Godly Model Creator Chapter 697

698 A Universally Shocking Spurt

"Let me do it!"

"Lord, choose me. I am a super genius of the fire element. My mastery of Origin Avatar is already fully grasped within my palm. In my city, if I say I am the second best, nobody dares to claim to be the best!"

"Get lost. I thought you said that you barely qualified a moment ago."

"Which ears of yours heard me saying so?!"


The scene instantly turned into a mess.

Su Hao watched them with a stupefied look, "What is this, just now, weren't you all saying you're only barely qualified?"

"Lord, compared to you, our talent is naturally only barely qualified, but if we are teaching a student, then we're definitely experts!"

The man who spoke out earlier wailed accusingly.

"...So this is the reason, huh?" Su Hao wiped away his sweat.

Only now did he realize it situation.

True, weren't these people captured because of their talent? Which one of them is actually ordinary?

"Alright, stop arguing. You guys will take turns." Su Hao declared after pondering for a bit.

"Wait a moment."


Back in the room, Su Hao opened his eyes.


The surrounding energy trembled. It was as if Su Hao was creating a giant black hole, sucking every particle in.

Su Ling's small mouth slightly opened, watching this scene.

If one is familiar with Su Hao's skill, when such a scene appears, it indicates that Su Hao's Circular World is now activated.


A stream of mysterious energy emerged, forming a translucent illusionary figure in front of Su Hao with a touch of flame to form this thin figure.

That was without doubt one of Kingdom of Heaven's people!

Su Hao activated his Circular World. With this, these people could utilize a bit of their power which would be projected outside, completing this amazing scene. As what they had claimed, even if they got captured, they're absolute geniuses in their field of expertise.

"This is..." Su Ling opened her eyes wide.

Forget about that strangeness on her brother's body. What's with this figure with the fire element appearing out of nowhere? Su Ling couldn't help but be curious about this.

"Your teacher." Su Hao said indifferently, "He has the same fire element and is at the peak professional realm. Brother invited them to guide you based on their experience in Origin Avatar."

"Wow!" Su Ling was shocked, "3D projection, this is such advanced technology."

Obviously, Su Hao summoned the ones in Kingdom of Heaven to create this scene. In his sister's eyes, she thought that it was via the communication device that a 3D projection was formed. Regarding this, Su Hao just gave a casual smile, "Ling Er, forget about this 3D stuff. They're all your seniors. Are you ready?"

"Yes." Su Ling earnestly nodded her head.

"Then, let's start." Su Hao glanced at that figure for a second. This citizen of Kingdom of Heaven greeted him before shifting his gaze to Su Ling to begin his first class.

"The so-called Origin Avatar..."

"The so-called fire elemental talent..."

"The so-called..."

The people from Kingdom of Heaven were more serious than ever.

After getting used to their new life all these days, in their eyes, Su Hao had become a real God. God's sister, what kind of person is she?

Of course, they had to teach her wholeheartedly!

Thus, just a peak professional esper alone already made Su Ling listen until she was stupefied.

In the beginning, she didn't really pay much attention. After all, her master, the school principal already had such a standard. Plus, in school, there are many videos of such quality. However, when that man finished his words, she was completely stunned. There were some things mentioned which many dared not even think of!

This man not only thought of them but also completed them!

With his guidance, one can truly reach perfection with the fire element.

For the first time, Su Ling who had always thought that her mastery in the fire element is at the tip of her fingers felt that all her knowledge was just the tip of an iceberg as if she was merely a primary school student!

"This is simply amazing!"

Su Ling digested all the knowledge. Her eyes were eager for more. Although she didn't know where his brother found this never heard of before super genius, the things he said was unimaginable gospel for someone who is at the peak specialized realm!

Su Hao just casually watched from the side.

He can't deny the fact that Su Ling is indeed a genius. If she enjoyed the same amount of resources, she would absolutely not be any weaker than those people. Now, Su Hao provided the best help ever to her.

With the first man, Su Ling's understanding of the fire element was completely refreshed.

With the second man, Su Ling began to have some ideas of a new definition regarding the fire element.

Then came the third man, and so on.


Su Ling soon fell into a state of confusion.

For the next few days, the thought of drinking and eating never crossed her mind. She was always in this state of partial confusion. Even when sleeping, she would always think about the Origin Avatar and the fire element...

Because of this, his mother severely reprimanded Su Hao. All he could do was bitterly smile.

Fortunately, this state didn't last for long.

Three days later, in the Su family's home, an astonishing aura suddenly erupted and was forcefully blocked by Su Hao in order to mask the energy fluctuation, ensuring no one outside was aware of it.

This little Su family officially has another professional esper.

Su Ling!

Level one professional esper!


Inexhaustible flames emerged.

If not for Su Hao timely intervention, the whole home might have ended up engulfed in this sea of flame.

