Godly Model Creator Chapter 685

686 Level One Cultivation Room

Late night of a certain day.

An old man was holding a book, reading it leisurely. Even though the sky outside was already pitch black, the man's surrounding was still bright like daytime. A tree in front of him was swaying a bit from the breeze. It was as if this area was in a different world from outside.

If there were a witness here, he would definitely notice the man is in a small world!

Without a doubt, this could only be achieved by a true world esper!

Out of sudden, countless energy in front of the old man condensed into lines of words in mid-air. He looked up and instantly snorted coldly. It was as if the small world suddenly stilled, "That base actually got found out? And there was actually one who managed to escape?"

The old man suddenly smiled, and the world once again resumed. The still leaves continued their trajectory, falling to the ground. "Seems that the recent Tian Long Court's disciples are pretty good."

"Still, I have to express my thanks to you all."

"For an experimental body to escape, if he is to fall into someone's hands, that would spell big trouble. It's great if he's dead now. However, that Ping Yang was actually a success?"

"Seems that my direction was right. Should I try again?" The old man mumbled to himself.


The world suddenly condensed into one point and then vanished. Together with the world itself, the old man's figure disappeared too.

The night was still as cold as ever.

The shocking sensation caused by the events in Gaoyuan City surprised many as expected. However, for the students who were returning to Tian Long Court, they weren't largely influenced by those matters. Perhaps the only thing that would make them happy is the unimaginable rich amount of task points received as a reward.

Their first mission, they completed the trial.

Their second mission, they barely escaped death.

By experiencing this, they couldn't help but have some lingering fear in their hearts.

In this regard, Wan Cheng just patted their shoulders to comfort them, "Don't worry too much. Tian Long Court's missions are always the same. You will be walking on top of a knife's edge every time. As long as you get used to it, you will be fine."

Everyone: "..."


Every time they do a mission, they will experience the same thing over and over again!

After returning, everyone couldn't believe what they saw on the mission panel. Although they had imagined it, when it actually turned into a reality, they couldn't help but feel shocked, "XX is in turmoil," "XX experienced a strange force," "Countless domain espers fell in XX, suspecting an emergence of a grade S talent"

It turned out to be true!

Everyone's face turned pale. If each mission given to them in the future is at such a scale, how could they complete it?

"Is the mission mandatory to complete?" Someone asked in a cautious tone.

"Of course not." Wan Cheng indifferently replied. However, before that person managed to sigh in relief, he added another sentence, "But then, to cultivate in Tian Long Court, you need to consume mission points. If your mission points don't meet the minimum requirement, you will be expelled. Thus, in general, you will have to complete at least one mission per month."

"Once per month."

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Noticing the drastic change in everyone's expression, Wan Cheng continued the second half of the sentence, "Usually, this mission will have a senior leading you guys. Even if it's a huge mission, you won't be in the main force. Um... forget about the previous incident. The events in Gaoyuan City are just an outlier."


Only after hearing the last sentence did everyone feel relieved. Looking at Wan Cheng in disdain, they blamed him for not finishing his words in one breath. If every mission is at the same scale as Gaoyuan City's missions, sooner or later, they would definitely end up dead.

Wan Cheng smiled brightly as he looked at everyone.

There was still a sentence which he left out. Even with a senior to lead the team, if they didn't manage to do well, the mortality rate would be high...

After Wan Cheng finished the introduction and arranged accommodation for everyone, this indicated that they are now officially disciples of Tian Long Court! Subsequently, the mission points were awarded. As mentioned previously, high-risk missions would be rewarded with high rewards, and each person obtained a large number of points. Compared to the usual missions, the rate was actually three times higher!

This meant that they could now cultivate in peace for three months!

After getting themselves familiar with Tian Long Court, it was time for them to concentrate on their own cultivation at their own pace. This three-month continuous cultivation is definitely sufficient to increase their strength again.

The entire Tian Long Court is filled with dense and alarming energy. Each day, the energy consumption by the students are enormous and not something that one could imagine. This provides a foundation to cultivate for these future powerhouses. As long as you step into Tian Long Court, you can temper your energy all the time which is actually more effective than any closed cultivation they did before.

This is what Tian Long Court is all about.

A heated place to cultivate!

This is also the reason why Tian Long Court requires points; to use the points to exchange for cultivation time. When you have exhausted all your points, it would be the time for you to embark outside to complete a mission.

Once a month; this is the most optimal interval set by the school.

As for Su Hao, since he gets to enjoy special treatment from Wan Cheng, he was already well aware of this fact long ago. The moment he returned to Tian Long Court, he quickly arranged for his cultivation. As for the mission points, he didn't have to worry much. After all, even those who didn't contribute much were able to enjoy three times the points.

What about him then?

Based on Wan Cheng's words, Su Hao's points were actually even higher than his! This was definitely a large sum of points which would be enough for Su Hao to stay here for a long time!

Tian Long Court, Training room.

Su Hao sat cross-legged as the golden energy around him kept pulsing. He was now carefully reviewing the incidents in Gaoyuan City which made his strength reach a new peak.

