Godly Model Creator Chapter 699

700 Powerful Suppression

Yes, the College Entrance Exam has just begun.

As Su Ling easily led the pace, climbing to the top, she was followed by countless other students who scored 300 points, tying with her. However, due to them taking more time to complete the exam, they could only silently follow behind Su Ling. The first line of the result list was destined to bring fame to Su Ling.

"300 points!"

"Yet another 300 points?"

"So many students with perfect scores!"

"Unbelievable, last year, Tian Zi only managed to score 280 points, right?"

One person after another was astonished by the outcome.

Sure enough, it will never be similar when one is prepared.

It's one thing for Su Hao to be able to build a simulation system, but he was also aware that each family has its own tricks. For example, something as perversive as Li Tiantian's ability, or something like deduction and prediction abilities. He had never underestimated anyone!

The College Entrance Exam is just a game.

This applies to not only the candidates but also their background and the vast amount of resources behind them.

If one's only aim is to pass the requirement to enter a certain university, that's fine. At least, it's still fair but if you want to compete for the first rank!

If you play an honest game, it's impossible for you to take it!

This year was not like last year. Su Hao has to face those big families which have made ample preparations. Thus, he would ensure Su Ling would not have any disadvantages.

Isn't it just the first rank?

It's not like he didn't have it before!

Theoretical foundation assessment soon ended. When the crowd had a look at the final list, fear could be seen within their face. Hundreds of students obtained a perfect score!

"Why there are so many students who obtained full scores?"

"This world is going crazy."

"It's simply unbelievable."

"The so-called rumor that the disciples of those hidden espers revealed themselves, could it be true?"

They were terrified upon thinking of this.

At a certain urban region, the second brother of the Wu family looked at the results on the virtual screen and then hatefully smashed the things on the table, "Trash! You all are Trash! A mere little girl, Su Ling, and yet nobody managed to take her down! Even if it is the same perfect score, you guys need to at least be faster than her! What is this then?"

"No need to rush."

Inside the door, a dull voice rang, "The exam has only begun. With Su Hao around, for Su Ling to score perfectly in theoretical foundation isn't a surprise. But her strength as a level seven specialized esper isn't something that can be changed. Unless Su Hao really wishes for his sister to forcefully breakthrough and turn useless!"

Old Er (second brother of the Wu family) now only calmed himself down for a bit, listening to the words.

Looking at the virtual screen in hatred, "Definitely, we will never let her take the first rank!"

The same situation happened in many other places. Everyone felt uneasy regarding Su Ling's sudden emergence, but after noticing Su Ling's strength, they felt reassured.

After all...

She's just a level seven specialized esper!

For professional espers geniuses, this gap isn't something small! While everyone was paying attention to the results, at a certain betting site, Su Hao didn't hesitate to go all in again, one trillion in total and pushing Su Ling to the top again.

One trillion star dollar, betting on Su Ling taking the first rank in the second segment.

The betting site went crazy again.

One trillion star dollar!

In fact, in a global bet, one trillion isn't a lot. The problem is this is coming from one person alone, and Su Ling's odds are still high!

"Damn, why isn't Su Ling's odds adjusted yet?!" The site's boss shouted in anger, "Who can tell me what's with this ten-fold betting odds? Didn't we lose badly just now? Which retard set the odds to one thousand?!"

"Well, because the second segment is physical fitness assessment."

"What kind of relationship does it have... huh?" The site's boss stopped halfway and suddenly halted, "You mean physical fitness assessment?"


"Strange... Physical fitness assessment should be Su Ling's weakness. She might be able to easily reach the limit but to surpass the others in the additional assessment, it's impossible!"

"Yes, after our mathematical calculation is done, the probability of her obtaining first is only 0.0005% which is actually less than in the previous segment. However, in order to prevent the same circumstances from happening again, we have adjusted it to only ten times the odds."

"Hmm, great job." Only then did the boss feel reassured, "Ten folds then. Physical fitness, I believe there are several geniuses who specialize in this. She is just a little girl with a fire elemental talent. Trying to obtain first? If she can really do so, I will swallow the whole table!" 

"Boss is wise!"


At the same time, one could hear mocking expressions from numerous places.

Su Hao's staking another all-in move thrilled everyone again. This time, even those from Jianghe City couldn't understand his action. After all, Su Ling's physical fitness is displayed for all to see. To reach 400 points is a certainty since it's the requirement to breakthrough into the specialized realm.

