Godly Model Creator Chapter 69

Gmc Chapter 69

Chapter 0069 Taking part in an dishonest deal

You slept with my daughter last night!

Yang Ziqings sturdy voice echoed within the living room. Hearing this, Su Hao began to have cold sweat on his back.

Sleep, what shit He didnt even dare to take off his clothes and only slept at the side of bed. He only considered the little loli like his own sister. Plus, the little loli was so much younger than his own sister, a kid would be a better term for her.

Being lectured by Yang Ziqing, Su Hao completely shut his mouth.

Not because of respecting his elders as a younger generation but.to talk back to someone who had been his classroom teacher for two years, wasnt that just looking for trouble?

Eventually, the little loli woke up. After the three of them finished their meal, Su Hao was ready to depart.

Hey, Su Hao. The soft voice of the little loli could be heard.

Su Hao snappily pinched on her little face, Little brat, you think Su Hao is a name you use to call me?

Hmm, stop pinching other peoples faces. The little loli brushed off Su Haos hand, Youre going to take the admission exam for Zhanzheng College?

En, yea. Su Hao nodded.

Then when youre in Zhanzheng College, you must quickly find a girlfriend. The little loli replied.

Why so? Su Hao asked curiously.

Because when Im admitted into Zhanzheng College, I will use whats left in the book if you still dont have a girlfriend. The little loli smiled sinisterly.

Little brat! Dont mess with me! Su Hao stared at her. Rest assured, Im going to have a girlfriend very soon.

Ceh! The little loli curled her lip, Talking to a little girl about girlfriend matter, so thick faced.

Su Hao:

Damn it!

Obviously it was you who said it first!

This time, youre a small kid?

Facing with the little lolis messed up logic, Su Hao once again lost. Leaving the residence of the Yang family, Su Hao laughed out loud.

The little loli, she seemed to believe that Su Hao would definitely enter Zhanzheng College.

Even the little loli is that confident in me, I cant disappoint people. Su Hao smiled, he mustnt let himself become a joke to her. That brat, not fully integrating with her origin ability and yet already having a different kind of talent. This girl, her future would be limitless.

At this point, it seemed that Teacher Yang had already submitted the completion of the task to the authority. His first task was finally done!


The task interface on communication device refreshed. A line of messages once again popped out.

Two star mission: Private bodyguard completed. Obtained 300 task points.

Congratulation for completing your first task. Your next task, on October 1st, is around the corner. The battle of glory with repeaters; student, are you ready for it?

Looking at the list of task, the battle of glory was pinned at the highest on the list.

Su Hao could only helplessly shake his head. 500 task points, that was a huge amount. To get that in a short amount of time was wishful thinking. After completing his first task, Su Hao as of now didnt accept the second task.

To reach 3000 task points, he was only 300 points behind!

At this point, he had collected an enormous amount of 2700 task points! If he completed about two more tasks, he would reach his target. It was just that, this time, there was no emergency task available to accept. The current tasks listed were not up to his satisfaction.

The task which awarded 300 points mostly had long durations. They would usually require 10 days, or up to half a month, something Su Hao absolutely couldnt afford to spend.

As for those faster tasks, usually lasting within a week, the task points reward was only a little over 100.

In fact, such tasks werent high risk. However, a lot of students would compete for them. In just a few minutes, those tasks had disappeared from the list.

Although emergency tasks were rewarding, the risk was also high.

For example, this time.if he was being careless for a moment, Su Hao would have been a dead body by now. Piao Ling Organizations killers, even if they werent strong combat wise, they still managed to come up with all kind of strange assassination methods.

Thus, these 300 points seemed few, but to collect 300 points a huge period of time was required! Plus the fact that you had to spend time participating in school affairs, the progress of the tasks would be slow like a snail.

Also, a task suitable to oneself was very important.

Well, why not take this opportunity to complete my origin ability transition technique.

Su Haos mind moved. Via these few days of constant hard work in training his origin ability transition technique, he had now reached 30% progress. Even with advanced origin ability cultivation method running, the consumption rate was extremely scary.

70% more to go. This is too slow! Im not even sure that Ill be able to complete it by Octobers battle of glory. I need to speed up!