In the end, it went straight into Su Ling's soul.


Su Ling opened her eyes. One could see flames flashing within both eyes of hers.

"Brother, I broke through?" Su Ling was still unable to contain her shock. In fact, she found it hard to believe.

How long was it since she began cultivating?

A few days ago, she was stuck at the level seven specialized realm, but now she had undergone a drastic transformation and reached the professional realm!

Level nine specialized realm!

Peak specialized realm!

Origin Avatar!

These barriers which left countless people reaching bottlenecks were easily surpassed like that?

In just a few days?

At this time, she finally understood what her brother meant by not helping her to step into the level eight specialized realm.

For her to transform like that in just a few days, she would have never imagined this!

Currently, how strong is her brother?

Su Ling's eyes were filled with little stars. This is her brother!

"En, the exam is about to arrive in a few days. You better use this time to get a better understanding of your Origin Avatar. This time, the exam will probably be much harder than previously." Su Hao said with a smile.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Su Ling grinned.

With such a brother, Su Ling had nothing to be proud of. Even after experiencing such a breakthrough, there wasn't much to be content with. This is because she knew that her achievement was all thanks to her brother. Her brother who possesses such strength even knows the fact that heaven will only reward those who are diligent. On what right does she have to be lazy?


Work hard!

Su Ling began cultivating again.

There is nothing to panic about for her breakthrough into the professional realm. After Su Hao forcefully suppressed it, no one knew of this fact.

What really made surprised him was that after integrating all the experience shared by twenty peak professional espers, Su Ling was actually still progressing even when she just stepped into the professional realm!

Level two professional realm...

Level three professional realm...

Until the day before the exam, she actually stabilized at level three professional realm!

In half a month, she changed the universe's logic by going from the level seven specialized realm to a level three professional esper.

One little Su family has achieved so many incredible feats. Each of these feats, if they're to be known to the outside world, they will definitely be earth-shattering news.

"Level three professional esper, this time, nobody can compete with her." Su Hao smiled gently.

Forget about the entire Federation, at least in the schools of Jianghe City no one had entered the professional realm yet! Su Ling was the first!

"Brother, this time I want to be the top scorer too!" Su Ling raised her small fists and proudly declared.

"Hmmm, good luck then." Su Hao just smiled. Looking at his sister's gaze, he felt warmness.

So this is how a home feels like... He worked hard, struggled, protect the Federation, wasn't it all for this scene? One day, he will exterminate all the beasts from this world!

So that everyone can enjoy such a scene!

"Hey, you two. It's time for dinner." Their mother's voice rang, waking up Su Ling who was displaying her eagerness and competitiveness. Sticking out her tongue, she raised her head, looking at Su Hao. Both of them instantly burst into laughter.

"I know, mother!"

"We're coming."

The Su family was filled with laughter.

The night had come late.

That night, one couldn't imagine how many people in the entire Federation were suffering from insomnia.

The next day, College Entrance Exam finally arrived!

After a lapse of one year, after madly cultivating for that duration, the second batch of the new system would finally take arrive. Almost everyone in the Federation began to pay attention. Of course, perhaps at some unknown corner, in some sort of special place, there were also some berserk beasts silently watching.

This is a battle for glory!

This is a clash among the top geniuses!

Due to the loopholes during the first batch, this time, the school had arranged a better reward system! During Su Hao's time, as the top student, he became the chairman of the school union in Zhanzheng College. However, due to being hunted by many, it became a decorative title with no significance.

And the worst part was Su Hao's experience in the army!

This so-called best honor!

It turned out to be a life or death mission! A nuclear bomb exploded and almost killed Su Hao along the way. This reward which supposed to be an honor became worthless. This eventually led the exam management to avoid offering any messy rewards. Instead, promises were offered for the top ten students.

These people are allowed to train in Tian Long Court for free!

Tenth place, three days!

Ninth place, six days!

Eighth place, nine days!


First place, one month!

Everyone who knew the inner details was stunned by this reward. After all, these are Tian Long Court's cultivation rooms! How many disciples tired to complete the mission just to cultivate inside for half a month? Even Su Hao, who had completed the mission in Gaoyuan City and received lucrative rewards, was jealous!

He had literally completed most of the mission!

In fact, the points received were doubled!

Even after killing a domain esper!

Or even exterminating countless beasts, he only managed to enjoy half a year of cultivation! And it was while he used the points on the level one rooms with the smallest consumption!

One could clearly see how valuable this reward is!

Of course, these are substantial rewards.

In fact, what could really make one crazy into getting the title of top ten is nothing but glory!

This time, the exam was destined to be more competitive than the previous year.

Early morning of the next day, the candidates entered the examination room.

The virtual screens were all set up!

Live streaming on the internet was a must!

The second batch of the newly reformed format of the College Entrance Exam officially began!