Godly Model Creator Chapter 686

687 Easily Surpassed

Wan Cheng is comparable to a level three domain esper...

Su Hao thought about it for a second, but his heart quickly became excited.

For Wan Cheng to not be able to do so doesn't mean that he can't!

He urgently needs energy, but the free energy within the cultivation room is different from the one obtained from drugs. The workload to absorb and convert would be too much to handle. It's impossible for Su Hao trying to convert the energy into permanent models. However, what if he is to enable the energy so that those in Kingdom of Heaven could cultivate?

Su Hao's eyes shone.

"Perhaps... I can give it a try."

Su Hao made his decision and asked, "How many points are needed for using a level one cultivation room?"

Wan Cheng's facial expression was a little strange, "The points required for a level one cultivation room is the same as the one for a level nine."

"What?" Su Hao was stunned for a second, "This isn't right. I thought level eight rooms are double the points required than level nine rooms? How could level one rooms be..."

"It's like this."

Wan Cheng began to explain, "From level nine to level five, the points required would increase exponentially, but after level five, the points begin to decrease again. It will be at the same rate such as one and nine, two and eight, three and seven and four and six. Thus, level five rooms use the most points."


Su Hao was speechless. This is the first time he stumbled upon such a strange distribution, "Then, won't the school suffer big loss?"

"Of course not." Wan Cheng continued indifferently, "Don't forget the school's purpose."


Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Oh yeah!

The school's goal is to cultivate geniuses!

The mission points act as an indicator. Once one exceeds level five, that means the student is powerful! Even Wan Cheng was only able to cultivate in level three rooms. What about level two?

Level one?

For such geniuses, the school would be very willing to invest and train them. As for the issue regarding consumption, the school will naturally fork it out themselves.

"So, that is how it goes!" Su Hao instantly understood the big picture of the point system, "So, level five is the threshold?"

"Yep." Wan Cheng nodded, "It's also a standard assessment within Tian Long Court. Which level are you going to try today?"

Su Hao shook his head, pondering for a moment before replied, "Level one!"


Wan Cheng patted his shoulder without showing any hint of surprise, "I knew it. Any genius will have the desire to attempt the level one rooms! However, no one can persist for very long. If one doesn't go in to experience personally, there's no way for you to imagine how strong the energy is!"

"Come, I will bring you there to have a look."

Wan Cheng led Su Hao after finishing his words.

Tian Long Court is surrounded by a beautiful environment. As for the cultivation rooms, they're located in a concentrated manner. From level one to level nine, all the rooms are inside a special building at the center of Tian Long Court. Every floor corresponds to the respective level. These two men took an elevator and soon arrived at the top. However, as soon as they arrived, Su Hao was stunned by the size of the crowd.

"So many people..."

Su Hao wiped off his sweats. I thought nobody could persist in level one rooms?

"Go over there, and you will know."

Wan Cheng brought Su Hao to enter.

In front of the level one cultivation rooms, a row of exactly ten rooms, each room in front had a line of people lining up. After paying the points, someone would enter the room, and before two seconds passed, they would be thrown out. Worst still, there were some who couldn't even last for a full second.

Still, many people kept coming here to try their luck.

"What the..."

Su Hao sighed. These ignorant...

When both of them arrived, it triggered a sensation within the crowd. After all, Wan Cheng's strength is among the top within Tian Long Court and it's a well-known fact.

"Aiyo, Senior Wan Cheng, are you here to give it a try again?" A fatty smiled, "Last time, you were able to last for three seconds. Are you going for four seconds?"

"Yeah, Senior Wan Cheng is truly a man."

Everyone laughed.

"Get lost. You talk as if you guys with premature ejaculation are very strong." Wan Cheng just smiled before pointing at Su Hao, "I brought a friend here to give it a try."

"Oh? This is..."

"Su Hao." Wan Cheng said indifferently.


Everyone was stunned.

Su Hao!

It turned out to be him!

Although they might not have seen Su Hao in real life before, his name was like thunder to their ears. This is true especially since the incident in Gaoyuan City two days ago in which Su Hao managed to kill Ping Yang, raking in lots of points. He really made one jealous to the extreme! Where can they find such great luck?

Real strength?

Not many had such thought.

From their eyes, Su Hao just grasped the opportunity after Wan Cheng exhausted Ping Yang's energy.

Yes, he grasped the opportunity.

At least the majority of people thought so.

If I was there at that time...

Those students were so jealous that their eyes went red. Wan Cheng is the idol of many. To be able to tag along with him for a mission is a blessing.

"Oh, so it's Su Hao. Hehe, to be able to kill Ping Yang, a level one room shouldn't be a problem for him." One student said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I think Su Hao will be fine too."

"True, come here. Those in the front, you better get lost. Let us witness how long Hero Su can last."

It sounded like a joke.

