Godly Model Creator Chapter 684

685 The Incident's Finale

"So you're not that stupid." Blue Dream Butterfly, no, Zhang Yating stood there indifferently. Just as what Su Hao guessed earlier, Blue Dream Butterfly had restored her memory!

"Sister Yating!"

Ping Yang rejoiced, but quickly noticed Zhang Yating's gaze and instantly revealed a complex look. Pinching his fists, he asked, "Sister Yating, even you also wish to stop me?"

"Let me ask you, do you think those men in black deserve to be killed?" Zhang Yating continued with her indifferent look.

"They deserve death!" Ping Yang answered without any hesitation.

"Then what you're doing now, is there any difference compared to them?" Zhang Yating smirked, "Oh, no. There is indeed a difference. No matter how bad they are, how could they harm thousands of people? As for you, the moment you make a move, it's a massacre! Extinguishing thousands of lives at once, what an impressive feat!"

Ping Yang bit his lip.

"Let your hatred go." Zhang Yating continued to persuade this child.

Ping Yang hesitated for a moment, and in the end still ended up shaking his head, "Never!"


Zhang Yating's mouth revealed a hint of a smile, "Even when I know who is the one behind the scenes, the one who is controlling these men in black, you still wish to destroy an innocent city just for venting your anger?"

"What?" Ping Yang's mind wasn't stable, "Could it be..."

"Gaoyuan City is just a small base. The real murderer is still far from your reach. Even if you destroy one, he will just build a new one. So you're planning on ignoring the real murderer and venting your anger on his cannon fodders instead?"

"How could this be?!"

Ping Yang was shocked by this revelation. Being blinded by hatred, he obviously wouldn't consider this issue. The scale of Gaoyuan City, he always had this thought that it was already extremely huge.

"Tell me who it is then!" Ping Yang asked anxiously.

Zhang Yating glanced at him for a second, "You have two choices now. First, stay here. You won't have any restrictions to your talent here, no side effect or changing into a beast. Here, you are yourself! When Su Hao finds out about the enemy, you will naturally be allowed to seek revenge."

Ping Yang went silent.

Although he was already prepared for death, he also knew what does it mean by staying here, "What's the other choice?"

"Kill Su Hao and me, and you get to kamikaze with the enemy's cannon fodder!" Zhang Yating calmly replied. Her tone was so dull that it caused Su Hao to sweat a bit. So this is the true Zhang Yating? That Zhang family's peerless genius?

"Do I have any other choice?" Ping Yang smiled bitterly, "Sister, you're too ruthless."

"Stop trying to make your life miserable." Zhang Yating patted his shoulder with a smile on her face, "The people here are all good. Just enjoy yourself more. Forget about that beastly body in reality!"

Ping Yang nodded.

"Finally, it's settled..." Su Hao let out a sigh.

He knew that this crisis, which could end up destroying the entire Gaoyuan City, has finally been resolved! In the end, the one who managed to turn around this incident turned out to be Blue Dream Butterfly, that ditzy brat.

It was just that...

Zhang Yating, who had already recovered her memory, is she still the same ditzy and cute Blue Dream Butterfly?

Su Hao raised his head and looked at her, while Zhang Yating did the same. Both were staring at each other, and he noticed the slight hesitation on her face. Zhang Yating paused for a bit, "I am a bit confused right now. After adjusting myself, I will give you an answer."

"Alright." Su Hao nodded.

Ping Yang glanced at both with great interest. As Shi Mingxuan and the others came out from Kingdom of Heaven, Zhang Yating introduced them.

At this moment, Su Hao quietly left.

Ping Yang's matter was finally settled, and it's time to end this matter!


Su Hao vanished.

He had returned to the real world!

In reality, the atmosphere was very quiet. Nobody dared to create any sound. They thought that Su Hao was trying to delay and buy time, but as more time passed, everyone's heart began to bear this unbelievable thought. Could it be that Su Hao actually has a way to deal with Ping Yang?

One minute, two minutes...

A glimmer of hope emerged within their heart. Perhaps, they could actually win. Perhaps they actually have a chance! The scene of a man and a beast standing still in front of everyone seemed to be the concentration of everyone's hope.

"Can he win?"

Wan Cheng wasn't looking great. As one who had clashed with Ping Yang, he knew how powerful Ping Yang is! The strength of a grade S talent is on an entirely different realm than any grade A talent.

"He should be able to do so." Lie Shou said in an uncertain tone.


A soft noise stunned everyone. The faint light surrounding Su Hao and Ping Yang gradually disappeared which indicated that the battle in the illusion finally ended.

"Did he win?"

Everyone put their utmost attention over there.


Magnificent light bloomed!

Numerous light ray flashed. When the crowd reacted, they saw that domineering Ping Yang, that terrifying beast, collapse.


His landing formed clouds of dust and smoke.

Under the light of glory, one could only see Su Hao's figure, standing there alone. However, that scene made them too excited that it couldn't be described in words.

"He won?" Someone asked.