His card reading skill was the source of his origin ability energy consumption. To speed up the progress was pretty simple: keep restoring his fuel tank. Origin ability restoration drug would be the first choice. The first man who popped up in his mind: Berserk master Zhang Zhongtian!

Master, long time no see!

In the pharmacy, Su Hao smilingly looked at the busy as ever Zhang Zhongtian.

Zhang Zhongtian looked back and suddenly frowned, Again, its you, kid.

Hehe, its me again. Howre you these days? Su Hao laughed it off, but in his heart he was secretly cursing. I thought you had bad memory? Damn you! During their first meeting, he managed to get it cheap due to his so called bad memory. As for the second time, Su Hao had lost in the deal due to him remembering Su Hao.

A businessman always wanted to get a profit!

If not for the words of Teacher Yang, Su Hao would still thought that this old man was just a random master drug maker who would go for endless, sleepless nights and didnt understand communication.

Do you have business? said Zhang Zhongtian with a black face. It seemed that he still kept it in his heart when Su Hao cheated him off a bottle of black market strengthening drug last time.

En, of course. This time, I want to make a deal with you. Su Hao casually replied.

Stop beating around the bush, Im busy here. Zhang Zhongtian impatiently said.

Su Hao didnt mind at all. He continued to slowly say, The one you created, beginner body strengthening drug, in addition to the sure 50 points addition to physical fitness, how much is the upper limit that the side effect gives?

Zhang Zhongtian stopped doing what he was handling with his hands, What do you mean by that?

Su Hao mysteriously smiled and kept fishing for his interest, If you tell me, Ill give you a pleasant surprise.

Zhang Zhongtian hesitated for a moment before replied, 100 points! I remember that there was one little brat who consumed it and then it was extremely harsh on his body. Due to his lack of money for intermediate body strengthening drug, the side effect gave him a surprising increase, directly to 100 points in increment! His originally 100 points in physical fitness sky rocketted to 250 points including the confirmed 50 points, saving the money to get intermediate body strengthening drug! This should be the largest record so far!

The effect of intermediate body strengthening drug usually would add up to the range of 200 to 250 points. Being able to reach the range of 200 points at once, naturally you would save 8 million star dollars on intermediate body strengthening drug.

Such a record was enough to make a name for black market strengthening drug!

As long as you were willing to be extreme harsh to yourself, a bottle of black market beginner body strengthening drug was comparable to both ordinary beginner and intermediate body strengthening drug combined!

As long as you spent 3 million star dollars, you would be able to enjoy the benefit of nearly 10 million star dollars. That was the reason black market strengthening drug was so famous.

Brat, did you break that limit? That time when you used it, how many points did you manage to rake up? Zhang Zhongtian emotionally asked. If there was a living case which managed to break this limit, then his research could move one step further.

Su Hao laughed, 100 points!

Owh, I knew it. Its not easy to break that limit. Zhang Zhongtian replied with disdain, 100 points are indeed high, but youre not as good as that little brat.

Really? Su Hao smiled, What I broke through was from 200 to 300 points.

Thats still 100 points.what?! Zhang Zhongtian was shocked as he said halfway through, You broke through from 200 to 300 points?

The same 100 points! But different starting points had different representations.

After 200 points, the effect of beginner body strengthening drug would be extremely hard to gain. Even with intermediate and advanced drugs, you could only upgrade 50 points at once.

As for Su Hao, he used the effect of beginner body strengthening drug and completed both the effect of intermediate and advanced body strengthening drug at once.

What he saved was not 10 million, but 40 million!

Intermediate body strengthening drug costs about 8 million, as for advanced, it costs 30 million. The effect from them both could be achieved with just one bottle of beginner body strengthening drug.

Zhang Zhongtian was now imagining how crazy it would be. Once this matter was confirmed to be true, it would be more than enough to shake the world of pharmacy. And the price of black market body strengthening drug would once again skyrocket!

This meant more star dollar! More resources! Better environment! More advanced equipment!

Zhang Zhongtian seemed to be able to imagine all these in his mind right now.

How did you manage to achieve it? Zhang Zhongtian excitedly asked.

Su Hao laughed without uttering a word.

Only then did Zhang Zhongtian calm down. Like what Su Hao had mentioned earlier on, a deal! Yea, this was a deal. How could Su Hao tell him so easily?