Godly Model Creator Chapter 701

702 Scaring The Sht Out Of You

Use what to win?

Everyone who saw Su Ling's information couldn't help but rejoice.

As for the site's boss, he quickly came forward and announced that it was just a data failure earlier. Everything has been sorted out, and everyone is welcomed to bet on his site again. In order to show their sincerity, the odd for Su Ling to be ranked first once again became tenfold.

"This shameless bastard..."

"Only now did he come out."

"Yeah, he's too disgusting."

The crowd said in their hearts.

Who doesn't know that this segment is Su Ling's weak point? Level seven specialized esper, she can't compete with those professional espers! Last year, wasn't it because of Su Hao's energy approaching the professional realm that he was able to rank first? The professional and specialized realms are on a totally different concept!

"She's about to lose..."

"Yup, hope she won't fall behind too much."

"Although she won the previous segments, the gap wasn't by much. Plus, this year, there are too many strong candidates. Su Ling's current situation isn't looking very optimistic now."

The crowd was slightly worried.

After all, Su Ling now had numerous fans.

On the internet, it was overwhelmed with concern. Su Hao couldn't help, but let out a sigh. During his time, he was in the same situation but had to face all sorts of criticism from these brainless men. As for his sister, with just a few photos, she already won many men's heart...

"The hypocrisy of the world..." Su Hao sighed again.

With a glance at the current state of the internet, a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At the same time, when the netizens were concerned about Su Ling, the site's boss send out a message that the data had been restored, welcoming Su Hao to bet again.

In an instant, this topic garnered much attention.

"Damn, this thicked face bastard."

"He's simply an iron wall. He hides when Su Ling has an advantage and shows off when she is at a disadvantage."

"Yea, yea, he's too disgraceful!"

The crowd cursed.

Unfortunately, the other party simply ignored them.

After being utterly destroyed by Su Hao twice, the boss needed to vent his anger, to satisfy himself and willingly expose himself. However, no one expected this. As he was boasting on the internet, a message suddenly popped out, causing him to be helpless and stunned.

Su Hao bet on Su Ling to obtain first place in energy assessment, ten trillion star dollars.

"Ten trillion!"

"Yet another all in!"

"Damn, so domineering!"

The netizens went into crazy.

That's not petty change but ten trillion dollars! Not one million nor one billion! Indeed Su Hao is worthy of his reputation. His action will always be grand and shocking.

However, betting at this time, is that really a good decision?

No matter how one looks at it, the reasoning behind Su Hao's act was because he got triggered by the betting site and made a hasty decision. As for the boss, he was even more shocked.

What he is afraid of the most was that the fish wouldn't take the bait!

Wasn't it all for this that he took the initiative to provoke Su Hao? Once Su Hao took the bait, he would get back all of his funds once Su Ling fails.

As for whether or not Su Ling will win?

Is that a joke?

With so many professional espers in the exam, this is a stage for professional espers. That little girl, Su Ling who is merely level seven specialized esper, what could she achieve here?

The crowd was filled with complex emotions.

And at this very second, the assessment officially began!

The first part of the assessment is energy recovery. Who can recover better will obtain a higher score.

Last year, Su Hao easily passed this test. This time, the assessment will probably be harder and meticulous. However, no one would have thought that when the first part was done, everyone's ranking remained the same spot.

Last year, passing 12 stages represents a level one professional esper!

Su Hao's energy recovery had reached the standard of a level one professional esper. Thus, he was easily able to pass this part! This time, they had designed 15 stages for it just in case. However, no one expected that when everyone couldn't continue any longer, someone had quietly completed all fifteen stages!

Su Ling, it's her again!

"Yet another full clear..."

"I feel like fainting. 15 stages; that represents the level three professional realm. How did she manage to do it?"

"Who knows!"

Everyone swallowed their saliva. As for the teacher at the test center, he turned pale. What happened last year repeated again.

Plus, it's Su Hao's sister!

Isn't this bullying?

However, the show had only just begun. Su Ling easily obtained first in energy recovery. Then, when it was time to assess energy intensity, she once again exploded the man in black! With Su Ling's superb physical fitness and level three professional realm playing a decisive role, no other candidate came close to her.

Number one!

She was number one yet again!

Everyone felt insane. They couldn't understand how Su Ling managed to surpass those professional esper geniuses and take the first rank for herself.

That was energy recovery and energy intensity!

They should be the best at it!

"Forget about it. Maybe Su Ling has some special methods. After all, she is Su Hao's sister. Wasn't Su Hao also like this last year? Next up will be a test on ability talent. That will probably leave Su Ling behind in the dust."