"I think so." Another man replied, uncertain of the situation.

They looked at each other for a second and went silent for a moment. Then, all they noticed was the excitement and fanaticism within their eyes. After carefully sensing the aura of the beast, they finally revealed a look of ecstasy.

"He's dead!"

"Haha, Su Hao won!"

"Hahaha, we're alive!"


Everyone was so surprised that they couldn't help showing a silly side of themselves. That helpless feeling was finally able to be let out. Whether the domain espers or the Tian Long Court's disciples, everyone celebrated, but quickly calmed down and realized something.

That was none other than Su Hao defeating Ping Yang!

This beast which was so terrifying that it was enough to suppress everyone including Wan Cheng, actually got defeated by Su Hao, a student who had just joined Tian Long Court recently! This is a fact which they couldn't deny.

Doesn't that mean that Su Hao is actually stronger than Wan Cheng?

Inexplicably, everyone looked at Su Hao with some fear. No matter what method he resorted to, no matter what forbidden technique he used, the fact that he defeated Ping Yang will remain unchanged!

Is Su Hao strong?

Of course he is!

However, his average strength should be around a level one domain esper. However, his feat this time brought him a mysterious aura. No matter what, in the future, when one dares to deal with Su Hao, this feat would be taken into consideration.


Su Hao may not be strong himself, but he has a powerful illusion that is strong enough to subdue everyone!

In the illusion department, he didn't study for long, but his understanding of illusion absolutely far exceeds every other student in the department.

This was the judgment of everyone present.

"Not bad." Wan Cheng patted at Su Hao's shoulder in satisfaction, "You're the one who salvaged everyone's lives here. I know of your talent, but never did I expected you to be this strong after a few days."

"No." Su Hao explained, "Although Ping Yang turned into a beast, his energy was actually running low. After I dragged him into my illusion, his mental defects ended up reacting to my action. In the end, he's the one who caused his own death."

"So it turned out to be like that."

They finally understood.

Now such an explanation is reasonable. This is literally the only logical explanation on how Su Hao defeated Ping Yang. Only Wan Cheng was looking at Su Hao strangely.

Energy exhaustion?

Stop trying to lie!

This junior of his really knew how to hide well. If these guys really judged Su Hao's strength like that, he can't imagine their deaths in the future if Su Hao is provoked.

"Many thanks!"

Everyone expressed their gratitude sincerely.

No matter what, Su Hao did save their lives.

"No worry." Su Hao smiled and looked around; this place has become a total mess. Everyone followed his gaze, their surprise of barely surviving by the skin of their teeth finally ended.

Not everyone was alive.

When Ping Yang rampaged around, many people were killed. The only fortunate thing was that the Tian Long Court's disciples were not among the dead.

"Time to go back." Wan Cheng calmly said, "Although they died, no matter what, they're entitled to be heroes."

Everyone nodded resolutely.

For every esper, to be able to die in such a manner, it might be the best way to end the chapter of their life. At least, compared to the ones who were caught as experimental subjects, their deaths were much better!

As for the clean up of this mess, the task was handed to the local authority of Gaoyuan City.

Finally, everyone started to leave.

A chaotic battle finally ended with Su Hao turning around the situation. When this incident began to spread from Gaoyuan City, it was shocking news!

This sensational news took over the entire Federation!

If not for the government announcing it, nobody would have believed that in such a short period of time, Gaoyuan City actually experienced such a shocking incident.

One hundred king-level beasts!

Ten emperor-level beasts!

What a huge scale of battle! Compared to the previous beast tide in Jianghe City, this was many times larger! The most frightening part was their attempt actually failed. With Wan Cheng and Su Hao leading Tian Long Court's disciples with the aid of strong espers from Gaoyuan City, they managed to crush the foe's plot.

The culprit, a grade S talent esper, Ping Yang was killed by Su Hao!

With such news being conveyed as accurately as possible, it shook the high officials within the Federation. Once again, Su Hao's strength was re-evaluated and what they ended up with was an unknown conclusion.

Yes, unknown!

Even those from the Federation who have unique talents which could accurately assess the strength of even a world esper, when they faced Su Hao, they failed.

Strength: Unknown.

In an instant, the plans which targeted Su Hao were once again stranded to the side. During this period of time, with Su Hao's current state, nobody dared to take any action!

His feat in killing Ping Yang, Su Hao's popularity within the higher-ups had reached a new peak!

A peak which nobody is able to challenge!

This kind of thing obviously wouldn't enter the ordinary men's vision. Such observation could only be seen within the top officials and the major families. In the eyes of ordinary people, they only saw the people, who are usually eager to create trouble for Su Hao, quietly retreat into their shells.

Even those disciples from the top ten families are no exception.

At the same time, regarding the ones acting behind the scenes of this experimental base, the government quickly launched an investigation. The rumor said that a world esper was actually dispatched to carry out this secret operation. The direction the Federation took when approaching this case changed once again. This time, they are getting closer to the source.

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