.

"Zhang Yating..."

"Her form..."

Ping Yang muttered to himself.


As if he was struck by lightning, Ping Yang's eyes suddenly widen. That painful scene which he had been trying to forget once again flashed within his mind. Zhang Yating turned into a butterfly, and his girlfriend died unexpectedly.

That scene...


One could sense Ping Yang's voice tremble a bit, "Could it be?"

Su Hao nodded, "Didn't you always feel that my aura is familiar? Now, have you recalled that familiar aura?"

"Familiar..." Ping Yang finally recalled. Staring at Blue Dream Butterfly, he was stunned for quite some time before bursting into laughter. In fact, tears were accompanying his laughter, "So, it turned out to be like this. No wonder that familiar aura... It's actually you. You're still alive. So, you did manage to escape too."

"Great, as long as you're alive, everything is good." Ping Yang laughed and cried at the same time.

Blue Dream Butterfly was stunned by this scene. Su Hao just told her about her previous life earlier, but she didn't know why she couldn't remember any of it. Looking at Ping Yang, she also felt more and more familiar as time passed as if he was her own little brother.

"Zhang Yating..."

"I am her?"

Blue Dream Butterfly said to herself and fell into deep thought.

"What happened to her?"

Ping Yang had a quick glance at Blue Dream Butterfly and noticed that something was wrong. Su Hao just shook his head with a bitter smile, before briefly explaining that the incident that year had caused her to lose her memory.

Ping Yang pondered for a second, "It's great if she lost her memory."

"There are some matters that are better forgotten." Ping Yang calmly said, with his eyes shining, "As for the matter of her being injured, I will seek revenge!"

"You still do not want to quit?" Su Hao locked his brows slightly.

"You don't understand." Ping Yang shook his head, "There are certain things that once you advance, you can never reverse. Of course I am happy that Yating is still alive. I am satisfied that she can live this peacefully. However, the matter which happened to me, my girlfriend, and Sister Yating, I need to collect that debt!"

"I rather die than submit!" Ping Yang gritted his teeth, "I will give face to Sister Yating and spare every Tian Long Court's disciple. Quit trying to stop me. You know you can't."

Ping Yang finished his words.

Looking at Blue Dream Butterfly one last time, he flew off.

If he wished to leave, nobody could stop him! If Su Hao tried to force him to stay, the result would end up with Kingdom of Heaven collapsing which isn't something he wishes to see!

"In the end, it still ends up like this?"

Su Hao sighed. He had literally used every available method but still failed to change Ping Yang's mind. Unless he's able to resurrect Ping Yang's girlfriend too...

She had died six years ago, how could he do that?

"Gaoyuan City will be meeting a huge disaster soon."

Su Hao looked at Blue Dream Butterfly and was suddenly stunned. Blue Dream Butterfly was looking at Ping Yang, but he could clearly feel that her aura was slightly different.

"What happened?"

Su Hao was greatly alarmed.


Ping Yang arrived at the highest point in Kingdom of Heaven and was about to leave. However, no one expected that at this moment, a more powerful aura emerged.


The direction which Ping Yang headed in was blocked off!

"Su Hao, how dare you?"

Ping Yang turned around in anger, but he was stunned. Behind him, Blue Dream Butterfly was standing there with a cold expression as her body emitted a majestic aura.

"What happened?"

Both Su Hao and Ping Yang were stunned.

However, Su Hao was able to react instantly. This aura... this aura... could it be?! A thought flashed through his heart which made his expression complicated.

Well, this day would arrive sooner or later!

"Blue Dream Butterfly, you..."

Ping Yang looked at Blue Dream Butterfly in confusion. He never thought that an energy barrier would suddenly appear and nearly smash him into the ground. That figure still stood there indifferently, staring at him coldly, "If I knew you would commit such atrocities, why did I save you?"

"Save me..." Ping Yang's body trembled, "You're Sister Yating?"

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