The biggest change was none other than Kingdom of Heaven!

The birth of Kingdom of Heaven was more of a coincident and unexpected occurrence, but after its establishment, this indicated that Su Hao would have his own troupe.

His citizens!

People who will never betray him!

With these people around, Su Hao had a strong sense of self-confidence. If someone dares to make a move on him in the future, they would have never thought that the one whom they have to confront isn't Su Hao alone but everyone in Kingdom of Heaven! To be able to easily transform a solo battle into a group mob, this is the Kingdom of Heaven's purpose.

"However, Kingdom of Heaven's strength..."

Su Hao carefully analyzed it.

Shi Mingxuan, the giant tree, Ping Yang, and Zhang Yating are all level one domain espers. However, even though they are on the same level, their actual strength is different from one another. There are also those three men in black who had their domain stripped away, and can only be considered as pseudo-domain espers!

Meanwhile, those who lived in Kingdom of Heaven and the remaining men in black are all professional espers!

After undergoing Shi Mingxuan's teaching and training, after this period of time, everyone's strength improved, especially those at the peak of the professional realm. In fact, they could already manage to touch some concepts of the domain realm. If they're to breakthrough while in the world model, what would the result be? Su Hao wasn't sure.

Well, a number of them already broke through one or two levels.

In addition to their mounts, which consisted mostly of king-level beasts, their strength should not be underestimated. However, a problem arose due to this.

Some are unable to improve their strength!

After Su Hao studied this problem in detail, he finally noticed the cause of this problem.


In the end, it was the same problem all over again, lacking energy!

For a professional esper, it's still fine since one doesn't need to consume much energy. As long as your understanding of the talent itself is more profound, you will eventually break through and enhance your strength but...

It's an entirely different situation for a domain esper!

How long has it been since Shi Mingxuan came to this permanent world model? If Little Dark Room is to be included, one can imagine how long it has been. However, Shi Mingxuan was only able to stabilize his domain and was unable to progress in level. No matter how solid his foundation is, no matter how much stronger he becomes, he would always remain as a level one domain esper!

Because he can never breakthrough here!

Without being able to absorb any energy, how could he breakthrough?

The world's energy is mostly used by Su Hao to create things. Of course, those tables and chairs are made of energy, but nobody could absorb them expect Su Hao. For Shi Mingxuan and the others to cultivate, they could only rely on the energy within the air. However such a thing doesn't exist!

In Kingdom of Heaven, there is no such thing!

It's not like Su Hao can't simulate it, but he didn't have the luxury to do so!

This isn't a joke.

The amount of energy he needs to use just to cultivate already gives him a headache. If he allows those domain espers to cultivate in the world model, how much would the consumption increase?

"Consumption is really a huge problem." Su Hao felt his head throb in annoyance.

The emergence of Kingdom of Heaven is definitely good news, but maintaining and enhancing his troops is a huge problem. It can't be that he just allow his troops to remain at the same strength, right?

Even though it's still fine now, what about in the future?

After Su Hao steps into the domain realm, if their strength still remains the same, they would be useless to him! After all, Kingdom of Heaven is Su Hao's trump card!

"Seems that I need to think of a solution."

"Without consuming energy and allowing them to break through..."

Su Hao's brows wrinkled slightly. Looking at the surrounding, he suddenly thought of something. The consumption of a professional esper and a domain esper is different. Thus, there can't only be one kind of training room in Tian Long Court. If so, then Tian Long Court should have a more advanced cultivation room, right?

"If my guess is correct..." Su Hao's eyes shone.

As long as his Circular World is able to open a link between the real world and the illusion, they would be able to absorb energy naturally and keep up with his cultivation! If he is to convert the energy for them, he can't imagine how long it would take but if it's a direct link...

Well, I'll just leave this to Shi Mingxuan and the others.

"It's worth of a try." Su Hao's eyes lit up.

After contacting Wan Cheng, Wan Cheng explained to him that cultivation rooms are graded. The room is divided into nine levels based on the different intensities. Usually, the ones provided are from level nine. When one needs more energy, he can request for a higher level cultivation room.

Of course, it will be more expensive.

"Oh?" Su Hao asked, "Then what level is Senior Wan Cheng using?"

"Me? Level three." Wan Cheng shook his head with a bitter smile, "I just recently started using a level three room. I would still need quite some time before upgrading to a level two room. As for a level one room? It's impossible!"

"Why?" Su Hao felt strange at Wan Cheng's explanation.

"Do you know what does it mean by cultivating in level one rooms?" Wan Cheng sighed, "In level one rooms, the energy is infinite. In other words, you can cultivate as much as you want! Of course, it is under the premise that you can reach the standard to use the room. Otherwise, you will explode!"


"Yes." Wan Cheng shook his head, "I tried to step into a level one room before. Then, after three seconds, I suffered a serious injury from the violent energy."

"Three seconds!" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. He understood Wan Cheng's strength very clearly, but even so... such a character could only last for three seconds?

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