Godly Model Creator Chapter 694

695 I Will Hold Up The Sky For You

Su Hao!

It's actually Su Hao!

They were so shocked that their mouth dropped to the ground. Even though they had tried guessing many times, they would have never thought that it was Su Hao all along!

That student who had disappeared from the spotlight for half a year!

Why is he here and how did he become this powerful?


Su Hao was only a level five specialized esper during the exam. Now?

He annihilated the Wu family's head!

This world indeed had gone crazy.

Looking at that calm figure, nobody could utter a single word. Under the dark sky, Su Hao stood there quietly as if he was an ordinary person. However, the surrounding bodies made this scene out of place. Watching this scene with dry mouths, they dared not speak.

Jianghe City had entered into an unprecedented silence as countless energy were intertwined.

They were all paying close attention to the Su family, but nobody dared to take any action.

Su Hao's eyes scanned the surroundings with a chilling, hateful gaze. Last year, he was targeted during his time at Zhanzheng College. It was all thanks to the exposure of Su Tiancheng's identity that this bunch of men hunted him down like a wolf. After a six month bloodbath, nobody dared to touch him.

Never would he have thought that now, these people actually shifted their attention to his younger sister, Su Ling.

They're simply courting death!

"Last year, during my days in Zhanzheng College, many attempted to kill me but failed." Su Hao broke the silence nonchalantly, "Oh, I nearly forget to tell you this. Among those who did so, there was even a world esper."

World esper!

Everyone trembled.

A world esper took action on Su Hao, but actually failed? Exactly what had happened at Zhanzheng College? Nobody knew! However, for Su Hao to say this, it made them feel unpleasant. What is he trying to achieve here? Could it be he's trying to scare them off with this?

"Last year, I have killed my way through a bloody road." Su Hao continued his flat tone, "I was confused and resentful. Why would nobody help me? Why don't I have a background? But now I am standing in front of my Su family, standing at this very spot. I am the backbone of the Su family! If you wish to touch my sister, you have to get past me!"


This sounded like thunder in everyone's ears.

Su Hao's words, with the addition of his energy, echoed in the entire Jianghe City.

It was so loud that even the deaf could hear it!

No one dared to refute him!

Everyone looked at this figure, standing in front of the Su family's house. They realized that any attempt to destroy the Su family or kidnap Su Ling is almost impossible now.

At the very least, while Su Hao is here, it would end up in failure.

"Let's just retreat." Someone sighed, "The Su family now has another bigshot."

"Indeed, he's worthy of being Su Tiancheng's son."

"I heard that when Su Hao just started his third-year high school, his origin points was only 3. In merely two years, how did he grow this much? Now, I am quite curious what is it that Su Tiancheng left for him to be able to ascend at such a pace."

"Yeah." When this man said it out loud, those around him instantly halted. Their eyes were fiery as they looked at the Su family. A treasure which could enable one to be this powerful within two years...

If they're to obtain it...


Many of them swallowed their excessive saliva.

However, it was one thing to be envious. Everyone knew this fact that as long as Su Hao is here, they could do nothing unless their strength surpassed the Wu family!

However, mankind's greediness is infinite. Right now, countless people were already paying attention to this. Perhaps they could get some help from powerful families. Let them participate. Even if they won't be able to obtain Su Tiancheng's legacy, to report this news would be enough to gain them a lot of resources.


Undercurrents were surging.

These shadows seemed to be hidden in the dark.

Su Hao just stared at them coldly.

Jianghe City isn't big. At least in the eyes of someone who just returned from Zhanzheng College, it was qualified to be labeled as small. His energy fluctuation was enough to cover the entire city. Those who thought that they were hidden in darkness were now standing in the light like lanterns in the dark.

"Too bad..." Su Hao sighed softly.

Through the blessing of origin energy, his words echoed throughout the city. Everyone literally heard these regretful words of his. A number of them were dumbstruck by what they heard.

"Killing all of you, Jianghe City will once again drop by a level in terms of overall strength." Su Hao mumbled to himself as if he was considering some issue.

However, the surrounding people were shocked. Their faces were showing a disbelief expression. What did he say? He's planning to kill everyone?

This isn't something to joke about!

So what if you could kill a domain esper?

Do you know how many peak professional espers and level one domain espers are here? Even if you wish to kill them one by one, can you accomplish this? Is your energy sufficient?


Many of them ridiculed him, and the restraining fear they felt dropped by a few levels. If he's resorting threatening them, he needs to know how to read the situation and choose the right words. Listening to these empty words, they felt absurd.

