Godly Model Creator Chapter 7

Gmc Chapter 7

Chapter 0007 The era of darkness

After passing through the quantum scanner of the city gate, Su Hao for the very first time in his life stepped out of the city! Unlike the lively city, here it was just a deserted place, full of killing intent and a quiet atmosphere which made ones hair stand.

Su Hao had a glance at his surroundings. He dared not to run aimlessly. Instead, he took out a map which indicated his destination and walked accordingly.

Three miles, was really not that far.

After passing through the Zhong Yang avenue, he reached a mountain trail on the right hand side. A few bends later, Su Hao finally reached at the destination described in the task. After he was able to find the quest location, Su Hao began to search for the grass. Half an hour later, at a relatively remote corner with grasses reaching waist height, a star grass was hidden among them.

After a careful and cautious observation for a moment, he did not notice any beast presences.

This is strange. Didnt they say the chances of encountering fearful beasts are close to 100%?

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows. Heading down the mountain, travelling through the mountain trail until he reached the foot of the mountain, his body was in a cautious state. Somehow, he could not shake off this feeling that something unexpected may appear behind him.


Su Hao suddenly rolled forwards. A sharp claw flashed from the side and cut through where he was mere moments ago, the strike instead landed on a tree next to him.

Ka cha!

The tree instantly snapped.

Su Hao then looked back. A werewolf like beast stood in front of him with a withered body which look like firewood. With a pair of red eyes and sharp claws, he could smell a thick bloody scent from it. With Su Haos 180 points in theoretical basis, he still could not recognize this monster in front of him.


The beast howled for a moment. In an instant, it jumped out and with its sharp claws aimed at Su Haos throat.

Su Hao subconsciously wanted to evade it but soon he calmed himself down. Evading was not just simply useless.

If he wanted to survive and leave this place, killing is the only way out!

Ge Dang!

Su Haos left hand grasped the wrist of the beast, barely avoiding the glistening claws. With a twist of his body, his right elbow was firmly launched towards the beasts chest.


As soon as the sound travelled through the air, Su Hao felt like he was hitting a plate of iron. However, the beast was indeed affected by his strike and stepped backwards.

Su Hao was unyielding. With quick footsteps, he immediately grasped the beasts right arm. The beast figure who was retreating was unexpectedly pulled forwards. While avoiding the sharp claws, he then utilised the pulling momentum for an even greater strike.

Rising up, his figure appeared to be floating as he rotated, a flying kick was precisely directed down at the beasts skull.


The beast who had received a kick on its head was somehow dazed. Su Hao then took this opening to strike it with a kick again, making it fly over.


The beast surprisingly stood up as if nothing had happened. With a growl and a red light flashing in its eyes, it was as if he had undergone some transformation from its anger.

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed loudly. If I cant identify this beast, I would not be able to find its weakness.



The beast rushed forward again. Su Hao immediately reacted with a counter attack. Basic fighting techniques were flowing flawlessly from his hand, with a continuous set of moves, punch by punch on its body, which made the beast keep retreating. Too bad its skin was really tough and thick. Every time it was hit until it fell on the ground, it would instantly stand back up.

Such a good thick skin!

Out of nowhere, Su Haos mind suddenly made a move. It has always been known to him that he was able to create a character model. Then what about a beast model?

When he thought of this, Su Hao then focused his sight at the beast.

Model analysis, start!


The surroundings started to become illusionary. The world seem to have stopped moving completely. When the model establishment in his brain completed, it instantly shocked Su Hao. This was because the model which he saw in his mind was not any beast but a person!

A thin physique middle aged man with a wretched appearance appeared. Around him, there were two cards floating around.

Su Hao had a quick glance at the cards; beginner origin ability cultivation and beginner alienation.

What is this? It is indeed a beast but why is the model I saw a person? Su Hao was now in a panicky state.

This is wrong!

Beginner alienation!

With his mind, Su Hao selected the card beginner alienation. The card establishment was unsuccessful. This would conclude that beginner alienation was this persons origin ability.

At the origin ability firm, he received intelligence that a beast usually frequented the bottom of the mountain.with 180 points of theoretical basis, he was not able to recognize this beast..the establishment of the model analysis was instead a person..


A light flashed in Su Haos eyes, he finally understood the current situation.

The being in front of him was definitely not a beast but a human. He had used his origin ability to disguise himself as a beast. This man had very vicious thoughts!