Soon, the third part of the assessment began.

Everyone was full of expectation and wanted to see Su Ling losing this round. After all, the understanding of one's talent on ability talent as a professional esper far exceeds any specialized esper! This point can never be defied even when a specialized esper is equipped with a cheat.

However, when the test began, they hit their heads on the wall.



Every problem Su Ling solved obtained a perfect score! There are even some questions which weren't taught in class, yet Su Ling easily completed them.

A few minutes later, Su Ling easily obtained the first rank! Compared to the rivalry between Su Hao and Tian Zi last year, she looked even stronger. In fact, she came close to Li Tiantian's 2,000 point score!

Such an achievement made the crowd dumbfounded.

This is too amazing!

This is Su Ling's ability talent?

Since when could this seemingly grade A fire elemental talent, which doesn't seem strong, actually produce such might? Unbelievable!

The basic questions were completed.

Su Ling easily took the first spot and created another huge gap for those trying to catch up to her. There is no room for a comeback; her position as first was as good as within her palm!

So what if she's a level seven specialized esper?

Energy recovery!

Energy intensity!

Ability talent!

No matter the stage, she overwhelmed everyone!

This is no longer a competition, but oppression!

"Goddess is too fierce!"

"Yes, those geniuses are now like dogs."

"Poor fellows."

The netizens exclaimed in admiration. At this moment, Su Ling's beautiful figure once again left a touch of brilliance in the eyes of everyone in the Federation.

Goddess, Su Ling.


The show didn't end yet!

After the end of the basic questions, additional questions began which also indicated that the assessment is about to come to an end. However, the crowd no longer had much hope on the others. With Su Ling here, what's there to compete for? But perhaps, Su Ling's talent isn't strong?

Self-assessment is an assessment of one's talent.

The candidates will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their talents. You can choose to be assessed in the field which you are best at. You can only select each field once. Evaluation duration: 3 minutes. Evaluation score: 0 to 50 points. Field limit: 20 maximum.

The topics given were similar to last year's topics.

Su Ling was stronger in other aspects, but what about talent? Her fire elemental talent isn't the best one. Does that mean there was a defect at birth?

After all, compared to the hidden disciples, Su Ling was far behind.

However, when the evaluation began, they realized that they had thought too much.

50 points!

50 points!

50 points!

50 points!

The screen filled with 50 points kept refreshing!

Su Ling's control of the fire element far exceeded everyone's expectation. This test, in front of Su Ling, was reduced into a mere joke. This is obvious. Being taught by twenty strong espers who had mastered the fire element to the peak, how could Su Ling lose?

Half an hour later, Su Ling's result was updated, creating another wave of sensation across the Federation.

First place!

Another first place!

"I'm going crazy!"

"She obtained first from the start until now. She's even crazier than Su Hao last year."

"Yes, she's so strong. I love her to death!"

Countless people expressed their admiration.

Right now, the first act of the College Entrance Exam had reached its conclusion! When their communication devices rang in the exam room, the candidates were left astonished.

Where is the unrivaled fame they were promised with?

With someone else!

The entire Federation, the entire internet was filled with no one else but Su Ling! This made those prideful geniuses vomit blood.

However, no matter how pained they felt, they had to endure!

Because everyone was clear that once the basic evaluation ended, the comprehensive evaluation, the final act, the world battle will begin. Here, they could still overturn the universe!

High energy recovery?

High energy intensity?

Deep understanding of ability talent?

No matter what, she's still a specialized esper! How could she handle herself in real combat? Not to mention, her opponents are veterans in battle.

Many people were no longer optimistic of Su Ling's chances.

As for the betting site, its boss looked at the screen with a pale face and his hands trembling, "Are you sure this is the data?"

"Yes." The underling summoned his courage to explain, "This is the data obtained from the higher-ups. Su Ling is a level seven specialized esper. Even if she were to break through, at most, she would be at level eight. Her chance of winning in the world battle is close to zero."

The boss retorted, "Hehe, last time, they said the same thing too."


The underling carefully asked, "Then should we open the bet or not?"

"Open!" The boss roared, "Why don't I dare? I don't believe that a mere Su Hao can empty our group's fund! The same ten times odds, the same bet that Su Ling will be first. I want to see how she will take that spot! Let's see whether Su Hao dares to bet or not!"

"Alright." The underling responded and immediately arranged to open the bet.

However, the moment the bet was opened, his expression changed when he raised his head to look at the screen. When the boss also looked, his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

Su Hao bet that Su Ling would win the battle and obtain first place with 100 trillion star dollar.

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