Godly Model Creator Chapter 690

691 A Killing Spree


A mysterious wave of energy fluctuated as it swept across the scene.

The body of this thin, middle-aged man was still in the same place and could no longer move forward. This stunned both Zhang Zhongtian and Wu Feng. Behind that man, a figure then gradually revealed itself.

"Su Hao?" Wu Feng's face had a 180-degree change.

"Su Hao!" Zhang Zhongtian sighed in relief while his eyes flashed in joy, "You are finally back."

A few days ago, he had already sent a message to Su Hao but wasn't sure whether Su Hao read the message or not since he was in closed-door cultivation. Luckily, he managed to arrive on time. As long as Su Hao is here, as a student of Zhanzheng College, the others probably won't dare to have any thoughts on Su Ling.

"Are you okay?" Su Hao glanced at the surrounding scene for a second. Helping Zhang Zhongtian stand up, he then apologized, "On the way here, there was something which delayed my journey."

"I am fine." Zhang Zhongtian shook his head, "But that Wu Feng..."

"Just leave them to me." Su Hao calmly replied. That self-confidence of his made Zhang Zhongtian absent-minded. Su Hao seemed to be different.

"Leave it to you?" Hearing this, Wu Feng sneered, "Su Hao, although you're a disciple of Zhanzheng College, aren't you too arrogant?! Today, your Su family is still peaceful, but I would like to see how you're going to stop me!"

"What are you doing standing there dazed? Kill him!" Wu Feng ordered ferociously.

However, unexpectedly, that man's figure was still not showing any signs of movement. Wu Feng locked his eyebrows for a bit. All of a sudden, he felt something was amiss, "I order you. Can't you hear?"

Su Hao's mouth curved upwards, revealing a sarcastic expression.

"Since your master calls you, then go back to him."


Su Hao casually waved his hand.


That middle-aged man flew outward.

With bright red blood decorating the air, he then fell to the ground. Whether he was still alive or not, it was unknown.

Wu Feng and Zhang Zhongtian both stared at this scene with wide eyes. This... What's happening here? What strength did that middle-aged man possess? Peak professional realm! In Jianghe City, he's definitely among the top!

But after Su Hao appeared, that middle-aged man halted.

Then Su Hao sent this man flying with a wave of his hand, with his fate unknown!

What kind of strength is this?

"You..." Wu Feng pointed at him in horror, "You have entered the domain realm? No, absolutely impossible. You haven't even entered Zhanzheng College for a year!"

Carefully inspecting Su Hao, Wu Feng laughed, "You're still a peak professional esper. However, is that your so-called forbidden technique?"

"Hehe, with forbidden techniques, you dream of beating us, the Wu family?" Wu Feng remained calm and composed.

Su Hao thought that it was funny. Looking at this man in front of him, he didn't know whether this man has taken the wrong drug. He couldn't help but look at Zhang Zhongtian, "Master, what's wrong with this brat? Is he really not aware of the current situation? Is he really a retard or is something wrong with his brain?"

Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly, "He's from the Wu family."

"Wu family?" Su Hao's eyebrows frowned, "Is there a family surnamed Wu within the top ten families?"

Zhang Zhongtian suddenly went speechless.

"Let me tell you." Wu Feng proudly explained, "Perhaps you have left this place for so long that you're still immersed with the age of Chen family in Jianghe City. You're simply ignorant. My Wu family is currently one of the major forces within the city. Our head is a domain esper!"

"If you're planning to surrender, it's still not too late."

"Wu family, huh?" Su Hao's eyes squinted, looking at Zhang Zhongtian, "Does he have some idea on Su Ling?"

"Yes." Zhang Zhongtian nodded, "He wants to see if your father left behind any treasure via Ling Er."

"Great, then I don't have to spare his life." Su Hao casually replied.

"What did you say?" Wu Feng thought that he had misheard.

"I said I am not letting you live." Su Hao said indifferently.

"Hahaha, you want to kill me? I can't stop laughing." Wu Feng suddenly burst out in laughter, "Come here then. I will stand here motionless. Come and kill us. Perhaps you're clueless of what a domain esper is. One domain esper is enough to destroy the entire Jianghe City! I dare you to touch me!"


Su Hao made his move.

As his figure vanished from the spot, Wu Feng got thrown away with a kick, slamming harshly onto the wall behind him.


Fissures were formed on the wall.

"You say that I don't dare to kill you?" Su Hao coly asked.

Wu Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, staring at Su Hao in hatred, "Come then, kill me! I wish to see whether you, a mere Zhanzheng College student, have the guts to kill me or not?! My Wu family is huge. How could it be something that you can touch? Try and kill me! You can't afford the consequences!"

"Hehe." Wu Feng smiled, "By then, I will make your sister's life worse than death itself! If you dare, come and kill me! Come, I thought you want to kill me! Come and kill me!"

"Really?" Su Hao's voice was as calm as ever, "I don't have anything good, but I love to fulfill one's wish. Since you want to die so much, then go to hell..."


