Godly Model Creator Chapter 70

Gmc Chapter 70

Chapter 0070 Little fox confronting old fox

This is something which would contribute to mankind!

Zhang Zhongtian began to get excited again, Once black market body strengthening drug enters the large scale production and is able to upgrade to 300 points from the injury effect, this would definitely be the turning point in the history of mankind! Human physical fitness would increase by leaps and bounds and the amount of lives which would be saved would be enormous! This is definitely a great contribution worthy of a place in history. Such a contribution, yet you want to measure it with money?!

Su Hao looked at his exciting act and casually asked, So this thing is that precious?

Of course. Young man, tell me about it. Zhang Zhongtian continued in a serious tone, For the future of mankind, so that humans would be able to survive under the attack of berserk beasts!

Well, if its that precious. Su Hao pondered for a moment.

Zhang Zhongtian secretly glanced at Su Hao while his heart was thinking that a newbie student was just a newbie student. Just adding a bait of societal contribution and he was already being fooled. Such patriotism, good then.

After Su Hao finished pondering, he answered, Since its so precious.then I have decided to increase the price.

What? Zhang Zhongtian was stunned on the spot.

I originally intended to sell it for 1 million star dollar, but never had I thought that it was so precious. Seems that I can sell it at higher price, 10 million, 50 million? It could be even more than that. This is perfect! Su Hao exclaimed and then, with a relieved tone, continued, Fortunately, you reminded me, I nearly sold it cheap.

Zhang Zhongtian was still in his stunned mode.

In other words, Su Hao, who originally wanted to sell it to him for 1 million star dollar, decided to sell it at a higher price after being swayed by him?

Damn it!

Zhang Zhongtian immediately regretted his decision. 1 million was nothing to him, just one bottle of black market body strengthening drug would earn him 3 million. Forget about 3 million, even 10 million he was willing to pay! However, looking at Su Haos current excitement, perhaps even 50 million wasnt enough for Su Hao to share his secret.

Damn his itchy mouth!

Zhang Zhongtian slapped his face with his full force, which then woke him up. No, this wasnt right!

This kid was tricking him!

Zhang Zhongtian instantly understood. Last time he had been tricked by this kid and this time he wanted 1 million? Last time, that few fangs Su Hao brought had increased in price from 500,000 to 3 million! Selling it for 1 million, he would never do so. He was just testing the water to know Zhang Zhongtians psychological price on this matter. Yet, he said it carelessly.


This thing to his heart is priceless!

Such a devious little fox, Zhang Zhongtian cursed, Damn brat, stop pretending. Just say it, what do you want? As long as I have it here, feel free to take it.

Zhang Zhongtian gave up. He had already exposed his psychological price and could only let Su Hao suggest his offer now.


Su Hao expressionlessly looked around the store, though his heart was currently super excited. At first, he only planned to get some recovery drugs, and if given the opportunity he would grab a bottle of intermediate body strengthening drug as well. Unexpectedly, Zhang Zhongtian actually valued his method so highly.

If this was the case, then he wouldnt show reserve. Su Haos plan had quietly changed in his heart.

In the small pharmacy store, numerous precious drugs were put on display.

The beginner black market body strengthening drug, which was worth 3 million, Su Hao saw at least 30 bottles of. Adding them together, the sales would be near 100 million!

Zhang Zhongtian was so rich! Even if the principal cost was 1 million per bottle, he could still earn 2 million. Once he sold off these bottles, he would easily pocket himself 60 million. This was madness!

Without a doubt, Su Hao was confident that even if he was to ask for dozens of body strengthening drugs, Zhang Zhongtian would definitely give them to him.

This time, he had picked a treasure. No, it would be more accurate to say that he had gambled with his life to get this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thus, this chance, he would use it to the fullest.

Just say, what do you want? Zhang Zhongtian pushed his old spectacles and calmly said so as if he didnt put this matter into his heart at all.

Su Hao smiled indifferently, 1 million star dollar!


Zhang Zhongtian thought that he had heard it wrong. 1 million star dollar, Su Hao really opened the price at 1 million star dollar? He had even prepared to spend lots of money, at least 100 million. But Su Hao was just asking for 1 million. Something wasnt right here.

Just like that? Zhang Zhongtian unbelievably asked.