After he clearly understood the situation, Su Hao was able to calm down completely. Since it is a human, it would be easy for Su Hao to handle it.

Su Hao began to start his offense again. With countless consecutives punches directed at its chest, dull metal sounds were being produced. Unfortunately, Su Haos fist began to feel some traces of pain. However, without the slightest of hesitations, his next strike was still directed towards its chest.

One fist! Two fist!

One fist! Two fist!

The more Su Hao hit, the faster his offense. The beast somehow did not seem to be affected by the punches.



The beast was again brought down. Su Hao suddenly rose up to the sky. With a step on the tree behind, he rose up higher and then instantly dropped down to strike from the air.


With such a heavy blow, a figure flew up. A puff sound could be heard from the beast. It then started to vomit out blood while the red light on its eyes began disappearing.

The beasts hair began to fade which then revealed a wretched middle aged man wearing shorts. With his eyes not showing any hint of life, this was a clear sign that he was dead.

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows! This man was so daring to disguise as a beast to rob people. He deserved to die!

However, this made him completely awake. Su Hao had really underestimated the darkness of this era. If you want to survive in this world, you must not only be wary of beasts but also humans!

With a drop of the fluid, the man completely disappeared. Su Hao then looked around. Since this man kept appearing here everytime, this man must have hid somewhere dark to observe.

In just a few moments, after exploring the surroundings, about a mile away, Su Hao found a small cave. In the cave, there were many surveillance equipment and dozens of star grass!

Dozens of. This bastard had actually killed many people! Su Hao did not touch other stuff. He only took the star grass with him and destroyed everything else. Then he started to head back to the city.

His strength had indeed been reduced from fatigue. Thus, on the way back, Su Hao needed to be extra cautious.

Once he reached the city, Su Hao appeared to be relieved. Looking at the bundles of star grass at his hands, he showed a trace of a smile on his face. This trip, although it was dangerous, it was indeed worth it.

When he reached the origin ability firm, the sky was already dark. The firm however, was still bustling with people. When Su Hao entered the firm, a group of people at one corner began to quiet down.

Hey, isnt that the boy from this afternoon? He came back alive?

In his hands.star grass! He has so much!

Wow, this boy was able to find the location of the star grass? He is indeed very lucky.

Yea. If I knew, I would have gone there this afternoon. This cheap kid.

Many people in the firm talked with a tone of envy. They seemed to believe that if they had gone to take this task instead, all these gains would have been theirs. Su Hao just ignored them and went straight to the counter to report his tasks completion.

The registrar which saw that Su Hao had come back alive was greatly surprised. However he still professionally helped Su Hao to register the tasks completion. Then, he handed a bottle of blue coloured medicine to Su Hao.

Origin ability restoration medicine. Su Hao was somehow filled with excitement. Facing the registrar, Su Hao asked, Can you help me to get the information of the man who gave this mission? I believe you can see with your own eyes I have a lot of star grass here.

The registrar shook his head. Our customers information is absolutely kept confidential. Since you requested my help, I will help you ask about it the next time he comes.

Many thanks.

Su Hao grinned and headed outside the firm.

Just when he headed out of the firm, a huge stature unexpectedly blocked his pathway. Su Hao raised his eyebrows, Anything?

The man then smiled, Kid, you have so much star grass. Even if you keep them, they will just be useless to you. How about this? Why dont you sell them to me for 100 star dollars each? I want all of them.

100 star dollars? Su Hao smiled. Looking at this confident man with an origin ability of 6 points, Su Hao instantly made his move without any signs.

Surprise attack!

Su Haos figure suddenly appeared closer to the man and directly attacked the mans chest. Once punch, two punches! With a rapid bombardment, the mans chest felt really tight and he had difficulty breathing.

The man furiously sent a blow towards Su Hao. Su Hao sneered and quickly grabbed the incoming fist.

A shoulder throw!

A flying kick!

A rising kick!


The huge body of the man fell on the ground. Su Hao clapped his hands and immediately sped away. For such people, he was too lazy to bother with them.

When Su Hao left, a few people who had paid attention to him instantly scrapped any ideas.

Although this kids origin ability was only 5, he had already mastered advanced fighting techniques. With such a series of ultra-fast blows which they couldnt even clearly follow, who the hell wanted to mess with him?