With a crisp sound, Su Hao cleanly twisted Wu Feng's neck.

Wu Feng's eyes suddenly widened. All he could feel was a strong force coming from behind his neck. Then, he no longer had any consciousness. The only thought he had during his dying moment was that Su Hao actually dared to kill him. With a distorted look, Wu Feng went limp and collapsed.

Behind them, Zhang Zhongtian was also dumbfounded.

Wu Feng died!

This Wu family member who migrated to Jianghe City actually got killed by Su Hao! If the Wu family knew this, the clan would definitely be furious!

"Su Hao, you're crazy." Zhang Zhongtian sounded serious and urgent.

"What's there to worry about?" Su Hao continued his indifferent tone while killing off the remaining ones with a wave of hand before shifting his gaze back at Zhang Zhongtian, "Now, nobody will know right?"

"Nobody..." Zhang Zhongtian bitterly smiled.

"They might not know you're the one behind this, but they at least knew the fact that Wu Feng is coming to the Su family today. For such a force, they will never make sense! Even if Wu Feng went missing on his way here, they would still look for the Su family. This is the problem with stepping on the tail of these big, hateful families."

Zhang Zhongtian sounded disappointed and frustrated at the same time, "Zhang family is like that. Wu family is no exception."

"No worries." Su Hao raised his head, looking at Zhang Zhongtian, "Master, trust me. If they dare come here, I will take my time to talk to them reasonably."

"You..." Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly, "That isn't some nobody, but a domain esper!"

"So what if he's a domain esper?" Su Hao's mouth flashed a sinister look, "There are already quite a number of domain espers who died under my hands. I don't mind adding one more."

"Sigh, Su Hao. You're still..." Zhang Zhongtian didn't finish his words. He suddenly went into a daze. Those words from Su Hao earlier echoed in his mind. Recalling how Su Hao performed just now, his mind suddenly had this absurd thought.

Could it be the current Su Hao already has strength comparable to a domain esper?

"Could it be you broke through?" Zhang Zhongtian asked in disbelief. Since Su Hao's current strength already far exceeded his, he could no longer judge properly.

"Nope." Su Hao smiled, "Just that the water in Zhanzheng College is deeper than one thought it would be. Let me see what kind of ripple he can make in Jianghe City?"


Zhang Zhongtian was stunned!

Looking at how domineering Su Hao carried himself, his heart beat heavily. Is this still the same little brat who learned how to be a pharmacist from him? The current Su Hao already has the aura of a powerful existence! That control of strength and absolute confidence were far above Wu Feng's!

"I'm too old." Zhang Zhongtian bitterly smiled.

"Master, regarding this matter, does Ling Er know?" Su Hao asked.

"I didn't tell her. Otherwise, with her character, she would have come out by now. Being protected by me, they should be resting now." Zhang Zhongtian explained.

"Then, this is the ideal situation." Su Hao sighed.

Ling Er is still fine, but his mother is just an ordinary person. If she witnesses such scenes, she would probably be frightened. It's probably a better idea to let her remain clueless.

"Don't tell them that I am back for now." Su Hao thought for a moment and then continued, "Ling Er's exam, I will personally guard her! Let's see who else dares to approach her!"

"I want to exterminate them all at once!"

Zhang Zhongtian's hands trembled, this madman!

With Su Hao's current strength, if this is to be known by other people, very few would actually dare to take any action, thus reducing the number of foes. However, he is actually planning to use bait to get rid of everyone who has wicked thoughts on Su Ling!

He's simply seeking to confront every foreign force in Jianghe City!

"This is crazy..." Zhang Zhongtian muttered to himself.

However, Zhang Zhongtian didn't know that this matter and Su Hao's decision is just the norm for him.

Even in Zhanzheng College which forbade killing, Su Hao could still end someone's life without much consequence!

Let alone Jianghe City, which is in the middle of a power struggle.

To deal with the enemy, killing is the best solution!

The next day, a piece of news stunned the entire city. The Wu family, headed by Wu Feng raided the Su family at night, and the whole troop got annihilated.

Among them, there were actually more than three peak professional espers.

And the more shocking part was Wu Feng is dead!

Rumor said that when this news reached the Wu family, the clan head who was in closed cultivation destroyed the room and couldn't control his rage. Even those forces who stayed on the sideline all the time raised their alarms.

Jianghe City's future days would once again change!

Who is that mysterious guardian behind the Su family?

Forget about killing everyone from the Wu family; he didn't even spare Wu Feng. Is he trying to instigate a full-scale war? Is he trying to make Jianghe City into a mess?

Just when everyone thought that Wu family's head would personally make a move, another piece of news came. Surprisingly, the head continued to stay in his residence.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, it was said that after the head charged all the way out from the gate, he then returned."

"This spells trouble."

"Tonight, it will probably be chaotic."

Many forces received the same information.

If the Wu family's head rushed over in anger, then that would be better. However, to remain calm like now, this made them feel uneasy.

After all, who would remain calm under such a situation?

This is definitely the prelude of an upcoming storm!

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