Godly Model Creator Chapter 695

696 Symbol Of An Era

How strong is the current Su Hao?

A peak professional esper equipped with a Nitai artifact was beaten to death from just Su Hao's aura suppression! A veteran level one domain esper from the Wu family got killed! Throughout the entire Jianghe City, one couldn't imagine how many peak professional espers and several domain espers have fallen under his hands.

No one was alive!

What kind of strength is this?

Exactly how strong is he?

Nobody knew!

When this news reached Tian Long Court, even Tian Long Court itself was shaken by it.

Those students who participated in the trial together with Su Hao were even more dumbfounded. During this past half a year, many of them enjoyed significant progress and were about to breakthrough into the domain realm. Looking at Su Hao who was still the same peak professional realm, they were happy for their progress.

In fact, they even had this thought that they're about to surpass Su Hao.

However, they didn't think that the distance between them was once again widened.

What does the strength of the peak professional realm represent?



If one can, who wouldn't want to stay at this stage?

Tian Long Court isn't a place for students to advance into the domain realm; instead, it encourages them to remain at the peak professional realm for as long as possible. Only by doing so that one can truly become a powerhouse domain esper! In half a year time, Su Hao, as usual, left them in the dust.

Everyone who knew the truth was secretly horrified.

"He's walking on the same route as Wan Cheng!"

"Without even breaking through, he could still challenge the higher realm. He is the next Wan Cheng!"

"There are actually a lot of talents in Jianghe City. Apart from Chen Yifeng, here comes another one, Su Hao."

Everyone in Tian Long Court was shocked.

Chen Yifeng, Wan Cheng, Su Hao, these names had become a milestone, symbols of an era within Tian Long Court.

Back then, Chen Yifeng was so amazing that everybody within Tian Long Court knew who he was. In the end, he quietly exited the spotlight without any news. When they thought that he might have lost the race, Chen Yifeng suddenly broke through to the domain realm and killed his former enemy, becoming an absolute strong esper.

Next, it was Wan Cheng.

He killed his way to his current fame.

Wan Cheng represented the milestone of the previous batch. All the way through, by relying on perseverance, he created a road of his own in Tian Long Court.

To become the number one disciple in Tian Long Court!

Later on, Wan Cheng also hid, but this time everyone knew that it wasn't because of an injury, but to prepare for a huge breakthrough.

Once the breakthrough is completed, another era would come to an end.

And this era now belongs to Su Hao.

Compared to the progress of the first two, Su Hao was even more monstrous. In just half a year here, he had experienced all sorts of ups and downs which no one could imagine. With enemies behind his back, he still managed to stay strong, entering Tian Long Court. His strength kept increasing without showing signs of stopping. In fact, he could even kill a domain esper.

Although Su Hao entered closed cultivation, it was much sooner than predicted.

Compared to the first two, Su Hao's fame fell short. Shortly after he disappeared from the spotlight, everyone seemed to have forgotten about his existence.

Many people thought that Su Hao would disappear like that.

And now, before Wan Cheng revealed himself, Su Hao had once again created new glory, entering his name into history. Plus, the College Entrance Exam is around the corner. These two words, Su Hao rapidly spread to everyone's ears in the Federation!

If someone comments on the previous batch, as a nobody who became an instant sensation among the circle of ordinary people, Su Hao's reputation is unshaken and shining brightly like the sun!

Of course, if Su Hao heard this, he would run away.

What do you mean by bright like the sun?

Damn you!

Thanks to this sensational news, the entire Federation couldn't stay calm. Countless messages were exchanged between forces. Many couldn't even sleep at night. Meanwhile, in Jianghe City, the protagonist, Su Hao, was enjoying himself comfortably.

Whether it's summer or a rainy day, Jianghe City was like the morning after some rain. Su Hao was used to concealing his strength, keeping a low-profile. After a killing spree that night, he quietly stayed with his family, reading books and helping his sister Su Ling improve her strength.

The days in Jianghe City seemed to have become as peaceful as before.

Whatever conspiracies were behind the scenes all vanished without a trace.

Su Hao just showed himself for a day in Jianghe City, and none of the forces dared to extend its claws anymore. With a powerful backing, Chen Haonian's force proceeded to integrate with the other forces, turning into the most powerful force in the city. After incorporating all the forces, Chen Haonian decided to open the cultivation places for free!

He was encouraging the high school students in Jianghe City!

In an instant, the Chen family's fame rose!

This year, whether Jianghe City remains famous internationally as a base for geniuses or not, that would depend on this year's result! Without any power struggles and interference from outside, the students in Jianghe City were able to enjoy an unprecedented high paced cultivation. In this case, many would have to thank Su Hao.