But to obtain more?


Excluding those who specialized in strength, who else could defeat the so-called full score? Last year, Su Hao was able to obtain first thanks to the reform, but what about now? Many geniuses joined without neglecting their physical fitness!

And these people...

Even without using their origin talent to increase their physical fitness, they still have an absolute advantage!

This assessment, from the moment it was announced, everyone was clear that this is for those who specialized in physical strength, those who regularly temper their body!

This little girl Su Ling, what is she doing here?

Everyone was puzzled. Especially after seeing Su Hao betting one trillion, they felt like they were dreaming. Are they the ones who are stupid or is it Su Hao who is silly?

At noon, the second assessment began.

As everyone expected, most students successfully passed the basic questions, scoring 400 points and went on to the additional assessment.

However, when the additional assessment began, everyone was dumbfounded.

The so-called additional assessment was simply to measure the body's limit; testing speed by being chased by a tiger, assessing reaction speed against swordfishes, ending with strength evaluation with boulders. Of course, other unseen factors such as patience were included.

Compared to last year, the difference wasn't much.

The virtual screen was showing multiple contestants simultaneously, and more eyes were paying attention to those who specialized in physical strength. They easily obtained full scores during the tiger stage and currently jumped into the lake. Everyone secretly nodded. Have you seen it? Now this is what a powerful body is all about! This is much more relaxed than Su Hao's attempt.

However, when the camera shifted to Su Ling, everyone was frozen.

Su Ling was still climbing down the mountain, being chased by the tiger.


What had they just seen?

Facing that giant tiger, Su Ling's petite figure didn't show any fear. Instead, she turned around and instantly killed that tiger!


They didn't see it incorrectly!

That tiger which was supposed to test Su Ling's speed was killed by her instantly! There were many who failed to escape or only barely able to escape, but Su Ling...


"That's a mutated sword tiger!"

"She didn't suffer an injury either! What kind of reaction is this that she's able to one shot kill the tiger?"

"This is crazy!"

"Goddess, ah, ah, ah, Sister Su Ling is so powerful. From today onwards, Su Ling is my goddess! Su Ling, I want to give birth to your babies!" 

"Get lost! How can two girls conceive a baby?!"

"Nowadays, men are involved in homosexual acts. Aren't girls also into it now? It's about time for us to join the fun." 


All the spectators were frightened.

Because it was truly...

Too extreme!

Even Su Hao only ended up escaping from being chased, but Su Ling forcefully ended the tiger's life. Looking at the contrast of her petite figure and the might she showed earlier, she made everyone amazed.

But is this over yet? Obviously not.

The tiger is only the first obstacle. At this time, the virtual screen had several changes as some students had passed the swordfish stage. Then Su Ling casually reached the lake.

Yes, casually...

Since the tiger was dead, how could she not be casual?

The next stage would be facing the siege of a school of swordfish while having to swim past them to reach the opposite coast.

"The swordfishes have appeared."

"Goddess is entering the water."

"Can this be considered as a temptation with a wet body..."


Everyone attentively looked at her.

However, nobody noticed that Su Ling silently took a few steps backward before taking a step forwards. Out of nowhere, she rushed forward to the edge of the shore, jumping with all of her might.


The ground she stepped on formed a pit.

Su Ling's figure jumped over half the lake, and she landed on top of a stone at the center of the lake. This scene once again made everyone dumbfounded.

"Holy shit!"

"This explosive force..."

"Goddess is so badass!"

"WTF, with one jump, she is able to reach the stone?"

Everyone cursed at the screen. Those who were watching on TV, it was unknown how many bowls and chopsticks were dropped. Meanwhile, on the internet, comments were flooding in like a river.


It's too shocking!

Just like Su Hao, Su Ling already gathered unbelievable fame even though the exam just began! This stunned everyone!

At the same time, in a little pharmacy, Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian indifferently looked at the screen. There is no hint of surprise on either of them because this was already within their expectations!

"With the perfect drug to aid her, Su Ling's physical fitness is much stronger than the previous me." Su Hao looked at the figure on the screen and sighed.

During his time, he was using a semi-finished product, but what about Su Ling? She used a perfect drug with zero pain. Once this three bottle set of drugs was consumed, Su Ling's body had undergone an incredible transformation. To suppress these students is too easy!

"Yeah." Zhang Zhongtian was somewhat excited, "All the drug were tested successfully. The rise of Su Ling indicates that this set of drugs is going to shock the entire world!"