Godly Model Creator Chapter 698

699 Aren't You Ashamed For Using Cheats?

Jianghe City, in a certain pharmacy store, both Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian were watching the exam on a virtual screen. The exam was about to begin. However, this time, Su Hao was assuming the identity of an audience member.

"Finally, it begins." Su Hao sighed sorrowfully; his eyes were hiding something deeply.

In just one year, many changes had occurred. At that time, he was just a student struggling in the exam. Facing the future, he was fearful and worried, but now he had turned into an existence stronger than any ordinary domain esper. The hardships he experienced, how many people actually know about them?

In one year, he experienced something which would have taken others a decade.

"Yeah." Zhang Zhongtian was a bit absent-minded, "College Entrance Exam..."

Last night, when Su Hao came with Su Ling, he was stunned to find out that this little girl who had been struggling to get past the level seven specialized realm had unexpectedly stepped into the professional realm, turning into a truly strong contender!

After knowing that it was all thanks to Su Hao's help, he felt even it was more unbelievable. Since when was there such a method to breakthrough?

To upgrade six levels in a few days? Plus, it includes a breakthrough into the next realm? Even as a master pharmacist, he can't achieve such a feat! Yet Su Hao easily did so!

Now no matter what this disciple of his does can't surprise him.

"How far do you think can Ling Er go?"

Su Hao looked at the virtual screen with great interest.

"That silly girl?" Su Hao thought for a second, "If it is within Jianghe City, getting first shouldn't be a problem. But within the entire Federation, she will definitely be among the top ten!" 

"Top ten huh..."

Su Hao smiled and activated his communication device.

It was a magical site. As the exam was about to begin, on the site, the betting for each student was open. Su Hao had a quick look at the data. There was a detailed assessment of the strength of the geniuses all over the Federation; surprisingly, a total of one thousand students were on the list.

Su Ling was at rank 986.

This year's exam, for a level seven specialized esper, one can only rank that high. The first part of the exam, the theoretical basis exam which everyone was familiar with, with a total of 200 points and additional 100 points for additional topics, the winning rate for Su Ling to rank first was only at a pitiful 0.001%.

"1000:1?" Su Hao had another look at the rules, "So this means that if I bet ten thousand dollars on her, I can get 10 million if Su Ling ranks first?"

"In theory, yes." Zhang Zhongtian nodded.

"I see." Su Hao nodded and then opened his own account to bet every star dollar he has. Zhang Zhongtian had a quick glance, and his hands suddenly trembled.

"1 billion? Are you mad?!" Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

"This isn't much." Su Hao replied nonchalantly.

In fact, it wasn't much. Now, a top tier drug can cost over 100 million. During this one year, even with his reputation as a top student and the problems he was involved in, he could still earn an income of one billion. It seemed like a lot, but if one is to spend it all on cultivation, it can barely last a month.

"It's still every bit of your savings." Zhang Zhongtian glared, "Theoretical basis assessment is emphasizing basic knowledge. Ling Er's knowledge is far behind those hermits disciples."

"Just continue watching, and you will know." Su Hao's mouth revealed a mysterious smile.

On the internet, when everyone was paying attention to the top ten students who are likely to win, Su Ling's name suddenly popped out from nowhere, entering the top ten in a domineering fashion.

1 billion star dollar, easily pushed Su Ling to the top.

"Who is this?"

"Su Ling, this sounds familiar."

"1 billion, damn. Is this guy mad?"

Everyone was startled at first, but after reading her information, they were slightly astonished because behind Su Ling's name was another name, Su Hao!

"It turned out to be Su Hao's sister..."

"Su Hao, that top student from the previous year?"

"Hehe, last year he was lucky, but this year won't be as simple as that. This retard actually dares to bet 1 billion on Su Ling." 

Everyone ridiculed and roasted Su Hao.

Su Ling's strength was clearly stated in the data that she was just a level seven specialized esper. Plus, she tested that not long ago at the Origin Ability Association. There were no flaws in this data.

"That 1 billion, could it be from Su Hao?"

"Who else could it be but him?"

"He's too arrogant!"

The crowd sneered.

With such strength, Su Ling dared to dream being first?

This is simply arrogance to the extreme!

Last year, thanks to the reform, he was lucky. This year, does he really think that the exam will be as easy as before? Hehe, when the exam begins, he will lose everything!

The crowd kept mocking Su Hao.

Su Hao, the top student in the previous batch, what was his strength?

Level five specialized esper!