In an urban area, the Wu family's base, an elderly man knelt in front of a room, bursting into tears, "Big Brother, Old San and the others are all dead. The whole Wu family, all the disciples who entered Jianghe City, are all gone! They were all killed! You're the first generation strong esper! You must kill him to avenge us!"

"You need to seek revenge for Old San!"

In the room, it was unprecedently quiet.

After a long time, an indifferent voice could be heard, "I have my own ideas on this. Old San's hatred, I will definitely avenge but wait for now. Only when there is a chance will I take action."

"What chance you are you talking about?!"

That old man kneeling immediately jumped to his feet, his whole face was brimming in red, "Isn't it just a peak professional esper? Even if he can kill Old San, how strong can he be? Didn't you kill a peak domain esper like a dog? Just a mere Su Hao, yet you don't dare kill him? What are you afraid of?"

On the other side of the door, no reply could be heard.

That old man continued in anger, "Among us three brothers, you are the only one who became the first generation's strongest esper. Old San was lucky enough to manage integrating origin energy during the later days. I'm a waste myself, failing to integrate origin energy. But so what? No matter how strong you become, we're still brothers!"

"Old San's hatred, you don't even bother to deal with it?"

The more that old man said, the angrier he became.

Inside the door, an eventual sigh finally came, "Behind Su Hao, there is a peak world esper."

"What nonsense peak world esper are you talking about?!"

That old man raged but suddenly stopped stunned with cold sweat on his back, "Wor... Peak world esper?"

"Yes."The old man behind the door continued, "The outside world might be clueless, but in the circle of world espers, it's a well-known fact. On that day, a world esper decided to take action, but was strongly suppressed by this senior! And just like that, that ignorant man got defeated. If I am to do to the same..."

The voice coming from the old man inside the door seemed dull, but the one outside was standing on cold feet.

"If I take action and anger that person, I am afraid everyone in the Wu family will be buried including you and me. By then, the Wu family will disappear from Earth for sure."


As if thunderstruck, that old man trembled. Hearing the word 'disappear' was more than enough to wake him up from being blinded by hatred.


A peak world esper!

How could this not frighten him? That literally represents the number one esper in the Federation. Only a few managed to become a peak world esper in the entire Federation!

No wonder Big Brother dared not take any action. So...

"Who is that senior?"That old man was clearly fearful now.

"That is a problem."Another sigh could be heard from the other side of the door, "I don't know. If I knew, it might be better. But now, for a strange, mysterious peak world esper to appear..."

That old man remained silent.

After a long time, he reluctantly said, "Then what we should do now? We can't just watch this from the sideline, right?"

"Since this had reached this stage, there is only one way out." The voice behind the door said.

"What way?" The kneeling old man's eyes lit up.

"For Su Hao to do all this, isn't it all for Su Ling? Now, it's still fine for Su Hao alone to be strong. If this brother and sister are super geniuses too, that would be one huge mess. Thus, no matter how strong Su Ling is, we must suppress her and prevent her from taking the first spot in the exam."

"This must never happen!"

"First place in the exam?" That old man was puzzled.

"Yes, being first always carries a different meaning. After a year, who still remember the second-place person? However, Su Hao as the top student will always be remembered by everyone! That's the difference! Plus, in just one year time, how much had Su Hao improved? That's the significance of being first!"

"To rank first in the College Entrance Exam, it will always be a great, stunning achievement!"

"For every session, many strong espers will be paying attention to them. This session will be no exception. If you want to suppress Su Hao, let them participate in the exam!"

"If they manage to get first in the exam..."

"Alright!" That old man's eyes lit up, "If they're able to get attention from those strong espers, who would care about a mere Su family? Even if they fail to get people's attention, as long as Su Ling is suppressed, Su Hao's plan won't be complete, and that can be considered as seeking revenge for Old San."

"Yes, let those few participate."

"This is an upright competition, the College Entrance Exam! No matter how strong Su Hao is, he can't touch those high school students. No matter how it goes, he has to bear with it!"

"This time, we will make him suffer crushing defeat!"


That night, a few geniuses from the Wu family and a disciple of this so-called first generation strong esper revealed themselves and applied for the College Entrance Exam.

This was how confident the Wu family is.

A hidden peerless genius disciple of the first generation strong esper, after more than ten years of intensive training, had stepped into the professional realm. To participate in the exam, isn't that something easy? Since the reform, this exam is simply a plaything to them!

After all, they're professional espers!

Although they're only at the early stages, compared to Su Hao who ranked first during his time, they're many times stronger! To get first in the exam? It's as easy as ABC!

How could Su Ling be compared with those who had been carefully trained for over a decade?

Before they're able to integrate origin energy, they had been taking drugs to temper their bodies. The day they managed to integrate was a few years earlier than others.

Having a strong esper to build their foundation, such peerless geniuses, to suppress an ordinary high school student, it can't be easier!

There was hardly any suspense!

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