Godly Model Creator Chapter 703

704 Reversing Life And Death


The two energy rays intertwined.

One red and one blue, like an angel and devil in the sky, colliding with each other; but the end result was out of everyone's expectation.


The energy trembled.

After these two terrifying energies fused and exploded, there was actually no casualty. Neither Su Ling nor that second-ranked student was forced to retreat even half a step.

In an instant, everyone had their hearts beating wildly.

"Did you see that?!"

"Su Ling didn't retreat! Facing a level three professional esper, she was actually able to stand her ground!"

"Plus, this was a direct confrontation! Could it be we have really underestimated her?"

Those who bet on Su Ling seemed to rediscover a glimmer of hope.

On the stage, that petite figure didn't realize how eye-catching she was. For Su Ling, there was no timidity or fear in her mind.

"Just a level three professional esper!"

"Since my brother says I can win, then I must win!"

Su Ling grit her teeth. This little girl had total confidence in her brother.


"A mere level seven specialized esper!"

As for the second-ranked student opposite of her, he quickly got rid of his astonished look. Obviously, he never thought that Su Ling would be evenly matched with him on the first clash.

"Since you have such strength, then I won't hold back anymore. Let us go all out!"


As he finished his statement, the aura of this level three professional esper erupted, sweeping across the area. That terrifying aura really scared the hell out of many.

Is this what a level three professional esper is capable of?

In front of the virtual screen, numerous people were attempting to determine Su Ling's strength. However, even with the clues in front of them, they could only identify one person as a level three professional esper.

"What strength!"

"This is so scary. I'm a peak specialized esper, but in front of this aura, I probably won't be even able to say a thing before being eliminated. Su Ling, this little girl..."

"This time, it's over."

However, before the voice could be heard, the situation changed again.

All they saw was that aura which already reached its peak seemed to have met some obstacles that entangled the aura. A moment later, a transformation occurred.



He broke through!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Under such a crucial moment, the strongest candidate made a breakthrough? The wild aura once again engulfed the stage.

Level four professional realm!

This time, his advancement to a level four professional esper shocked everyone.


"Damn, this son is definitely gifted!"

"This time, Su Ling has no chance."

Everyone sighed.

There was no longer anyone who labored any hope on Su Ling. Even though Su Ling managed to confront one move earlier, what about now? The other party just had a breakthrough!

"Die for me!"

That second-ranked student smirked at Su Ling and didn't give her any chance to be ready. The moment he broke through, he used the excess energy to attack her immediately.


The energy trembled.

That horrifying aura was akin to a raging storm. Su Ling's small figure was like a small boat in a sea storm; it could be destroyed at any second. In fact, the spectators didn't even dare to watch as they could imagine her being defeated in one hit.


The energy blasted!


There is water everywhere!

The whole stage, including the sky, was covered in water. A tsunami descended from the sky, a heavy rainstorm, a fast flowing river, endless forms of water could be seen. One could only see one color, blue all over the place and that red flame which represented Su Ling was too pale in comparison.

"She's about to lose..."

"After all, water is able to restrain fire. The gap is too huge."

"What a pity."

The crowd sighed.

And at this moment, out of nowhere.

There was one with sharp eyes who managed to gauge Su Ling's strength. His eyes opened wide, "Look, Su Ling is actually a level three professional esper!"

"Impossible!" Another man sneered, "How could she be a professional esper... F*ck, it's actually true!"

Everyone began to pay more attention and were all stunned.

It turned out to be true!

Su Ling is a level three professional esper?

Countless people couldn't help but exclaim in shock.

A few days ago, she was still a level seven specialized esper. How did she suddenly end up becoming a level three professional esper? Forbidden drugs? No, impossible. Su Hao would never harm his sister's future. Then what is it? Su Ling definitely had such leaps and bounds of improvement when he came back. In the end, what was it?

The crowd was puzzled.

"Perhaps Su Hao brought back some amazing treasure. You must know that in this origin ability era, nothing is impossible! If one's luck is good enough, it's not impossible to find such a baby."


Everyone had such thoughts.

Having such thoughts, it seemed that this was the only possibility.

At this moment, literally, everyone felt jealous. That's a treasure which could help one cross many levels. How is that they are not the ones who obtained it?

So, this was Su Ling's true trump card!

Level three professional esper!

Are you the only one in the level three professional realm?

If not for her opponent breaking through, that top spot would probably belong to her. However, so what if Su Ling is a level three professional esper?

The one standing in front of her is a level four professional esper!