"Have I overestimate him?" One man secretly began to contemplate.

In the dark, everyone looked at Su Hao with a cold smirk, staring at this pretentious guy as they eagerly awaited his next move. Does he intend to kill some chickens to warn the monkeys?

Unfortunately, they had overthought it.

After Su Hao finished his words, his eyes scanned the surroundings. Then, the energy within his body was unleashed, instantly sweeping all over the place!

Previously, during his time in Fenghui City, it was difficult to achieve this feat.

As of now, in an instant, his energy covered the entire city. In fact, there wasn't a moment of delay. This is Su Hao's current strength!


Almost instantly, those espers who were aiming at the Su family today felt cold feet. This feeling was like sitting on a bed of needles; they suddenly realized that they had been targeted!

"Su Hao, how dare you?"

"Arrogant bastard!"

"You actually plan to fight against the entire city by yourself?"

"You're simply courting death!"

Countless voices could be heard within the city as they made an angry roar.

"What a joke, so what if I am being targeted?"

There were some who remained calm, thinking that Su Hao couldn't handle all of them at once.

"Haha." Su Hao's laugh reverberated as it passed into their ears. Since he decided to take action, he didn't have any intentions in sparing anyone.

These guys who only stayed in Jianghe City...

Their vision is really too narrow.

Shaking his head, Su Hao no longer wished to utter any nonsense.

"Universe Creator!"


The endless darkness was approaching!

In an instant, the entire Jianghe City was shrouded by this strange energy. Countless men hiding were caught off guard, leaving no room to resist.


Light flashed; when they finally reacted, they were already in Kingdom of Heaven! Those men who were scattered across the city were all gathered in one place.

Looking at their surroundings, they immediately reacted.

"I was thinking about what trick this is. So, it's just an illusion."

"Ridiculous, to trap so many of us at once with an illusion, aren't you afraid of it collapsing?"

"Arrogant and conceited!"

The crowd chuckled.

With numerous energy released from everyone, they planned to forcefully break this illusion together. Out of nowhere, the land quaked with all sorts of rumbling sounds echoing.

"What is this?"

"An illusion attack?"

Feeling that the ground was not stable, some began to panic.

However, they quickly saw that flat, peaceful land far away with countless shadows emerging which was accompanied by galloping smoke in everyone's vision.

"This is..."

"Berserk beasts! How could there be berserk beasts here?!" Someone screamed in horror.

"Not beasts, there are people on top of them!"

As the shadows approached, they were all dumbfounded.

It's not beasts! But cavalryman!

On top of each beast, there is a peak professional esper. The terrifying part was that their mounts are all king-level beasts!

Oh, no! The one who led the group, a burly man was riding an emperor-level beast!

Emperor-level beast?

King-level beasts?

They subconsciously swallowed their saliva. Since when were such powerful beasts reduced into mounts?

"Illusion, this must be an illusion!"

"Yes, definitely an illusion."

Many coldly smiled.

However, numerous of them already felt something amiss. The might of an illusion isn't as simple as one thought. It's able to confuse one from the truth. Even if you know it's fake, as long as your inner heart believes it, it will be true! 


There was no room to respond.

Under the burly man's lead, these mounts slammed down with dense murderous intent.



The beast army attacked.

"Defend! Quickly use your defense!" 


Everyone became confused.

In this chaotic situation, a cold, arrogant voice rang. When they turned to the source, it was a genius of a certain family, looking at them sarcastically. Because of his innate ability talent, his resistance to illusion is extremely high!

"A bunch of retards. Isn't this just an illusion? What's there to be afraid of? As long as your heart truly believes it's a fake, this illusion will be useless. My ability talent allows me to have a clear heart. Allow me to witness what this illusion can achieve against me!"

That man stood proudly in front and ignored the incoming beastly army.

The others looked at him with envy.

This is the benefit of a clear heart. If they have such powerful talents, would they even be afraid like now? However, before they even managed to express their envy, they saw the army rush past, crushing this proud figure on the spot. The ground was now dyed in red, shocking everyone.


"Damn! It's not an illusion. Run!"

They instantly woke up from their daze and fled for life.

If they were facing humans, they wouldn't be afraid. However, when a peak professional esper is coupled with a king-level beast and even an emperor-level beast, there is no room to resist.




Everyone fled crazily.

As for Su Hao, he just looked at them coldly; wishing to escape from Kingdom of Heaven?

Too naive!

Although he had never considered his actual strength to be high, trying to suppress him in quantity alone is a joke! One thing which he didn't afraid the most is a group battle.