No matter what, I, Su Hao, am still a good student. For the future of mankind and their progress, whats wrong with it? Su Hao laughed it off.

Zhang Zhongtian also followed the laughter. Listening to Su Hao mentioning contributing to society, who would believe that?!

He would rather believe that a pig could climb a tree than believe Su Hao to be such a selfless person. Of course, some kind of mutated pig in this world would be able to climb a tree.


Seeing that Zhang Zhongtian wasnt fooled, Su Hao said with a smile, 1 million star dollar with a condition.

Say! Zhang Zhongtian efficiently replied.

I want to learn how to make drugs! Su Hao casually replied.

Zhang Zhongtian was caught in surprise. Raising his head to look at Su Hao, he instantly understood Su Haos intention. This brat


This was Su Haos true aim!

More than 100 million star dollars?

Thats a lot!

But then so what? A bottle of fighting essence drug costing tens of millions, that was just the market price! A bottle of advanced body strengthening drug with at least 30 million worth, that was again the market price!

Su Hao absolutely wouldnt be interested in that!

Instead of granting people a fish, why not granting oneself the skill to fish? What Su Hao was aiming for was a true mean of livelihood. and pharmacy was one of the hottest professions without doubt. Not to mention that Zhang Zhongtian was arguably one of the best masters in this field.

As long as he was able to master pharmacy, later he could earn as much money as he wanted. Market price?

It doesnt matter. The drug I make would be also the same as market price. If you want the drug from me, you will need to have equivalent value to exchange with!

Zhang Zhongtian coldly stared at him, Little brat, you think I will agree? There are all kinds of drug in the black market, but to have such effect, only I can do it. If you are to leak it, then the value of my drug would be zero!

No no!

Su Hao laughed, It absolutely wouldnt be zero, if I pay a visit to Pharmacy Association and share the method with them. Using my method and then being able to lessen the pain, a new drug would be born. At that time, Im afraid that the berserk masters drugs would disappear in the eyes of the world.

Zhang Zhongtians pupil shrunk.

What Su Hao said was true!

Berserk doesnt mean it was good. The one and only representative of success in the drugs made by Zhang Zhongtian was the body strengthening drug. That drug was expensive, but the others?

Those were failed products!

For example, berserk beginner origin ability restoration drug, it was only worth 8,000 star dollar in the market. As it was such an ordinary drug, it costs 10,000 star dollar. This was the difference between these two drugs.

The same situation happened in countless drugs he had created.

Failed products!

Countless failures!

If he really was able to complete every research, the Pharmacy Association would definitely not have kicked him out. It was because he had too many failures, but was crazily addicted to such research, that he was then removed from his position.

The only one that led to his fame was none other than the berserk body strengthening drug. If such a thing was to disappear and be replaced by the Pharmacy Association, then his stage would completely disappear.

Zhang Zhongtian was silent for a moment before slowly opening his heavy mouth, Pharmacy isnt something easy to learn. Beginner, intermediate, advanced..every step needs a long period of time. To reach what I am now, you would need to study at least 10 years! Are you sure you wanna learn?

I want to learn! Su Hao answered decisively.

Alright! From now, I will pass you the knowledge of beginner drug making. These few days, just stay here and learn. If you have any question, you can just come here and ask me anytime, Zhang Zhongtian said to him.

Thanks! Su Hao sincerely replied.

Zhang Zhongtian was completely helpless from the start. This kid was very cunning when it was the right time to be so. Yet, he was sincere too.

Alright then, now you should tell me the method.


Su Hao smiled and then said, Do you still remember those dozens of origin ability restoration drug that I took from here?

En, yea. Why? Zhang Zhongtian strangely asked.

Those drugs have a side effect. Su Hao reminded.

Side effect. Zhang Zhongtian pondered for a moment before his eyes shone, Youre saying to superimpose the side effect of the origin ability restoration drug with the body strengthening drug?!

Youre right! Su Hao nodded.

Superimposeimpossible, I did the same experiment. Beginner origin ability restoration drug indeed would bring some harm to the body, but such an effect wasnt permanent. As long as you take a few days of rest, you would recover. Zhang Zhongtian frowned, At that time, when I was experimenting with it, the effect of body strengthening drug was almost minimal.

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