In their eyes, Su Ling's breakthrough was like a fruitless struggle. Before it managed to manifest any effect, her fire already vanished within this endless blue horizon.

"Such a pity..."

"Sigh, Goddess is about to lose!"

"After all, that's the fire element's weakness."

The crowd let out a sigh. However, no one expected that a strange aura would suddenly erupt within this endless blue horizon like a burning star, and begin to ignite.


In the endless blue horizon, this little red bloom quickly spread to the surrounding. The sky was filled with flame, and every essence of water seemed to burn into an inferno.


In the middle of that endless blue ocean, a fire began to form, stunning everyone.


"How is this possible?"

"Fire in water, what a beautiful scene!"

The audience was stunned.

"This... what's going on?"

"No matter what, Su Ling is weaker by a level!"

"Even if Su Ling is strong and has a similar strength, she still allowed her opponent to use a powerful origin technique. With water literally everywhere, how could there be flames?"

"Yes! She's weaker in terms of energy! How could flames be born underwater!"

The crowd was frozen.

Even an amazing treasure could be used to explain the sudden spurt of levels, but what reason are they going to come up with to explain how this flame is appearing underwater? Su Ling's energy is supposedly weaker than her opponent.

When her opponent had filled the stage with water, how did she manage to produce fire?

Not only the audience, but even that second-ranked student was also puzzled. As for Su Hao, he casually sipped some tea while watching.

"Hydrogen and oxygen..."

Yes, no one expected that Su Ling resorted to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen to ignite them. Even if one has come across such an idea, he wouldn't even believe it.

That was in the middle of a fight...

A fight!

Who would actually breakdown the opponent's ability during a fight? Not only did she decompose the water, she actually ignited the hydrogen and oxygen?

Nobody would believe it!

But Su Ling did it!

"Brother guessed correctly." Su Ling's face was flushed in excitement, "Those teachers brother invited are great! They could actually turn water, the biggest threat of fire, into a flame!"

That's right; this was something Su Hao and those geniuses from the Kingdom of Heaven came up with!

Using water to create fire!

The moment when origin energy emerged, it was destined for those with fire element to study on how to counter water. However, most of the research ended up with no results.

After Su Ling stepped into the professional realm, naturally she had to face this issue.

After all, if her Origin Avatar was extinguished in a matter of second that would be a disaster.

Thus, after Su Hao's careful analysis and deduction, he thought of this approach. He told his findings to those twenty peak professional espers with the fire element ability, and they quickly came out with this method. Let the water overwhelm the fire before resurrecting it at the moment it extinguishes.

Forming a fire lotus on the water!

Destroying the opponent in one swoop!

At the start, how could Su Ling easily let her opponent fill the area with water? However, both Su Hao and Su Ling knew that there was only one opportunity! If the other side is aware of this, it would be difficult to achieve such a feat. If he's to isolate air from water, wouldn't this method be ineffective?

Thus, there was only one chance.

If she is to commit to this method, she has to act desperately in order to achieve such a scene.

"Time to end this." Su Ling proudly stood there with an icy cold expression.


Within the endless water, a fiery, red lotus bloomed, dyeing the entire stage in red.



A series of explosions could be heard, and it didn't seem to end.

The never-ending water had now transformed into a fire domain. The second-ranked student, who was so sure of himself that he had gained an absolute advantage, was dumbfounded as he helplessly watched his advantage turn into his own death trap.


"How is this possible!"

"I am not willing to lose like this!"

With a scream, the second-ranked student was engulfed in flames.

The water had dried up.

So did the flames, disappearing without a trace.

However, at this moment, everyone felt a chill from their backs because they just witnessed the flames dehydrate that second-ranked student into a mummy before he turned into light particles and vanished. Only when one is dead will he disappear. Before death, he could only be roasted by infinite flames.

What is purgatory?

This is purgatory!

Burned alive! There was not even a chance to surrender!

That last scream from the second-ranked student still seemed to be ringing in their ears.

However, the fact is there wasn't actually much pain felt being burned alive by the flames. After all, the exam had set the pain trigger to the lowest. That was probably why he screamed in such a horrifying way. It's mostly more for being unwilling to lose! He couldn't believe that his trademark technique had invited his own death!


The virtual screen refreshed.

The challenge officially ended.

There was total silence.

After a long time, one could hear a cold breeze blowing through.

At this moment, looking at this petite girl again, their eyes were filled with endless fear. This year's top student is too ferocious!

Who dares to challenge her?

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