If compared with this year's examinees, his strength is only mere trifle. However, thanks to the reform, he was able to take the first place, making many envious. However, they seemed to have ignored the fact that Su Hao and Tian Zi's battle actually exceeded any ordinary professional esper battles!

All they paid attention to was Su Hao was merely a level five specialized esper that managed to emerge as the top student!

Such good luck, why am I not the one having it?

Many people had the same thought.

On the internet, the stakes were still constantly surging. However, nobody dared to replace Su Ling's position. All they did was to stay sideline, sneering at Su Hao while eagerly waiting to enjoy a good show.

Even Zhang Zhongtian couldn't understand it himself.

Theoretical foundation assessment...

Can this thing have assurance?

In this regard, Su Hao just smiled lightly, "Master, just watch with a peaceful mind. It's about to start."


The scene on the virtual screen changed.

A bluestone platform appeared. The familiar virtual scene appeared. With this, the first segment of the exam began. As long as you answer and solve the question given correctly, you will obtain a corresponding score. Previously, Su Hao easily obtained a full score, but what about Su Ling?


A light was flashing among countless geniuses. All candidates were working hard to solve the questions. Since Su Ling was now a controversial topic, the spotlight shifted on her for a bit.


Su Ling quickly answered all questions. Even with a casual, random look, she already knew the answer. From the start to the end, there was simply no delay. Everyone couldn't help but watch her. To answer this quickly, does Su Ling really know the answers or is she just casually answering?

The camera shifted to another scene.

It no longer put Su Ling into the spotlight again.

After the start of basic questions, it was time for the additional questions, the decathlon. And the pace began to slow down. Each act and movement from the top geniuses attracted everyone's attention.

However, a few minutes later, when everyone was looking forward to the results, waiting for the first rank to be revealed, a person's data was suddenly displayed.

Name: Su Ling, theoretical foundation: 300 points, overall ranking: first place!


The entire Federation shook!

300 points!

Full score!

First place!

Plus she was the first person to complete the test!

Once Su Ling took action, she suppressed everyone with an absolute advantage! 300 points, a full score of theoretical foundation. That's the limit, and no one can surpass it!

Basic questions: 200 points, full score.

Additional questions: 100 points, full score.



"WTF, it actually turned out to be Su Ling!"

"Forget about the basic questions, what happened with this decathlon? Su Ling doesn't only have one or two hobbies, but how did she perfectly answer all ten questions?


"Wait... then Su Hao's bet of 1 billion..."

When numerous people thought of this, their heart nearly jumped. 1 billion multiplied by 1,000, that's one trillion! Although star dollar isn't that valuable, it's still more than enough to make them feel jealous.

What had actually happened here?

How was Su Ling able to complete the decathlon perfectly?

"What's happening?" Zhang Zhongtian was also so shocked that he had to ask. This is simply unbelievable! One can rely on drugs to improve in cultivation, but how can one achieve perfection for this type of test?

Only with time can one improve!

How did Su Ling learn all this?

Nobody knew!

"You should be well aware that I participated last year." Su Hao grinned, "I remember everything on the test. As long as I use my model analysis to reorganize the data and then through deduction..."

"It's literally the simulation system itself!" Zhang Zhongtian exclaimed.

No wonder!

No wonder Su Hao was so confident!

The simulation system!

Su Hao had personally experienced the system. By using his model analysis to analyze the system thoroughly, this year's exam was literally the same as the previous year. Su Hao was not like the other families that prepared infinite resources because there is no need to!

He just had to choose several topics which Su Ling was interested in and then prepared her for the test.

This is simply too easy!

When the others had just begun to study this new system, Su Hao already had the entire system stripped naked in front. Not only from last year's analysis but also because Su Hao himself is a powerful hacker!

Since he already knew the exam questions, how could it be any easier?

Su Hao smirked.

"This... this..." Zhang Zhongtian couldn't utter his words, "Isn't this considered cheating?"

"Cheating?" Su Hao calmly explained, "Last year, wasn't it because they saw a loophole that they decided to target me by utilizing it? A mission to invade the beast domain nearly killed me."

"And then?"

"Just a loophole alone and it erased every error!"

"There is nothing fair and perfect in this world. Since they could do so last year, then I will accompany them in playing their game this year."

"Loopholes, I can find them too!" Su Hao smiled, "Plus, this is merely the theoretical foundation."

Zhang Zhongtian was speechless.

He had thought of countless possibilities but not this!

"Obtaining first in theoretical foundation, that isn't very useful right?" Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly.

"Theoretical foundation?" Su Hao looked at the screen and revealed an inexplicable look before bursting into laughter, "The exam has only just begun."