However, there was actually someone who stepped forward. A round-faced student forced those students in the front to the side and then looked at Su Hao with a grin, "Hero Su, who saved Gaoyuan City, deserves such treatment. Welcome~"

"Oh?" Su Hao smiled.

Wan Cheng's brows wrinkled. Just when he was about to say something, Su Hao quietly stopped him. Su Hao then took a few steps forward nonchalantly, "I deserve to have such treatment?"

"Of course." The round-faced student pretended to be respectful, causing the surrounding students to burst out in laughter. They were all obviously trying to mock and ridicule Su Hao. However, at this time, Su Hao made a move.

"Not bad." Su Hao patted the face of the round-faced student gently like a pet who worked hard for its master, "Only now did I realize. After becoming famous, I always had this feeling of missing something. It's my personal dog. Since you're working so hard, then how could this honorable man be disrespectful?"

"A level one room is very difficult?" Su Hao smirked.

It sounded like a joke.

In front of them, Su Hao took a huge stride into the room, leaving the students behind him blink their eyes rapidly.


He really entered?

Their sarcasm was so obvious. Can't you see that it's intentional? Everyone shifted their gaze at the round-faced student, causing his complexion to pale.

To be called a dog by Su Hao, he actually didn't manage to react on time!

"Damn you, Su Hao..." That student gnashed his teeth, " You don't know what's good for you. Let's see how long can you last?!"

"This Su Hao is too arrogant."

"Yeah, can't he be a bit reserved? He really thinks that he's very strong, huh?"

"He's just taking advantage of Senior Wan Cheng."

Everyone had their part in ridiculing Su Hao.

Wan Cheng didn't even bother with them. Instead, he stared at the indicator of the room. When the indicator above lit up, that would signify the start of someone's cultivation.

"It's about to begin!"


The timing began!

At the same time, within the cultivation room, Su Hao took a deep breath and informed those in Kingdom of Heaven to be prepared. After everyone sat cross-legged and was ready, did Su Hao chose to start.


A stream of powerful, violent energy instantly filled the cultivation room and began to exert powerful pressure on Su Hao.

"Puff~" Su Hao's chest felt the impact.

Just half a second!

He already suffered an injury!

Su Hao was shocked by this. This is too terrifying! His whole body felt like it is in between a compressor and is being squeezed hard.

He couldn't let this continue any longer.

Otherwise, he would only last for a second or two!

"It's about time." Su Hao took a deep breath.

"Circular World!"



Within Su Hao's body, mysterious energy reacted. With Su Hao acting as the center to form a black hole, all the energy surrounding him vanished without a trace.

The pressure he felt began to plummet.

At the same time, within Kingdom of Heaven, the terrifying energy entered via Circular World and this rich energy got absorbed by everyone!

"Energy!" Shi Mingxuan nearly couldn't control himself.

God knows how long he had stayed here and couldn't cultivate well! His desperation for energy was simply unimaginable.



Energy is finally here!

Soon, it filled up the entire Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone began to cultivate. Before this violent energy managed to exert any overwhelming pressure, it got absorbed by everyone in Kingdom of Heaven!

After all, this is a situation where over two hundred people are cultivating at the same time!

Level one cultivation room, it's enough for them, and there is even room for more!

This aggresive energy which is considered a dangerous pressure, for everyone else within Kingdom of Heaven, it was treated like rain. Everyone madly absorbed it, afraid of wasting a single drop. After lowering the pressure exerted on his body, Su Hao began to cultivate on his own within the room.

In fact, he had forgotten about the time.

Meanwhile, outside the room, everyone was dumbfounded.

When Su Hao entered, many were gnashing their teeth. However, as time passed, they turned pale and could no longer utter a word.

One second!

Two seconds!

Some students had their expression change slightly.

Three seconds!

That round-faced student's hands were trembling.

Four seconds!

Everyone's face changed drastically. Even Wan Cheng was looking at the room in disbelief. One needs to note that previously when he entered, he could only last for three seconds! Then, his strength improved by leaps and bounds, but he didn't wish to waste his time here. Even if he entered now, he would probably last about five seconds!

And yet...

Five seconds!

The number increased again!

Su Hao easily crossed his threshold. However, this wasn't the thing which shocked Wan Cheng because this number was easily surpassed!

Could it be...

Six seconds!

Eight seconds!

Ten seconds!

All the students present were dumbstruck.

"Did I see incorrectly?"

"How could he persist?" That round-faced student became very pale.

"It's already ten seconds. How can he still continue?"

As everyone was talking amongst themselves, the time quietly moved one second at a time. There was still no sign of Su Hao exiting the room. At this time, those who were lining up in front of other rooms were shocked and joined the crowd. Watching this unbelievable scene, a series of exclamation echoed.

The time kept moving.

Everyone stared at it in horror. From the shock at the beginning, the feeling gradually turned into absurd and finally became numb.

Because right now...

Ten minutes had passed!

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